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StatePatriot Birth-Death Spouse
Amos Brewster 1735-1777Jerusha Knight
   Nathaniel Fitch - S 1748-1814Abigail Lyman
  John Ford - S 1737-1812Lucy Harris
   John Henry - S 1742/3-1819Mary Gager
   Thomas Peirpont - S 1760-1812Hannah Bishop
Medad Pomeroy, Jr. 1758-1855Elizabeth Morrell
  Jonathan Miller 1729-1810 Sarah Woodruff North
Amos Thomas, Jr. 1747-1792Betty Brewster
   Jacob Baum -S c1723-1767Magdalena Kershner
   John Baum - S 1758-1836Mary Frances Unknown
Richard Nagle 1747-1837Mary  Catherine Baum
Joseph Manning - S 1749-p1790 Elizabeth Dunnington
   Jabez Murray Tipton -S 1754-1818 Rebeckah Lemon
  John Tipton - S 1726-1808 Martha Murray
   William Tipton - S 1754-1834 Sallie Spawn
  Joseph Andrews 1729-1806 Rachel Burnham
  Henry Dyer, Jr. 1741-1800 Betsy Simonton
David Foote 1760-1851Elizabeth Hamlin
Noah Look 1719-1790Dinah Norton
  Joseph Mason 1751-1834 Lucy Flint
Richard Ward 1741-1824Mehitable Curwen
   Elisha Warren 1754-1831Hanna "Anna" Marble
  Joseph Weston, Sr. 1732-1775 Eunice Farnsworth
New Hampshire
Alexander Church (Hogg)* 1758-1849Patience Quimby
New Jersey
  Benjamin Haines 1725-1800 Elizabeth Roberts
William Hedglin 1752-1833Sarah Gomo
Richard Shreve 1760-1822Margaret Newbold
New York
Orlando Bridgeman 1743-1813Martha Wait
Peter G. Decker 1759-1840Annatje Decker
  Heman Rowley 1746-18181Mrs. Graham; 2Lydia Seely
Capt. Lawrence Townsend 1745-1824Phoebe Green
North Carolina
Frederick Goss - S 1738-1804Isabelle Rickard
   Andrew Hampton - S 1716-1782Sarah Kukendal
   George Redmon/d - S 1757-1837Henrietta Noland
   Jacob Rickard - S ca1719-1795Unknown
  William Tillson 1741-c1825Mary Ransom
  Samuel Wood 1737-1800 Mary Robertson
Zebedee Wood 1745-1824Mary Unknown
  Adam Coon - S 1743-1790Catharina Strayer
   William Augustus Atlee -S 1735-1793Esther Bowes Sayre
   John Aurand - S 1725-1808Anna Christina Hoff
   George Hechler - S 1743-1820Elizabeth Unknown
Abraham Hershey 1740-1811Elizabeth Landis
David Hindman 1735-1802Agnes Linville
Jacob Keller 1753-1828 Eve/Elizabeth Doxter/Doester
Philip Kiester 1747-1834Elizabeth Unknown
   John Leiter - S 1758-1833Barbara Page
Abraham Long - S 1743-1794Marie Unknown
   Miller, Jacob, Sr. - S 1702-1782Margaret Mueller
   Fudge, John - S 1724-1784Katherine Margert
  Balser Replogle 1758-1810Barbara Unknown
John Wilkins 1755-1818Rebecca Armitage
Rhode Island
   Faunce Hammond - S 1737-1813 Mary Holmes
  Peleg Havens 1761-1847 Hannah Besse
Joseph Charles "Carlos"  Mauran - S 1748-1813Olive Bicknell
   Thomas Westcott - S 1760-1838Marcy Arnold
South Carolina
   James Taylor Lanman 1752-1844Cythe Blake Sommers
Stephen Arnold 1738-1812 Rhoda Rice
Jerahmeel Powers 1718-1805Eunice Bennett
John Brelsfoard 1748-1833Catherine Weaver
Peter Cummins - Sc1750-18141Unknown, 2Mrs. Ann Rae Brashears, 3Ellen Crask
   Alexis Lemon, Sr. - S c1720-1786Martha Unknown
   Thomas Madding c1760-1810Rachel Dodson
  Isaac Marshall 1761-1839Mary Foote
Miller, Jacob, Jr.  - S 1729-1808Elizabeth Fudge
Joseph Nickell 1750-1829M. Elizabeth Fowler
  Robert Shields c1738-p1802 Nancy Stockton
   Richard Stone  - S 1720-1797 Mary Winn or Smith

Note: Those annotated with an "S" indicate supplemental Patriots. Original Patriots used to qualify members are not marked.

*He changed his name from Hogg to Church after the Revolutionary War.

If you have an ancestor you think may have fought in the Revolutionary War, but you are not sure, a volunteer will look it up for you in the DAR Patriot Index. This is an index of Revolutionary War Patriots whom members of the DAR have used as a basis for membership. It is by no means a complete list of patriots, but it is very extensive.

Submit your inquiry by going to the National Patriot Index Lookup request page, and you will be sent a response, via e-mail, to let you know whether or not your ancestor is listed in the index.

Be sure to include as much information as you can.

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