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    Membership is open to anyone interested in genealogical research, who agrees to abide by the Genealogist's Code of Ethics.

    Annual dues are: Individual - $20.00; Family - $25.00
    Membership year is Sep 1 - Aug 31

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    Genealogist's Code of Ethics

    In order to protect the integrity of public records and library books, I am ethically bound and hereby agree:

    1. That I will treat with the greatest care and respect all public records and library books which may be made avilable for my use.

    2. That I will speak with courtesy to all employees of a vital records office or of a public library when requesting to see any vital records or library book, and that when finished with such record or book, I shall express my thanks to the person attending to my requests.

    3. That I will not tear, erase, mark or remove any public record or library book and will refrain from mutilating, defacing or otherwise destroying any part of such public record or library book.

    4. That when I have finished viewing any public record or library book, I will return it to the proper or designated place.

    This pledge is freely made by me upon penalty of forfeiting my membership in this society.

    OGS Membership Application Form