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Mt. Rainier Society

Children of the American Revolution

Redmond, Washington

Welcome to the website of the newly organized Mt. Rainier Society, Children of the American Revolution.  We held our organzing meeting on August 29, 2010 with 37 people in attendance.  We installed the following society officers and senior society officers:


      2010-2011 SOCIETY OFFICERS

                                             MEMBER                       SENIOR
President                              Emma Davis                  Sara Ward
Vice-President                     Addison Brothers           Nancy Hiteshue
Chaplain                              Shane Coate                  Jenny Schmidt
Recording Secretary            Caleb Brothers              Karrie Brothers
Cooresponding Secretary    Leah Westcott               Susan Westcott
Treasurer                             Lauren Coate                Debbi Davis
Registrar                              Elise Schmidt                Pat Hughes
Librarian                             Emma Boks                   Jessica Stern
Curator                               Adam Schmidt               Alice Stenstrom
October 17 - Regular meeting, location TBD
December 4 - Joint DAR/C.A.R. meeting at the Schmidt residence
December 12 - State C.A.R. Christmas Party - Rainier Chapter House, Seattle
David Douglas Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution     


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Washington State DAR (http://

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