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     Michael Trebert was born in Lancaster, Penna., August 15, 1756, and died there November 27, 1818. His ancestors were French Huguenots. He was an associator or volunteer in the company of Captain Jacob King's light Infantry Battalion of Lancaster County Associators, commanded by Colonel Matthias Slough. He served from Sepember 9, 1776, the date of the muster at Lancaster, until the end of the War.
     He participated in the capture of the Hessian troops on Christmas day, 1776, and afterward guarded them at Lebanon and Lancaster. He was actively engaged in the Battle of Long Island, and participated in the Jersey Campaign. He was also with General George Washington at Valley Forge that memorable winter when the soldiers suffered great privations. But it was from Washington's own words that an adequate idea can be gathered: "To see men without clothes to cover their nakedness, without blankets to lie on * * * Naked and starving as they are, we cannot enough admire the incomparable patience and fidelity of the soldier."
     He took oath of allegiance at Lancaster, November 6, 1778. He was a true patriot of the Revolution and served his country faithfully. He was in many severe engagements and received several dangerous wounds in the cause of independence. He received as his only reward the satisfaction of reflecting that by his efforts he had contributed to the establishment of the blood-bought liberties of his beloved country, America.

From the first By-Laws and Directory, published in 1917:

     In the progressive and patriotic City of Port Angeles, Washington, which is beautifully situated between the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the magnificent snow clad Olympic mountains, on Monday, November 6, 1916, was organized the "Michael Trebert" Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution by Mrs. T.L. Harrington, its first Regent.
     At the request of Mrs. Edmund Bowden, State Regent of the Daughters of the American Revolution of the State of Washington, Mrs. T.L. Harrington was appointed by the National Board of the National Society DAR in Washington, D.C. on February 23rd, 1916, as Organizing Regent for Port Angeles, Washington.
     After much faithful and efficient work on the part of the Charter Members, the Chapter was organized at the home of the Organizing Regent, which was beautifully decorated with the national colors.
     Monday, November 6, 1916, was the date selected for organization as it was the 138th anniversary of Michael Trebert's Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America at Lancaster, Penn.
     The name Michael Trebert was given to the Chapter because he was a Patriot and a Soldier of the American Revolution and one of the Revolutionary ancestors of the Organizing Regent, Mrs. T.L. Harrington.
     The first officers of the Chapter were appointed by the Regent and installed by her in office after which she gave a short and instructive address on the history, object and work of the DAR.
     While the meeting was in session, the Daughters were very much pleased to receive a telegram from Mrs. Edmund Bowden, State Regent of Washington, extending her most sincere wishes for a bright and successful future for the "Michael Trebert" Chapter.
     The first gift to the Chapter was a beautiful and very historical gavel, which was presented by Mrs. James M. Sullivan, Ex-Regent of the Dubuque Chapter of Dubuque, Iowa, who is also a direct descendant of Michael Trebert.
     The meeting was closed with the giving of the Flag Salute and singing of the Star Spangled Banner.
     A social hour was spent with the Regent and it was prophesied that it was only the first of the many pleasant hours that the future held in store for the new Chapter.

Charter Number 1325
Granted April 16, 1917

Charter Members:
Vice Regent
Recording Secretary
Corresponding Secretary
      Mrs. J. Cain (Mary Wilson)
      Miss Frances Bonker
Mrs. T. L. Harrington (Mary Lagen)
Mrs. W. F. Delabarre (Julia Cook)
Mrs. F. T. Hyde (Sarah Adams)
Mrs. D. E. Macgillivray (Corinne Lane)
Mrs. T. F. Trumbull (Lida Brown)
Mrs. A. A. Smith (Daphne Hickman)
Mrs. T. M. Fitzgerald (Frances Brown)
Mrs. C. P. Brown (Daisy Stewart)
Mrs. W. M. Clark (Sarah Keniston)
Miss Margaret Delabarre

Other Members Listed in 1917:

Mrs. J. L. Aldwell (Jeannette King)
Mrs. T. S. Brophey (Hattie Lane)
Mrs. G. P. Gagnon (Mabelle M. Reed)
Mrs. S. L. Kiser (Margaret Delabarre)
Mrs. J. Lagerlof (Baroness Nathalia von Rappe)
Miss Ruth Lee
Mrs. R. B. McClinton (Mary J. Willson)
Mrs. G. L. Rogers (Mary Lydea)
Mrs. L. G. Sutton (Clarissa Waterhouse)
Mrs. R. D. Willson (Lillie Duwar)