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Genealogy Research on the Internet
contributed by Ed Swan

"Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what
nobody has thought" --Albert Szent-Gyorg i (1893-1986).


    Search Engines

  1. Fast -
  2. Dogpile -
  3. Google -

    Data bases of genealogical sites, may have their own search engine

  5. Cyndi Howells -
  6. Another Source list for genealogical sites:
  7. Linkpendium is an attempt at building a directory of everything relevant to genealogy on the Web. About 146,000 pages are now categorized. The directory will cover 300 - 500,000 pages as it matures over the next year or so. This is by the same people that started RootsWeb.:

    E-mail newsletters:   you subscribe and the newsletters come by e-mail

  9. Ancestry Daily News :
  10. Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter : To subscribe to this free newsletter, there is a paid plus edition also, to cancel an existing subscription or to modify an existing subscription in any way, go to:
  11. Roots Web Review : TO SUBSCRIBE OR UNSUBSCRIBE, send e-mail that says only SUBSCRIBE (or UNSUBSCRIBE) in the e-mail body to: is a link to the archives for RootsWeb Review. There is a lot of good information available here for those willing to dig through it.


    Research sites

  12. Roots Web Co-operative -
  13. World connect -
  14. FamilySearch LDS Genealogy Site
  15. Ancestry (General information)
    ( )
    (Genealogical Gedcom database, can be found at the above URL also)
  16. Ellis Island -
  17. Family Tree Maker
  18. The Public Record Office's online 1901 Census for England and Wales is at:
  19. Olympia Genealogical Society and your gateway to other societies:
  20. USGenweb -
  21. WorldGenWeb -
  22. International Internet Genealogical Society (IIGS) -
  23. The Surname Web at This is a registry of web sites DEDICATED to a particular surname, and these sites can have a great deal of information available.
  24. Genhelp - was created by five experienced genealogists that are willing to help others by posting articles and other information. Just found it but it looks good.
  25. Heritage Quest's census information is available to those with a valid Timberland Library card. It includes all census' from 1790 to 1930. Four of these are indexed and are searchable by name, census, and area. These are 1790, 1800, 1810, and 1870. The other census' are browsable, by entering census, state, county, and enumeration district. Click on the following link, then enter your library card number and click on "log in". Have fun.
  26. When you are traveling it can be very helpful to know where the nearest Family History Center is located. The following URL will enable you to find a center:
  27. Washington State Archives. The Secretary of States Office is putting an amazing amount of information online, including the early Assessors Censuses.
  28. Free New England genealogical books online. These books have been made available for online reading. Remember some early books are not considered reliable as there is much speculation.

    Free Software

  30. Legacy Family Tree -
  31. Personal Ancestral File
  32. Kindred Connections -
  33. Bygones -
  34. Forte' Free Agent -
  35. Downloadable programs -

    Lists and Newsgroups

  37. This is where to go to sign up for a list, can be surname, area etc.
    Also has 60+ thousand newsgroups. Check for archives, but use judiciously. There are groups that cover every topic. Your mail program will have some means for signing up for newsgroups but I prefer Free Agent (see #29) as a means for signing up and for reading them.
  38. Google newsgroups archive of more than 500 million messages--a terabyte of human conversation dating back to 1995 -

    Forms online

    Rather than re-inventing this list I am using this list from Eastman's Online Genealogical Newsletter. The following article is from Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter and is copyright 1996 - 2007 by Richard W. Eastman. It is re-published here with the permission of the author. Information about the newsletter is available at

    Looking for some blank forms that you can fill in during your genealogy research? You can download free, high-quality blank forms online from several web sites and print them on your own printer.

  40. Misbach Enterprises houses one of the largest collections of downloadable genealogy charts in Adobe PDF format. You can print directly from the web site or store the forms on your local hard drive and then print them later as often as you wish. All the charts are formatted to fit on 8.5" x 11" paper. Go to

  41. has a collection of online forms, including U.S., British, Irish, and Canadian census extraction forms, family group sheets, blank timelines, and more. The forms are available at

  42. Family Tree Magazine has a huge collection of downloadable forms on the company's web site. The forms include pedigree charts, research calendars, note-taking forms, deed indexes, research journal, correspondence logs, family group sheets and census extraction forms. You can see this impressive collection of forms at

  43. has downloadable forms that are as nice looking as the commercially available forms. You can obtain a pedigree chart (called an Ancestral Chart), Research Calendar, Research Extract, Correspondence Chart, Source Summary, and Family Group Sheet. You can do all of this at:

  44. Canadian census forms for the 1851, 1901, 1906 and 1911 Canadian censuses may be downloaded from:

  45. Similar forms for the 1841 through 1901 decennial U.K. censuses may be obtained at

  46. My Ancestors Found

    All of the above are available free of charge.


    What Can You Find - some examples

  47. Yorkshire information There are 12,000 pages available with information on Yorkshire alone. For information on Great Britain and Ireland go to
  48. South West Virginia
  49. Library of Virginia

    For Fun

  51. Some Epitaphs

    Genealogical Columnists

  53. Shaking your Family Tree - Myra Vanderpool Gormley- a syndicated genealogical columnist.
  54. DearMyrtle: an online subscription columnist. To subscribe send an e-mail that says only "subscribe" in the body to but also a learning and search site at:

    Genealogical Guides and Lessons

  56. What do you do when you have hit the wall? Roots Web Guides.

    Researching the Civil War

  58. Civil War Rosters the most complete listing:
  59. Civil War Home Page:
  60. Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System:

    Where to look when you run into a word or need a word

  62. 1700 Dictionaries, glossaries, and such assembled by Dr. Frank Dietz

    What was that occupation?

  64. I have found some strange and wonderful occupations in my search for my ancestors the following URL's have made it easier to figure out what they were doing. They were from the Legacy Genealogy list it in itself is worth subscribing to at . Since surnames were often occupation related this might also help to see what trade and ancestor was working in. The URLs are:

    Ethnic Genealogy - Native American, African American, Asian American

  69. A site with links for searching for your Native American Ancestors:
  70. African American Resources on the Web:
  71. Asian American Ancestry: Tough one. Best bet is to go to Cindi's List and WorldGenWeb:


  73. Mapquest - maps for anywhere in the world or at least where I have looked.
  74. North Eastern States:
  75. South Eastern States: