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Bk 1.100                                              Wills 1808‑1870 Index, AL DAR

Bk 1.500                                              Hist Atlas of AL, V1- location by county; V2- cem by co

Bk 1.501                                              Early Settlers 1816 AL counties in Mississippi Territory

Bk 1.600          Bibb                             Historical Atlas of AL. Hist Locations and CemeteriesBk 1.601            Jcksn   Old Land Records of Jackson Co

Bk 1.602          Lmstn                           Old Land Records of Limestone Co

Bk 1.603          Mdsn                           Old Land Records of Madison Co

Bk 1.604          Mdsn Huntsville           Old Huntsville Land Office Recs & Military Warrants

Bk 1.700                                              Service Records ‑ Florida War

Bk 1.701                                              Service Records ‑ Creek War, V1, V2

Bk 1.702                                              Volunteers Cherokee Disturbances & Removal 1836-1839

Bk 1.703                                              AL Soldiers: Rev, War of 1812, etc

Bk 1.704                                              AL 1907 Census of Confederate Soldiers

Bk 1.900                                              Marr, Death & Legal notices from Early AL News 1819-1893

Bk 1.901          Mrshl Gunthersville      Marr 24 Jan 1849-6 Jan 1853

Bk 1.902          Jcksn                           Paint Rock Valley Pioneers, many cem in Jackson Co.



Bk 3.200          Court-Preliminary Inv. Of Recs of Arizona Territorial   Court, Tutorow

Bk 3.300          The Copper Covenant: Hist of the Miami & Globe Presby.  Churches in Gila Co, AZ


Bk 4.100          Cemetery Relocation, Army Corps of Engineers in AR, IL, Iowa & Mississippi

Bk 4.101                                              Ft. Smith Hist. Soc Journal Index V 1-9

Bk 4.200          White                           AR Bonds & Letters of Adm of Probate recs 1857-65, BkE

Bk 4.240~                                            Census 1840, Index

Bk 4.400          Marion                         Genea’s of Marion Co Families 1811-1900

Bk 4.500          A Reminiscent History of The Ozark Region: Histories of  Leading families from 29...

Bk 4.501          Mdsn                           History of Madison Co, 1889

Bk 4.503          Crrll                              An Outlander’s History of Carroll Co 1830-1983, Lair

Bk 4.505          Srcy   Searcy               Searcy Centennial 1837-1937, Strother

Bk 4.512                                              Biogr. & Historical Memoirs of Western AR, Goodspeed

Bk 4.513          Mntgm                         Montgomery Co: Our Heritage, Sesquicentennial Com, 1986

Bk 4.601          Crwfr                           Land Patents: through 1908

Bk 4.602          Mdsn                           Land Patents: through 1908

Bk 4.603          Sbstn                           Land Patents: through 1908

Bk 4.604          Marion                         AR Tax Records 1841-1866

Bk 4.605          Bntn                             AR Land Patents through 1908

Bk 4.606          Boone                          AR Land Patents through 1908

Bk 4.607          Marion                         AR Land Patents through 1908

Bk 4.608          Izard                            Tax Recs 1829-1866, Allen

Bk 4.700          If I Should Live - a List of the 16th AR Confed. Infantry 1861-    1863, Miller

Bk 4.702          AR 1911 Census of Confed. Vets, V1- Surnames A-D; V 3- Surnames M-Z

Bk 4.703          AR Confed. Pension Appl. from Carroll, Baxter, Boone, Madison, Newton & Searcy

Bk 4.704          AR Confed. Pension Appl.: Crawford, Franklin, Sebastian Co’s

Bk 4.705                                              AR Confed. Pension Appl. from Benton and Washington Co

Bk 4.706                                              The 14th AR Confed. Infantry, Allen

Bk 4.800          Crwfr                           News Abstracts, by Williams

Bk 4.900          Bntn                             Obituaries, V 1:1884‑1898; V 2:1899‑1904; V 8:1926‑1927

Bk 4.901                                              Obituaries Index 1819-1879, AR Gazette

Bk 4.902          Bxtr                              North Central AR Death Record Index, 1941-1948

Bk 4.903                                              Western AR Death Record Index, 1924-1933

Bk 4.904                                              Western AR Death Record Index, 1914-1923

Bk 4.905                                              Western AR Death Record Index, 1934-1940

Bk 4.906                                              Western AR Death Record Index, 1941-1948

Bk 4.907          Boone                          Marriage Record of Boone Co, AR 1869-1916

Bk 4.908          Sbstn                           Cemeteries

Bk 4.909          Bntn                             Marriages of Benton Co, AR Bks C & D, 1886-1895

Bk 4.910          Bntn                             Cemeteries of Benton Co, AR, V6, V8

Bk 4.911          Bntn                             Northwest Deaths 1914-1923

Bk 4.912          Bntn                             Northwest Deaths 1924-1933

Bk 4.913          Bntn                             Northwest Deaths 1934-1940

Bk 4.914          Bntn                             Northwest Deaths 1941-1948

Bk 4.915          Logan                          Marriage Recs Bk B (1874-84) Bk C (1884-1890)

Bk 4.916          Logan                          Marriage recs 1893-1900, Bks D-F, 1901-1910 Bks 1-2

Bk 4.917          Flknr Comway              Pence Funeral Home, Conway, AR V1 1881-1904;V2 1904-26

Bk 4.918          White                           Cemeteries, V1=8, 1968-1979

Bk 4.919          Logan                          North Logan Co Cemetery Recs, 1983



Bk 5.100                                              The California Register 1962

Bk 5.102          Tulare                          Probate Index 1854-1900

Bk 5.103          SnFrn San Fran.          Ship Passenger Lists, Rasmussen

Bk 5.400          Orange                        Saddleback Ancestors

Bk 5.500          SnBrn                          Guide Posts to History

Bk 5.501          SnDg  LaJolla               Inside La Jolla, CA 1887-1987

Bk 5.502          Nvd                              History Nevada County

Bk 5.503                                              Passing Farms: Enduring Values CA's Santa Clara Valley

Bk 5.504          SnFrn                          1906 Remembered: First Hand Acts of the San Francisco...

Bk 5.506          Siskiyou                       Hist of Siskiyou Co, Every name index

Bk 5.507          Siskiyou                       History of Sikiyou County, CA

Bk 5.900          Tulare                          Marriage Rec. Index 1853-1892, V-1

Bk 5.901          Tulare                          Marriage Rec. Index 1892-1908, V‑2



Bk 6.101                                              Genea Sources at Edwin A.Bemis Public Library

Bk 6.102          Denver                         Univ Denver Alumni Direc. 2002

Bk 6.400                                              Colorado Families: A Territorial Heritage

Bk 6.500          Chynn                          Cheyenne Co. History

Bk 6.501          Phllp                            High School Yearbook 1920

Bk 6.502L        Denver                         The First 100 Years, Informal Hist of Denver & Rocky Mt

   News [locked cabinet]

Bk 6.503          Dnvr                             Denver's Man With a Camera

Bk 6.504          Lrmr                             History of Estes Park

Bk 6.600                                              Colorado Road Atlas

Bk 6.900          Arph                             Marriages 1859-1901



Bk 7.100                                              The Nutmegger Index. Vols. 1-28

Bk 7.400                                              First Settlers of CT and Mass.

Bk 7.500          Tllnd Andover              History of Andover, CT 1848-1991

Bk 7.501Q       Ltchf Plymouth             Souvenir History, 1795-1895 (extraction room)

Bk 7.502          Frfld Stratford              History of Stratford, CT 1639-1969

Bk 7.503          Frfld Stamford             Early Settlement of Stamford, 1641-1700

Bk 7.504          Wndhm                        History of Windham Co, V 1. 1600-1760, Larned



Bk 8.200          Sssx                             Some Recs of Sussex Co, Turner

Bk 8.201          Sssx                             Calendar of  Probate Records, 1680‑1800

Bk 8.202          Kent                             Calendar of Probate Records, 1680‑1800

Bk 8.203          Kent                             Court Records  1680‑1705

Bk 8.204                                              Governor's Register, State of Delaware, Volume 1

Bk 8.300                                              Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church

Bk 8.500          [needs repair]              History of Lewes, Sussex, Delaware

Bk 8.600          [needs repair]              Original Land Titles, 1646‑1679, Duke of York Record



Bk 9.500                                              Story of Chokolosee Bay Country



Bk10.100                                             Wills, Abstracts of Colonial Wills 1733-1777

Bk10.200         Wilkes                          County Papers 1773-1833, Davis 1979

Bk10.300                                             Ebenezer Record Book

Bk10.400                                             List of the Early Settlers of GA

Bk10.500                                             Civ War- Journal of a Landlady

Bk10.501         Gwnnt Athens              Newspapers 1827-1849, records

Bk10.502         Henry                           Excerpts from Henry County History

Bk10.503         Fltn                              Official History of Fulton Co, Cooper, 1934

Bk10.504         Clayton                        Annual, Short Hist of Clayton Co

Bk10.600                                             Land Lottery 1805 GA, Wood

Bk10.800                                             Georgia Genea. Research, Schweitzer

Bk10.900                                             Abstract of GA Death Notices 1830‑35

Bk10.901                                             Abstract GA Marriages 1830‑35

Bk10.902         Hncck                          Marriages of Hancock Co, 1806-1850

Bk10.903         Thms                           Cemeteries

Bk10.904         Jcksn                           Marr 1805-1807, Computer indexed recs.

Bk10.905         Henry                           Henry Co Family Graveyards, by Rainer

Bk10.906         Henry                           Henry Co Cemeteries: McDonough, Eastlawn, Stockbridge



Bk12.100                                             ID Surname Index, ID Genea Soc

Bk12.101         Cnyn Nampa                The Sage of Nampa, High School XIV, 1925

Bk12.400                                             Idaho Family Trees, Query Column

Bk12.500         Lemhi                           History of Lemhi Co, Shoup

Bk12.501                                             Stanley - Sawtooth Country, Yarber

Bk12.502         Lewis Kamiah               Peaceful Valley, Story of Kamiah Early Years

Bk12.503         Idaho                           Idaho County Voices

Bk12.504         Idaho Elk City               My Yesterdays in Elk City

Bk12.600         Bonner                         Place Names of Bonner Co

Bk12.900         Owyhee                       Idaho Gleanings, Statham

Bk12.901                                             Cem Recs-ID Vital Statistics V-1



Bk13.100         Peoria                          Peoria Genea Society Surname Index

Bk13.102                                             Alumni Record Univ. Illinois

Bk13.103                                             IL State Archives, Name Index Early Recs

Bk13.105         Bureau                         Surname Index to Reminiscences of Bureau Co.

Bk13.106          McHnr                          Records, Allison, Linda S., compiler.  1972.

Bk13.107          McHnr                          Illinois Genealogical Society.  Surname Index - 1989.

Bk13.108                                              IL, Her Counties Her Townships and Her Towns.  1979.  Rau

Bk13.301         Vrmln Hopewell            Church-Baptist Recs 1874-1968

Bk13.400                                             Kentuckians in IL, Sprague

Bk13.500         Effng                           Hist-Past Present, Effingham Co, 1968

Bk13.501         Shlby                           Hist.-Biographies, Excerpts

Bk13.502         Sngmn                         Hist. of Sangamon Co 1881

Bk13.503         Saline                           Index-Hist of Gallatin, Saline, Hamilton, Franklin & ...

Bk13.504         Vrmln                           Hist. of Vermilion Co, Index

Bk13.505         Mltr                              Moultrie Co; Keller Cemetery

Bk13.506         Mason                          Hist. of Menard & Mason Co, Index

Bk13.507         Mrcr                             Hist. of Mercer Co, Index 1882

Bk13.508Q      Stphn                           History of Stephenson Co. (extraction room)

Bk13.509         Jffrs                             History of Jefferson Co, Facts and Folks

Bk13.510         Brown                          History of Brown Co, IL 1880-1970

Bk13.511         Dgls                             Sat. Journal Historical Edition 1895

Bk13.512         Hncck Nauvoo             Family Recordings 1845 & before

Bk13.513         Clay  Xenia                   Then & Now 1834-1984

Bk13.514         LaSalle                         Hist of LaSalle Co, Baldwin, 1877

Bk13.515         Kane                            Past & Present of Kane Co, 1878

Bk13.516         Coles                           History of Coles Co, 1876-1976

Bk13.600         Lake                             First Land Purchases in Lake Co, IL

Bk13.601                                             Counties of IL With 23 Maps

Bk13.602         Hndrs                           Plats 1900, 1914 & Selected Hist. Maps

Bk13.700                                             Rev. War Soldiers IL, Roster

Bk13.701                                             War of 1812 Bounty Lands in Illinois

Bk13.702         Pike                             Copperheads, Black Republicans & Bushwakers

Bk13.703         Mnrd Petersburg         Rev Soldiers buried in county, DAR

Bk13.804                                             How to Research a Family with IL Roots

Bk13.805         Cook  Chicago             A guide to Research, Szuos

Bk13.806                                             Guide to Co. Recs in the IL Regional Archives

Bk13.807                                             Cyberdrive -IL Research

Bk13.900-1, 2, 3~                                Census 1850, Mortality Sch. A-I

Bk13.901                                             Illiana-Research Report, V4; V5= etc

Bk13.902         McLn                           Marriage Recs 1831‑55  ?

Bk13.903         Whtsd                          Marriages 1856-1881

Bk13.904         Whtsd                          Deaths 1856-1882

Bk13.905         Coles                           Marriages, Early 1831-1850

Bk13.906         Bureau                         Marriages 1858-1877 from Newspapers

Bk13.907         Bureau                         Deaths 1858-1877 from Newspapers

Bk13.908         Fltn                              Cemetery Inscriptions, Vol 4

Bk13.909         Wayne                         Marriage Notices 1880-1885, Beeson

Bk13.910         Coles                           Early Marriages 1851-1870

Bk13.911         Macoupin                     Marriage Recs Index 1829-1838

Bk13.912         Coles                           Cemeteries



Bk14.105         Kscsk                           Court Recs 1836-1843 (Circuit), Ettinger

Bk14.106         Kscsk                           Court Recs 1857-1865 (Circuit), Ettinger

Bk14.107         Kscsk                           Court Recs 1836-1868, Ettinger

Bk14.108         Kscsk                           Court Recs Sep 1865-May 1869, Ettinger

Bk14.109         Kscsk                           Probate Court Recs Nov 1847-Dec 1850, Ettinger

Bk14.110         Kscsk                           Probate Court Recs Feb 1851-Jan 1853, Ettinger

Bk14.300         Vigo  Honey Cr.           Quaker Records 1820

Bk14.500         Dbs   On Loan             Hist. of Northeast Dubois Co, Krettzer

Bk14.501         On Loan                       Travel Accounts of Ind 1679-1961

Bk14.502Q      Rndlp                           History 1882 (extraction room)

Bk14.503         Wayne                         History of Wayne Co, IN

Bk14.504         Dvss                            Hist. of Knox & Daviess Co's, IN, 1886

Bk14.505         Vndrb McCutchanville twp; From Then Til Now, History

Bk14.506         Jhnsn Edinburgh         Hist of Edinburgh 1820-1986, Otto

Bk14.507         Hncck                          Hist of Hancock Co, Richman

Bk14.508         Brown                          Photographer, Otto Pring, 1900-1940

Bk14.509         Lake  Hammond           History of Hammond Fire Dept.

Bk14.510         Lake  Hammond           City Fire Dept.

Bk14.511         Lake  Hammond           Hammond Braves 1938-1947

Bk14.512         Rply  Brown Twp         Brown Twp Tales

Bk14.600                                             Atlas, Illus. Historical 1876 (Map Drawer 5)

Bk14.700         Dctr                              Land Sales 1871‑77, Decatur Press, part 2

Bk14.801                                             Indiana Source Book l, Heiss

Bk14.802                                             Research in Indiana!, Nat’l Genea Soc, Beatty

Bk14.900         Clark                            Wills Abstr. 1801‑33, Marriages 1807‑24

Bk14.901         Wayne                         Marriages 1811-1822

Bk14.902         Fntn                             Marriage Recs 1826-1839

Bk14.903         Wayne                         Marriage Recs 1811-1860

Bk14.904         Wayne                         Tombstone Inscriptions Wayne Co

Bk14.905                                             VR-Genea. Sources-Vital Records

Bk14.906                                             Furniture Makers of IN 1793-1850

Bk14.907                                             Pioneer Anc. of Members of Soc.of IN Pioneers

Bk14.910         Kscsk                           Cemetery Records; V1 Franklin & Seward Tnp; V5

Bk14.911         Parke                           Marriages 1831-1843



Bk15.100                                             State Official Register 1955‑56

Bk15.101                                             Iowa Today - 1931

Bk15.102                                             Newspaper Collection, State Hist. Society of IA

Bk15.103                                             Iowa Surname Index

Bk15.500                                             History of Iowa, Gue, Vol. 1, 3, 4

Bk15.501         Dckns                          History of Spirit Lake Massacre

Bk15.502         Mhsk                            Proud Mahaska, 1843-1900, Phillips

Bk15.503         Kkk                              History of Keokuk Co, 1880

Bk15.505         Kkk   What Cheer         Hist- 100 Years, 1865-1965

Bk15.506         Wpll                             History of Wapello Co, 1914, Waterman

Bk15.507         Kkk   Delta                   1875-1975, Home of the covered bridge

Bk15.508         Kkk   What Cheer         125 Years, 1990

Bk15.509         Mrshl                           History of Marshall County

Bk15.510         DsMns Franklin twp     Reminiscing in Franklin Township & Big Hollow

Bk15.511         Linn Cedar Rapids       Tales of the Town, Little Known Anecdotes of Life in ...

Bk15.512         Monana                        History of Monana Co, IA, 1890

Bk15.513         Jffrs                             Centennial History, 1776-1876

Bk15.514                                             The People Who Came & The Towns They Built

Bk15.515         Appns                          Pioneer Roll of Honor, Appanoose Co, IA

Bk15.516         PlAlt Mallard                 Mallard, Iowa 1882-1982

Bk15.517         Page                            History of Page Co 1880

Bk15.600Q                                          1875 State Historical Atlas, Andreas (extraction room)

Bk15.601         Brmr                             Plat Book, 1976 (In Map Case)

Bk15.602         Wrght                           Plat Book, 1977 (In Map Case)

Bk15.603         Kkk                              Township maps, some News items

Bk15.900         Lee   Keokuk               Marriage Recs 1837‑51

Bk15.901         DsMns                         Marr-Terr. of Mich. Early Marr 1835-1853

Bk15.902         Mrshl                           Marriages

Bk15.903         Wpll                             Marriage Bk 6 Mar 1882-Jun 1886

Bk15.904         Wpll                             Marriage Bk 7 Jul 1886-Jan 1887

Bk15.905         Boone                          Marriage Recs 1848-1893, Book 1

Bk15.906         Boone                          Death Transcripts 1906-1921

Bk15.907         Boone                          Probate Index 1850-1900

Bk15.908         Henry                           Old Cemetery, Mt Pleasant

Bk15.909         Dctr                              GAR Post Recs of Civil War Vets

Bk15.910         Greene                        Cemetery Master Index to Greene co cem’s

Bk15.911         Greene                        Deaths- Bk 1 1880-1897; Bk 2 1897-1904

Bk15.912         Greene Scranton tp     Cem Recs

Bk15.913         Clntn                            Springdale Cemetery



Bk16.100                                             Comprehensive Index to Publications 1875-1930

Bk16.101                                             Mortality Sch. 1880 Index

Bk16.500         Ness                            Census 1880, Heads of Fam. p.311

Bk16.501                                             Pioneer Woman Voices from the KS Frontier

Bk16.502                                             My Folks Claimed the Plains ( Pioneer Stories)

Bk16.503         Mntgm Caney              Queen City of Montgomery Co

Bk16.504                                             A History of Kansas

Bk16.505         Mntgm                         History & Familes 1869-1994. 125th Anniversary

Bk16.506         Trego Ogallah              Wagon Trails to Contrails, Cent. Hist of Ogallah 1879-1979

Bk16.600         Shwn                           Landowners 1873, Index

Bk16.601         Shwn                           Probate Court Index, Bk 1,2; 1855, 1891

Bk16.602         Shwn                           Probate Court Index, Bk 3=5; 1877-1908

Bk16.900         Reno                            Cem recs 1865-l978

Bk16.901         Mntgm Caney              Sunnyside Cemetery



Bk17.101                                             Bluegrass Roots 1973-1984, Index to

Bk17.104                                             Kentucky Queries, 1989, McNeill

Bk17.105         Logan                          Atlas & Business Directory, c 1877

Bk17.106                                             KY Genealogical Recs & Abstracts, V1-1781-1839; ...

Bk17.200         Grrrd                            Wills 1796-1833, etc

Bk17.201         Grrrd                            Marriages 1797-1850

Bk17.202         Knox                            Marr 1800-1850; Wills/Estates 1804-1842

Bk17.203         Cldwl                            Marr 1809-1850; deaths 1852-59; Rev War Pension appl.

Bk17.204         Mason                          Deed Bk A-L (1789-1810, Abstracts

Bk17.300         Mrcr                             Old Shakertown & The Shakers

Bk17.301         Wdfrd                          Forks of Elkhorn Church

Bk17.302         Scott                            Hist. of Baptist Church at the Stamping Ground, KY 1795-...

Bk17.400                                             KY Family Archives, V 1,2,3,4

Bk17.401                                             Early Families of Eastern & SE Kentucky, Kozee

Bk17.402                                             Maryland to KY 1775-1825

Bk17.403         Ohio                             Genealogical Columns, Ohio Co, KY

Bk17.404                                             KY Pioneer Genealogy & Records V 3#4, 1981

Bk17.405                                             KY Genealogy & Biography Vol 4 - GPC

Bk17.500         Perry  On Loan            Perry Co Ky, A History, DAR

Bk17.501         Scott                            Hist. of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison & Nicholas Co

Bk17.502         Wdfrd                          History of Woodford Co, 1968, Railey

Bk17.503                                             History of KY, 1812, Marshall

Bk17.504         Floyd                           The Big Sandy Valley, 1969, Ely

Bk17.505                                             History of KY, Collins, Vol 1,2

Bk17.506                                             A Hist of the State, 1887 Perrin, Battle, Kniffin

Bk17.507         Fytt                              History of Fayette Co, 1882, Peter

Bk17.508         Fytt  Lexington             History of Pioneer Lexington 1779-1806, Staples

Bk17.509         Bath                             A Hist. of Bath Co, KY, Richards

Bk17.510         Mntgm Mt.Sterling       History of Mt. Sterling 1792-1918, Boyd

Bk17.511         Mrcr  Harrodsburg       Through Two Hundred Years, 1774-1974

Bk17.512         Hckmn                         Hickman Co. History, 1983, Vol 1

Bk17.513         Wshng                         Hist: Pioneer History of WA Co, KY, Baylor

Bk17.514         Cmpbl                          History and Biography

Bk17.515         Kntn                             History and Biography

Bk17.519                                             Early KY History in Manuscript; Brief account of Draper ...

Bk17.600                                             Old KY Surveys & Grants, Index

Bk17.601                                             Calendar of Warrants for Land in KY, Granted for Service

Bk17.602                                             Old KY Entries & Deeds; Index to all Earliest Land, ...

Bk17.603                                             Early KY Landholders 1787-1811

Bk17.604                                             KY Early Settlers & Stations

Bk17.606         Hpkns                          Deed Book 2, 1816-1819

Bk17.700                                             KY Active Militia 1786

Bk17.701                                             Kentucky in the War of 1812.

Bk17.800                                             KY Pioneers & Court Recs, McAdams

Bk17.801                                             KY Ancestry, Guide to Genea & Hist. Research

Bk17.802                                             KY Genea. Research, Schweitzer

Bk17.900                                             Court & Other Recs, Ardery

Bk17.901                                             Marriages 1797-1865, Clift

Bk17.902         Wshng                         Abst. Early Wills-Invent. 1792-1808

Bk17.903         Shlby                           Marriages 1792-1800

Bk17.904         Lncln                            Adm Recs 1780-1805

Bk17.905         Mrcr                             Marriage Records

Bk17.906         Mrcr                             Will Recs 1818‑26

Bk17.907                                             Wills-Abstract-Early KY Wills & Inventories

Bk17.908         Chrst                            Marriages Index 1795-1825, Q-Y

Bk17.909                                             History of Early Settlers of KY (part)

Bk17.910         Lncln                            Marriage, Pension & Will records

Bk17.911         Fytt                              Marriage Recs 1810-1814, Vol. 2, Ellsberry

Bk17.912                                             KY Cemetery Records, Vol. 2, DAR

Bk17.913         Bath                             Talley's KY Papers (court, cem, bible, misc)

Bk17.914                                             KY Cemetery Records, Vol. 4, DAR

Bk17.915         Hpkns                          Wills, Adm, Guardians 1807-29; Court recs

Bk17.916         Hpkns                          1st Marriage Book 1807-1869; Tax List 1807

Bk17.917         Hpkns                          Cem recs, Vol. 1=3

Bk17.918         Chrst                            Cem recs

Bk17.919         Clark                            Cem- Old Graveyards of Clark Co

Bk17.920                                             Marriages 1774-1799, Eakle

Bk17.921                                             KY Marriages & Obit's, Vol 2. Obits 1847-49

Bk17.922                                             Wills & Ways- Misc KY Records

Bk17.923         Bllrd                             Deaths 1852-1859 and Potpourri

Bk17.924         Jssmn                          Abstracts of Wills 1798-1813 Book A

Bk17.925         Laurel                          Records #1: Marriages 1825-1850; Deaths 1852-1859

Bk17.926         Lvngs                           Records #1: Marriages 1795-1850; Deaths 1852-1859

Bk17.927         Whtly                           Recs #1: Marr 1818-1850; Extr of Rev War Pensioners Appl.



Bk18.100                                             Watson Mem. Libr, Index & Abstr of Colonial

Bk18.700                                             Louisiana Soldiers in War of 1812

Bk18.900         Ocht                             Probate Recs 1800‑70




Bk19.100                                             Town & Census Recs Microfilm List

Bk19.400                                             Genea. Dict. Maine & NH, Noyes

Bk19.401                                             Pioneers of ME & NH, Pope

Bk19.500         Lncln Dresden             History of Dresden, Maine (Pownalborough)

Bk19.700                                             Ancestral Roll & Chapter Roster DAR

Bk19.800                                             Public Record Repositories in Maine

Bk19.801                                             Agencies of Govt. Maine 1820‑1971




Bk20.100                                             MD Calendar of Wills, Vol. 1=8, Baldwin, Jane

Bk20.101                                             Guide to Index Holdings at Hall of Records

Bk20.102                                             Source Recs of MD, Index, Passano

Bk20.103                                             MD Original Research Society of Baltimore

Bk20.200         Frdrc                            This Was The Life, Judgement Records of Frederick Co, ...

Bk20.300                                             Colonial Families of Eastern Shore of MD, V 12

Bk20.400                                             British Roots of MD Families, Barnes

Bk20.401         Wshng Hagerstown     Family Bible Recs in Free Library

Bk20.402                                             Maryland Genealogies, Volume 1

Bk20.500         Drchs  On Loan           Hist. of Dorchester Co, Elias Jones

Bk20.501         Bltmr                            History of Baltimore Co

Bk20.502         Cecil                            History of Cecil Co, MD, Johnson, George

Bk20.503         Mntgm                         Historic Montgomery Co; Farquhar

Bk20.504                                             Old Somerset on the Eastern Shore of MD

Bk20.505         Frdrc                            New Facts & Old Families, Records of Frederick Co, MD

Bk20.600         Bltmr                            Land Abstr 1727-1762

Bk20.601         Bltmr                            Abstracts Co Land Commissions 1727-1762

Bk20.700                                             Maryland Revolutionary Recs, Newman (some marr)

Bk20.800                                             MD Genea. Research, Schweitzer

Bk20.801         AnnAr                          A Genea history of some early families of Anne Arundel Co

Bk20.900                                             MD Records Misc; incl St.Mary's Co. Marriages

Bk20.901         AnnAr                          Tombstone Inscrip. of Southern Anne Arundel Co

Bk20.902         Frdrc                            Names In Stone:75,000 Cemetery Inscriptions



Bk21.105         Sfflk (on loan)              Harvard College Class of 1903

Bk21.106         Brnst                            Vital Records of Barnstable, Mass.

Bk21.107                                             MA Register & US Calendar: Year 1802

Bk21.108         Brnst Sandwich            Vital Records, Index to. & Wareham, Plymt

Bk21.115         Wrcst                           Warnings, 1737-1788, Blake

Bk21.116                                              List of Freemen of Massachusetts, 1630-1691.  Paige

Bk21.401                                             Search for Passengers of The Mary & John,V 1,3

Bk21.404                                             English Ancestry & Homes of the Pilgrim Fathers

Bk21.405                                             Mayflower Families Thru 5 Generations, V 1=4, 6, Kellogg

Bk21.415                                             Mayflower Families In Progress: Bradford, Cooke, ...

Bk21.416                                             Early Generations of the Founders of Old Dunstable

Bk21.418                                  Representative Citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Hurd

Bk21.419          Essex                            Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury MA - Reprinting of the

    author’s full set of genealogical journals, 1897-1919. Hoyt

Bk21.420                                              An American Family and Its Ancestor Predecessors.  Back to

   Adam through Early American Immigrants of British

   Extraction According to Past and Present Records.  Morse

Bk21.501         Plymt Scituate              Scituate 1636‑1936, Illus. Hist. Account

Bk21.502         Essex Gloucester        History of Gloucester & Cape Ann, Rockport

Bk21.503         Plymt                            Hist‑Plymouth Colony‑Its Hist. & People 1621‑91

Bk21.504                                             Planters of the Commonwealth

Bk21.506                                             Saints & Strangers, Willison

Bk21.507                                             Surname Guide to MA Town Histories

Bk21.508L       Sfflk Watertown           Watertown records (locked cabinet)

Bk21.509L       Essex Manchester       History of, 1645-1895 (locked cabinet)

Bk21.510L       Mddls Sudbury            New Eng. Heritage Sudbury, MA 1633-1889 (locked cabinet)

Bk21.511         Mddls Framingham      History, including the Plantation 1640-present

Bk21.512         Essex Salem                Salem Witchcraft

Bk21.513         Essex Salem                Bewitched in Historical Salem

Bk21.514         Wrcst                           Profiles of the Past, Illus. Hist of Ashburnham, ...

Bk21.515         Wrcst Shrewsbury       History 1719-1829

Bk21.900                                             Mayflower Marriages, Roser

Bk21.901                                             Mayflower Desc. & their Marriages, Landis

Bk21.902                                             Some Border Towns of MA, Townsend

Bk21.903         Plymt Scituate              Vital Records

Bk21.904         Sfflk Boston                 Marr. & Death Notices 1852‑1853

Bk21.905         Sfflk Arlington              Vital Recs of Arlington, MA to year 1850.

Bk21.906         Sfflk Medford              Vital Recs of Medford, MA to year 1850

Bk21.907         Essex Gloucester        Vital Records to 1850

Bk21.908         Brstl Rehoboth             Vital Recs, 1642-1896, Vol. 1, 2

Bk21.909         Mddls Shirley               The Shirley Register 1700-1865 (families of)

Bk21.910         Mddls Groton               The Groton Register 1652-1865 (families of)

Bk21.915                                             Torrey Bibliography; key to abbrev. New England

Bk21.916         Brnst Barnstable          Cemetery Inscriptions of Barnstable, MA

Bk21.917L       Wrcst Shrewsbury       Vital Recs to 1850 [ locked cabinet]

Bk21.918L       Wrcst Spencer             Vital Recs to 1850 [ locked cabinet]

Bk21.919L       Mddls Sudbury            Vital Recs to 1850 [ locked cabinet]

Bk21.920         Mddls Concord            Vital Recs 1635-1850

Bk21.921         Essex Danvers             Vital Recs of Danvers, to end of 1840

Bk21.922         Plymt Duxbury             Vital Recs of Duxbury

Bk21.924          Wrcst                            Early MA Marriages Prior to 1800 as found on the official records

Bk21.925                                              Mayflower Births & Deaths. From the Files of George Ernest

   Bowman at MA Soc of Mayflower Desc. V.1 - 2.  Roser


Bk22.100                                             Genea. Materials in Eddy Hist. Collec. 1979

Bk22.101                                             General Catalogue Univ. MI 1837-1911

Bk22.700L       [locked cabinet]            Mil. Recs, Civil War, Mich. Volunteers



Bk23.100                                             MN Genealogist Index, 3 Vol. 1969=88

Bk23.101                                             Genea Resources of MN Hist. Soc

Bk23.500         Gdh   Red Wing           Red Wing, Saga of a River Town

Bk23.501         YllwM Clkfld                 1884-1984

Bk23.600         Strns                            Plat Book, Stearns Co, MN, 1896

Bk23.601         Gdh                             Highway Map, Misc Information

Bk23.800                                             Research in Minnesota!, Nat’l Genea Soc, Warren

Bk23.900         Strns                            Marriages 1856-69 & Licenses 1865-1880

Bk23.901         Mrrsn Pierz                  Cemetery index to St. Josephs Catholic Cem

Bk23.903         Strns St.Cloud             N. Star Cemetery, Epitaphs bef 1870

Bk23.904         Mrrsn Buckman            Cem rec, St.Michaels Cath. Cem Index



Bk24.100                                             Misc. Recs of Southeast MS, Bk 1, Strickland

Bk24.200                                             Mississippi Court Recs 1799-1859

Bk24.800                                             Tracing Your Mississippi Ancestors



Bk25.100                                             Gone to Missouri, Index of MO Pioneers & Misc

Bk25.101                                             Genea abstr from SW MO Newspapers 1850-1860

Bk25.102                                             St. Louis Gen. Soc. Topical Index, 1976

Bk25.104         Clay                             Wills & Admin., Abstracts of, 1825-1860, Hodges

Bk25.105         Lfytt                             Wills & Admin, Abstracts of, 1821-50, Williams

Bk25.106         Lfytt                             Wills & Admin, Abstracts of, 1850-65, Williams

Bk25.107                                             Guide to County Records on Microfilm

Bk25.200                                             Missouri Genealogical Gleanings 1840 & Beyond

Bk25.300         StLs  St.Louis              Baptisms, Catholic 1765-1840

Bk25.400                                             Missouri Cousins

Bk25.401         Ptts  On Loan               Pioneers, Pettis County

Bk25.402         Nwtn                            Families, Early (Pioneers of Six Bulls V 23)

Bk25.403                     Early Missourians and Kin: A Genea Compilation of “Missouri Cousins.”  V1-2. 

Bk25.500         Crrll                              History of Carroll Co.

Bk25.504         Ray                              Ray County In Review

Bk25.505         Jcksn                           History of Jackson County

Bk25.506         Wrrn                            Hist. of St. Charles, Montgomery & Warren Co's

Bk25.507                                             Goodspeed's History of Southeast Missouri

Bk25.508Q      Cldwl                            Hist. of Clinton & Caldwell Co's, Johnston (extraction

Bk25.509         Cpr                              Bicentennial Boonslick History

Bk25.510         StChr                           Historical St.Charles, MO

Bk25.511         StLs                             Annals of St.Louis in Early Days 1764-1804

Bk25.512         StLs                             Annals of St.Louis in Territorial Days,1804-21

Bk25.513         Sctln Memphis             A Town Called Memphis

Bk25.514         Sllvn                             History of Adair, Sullivan, Putnam & Schuyler County, ...

Bk25.515         Gntry                           Minute Book 1845-1859 A-M

Bk25.518         Cmdn                           Camden Co MO Historian 1985-1987

Bk25.519                                             Heritage of MO: A History, by Duane Meyer

Bk25.520         Gntry                           Crabtree School Dist 1875-1886

Bk25.521                                             A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri

Bk25.522         Phelps                         Heritage. Vol. 1,1992

Bk25.540         Ptnm                            Estate recs 1845-1909

Bk25.541         Bates                           History of Cass & Bates Counties, MO

Bk25.542         McDnl                          McDonald Co, MO: A Pictorial Interpretation, Bradley

Bk25.543         McDnl Southwest City  Southwest City History Centennial

Bk25.600Q      Clntn                            Atlas of Clinton County, 1876  (extraction room)

Bk25.601         Gntry                           Landowners Atlas/w/maps 1896

Bk25.602         Gntry                           Tax Assessor's Book 1861

Bk25.603                                             Historical Atlas of MO

Bk25.604                                             Citizens of MO Territory, V 1=3

Bk25.605         Polk                             Lands Sales in Polk Co, MO

Bk25.700                                             Rev. Soldiers Buried in Missouri

Bk25.701         StLs  St.Louis              The Rev. in the Environs of St.Louis

Bk25.702         CpGrr                           Service Roll Camp Jackson, MO

Bk25.800         Polk                             Civ War Period Data-Thos Peters Ledger, & loyalty

Bk25.801         Kentuckians in MO Including Many who Migrated by Way of OH, IN, or IL, Sprague

Bk25.900                                             MO Pioneers

Bk25.901         Cedar  on loan             Cem recs, V1, V2

Bk25.902         Cole                             Marriage Recs 1821-1851

Bk25.903                                             Marr Recs 1841-1858 & Early Settlers, V-1

Bk25.904                                             Missouri Obituaries, vol 1=5, Hodges

Bk25.905                                             MO Misc, Woodruff

Bk25.906         StLs                             Fee Fee Cemetery

Bk25.907         Cedar                           Cem Direc. Cedar Co, MO

Bk25.908         Nwtn                            Cem. & Bible Recs (Pioneers of Six Bulls V 7)

Bk25.909         Nwtn                            Misc. Recs (Pioneers of Six Bulls V 22)

Bk25.910         Nwtn                            Marr. 1863-1880 (Pioneers of Six Bulls V 28)

Bk25.911         Nwtn                            Wills & Adm. Index 1839-1910, (Pioneers V‑5)

Bk25.912         Ptnm                            Marriage Recs 1850-1879

Bk25.917         Lfytt                             Marriages 1850-1865, Williams

Bk25.919         Mrn                              Cem recs, Vol. 2

Bk25.930         Maries                          Marriage Bk A, Index 1868-1881

Bk25.931         StChr                           Marr Recs 1805-1900 & Warren Co, Cem recs Boone

Bk25.932         Clntn                            Deaths V1 1876-1894; V2 1895-1899

Bk25.933         Clay  Liberty                 Genea Notes from Liberty Tribune 1846-1900; V 1-1846- ...

Bk25.934                                             MO Marriages bef 1840

Bk25.935         Gntry                           Marriage Index 1885-1912, A-M

Bk25.936         Gntry                           Births 1868-1900

Bk25.937         Gntry                           Probate Index 1885-1902

Bk25.938         Gntry                           Deaths 1868-1910

Bk25.939L       Holt                              Gone Home, Dir of Deceased & Items of Hist [locked cab]

Bk25.940         Ptnm                            Estate Recs 1845-1909

Bk25.941                                             Birth/Death records, Missouri, V 1, 2, 4

Bk25.942                                             Marriages, Missouri to 1850, 3 Vol

Bk25.943         Polk  Bolivar                 City Cemetery

Bk25.944         McDnl                          Cem - Elk River

Bk25.945         McDnl Southwest City  Cemetery & some Nichols Bros Funeral records



Bk26.500         Cht   Carter                  Carter, A New Town Making Good

Bk26.501         Hill                               Grit, Guts & Gusto - History

Bk26.502                                             Montana In Miniature, Cole

Bk26.503         Granite                         School-Cow Creek Dist #23, 1912-230

Bk26.504                                             Golden Gulch: The Story of Montana's Fabulous Alder Gulch

Bk26.900         Jffrs                             Marriage License Index, Mar 1866 - May 1999



Bk27.200         Cass                            Scotch Irish- Nat'lz Decl of Intent

Bk27.253                                             Census 1854, 1855, 1856 Territorial

Bk27.260~                                           Census 1860, Territorial  (~ downstairs)

Bk27.501         York                             Hist,  Cradle Days in York County

Bk27.502         Vlly  Ord                       Lives of Pioneers who Settled Here

Bk27.503         Lncln                            Pre-Statehood History of Lincoln Co, Coleman

Bk27.504L       [locked cabin et]           Nebraska Aborigines as They Appeared 18th Cent

Bk27.605Q      Bffl                               Plat Book, 1977  (extraction room)

Bk27.606Q        Btlr                               Plat Book, 1977

Bk27.607Q        Clay                              Plat Book, 1977

Bk27.608Q        Polk                              Plat Book, 1972

Bk27.609Q        Swrd                             Plat Book, 1977

Bk27.900                                             Early Nebr. Marriages, Cemetery



Bk28.100                                             History of Nevada, Index


New Hampshire

Bk29.400         Hllsb Amherst              Genealogies of Amherst, NH Families 

Bk29.500         Crrll                              The Early Days of Eaton, Henney

Bk29.501         Sllvn Unity                    Highlights in Hist of Unity, NH

Bk29.502         Sllvn Langdon              Hist & Genea of Langdon 1787-1930

Bk29.900                                             Colonial Gravestone Inscriptions, 1995

Bk29.901         Rckng Londonderry     Vital Records

Bk29.902                                              NH Marriage Licenses and Intentions 1709-1961.  Oesterlin


New Jersey

Bk30.100                                             Hist. Collections of NJ, Index

Bk30.200                                             Wills, Inventories, etc, Index, Prior to 1901Vol 1: Atlantic, ...

Bk30.300         Essex Caldwell             A Puritan Heritage

Bk30.400                                             Hist. & Genea Misc. Relating to Settlement & Settlers of ...

Bk30.401                                             Biographical Index, Sinclair

Bk30.402                                             Genea of NJ Families from Gen. Magazine of NJ, Klett,

Bk30.403         Pssc  Passaic               Genealogies of First Settlers of Passaic Valley

Bk30.404                                             Pioneer Families of Northwestern New Jersey

Bk30.405         Hntrd                           Genea of Early Settlers in Trenton and Ewing, (Old ...

Bk30.500                                             History of The Colony of Nova-Caesaria, or NJ 1765, ...

Bk30.501         Mrrs                             History of Morris Co, NJ 1882

Bk30.502         Essex                           Hist. of The Oranges, -from 1666-1806, Wickes

Bk30.503                                             New Jersey, a History, V1-4

Bk30.504                                             New Jersey, Biogr. & Genea Records, Index of Bk30.503

Bk30.505         Union Elizabeth            As We Were; Story of Old Elizabethtown

Bk30.507         Essex Caldwell             Yesterday & Today 1776-1976

Bk30.508         Brlng Batsto                 History

Bk30.509                                             New Jersey History

Bk30.510         Sssx                             Sketches of the Early Histories

Bk30.511         Sssx                             History of Sussex, New Jersey, 1895

Bk30.512                                             Early Dutch and Swedish Settlers of New Jersey

Bk30.600                                             NJ Patents & Deeds 1664-1703

Bk30.601         Salem                           Old Deeds Belonging to the Salem Co Hist. Soc With Index

Bk30.602                                             Migration Patterns into NJ bef Civil War, Maps

Bk30.701         Union Westfield           Rev. Cemetery

Bk30.702                                             Militia Census in 1793,  New Jersey

Bk30.800                                             Guide to Genea. Resources in NJ

Bk30.801                                             Guide to Family History Sources in Archives 1994

Bk30.900                                             News/Notices From NJ News 178l-1790

Bk30.901                                             The Early Germans of NJ, Their History, Churches

Bk30.902                                             Marr recs, Colonial History of NJ,  V 22: 1665‑1800.


New Mexico

Bk31.300                                             The Four Churches of Pecos, Hayes


New York

Bk32.100                                             Ship Passenger Lists

Bk32.101         Brm   Deposit               Sending Money Home, Accounts of Immigrant Financial

Bk32.102         Kings                           Long Is Source Material (Bibliography)

Bk32.103                                             Lists of Inhabitants of Colonial New York.

Bk32.104         Orng                            History of Orange Co, NY, Ruttenber & Clark 1881, Index

Bk32.105                                             Book of Names relating to the Early Palatines.

Bk32.106         Erie  Buffalo                 Univ at Buffalo Alumni Direc 1992

Bk32.201         NwYrk New York          Petitions for Name Changes 1848-1899, Scott

Bk32.202         NwYrk New York          Index to Federal, State & Local Census of its Lodging

Bk32.203                                             Naturalizations, Early NY, 1792-1840, Scott

Bk32.204                                             NY State Probate Records: Genea’s Guide to Testate and

Bk32.205                                             Court Minutes of Albany, Rensselaerswyck and

Bk32.206                                             Court Minutes of Fort Orange & Beverwyck, V1,

Bk32.207                                             Court Minutes of Rensselaerswyck, 1648‑1652.

Bk32.208                                             Court Minutes of Albany, Rensselaerswyck and

Bk32.209                                             Calendar of Wills on file/ recorded in the offices of the clerk of the

   Court of Appeals, co clerk at Albany, & Sec of State. Fernow

Bk32.210         NwYrk                          Wills of Smith Families of NY & Long Is 1664-1794.  abstr of all

   wills/ name of Smith recorded in NY, Jamaica, & Hempstead bef

   1794.  With Genealogical and Historical Notes. 

Bk32.300                                             Early Religious Records of NY, Meyers

Bk32.301         Ulstr Kingston              Baptismal/Marriage Church Registers, 1660-1809

Bk32.302         Allgn                            1st Alfred 7th Day Bapt. recs

Bk32.303         Albny                           Protocol of Lutheran Affairs 1731-1750

Bk32.304         Schhr Schoharie          Baptism Rec of the Schoharie Reformed Church

Bk32.305         Ulstr New Paltz            Reformed Dutch Church records, of New Paltz, NY

Bk32.306         Dtchs Rhinebeck         St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Baptismal Records

Bk32.307                                             French Church of NY, Birth, Marriage, Death Recs ,

Bk32.309         Queens Long Island    Presb Rec, Newtown + Wantage  Sussex, NJ + Smithfield, PA

Bk32.400                                             DAR Master Index NY State Genea. Records

Bk32.401                                             Genea Notes of NY & New Eng Families, Talcott

Bk32.402                                             "Our Crowd", The Great Jewish Families of NY

Bk32.403         [needs repair]              Genea & Family Hist of Southern NY & the Hudson River,V3

Bk32.404         Albny                           Genea of First Settlers in Ancient Co of Albany, 1630‑1800

Bk32.405                                             Scandinavian immigrants in NY, 1630‑1674. (Also, ...

Bk32.406         Schnc Schenectady     First Settlers of Schenectady, NY, 1662‑1800

Bk32.407                                             History of Ancient Families of New Amsterdam and New ...

Bk32.408                                              Compendium of Early Mohawk Valley Families, V 1-2. Penrose

Bk32.409                                              Early Settlers of NY State.  Their Anc & Desc V 1- 2.  Foley

Bk32.501         Mnr   Penfield              Penfield's Past 1810-1960

Bk32.502                                             Valentine's Manual of Old New York, Brown

Bk32.503         Ulster                           Hist. of New Paltz, & Its Old Families 1678-1820

Bk32.504         Dtchs                           Settlers of the Beekman Patent

Bk32.505L       Wstch                          Westchester Co, A Pictoral History (locked cabinet)

Bk32.507         Wstch Harrison            Chronicle of a Border Town: Hist of Rye, Harrison, White

Bk32.508         Dtchs Poughkeeps.     Development of Central Hudson Gas & Elec Corp

Bk32.509         Orng  Newburgh          Post Cards

Bk32.510         Sfflk                             The South Fork

Bk32.511         Albny                           Minutes of the Albany Committee of Correspondence, ...

Bk32.512         Rnssl Troy                   The City of Troy and Its Vicinity

Bk32.513         Dtchs Rhinebeck         Historic Old Rhinebeck, Echoes of Two  Centuries

Bk32.514                                             Story of the Palatines

Bk32.515                                             Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration

Bk32.516         Dtchs Rhinebeck         History of  Rhinebeck, NY: Genea Recs of First Families

Bk32.517                                             Mohawk Dutch and the Palatines


Bk32.600                                             Landholders of Northeastern NY 1739-1802

Bk32.601                                             Western NY Land Transactions 1804-1824, V1, 2

Bk32.602                                             Gazetteer of 1860 census of NY State

Bk32.603                                             Researching Your Roots in New York, Eakle

Bk32.604         [needs repair]              Early Records of the City and Co of Albany & Colony of ..v 3

Bk32.604         Albny Albany                Early Records of the City and Co of Albany & Colony of.. V4

Bk32.605                                             Collections of NY Hist Society, 1913, V XLVI.

Bk32.700                                             Collections of NY Historical Society, 1891, V XXIV.

Bk32.701                                             Collections of NY Hist Soc, V  XLVII: 1914; V XLVIII:


Bk32.800                                             Searching in NY, a Reference Guide, Burke

Bk32.801                                             Genea. Research in NY State

Bk32.802                                             Genea. Resources in NY Metropolitan Area

Bk32.803                                             Census State Records, 1780-1925

Bk32.804         Tioga                           Guide to Historical Resources

Bk32.805                                             Handy Tips to Genea. Research in NY

Bk32.806                                             NY Genea Research Tips, Fran Carter-Walker, 1995

Bk32.807                                             Collections of NY Historical Society, 1885, Volume XVIII.

Bk32.808                                             Hist and Genea Misc, Settlers of NY and NJ, V 1

Bk32.809                                             Biogr. Sketches of Otsego, NY

Bk32.900                                             10,000 Vital Recs West. NY 1809-1850

Bk32.901                                             10,000 Vital Recs Central NY 1813-1850

Bk32.902                                             10,000 Vital Recs Eastern NY 1777-1834

Bk32.905         Oswg                           Census Mortality Sch 1850-1860

Bk32.906         Schnc Duanesburg      Cemeteries

Bk32.907         Onndg                         Cem recs, Leslie E Voorhees, Vol 1

Bk32.908                                             Compendium of Early Mohawk Valley Fam's V 1 &2

Bk32.909                                             Names of Persons for whom Marriage Licenses Were ...

Bk32.910         Sssx                             Minisink Valley Ref.Dutch recs 1716-1830

Bk32.911                                             Irish Relatives & Friends from wanted ads in the Irish-...

Bk32.912         Otsg, etc                      Cemetery, Laurens Village

Bk32.913         Fltn  Gloversv.             Obituary Index

Bk32.914         Schyl                            Marriages-Deaths, Schuyler Co Newspapers

Bk32.915         Tmpkn                         Marriages-Deaths Tompkins Co Newspapers

Bk32.916         NwYrk New York          The Graveyard Shift-guide to NYC Cemeteries

Bk32.917          Steuben                         Marriages,  Deaths from NY Newspapers 1797-1868.  Martin

Bk32.918          Steuben                         Marriages, Deaths from NY Newspapers 1837-1868.  Martin

Bk32.919                                              7,000 Hudson-Mohawk Valley, V Recs.1808-1850.  Bowman

Bk32.920                                              8,000 More Vital Records of Eastern NY 1804-1850.  Bowman


North Carolina

Bk33.100                                             Emigrants from Eng, Scot. to NC 1774‑75

Bk33.102         Orng                            Court/Abstr. of Court Minutes 1752-1766, Shields

Bk33.104                                             Wills 1663-1900 Index

Bk33.105                                             NC Newspapers, 1784-1789, Index to

Bk33.106                                             Tax Payers 1701-1786 NC

Bk33.107                                             Index to NC Historical & Genea. (Hathaway's) Reg, V 1,2,3

Bk33.108                                             Taxpayers 1679-1790, V 2, Ratcliff

Bk33.109                                             Index of NC Ancestors, NC Genea Society, 1981

Bk33.110                                             NC Year Book 1923

Bk33.201         Rowan                         Tax List 1759

Bk33.202         Glfrd                            Will Abstracts 1771-1841

Bk33.203         Surry                            Wills 1771-1827

Bk33.204         Cswll                            Will Books 1777-1814; 1814-1843; Guardian Accounts, etc

Bk33.205         Glfrd                            Court Min 1781-1788

Bk33.206         Orng                            Abst Min. Inferior Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions 1777- ...

Bk33.207         Orng                            Abst Min. Inferior Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions 1752- ...

Bk33.208         Rckng                          Will Abstr 1785-1865

Bk33.209         Rckng                          Deed Abst 1785-1800

Bk33.210         Surry                            Court Min. V1 & 2, 1768-1789

Bk33.211         Surry                            Deed Abstr, Deed bk A,B,C 1770-1788

Bk33.212         Surry                            Deeds, Bks D,E,F, 1779-1797

Bk33.213         Stks                             Deeds, V 1,2 ; 1787-1797

Bk33.214         Stks                             Wills 1790-1864, V 1-4, Absher

Bk33.215         Tryon                           Deed abstr Tryon, Lincoln, Rutherford Co 1769-86 +

    Tryon Co Wills & estates

Bk33.216         Ctwb                            Will Book 1

Bk33.217         Ctwb                            Court of Pleas & Quarters March 1843-Jan 1850, Catawba

Bk33.218         Lncln                            Will Abstracts 1779-1910, Philbeck

Bk33.219         Lncln                            Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, Apr 1779-Jan 1789

Bk33.220         Lncln                            Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, Jul 1796-Jan 1805

Bk33.221         Ctwb                            Will Abstracts 1842-1910, Philbeck & Turner

Bk33.222         Irdll                              Wills, Unrecorded, Abstracts 1788-1915 & Will Bk III,

Bk33.300         Edgcm Tarboro            Calvary Parish

Bk33.301         Glfrd Greensboro        Buffalo Presb Church & Cem

Bk33.302         Bncmb Weaverville      Flat Creek Baptist Church Minutes 1833-1931

Bk33.303                                             Hist of German Settlements & the Lutheran Church in NC 

Bk33.304         Ctwb                            Tombstone Insc of old St Pauls Church Cemetery

Bk33.400         Hywd                           NC Families, Haywood Co, Cook

Bk33.401                                             Directory of Scots in the Carolinas 1680-1830.  V 1. Dobson

Bk33.500         Almnc                           Battle of Alamance Bi-Centennial 1771‑1971

Bk33.501         Burke                           Pioneers-Sketches of, in Burke Co Hist

Bk33.502                                             Mecklenburg Signers & Their Neighbors. The Lost ...

Bk33.503                                             Carolina Cradle, Ramsey (NW Carolina)

Bk33.504         Edgcm Tarboro            The Story of Banking in Tarboro

Bk33.505         Rckng                          Journal, History & Genealogy

Bk33.506Q      Bncmb                         Heritage of Old Buncombe Co, V 1, 2

Bk33.507Q      Mdsn                           Madison Co Heritage, NC, V 1  (extraction room)

Bk33.508                                              Annals of Lincoln Co, NC 1749-1937, Sherrill

Bk33.509                                             Sketches of Western NC, Hist and Biogr, Principally the ...

Bk33.510         Irdll                              Liberty Hall, History

Bk33.511         Rowan                         A History of Rowan Co, NC, Rumple

Bk33.512         Edgcm                         A Brief History, Watson

Bk33.600                                             Formation of NC Counties 1663-1943

Bk33.601                                             NC Headrights: List of Names, 1663-1744

Bk33.602                                             NC Land Grants Recorded in Greene County, TN

Bk33.603         Cswll                            Deed Books 1777-1817

Bk33.604         Orng                            Deed Books 6, 7 Vol 11; Books 10-11, Vol 14

Bk33.605         Surry                            Tax List 1771

Bk33.606         Surry                            Tax List 1772

Bk33.607         Orng                            Tax List 1755

Bk33.608         Orng                            Taxpayers 1784-1793

Bk33.609         Glfrd                            Deed Book, Volumes 1 & 2, 1779-1784

Bk33.610         Bncmb                         Land Entries. Abstracts, 1794-1796, Pruitt

Bk33.611         Burke                           Deed book A

Bk33.612         Glfrd                            Map Supplement  

Bk33.700                                             Rev- Leaders of NC, Connor

Bk33.701         Rckng                          Early Families with Rev. Service, V1-2 (& Stokes Co)

Bk33.800                                             Guide to Research Materials in NC State Archives

Bk33.901                                             Marriage Recs, N & S Carolina, Clemens

Bk33.902         Grnvl                            Marriage Bonds, Vol.1, Eliz Hicks Hummel

Bk33.903                                             Abstr. of Wills before 1760

Bk33.904                                             Marriages of NC- Barker family

Bk33.905         Orng                            Marriages of Early Orange Co & Will Abstracts

Bk33.907         Chrk                             Cemeteries, Hiwassee Reservoir

Bk33.908         Orng                            Marriages 1779-1868

Bk33.909         Rowan                         Marriages 1753-1868

Bk33.910         Surry                            Marriages 1779-1868

Bk33.911         Ctwb                            Cemeteries, 7 Vol.

Bk33.912         Stks                             Marriage Recs 1783-1868; V1 Males; V2 Females

Bk33.913         Cswll                            Marriage Bonds 1778-1868

Bk33.914         Chthm                          Marriage Bonds 1782-1867

Bk33.915         Bncmb Ashville            Marriage/ Death Notices from Ashville News 1840-1870

Bk33.923         Glfrd                            Marr. Bonds Abstr & Additional Data 1771-1840


North Dakota

Bk34.400                                             Brave ND Families

Bk34.500         Cvlr Nekoma                Our Heritage: Nekoma, ND 1905-1980, Melland

Bk34.600         McHnr                          Maps, 1910 Plat Maps

Bk34.601                                             Land in Her Own Name (Stories & Recs of Female

Bk34.800                                             Guide to Doing ND Local History, Tweton



Bk35.100         Lckng                           Hist. Licking Co, Hill, Index only

Bk35.102         Hmltn                           Cemetery Inscr. Index

Bk35.103         Frnkl                            Atlas 1872, Caldwell, Index to

Bk35.104                                              Sources for Genealogical Searching in Ohio.  McCay

Bk35.109         Brown                          Wills Index, 1818-1910

Bk35.110         Hncck                          Wills & Estates Index 1851-1900

Bk35.120                                             Wills & Estates to 1850; an Index

Bk35.150         Fytt                              Chancery & Comm. Pleas Court Recs 1828‑78

Bk35.151         Clrmn                           Wills Index 1800-1915 of Clermont Co, OH

Bk35.155         Mskng                          Misc. Records, Muskingum Co. Footprints V 6-7

Bk35.160         Hmltn                           Court and Other Records, Vol 1=3, Cummins

Bk35.161         Hmltn                           Wills filed Probate Court 1791-1852

Bk35.162         Hghln                           Wills, Adm, Guardianship & Adoptions 1805-1880

Bk35.300                                             Early Settlement of Friends NW Terr.

Bk35.400                                             Genealogical Research in Ohio, Sperry

Bk35.401                                             Ohio Valley Genealogies

Bk35.501Q      Ross                            Hist. Ross & Highland Co, 1880 (extraction room)

Bk35.502         Ross                            Biogr. Abstr. from Hist. of Ross & Highland Co's

Bk35.503                                             West. Res. Celebration Pioneers West 1788-1938

Bk35.504         Dlwr                             Hist. Delaware Co & Ohio 1880

Bk35.505         Darke                           Biogr. History Darke Co 1900

Bk35.506Q      Frnkl                            Hist. Franklin & Pickaway Co 1880 (extraction room)

Bk35.507Q      Clrmnt                          History of Clermont Co, 1795-1880 (extraction room)

Bk35.508Q      Prbl                              History of Preble Co, 1881 (extraction room)

Bk35.509         Frnkl                            History of, 1858

Bk35.510         Mskng                          History Muskingum Co, 1882

Bk35.511         Fytt                              Settlers, Pioneer Reminis., Settlement Fytt Co

Bk35.512         Darke                           History of, 1880

Bk35.513         Perry                            History of, 1902

Bk35.514         Adams                          History of Adams Co, 1900

Bk35.515         Frfld                             Hist. of Fairfield & Perry Counties, 1883

Bk35.516         Greene                        History of Greene Co, OH, Dills

Bk35.517         Hghln                           History of the Co. of Highland, Thompson

Bk35.518         Hghln                           Hist/State Centennial of Highland Co, Vol 2

Bk35.520         Brown                          Historical Collections of Brown Co, OH

Bk35.521         Frnkl Columbus           History, Resources & Progress, name index

Bk35.522         Greene Xenia              Ohio Town: Portrait of Xenia

Bk35.523         Grnsy                           Portrait & Biogr. Record

Bk35.524         Blmnt                           History Belmont Co, 1801-1889

Bk35.525         Wayne                         History of Wayne County, Ohio, Volumes 1 & 2

Bk35.526         Wayne                         History of Wayne County, Ohio: 1796-1899

Bk35.527         Tscrw                           History of Tuscarawas Co, OH 1808-1889

Bk35.528         Clinton                         History of Clinton Co 1810-89, Howe

Bk35.600                                             Early Tax Records,  Powell

Bk35.601Q      Darke                           Atlas, Darke Co. 1875, 1888 (extraction room)

Bk35.602         Darke                           Atlas, Darke Co. 1875, Index

Bk35.603M      Mskng                          Atlas 1866 [map case]

Bk35.604M      Hmltn                           Atlas 1869 [map case]

Bk35.605                                             Early OH Settlers=Purchasers of Land in SE Ohio 1800- ...

Bk35.606Q      Lckng                           Atlas 1992, Combined reprint of 1847 & 1854 Wallmaps & ...

Bk35.607Q      Frnkl                            Hist. Atlas & Plat Maps 1842, 1856, 1883 (extraction

Bk35.608         Clrmn                           OH Land Recs 1787-1812, Smith

Bk35.609                                             First Ownership of Ohio Lands, Dyer

Bk35.720                                             Roster OH Soldiers, War of 1812, Index

Bk35.721                                             Roster of Ohio Soldiers, War of 1812

Bk35.750                                             Ohio Handbook of Civil War, Harper

Bk35.751                                             Ohio Pensioners of 1883, Index, Phillips

Bk35.810                                             OH Genea. Guide‑3rd Edition, Bell

Bk35.900         Clrmn                           Marriages 1800‑1821

Bk35.901         Darke                           Deaths 1850‑80, Newspaper; V-1, 2, 3,4

Bk35.902         Cshct                           Marriages 1811-1930, V 1,2

Bk35.903         Cshct                           Deaths 1867-1909

Bk35.904         Perry                            Infirmary Recs 1853-1910

Bk35.905         Adams                          Marriages 1803-1833

Bk35.906                                             OH Source Recs from The OH Genea. Quarterly

Bk35.907         Mskng Zanesville         Interment Recs Greenwood Cem.1865-1916, V1-4

Bk35.908         Brown                          Tombstone Inscrip. Brown Co, Vol 1

Bk35.909         Hmltn                           Cemetery Inscriptions, Dickore

Bk35.910         Hmltn                           Naturalization & Marriages in Univ. of Cincinnati

Bk35.911         Hghln                           Marriage Recs, 1805-1880

Bk35.915         Blmnt                           Genea Recs in Belmont Co

Bk35.916                                             Cemeteries, Pioneer of SE Ohio 1801-1980

Bk35.917         Mskng Perry Tnp         Cemetery Inscriptions

Bk35.918         Mskng                          Greenwood Cem bef 1895, Mskng.Co  Ftprints, V 8

Bk35.920         Darke                           Cemetery Inscriptions, vol 3

Bk35.921                                             Marriages, Marjorie Smith

Bk35.922         Sct                               Marriages

Bk35.923         Ptnm  Deaths, Adm, Marr, Misc notices from the Kalida Venture 1845-1854

Bk35.924         Ptnm Columbus Grove Obits of Early Families



Bk36.100          Delaware Co,                 Census 1920, index

Bk36.101         Dlwr                             Index to Heritage of the Hills, Delaware Co History

Bk36.500         Kay                              The Last Run 1893, Ponca City DAR

Bk36.501Q      Major                           Gloss Mountain Country (extraction room)

Bk36.505         Creek                           Tracing Indian Ancestors, Chase

Bk36.506         Dlwr                             Heritage of the Hills: Delaware Co History

Bk36.507         Dlwr  Grove                 Discovering Spirits Past

Bk36.508         Pttwt                            History.  Country Lane Press, 1987.

Bk36.900         Lflr                               Marriages V-1, 1897-1900; V2, 1901-1904; V3, 1905-1907

Bk36.901         Dlwr                             Cemeteries & Burial Places Delaware Co. 4 V

Bk36.902         Dlwr  Grove                 Worley-Luginbuel Funeral Home Records 1936-1997,

Bk36.903         Pttwt                            Tecumseh Mission Cemetery, 1879-1983. Cem Insc, V 1=4



Bk37.1893       Jcksn                           School Dist 1893

Bk37.102         Mltnm Portland             Genea. Forum Library Shelf List

Bk37.104         Mltnm Portland             Genea. Material-Co. Library

Bk37.105         Union                           Genea. Material & Other Records

Bk37.106         Wshng                         Recs of Wshng Co V3, Cem recs of NW County

Bk37.108                                             Oregon Guide to Genea. Sources

Bk37.109                                             Overland Passages. Guide to Overland Documents in the ...

Bk37.110                                             Agricultural OR Counties, 1914

Bk37.111L       [locked cabinet]            Oregon Desert

Bk37.112         Lane                            Misc. Records

Bk37.113         Jcksn Medford             City Directory 1985

Bk37.114                                             OR Historical Soc Microfilm Guide 1973

Bk37.115         Wshng Rock Creek      Rock Creek Directory 1977-1978

Bk37.116          Wshng                          Teachers’ Roster 1930-1931.  Frost 

Bk37.301         Jsphn Grants Pass       Newman Meth. Church 1925-1961

Bk37.302                                             Christians on the OR Trail, Rushford

Bk37.400                                             The Meek Cutoff, Clark & Tiller

Bk37.401         Polk                             Pioneer Sketches Polk Co.

Bk37.402                                             Magic River Deschutes; & Experience of an Emigrant Boy

Bk37.403         Linn                             A Brief History of Linn County; Biog John McCoy

Bk37.405                                             Biogr. History of Columbia River Valley, V 2

Bk37.406                                             Pioneers, Vol 1, 2

Bk37.501                                             History of Oregon, Carey

Bk37.502         HdRvr Hood River       Foster-Pettygrove Store List

Bk37.503         Dgls                             History/ Lone Rock Free State

Bk37.504                                             The Way It Was, Cecil Matson

Bk37.505         Polk                             Historically Speaking, Vol. 6, Polk Genea. Soc

Bk37.506                                             Oregon Crisis, M'Duffee

Bk37.507         Wshng                         Land of Tuality; Washington Co, OR

Bk37.508         Linn  Albany                 The Albany Democrat-Herald, 8 Feb 1935 to 14 May 1938

Bk37.509         Baker                           History of Baker Co, 1986

Bk37.510                                             Oregon's Golden Years: Bonanza of the West

Bk37.511         Wasco The Dalles        History of The Dalles, Wasco & Klickatat Co.

Bk37.512         Wasco The Dalles        History of Wasco Lodge

Bk37.513         Wasco                          One part of the West, Wasco County

Bk37.514Q      Shrmn                          Photographs from Sherman Co Hist. Society (extraction

Bk37.515         Jcksn Phoenix             Early Days in Phoenix, OR 1851-87

Bk37.516         Mrrw                            History of Morrow Co, OR

Bk37.517         Ymhll                            Old Yamhill-Early History of Towns & Cities

Bk37.518         Mltnm                           East Multnomah Pioneers, V 1=3

Bk37.519                                             Oregon, The Way it Was, Culp

Bk37.600                                             Co. Boundary Change Maps 1843-1916

Bk37.601                                             Cemetery Survey Oregon

Bk37.602                                             Historical Oregon (map case)

Bk37.603                                             Genea. Material in OR Donation Land Claims, V1-5

Bk37.604         Linn                             Land Claim Families to 1855

Bk37.605                                             Donation Land Claims of Oregon, Index

Bk37.700                                             History of General Logan Post No 39

Bk37.800                                             Have you an Oregon Ancestor, Duniway

Bk37.801         Coos                            Coos Co Ancestors; Where & How to Find Them

Bk37.900         Clckm                           Marriage Recs 1900-12, Index

Bk37.901         Gllm                             Marriages 1885-1900

Bk37.902         Tllmk                            Marriages 1862-1910

Bk37.903         Wasco                          Marriages 1854-1900

Bk37.904         Mrn                              Probates, Marion Co.

Bk37.905         Mrn                              Marriages of Marion Co, OR

Bk37.906         Polk                             Tombstone Inscr. Dallas Cemetery

Bk37.907         Polk                             Marriage Records of Polk Co, Vol. 1

Bk37.908         Mrrw                            Heppner Gazette Index Vol. 1, Early to 1900

Bk37.909         Lncln                            At Rest in Lincoln County

Bk37.910         Linn                             Marriage Records, vol 5; Marriage Books I-Q

Bk37.911         Ymhll                            Cemetery Inscriptions, V 1

Bk37.912         Baker                           Cemeteries, Statistical Data & Genea Facts

Bk37.913         Mltnm Portland             St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery

Bk37.914         Coos                            Cemetery Recs, Some

Bk37.915         Jcksn Jacksonville       Cemetery

Bk37.916         Jcksn                           Births V1-1863-1910; V2-1911-1914; V3-1915-1920



Bk38.100                                             Alumni Directory PA State 1861-1935

Bk38.101                                             Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Volume 2: 1727-1808

Bk38.102         Wshng                         Wills Index 1781-1900

Bk38.103         Bdfrd                           Wills Index 1771-1900

Bk38.104                                             Emigrants to PA 1641-1819, Tepper

Bk38.105                                             PA & Middle Atlantic States Genea. Manuscripts

Bk38.106                                             Abstracts of South Central PA Newspapers 1785‑90

Bk38.107         Adams                          Wills 1800‑26, Abstracts of

Bk38.109         Wshng                         Index of Washington Co, PA, Crumrine

Bk38.110                                             Index to Pennsylvania's Colonial Records Series

Bk38.111         Grn                              Wills 1760-1900, Index

Bk38.112         Wshng                         Abstr of Wash. Reporter 1808-1814

Bk38.113                                             Master Index to the Emigrants documented in The ...

Bk38.114                                             Names of Immigrants in PA 1727-76, Rupp

Bk38.115         Nrthmp                         Scotch Irish of Northampton Co; index of  bk 38.512

Bk38.116         Phldl Germantown       Settlers and Residents of Germantown 1710‑ 1899, V 1

Bk38.117         Phldl Philadelphia         Indentures in Philadelphia, 1771‑1772 & 1773

Bk38.118                                             Immigration of Irish Quakers into PA 1682-1750, Myers

Bk38.119                                             Mennoite Immigration to PA, Smith

Bk38.120         Berks                           Genea Guide to Co Church / Public Cem’s

Bk38.201         Phldl Philadelphia         Tax List, Proprietary, 1769

Bk38.202         Bdfrd                           Census 1784

Bk38.203         Berks                           Tax List 1767

Bk38.208         Allgh                            Wills, 1789-1869

Bk38.210         Berks                           Wills & Administration Records, Index 1752-1850

Bk38.211         Btlr                               Wills, 1796-1900

Bk38.212         Cmbr                            Wills, 1804-1900

Bk38.213         Fytt                              Wills, 1783-1900

Bk38.215         Smrst                           Wills, 1795-1900

Bk38.218         Wstmr                          Wills, 1773-1896, volumes 1-9 index

Bk38.219         York                             Wills, 1749-1900

Bk38.222                                             Persons Naturalized in Province of Pennsylvania, ...

Bk38.223         Nrthmb                         Wills & Adm (Formerly Union, Mifflin, and Indiana Co’s.)

Bk38.224          Frnkl                            Wills 1784-1826.  Windmill Publications, 1994.

Bk38.300                                             Tulpehocken Church Recs 1730-1800

Bk38.301                                             Church/Lutheran Bapt.& Marr in SE PA 1730‑79

Bk38.302                                             Diary of Eliza John, John

Bk38.303                                             German Lutheran & Reformed Churches in PA field 1717

   -1799 Pastors & People, V 1 Pastors & Congregations; V 2

Bk38.304         Cmbrl                           Church Records of 18th Century, Wright

Bk38.305         York                             Church Records of 18th Century, Vol. 1=3

Bk38.306         Berks Stouchsburg      Recs of Pastoral Acts at Christ Luth Church 1743-1851, pt

Bk38.307                                             Early Pennsylvania Pioneers from Mutterstadt

Bk38.308                                             Donors to Lutheran Church in Germantown, 1738

Bk38.309                                             Irish Quaker Arrivals in Pennsylvania

Bk38.310                                             Pennsylvania German Church Records, Volumes 1,  2, 3

Bk38.311         Lhgh New Tripoli         225th Anniversary of the Weisenberg Church, 1976

Bk38.312         Lhgh                            Heidelberg Church, 1740‑1978

Bk38.314                                             PA Marr Prior to 1810, Province and Church Listings, V 1,

Bk38.316                                             Palatine Church Visitations, 1609

Bk38.319         Btlr  Jacksonville          Jacob's Union Church, 1761‑1981 Edition 2

Bk38.320                                             New Bethel Union Church, 1761‑ 1976

Bk38.321         Lncstr                          Lutheran & Reformed Congregations, Muddy Creek

Bk38.322         Lncstr New Holland      Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church  1730‑1799

Bk38.323                                             A Monograph of the New Goschenhoppen & Great Swamp

Bk38.325         Berks                           Bapt recs of Jerusalem Luth / Reformed Church

Bk38.326         Berks Jeffsn twp          250 yr History of Christ Church  1730-1980

Bk38.327         Blair                             Ch- Trinity United Meth, Roaring Spring, PA.  1986. Family Tree

   Climbers Heritage Club.

Bk38.328         Cmbrl Middle Spring    Genea Data Abstr From History of Middle Spring Presbyterian Church,  1738-1900.  McElwain, Wilbur J 1992

Bk38.400                                             Rhineland Emig, German Settlers in Colonial Am.

Bk38.401                                             Eighteenth Century Emigrants, V1 The Northern Kraichgau

Bk38.402                                             PA German Immigrants 1709-1786

Bk38.403                                             Swiss & German Pioneers SE PA

Bk38.450         Bucks                           Genea & Personal Hist. Bucks Co, Davis

Bk38.451                                             Palatine Origins of some PA Pioneers

Bk38.453                                             Engle’s Notes and Queries, V 1‑12

Bk38.454                                             Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families, V 1‑3

Bk38.455                                             Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families

Bk38.456                                             Genea Abstr from the American Weekly Mercury, ...

Bk38.501         Lncst                            Will Bk & Intestate Recs Lancaster Co.

Bk38.502                                             Q/Immig. of Irish Quakers to PA 1682-1750

Bk38.503         Phldl Philadelphia         German Immig. to Phil. 1700‑75

Bk38.504         Lbnn                            Index-Rupp's Hist. of Co's Berks & Lebanon

Bk38.505         Adams                          Every Name Index to Rupp's History

Bk38.506         Chstr                            History, with Genea & Biogr Sketches, 2 Vols. and

Bk38.507                                             Scots Breed and Susquehanna, Cummings

Bk38.508         Crwfr                           Pioneers Crawford Co 1788-1800

Bk38.509         York                             History of York Co, & PA German Soc Phil. 1913 meeting

Bk38.510         Ssqhn                          Centennial History of Susquehanna County

Bk38.511         Lzrn                             History of Wyoming Valley, Luzerne County

Bk38.512         Nrthmp                         Scotch Irish of Northampton Co, V1 (see 38.115 for index)

Bk38.513         Nrthmp Easton             First  Settlers of The Forks of the Delaware, 1760‑1852

Bk38.514         Cmbrl                           History of Cumberland County, 1886

Bk38.515         Lbnn Schaefferstown  Brief History of  Schaefferstown

Bk38.516         Lncst                            Biogr. Hist. Lancaster Co, Early Settlers & Eminent Men

Bk38.517                                             German & Swiss Settlements of PA, A Study of the So

Bk38.518                                             Something for Everyone ‑ Something for You, V 14. (Also...

Bk38.519                                             Pennsylvania German Family Farm, V 6

Bk38.520         Mntgm                         History Montgomery Co, 1884, V 1,  2

Bk38.521         Massanutten                Shenandoah Valley, Pennsylvania, 1726

Bk38.522         Phldl Philadelphia         Watson's Annals of Philadelphia, and PA in Olden Time, ...

Bk38.523         York                             History of York County, 1729‑1834

Bk38.524                                             Pennsylvania Dutch

Bk38.525                                             Pennsylvania Germans of  the Shenandoah Valley, V 26

Bk38.527                                             Scotch-Irish of Colonial PA, Dunaway

Bk38.528         Historical Data Concerning St. Thomas Township [Pennsylvania] (1734-1984).

Bk38.529                                             The Foreman Collection.  V 1-7.; 1- - Conodoquinet Secrets (1950)

 2 - N Mtn Shadows (1952);  3 - Forbes Road (1954); 4- Hist of

 the Little Cove (1967); 5- Conococheague Headwaters of Amberson

Valley (1968);  6 - Fort Loudon Sidelights (1969); 7-

 Tuscarora, Kittochtinny, and North Mountain Tales (1971)

Bk38.530         Frnkl                            Biogr Annals. Cont genea recs of representative families, incl

 many of early settlers, & biogr sketches of prominent citizens. 

Bk38.532         Frnkl                            History of Franklin Co, Warner Beers & Co., 1887.

Bk38.600         Phldl Philadelphia         Maps-City, Ward

Bk38.601                                             Genea. Record Sources PA Area Key

Bk38.602                                             Warrants & Surveys, Province of PA 1759

Bk38.603                                             PA Land Records

Bk38.604         Berks                           Two Hundred Fifty Years

Bk38.605         Lncst                            Deed Abstracts & Rev. War Oaths of Allegiance

Bk38.606                                             Two Lists of Early PA Residents holding VA Grants

Bk38.607L       Minute Book  of Property of Province of PA, 1685- c 1716, Egle, V 19

Bk38.608L       Colonial Documents Relating to Boundary Dispute bet PA & MD 1734-1760, V 7

Bk38.609L       Papers Relating to the Colonies on the Delaware 1614-1682, V 5

Bk38.610         Lncst                            A New Index.  Before Fed Census, V1, 2, 3 Tax Recs

Bk38.611         Lncst                            Tax Lists, 1751, 1756, 1757, 1758

Bk38.700                                             Muster Roll PA Volunteers 1812-1814

Bk38.701         Vnng                            Soldiers

Bk38.702                                             Pennsylvania‑Germans in the Rev War,  1775‑1783

Bk38.703         Phldl                            Soldiers of Am Rev, Philadelphia & Montgomery Co’s, PA

Bk38.800                                             Mother Cumberland: Tracing Your PA Ancestors

Bk38.802                                             County Govt. & Archives in PA

Bk38.803                                             Archives, Guide to Published Archives of PA

Bk38.804                                             Research in PA, Elliott

Bk38.805                                             Locating German Ancestor in Europe

Bk38.806                                             Guide to Genea/Local Hist Section of State Libr

Bk38.807         Crbn                            Area Key

Bk38.808                                             Guide to Genealogical/Historical Research in PA

Bk38.809                                             Genea Data Relating to German Settlers of PA,  1743‑1800

Bk38.810                                             Abstr from Ben Franklin’s Pennsylvania Gazette

Bk38.811          Frnkl  Mercersburg         Journal, Mercersburg, 1857-1874. News Abstr & Indexed.  1996.

    Cell, Robert Franklin

Bk38.901                                             Early PA Births 1675-1875, Fisher

Bk38.902         York                             Tax List 1811-14, Poor Children

Bk38.903                                             Family Records From Bibles, Vol 1

Bk38.904         Wshng                         Marriages 1780-1857, Weister

Bk38.905         Cmbrl                           Marriages 1761-1817, Penrod

Bk38.906                                             PA Marriages Prior to 1790

Bk38.910         Berks                           Births 1705-1800, V1=5

Bk38.911         Berks                           Marriages 1730-1800, V 1, 2

Bk38.912         Vnng                            Cem, Early church Hist, V1

Bk38.913         Vnng                            Marr from Venango Co Sources 1795-1885

Bk38.914                                             The Perry Review-PA German Bir/Bap certs, with ...

Bk38.915                                             Vital Records, V 1‑3

Bk38.917                                             PA German Marr in PA German Churches. (Also Births, ...

Bk38.919         Lncst                            Cemetery Surname Index

Bk38.920                                             PA German Tombstone Inscriptions, v 1, 2

Bk38.921         Dphn                            Early Marr Evidence from Court recs of Dauphin co 1785-1810


Rhode Island

Bk39.400                                             Genealogies of RI Families from New Eng Hist & Genea Reg

Bk39.800                                             RI Sources-Family Historians & Genealogists

Bk39.900         Wshng                         V.R. #3, Births & Marriages

Bk39.901         Wshng                         Births


South Carolina

Bk40.100                                             Brief Guide Genea. Research & Records

Bk40.101                                             Indexes to County Wills of SC, Houston

Bk40.200         Andrs Pendleton Dist   Wills, Estates, Legal Records

Bk40.201                                             SC Wills Index 1670-1853 or later, Warren

Bk40.300         Chstr                            List of Visitations Beginning Dec 1774 of Rev.

Bk40.400                                             Early Pee Dee Settlers, Volumes 1 & 2

Bk40.500         Abbvl Abbeville            History

Bk40.501                                             Hist. of SC Under the Royal Gov't 1719-1776

Bk40.502                                             Huguenots of Colonial SC

Bk40.503         [same as 56.208]         King's Mountain and Its Heroes, Battle of King's Mountain,

Bk40.504                                             History Upper Country SC V1, From Earliest Periods

Bk40.800                                             Guide to SC Genea. Research & Records

Bk40.900                                             Naturalization 1783-1850

Bk40.901         Grnvl Greenville           The Presence of The Past-Epitaphs in Greenville

Bk40.902         Chstr                            Tombstone Recs of Chester Co & Vicinity, V-1

Bk40.903         Brnwl                           Marriages- Early to 1911, Price

Bk40.904                                             Tombstone Registry of Old Lexington District

Bk40.905         Andrs                           Will Bk A, pt 1, 2

Bk40.906                                             Marriages 1688-1799, Holcomb

Bk40.907                                             Marriages 1800-1820, Holcomb

Bk40.908         Andrs                           Marriage & Death Notices 1807-1851 from Pendleton

Bk40.909         Chrls Charleston          Marr & Death Notices from the Charleston Observer, 1827-

Bk40.910                                             Marriages 1688-1820, Supplement, Holcomb



Bk42.100         Andrs, etc                    Cem; Dvdsn news; McMnn Tombstone

Bk42.101                                             Guide to Co. Recs & Genea. Resources in TN

Bk42.102         Maury                          Will Books 1807-1832, Garrett

Bk42.103                                             Early East TN Tax Lists

Bk42.104         Hwkns                          Tax List, 1809-1810

Bk42.105         Knox                            Tax List 1806

Bk42.106         Dvdsn                          Pioneers of Davidson Co, Tennessee

Bk42.200         Greene                        Court of Common Pleas Minutes, 1797-1807

Bk42.201         Lncln                            First Co Court Minutes, V 1, 2

Bk42.202         Lncln                            Wills & Inventories 1810-1921

Bk42.203         Lncln                            Early Unpublished Court Records, Land Deed, Tax Lists

Bk42.204                                             Tennessee Tidbits, Volume 1: 1778‑1914; v2

Bk42.206         Jffrs                             Marriages 1792-1836, Whitley

Bk42.207         Greene                        Wills 1783-1890, Burgner

Bk42.208         Clbrn                            General Index to Deeds 1801-1865

Bk42.209         Hrdmn                          Court Minutes, V2, 1827-1829

Bk42.210         Clbrn                            Will Book A. 1837-1846

Bk42.211         Jffrs                             Will Book #1. 1792-1810;   #2. 1811-1826

Bk42.212         Jffrs                             Court Records: 1792-1795

Bk42.213         Dcksn                          Pioneers of Dickson Co, Wells

Bk42.214         McMnn                        Chancery Court Recs, Bobyer

Bk42.215         Dvdsn                          Court Min 1783-1792, Wells

Bk42.400         Maury Columbia           Hist  Ebenezer Presb Church Cemetery

Bk42.402                                             Tennessee Cousins, Ray

Bk42.403         BOWEN, W                  Wm; Journey & Sojourn of Family, Mansker Cr, TN

Bk42.501         Dvdsn Nashville           Old Days in Nashville, Index

Bk42.504         Mrshl , etc                    History of Tenn, Goodspeed (on loan)

Bk42.505                                             The Blount Journal 1790-1796, TN Hist. Comm.

Bk42.506         Clbrn Speedwell          Claiborne County Folks, Robertson

Bk42.507         Clbrn Tazewell             Old Time Tazewell, Hansard

Bk42.508         Clbrn Speedwell          Old Speedwell Families, Edwards

Bk42.509         Clbrn                            TN Pictorial History 1801-2001

Bk42.510Q      Hncck                          Hancock Co, & its People 1884-1994, V 1,2 (extraction )

Bk42.511         Roane                          History of Roane County, Tennessee

Bk42.512                                             TN: A Bicentennial History, Dykeman

Bk42.513                                             Natural & Aboriginal History of TN, Haywood

Bk42.514         Sullivan                        Historic Sullivan, History/Brief Biogr. Of Makers of History

Bk42.600         Ovrtn, etc                     Land Recs & Pension Recs 1818-1883

Bk42.601         Wshng                         Deeds 1775-1800

Bk42.602         Jffrs                             Land Deeds 1792-1814

Bk42.603         Andrs                           Land Deed Genealogy 1801-1831

Bk42.604         Lncln                            Land Deed Genealogy, V 1- 1809-18; V2- 1818-28; V3--34

Bk42.605                                             NC Land Grants in TN 1778-1791

Bk42.608         Bdfrd                           Maps

Bk42.609         Jffrs                             Grant Bk #1  1792-1794

Bk42.610                                             Land Grants. Surnames B-Bz

Bk42.611                                             Land Grants. Surnames C-Cz

Bk42.612                                             Land Grants. Surnames D-Dz

Bk42.613                                             Land Grants. Surnames E-Fz

Bk42.614                                             Land Grants. Surnames I-K

Bk42.615                                             Land Grants. Surnames N-O

Bk42.616                                             Land Grants. Surnames S-Sz

Bk42.617         Mntgm                         1800 Tax List, Pierce 

Bk42.618         McMnn                        Deeds & other data 1820-80, Boyer

Bk42.700                                             2400 TN Pensioners Rev War, 1812

Bk42.701                                             Tennessee Genealogical Records, Whitley

Bk42.702                                             Commission Book of Gov. John Sevier 1796-1801

Bk42.703                                             Civil War Vet's Questionnaire, TN

Bk42.704                                             TN in Civil War, pt 2; Confed & Fed Rosters

Bk42.705                                             TN Soldiers in the Rev., Allen

Bk42.800                                             Tennessee Research

Bk42.801                                             Genealogical Research in TN

Bk42.803                                             TN Genea Research, Schweitzer

Bk42.804                                             Research in Tennessee!, Nat’l Genea Soc, Bamman

Bk42.805                                             Genea Abstracts from TN Newspapaers 1803-1812, Eddlemon

Bk42.900         Bdfrd                           Cemetery Recs

Bk42.901         Cocke                          History, 1887; List Rev. Soldiers/ marr 1881

Bk42.902         Wshng                         Marriages 1787-1840

Bk42.903         Giles                            Marriages 1815-1862

Bk42.904         Sqtch                           Marriages 1858-1922

Bk42.905         Rbrts                            Obits & Death Recs 1802-1930, Poole

Bk42.906         Clbrn                            Marriages 1838-1868, Sistler

Bk42.907         Clbrn                            Marriages 1868-1891, Sistler

Bk42.908         VnBrn                          Van Buren Co. Hist. Journal Volumes 2 thru 6

Bk42.910                                             TN Bible Records & Marriage Bonds, Acklen

Bk42.911         Knox  Knoxville            Tombstone Inscriptions

Bk42.914         Shlby                           Marriage Records 1819-1850

Bk42.916         Cnnn                            Marriages 1838‑73, Cannon Co, TN

Bk42.917                                             Marriages from Early TN News.1794‑1851

Bk42.918         Wlsn                            Marriages of Wilson Co 1802-1850

Bk42.919         Blnt                              Marriages 1795-1865, Parham

Bk42.920                                             Tennessee Bible and Family Records

Bk42.921                                             Marriages, Early East TN, V 1 grooms, V 2 brides

Bk42.923         Clbrn                            Cemeteries of Claiborne Co, TN, Johnson

Bk42.924                                             Early Middle TN Marriages, V1 Grooms

Bk42.925         Hrdmn                          Marriages 1823-1861

Bk42.926         Shlby                           Marriages of Shelby Co 1820-1858

Bk42.927         Jffrs                             Marriages 1792-1870, d’Armand

Bk42.928         Dcksn                          County Handbook for Research, Garrett

Bk42.929         Dcksn                          Marriages 1817-1856, Kilgore

Bk42.930         McMnn                        Marriages  1821-1864, Whitley

Bk42.932         ....                                Kirk’s Guide to the New Bethel Cemetery



Bk43.1846                                           Poll Lists for 1846

Bk43.110                                             TX A&M Univ. Dir. of Former Students 1876-1979

Bk43.111                                             Hist. TX Society of Professional Engineers

Bk43.112                                             TX A&M Univ. 1919 Long Horn Yearbook

Bk43.115         Atscs                            Probate Cases of TX, Index

Bk43.400                                             Austin Colony Pioneers, Ray

Bk43.500                                             The Big Bend of the Rio Grande, Guide Book 7

Bk43.501         Gllsp Fredericksb        The First 50 Years

Bk43.502                                             New Land Beckoned German Immigr to TX 1844-47

Bk43.503         Gllsp                            Pioneers in God's Hills Stories, Biog

Bk43.504                                             History of German Settlements in TX

Bk43.505         Cryll                             Central TX History & Biography

Bk43.506                                             Panhandle Pilgrimage

Bk43.507                                             The Heritage Sampler. Selections from hist of Rio Grande Valley

Bk43.508                                             Tejano Legacy: Rancheros & Settlers in South Texas 1734-1900

Bk43.600         Mntgm                         Tax Records 1890

Bk43.601                                             Kentucky Colonization in Texas, Connor

Bk43.800                                             Handbook & Registry of German-Texan Heritage

Bk43.801                                             TX Genea Research Guide, Elliott

Bk43.900         Andrs, etc                    Early Birth Recs  1838‑78, V‑2

Bk43.901         Brzr                              Probate Cases Index, Brazoria Co, TX

Bk43.902         Mntgm                         Marriages 1838-1894

Bk43.903         Mntgm                         Marr., Early, Found in the Black Boxes 1838-72

Bk43.904                                             Marriages of Early Texas 1824-1846, Grammer

Bk43.905                                             News-Deaths Abstracts, Misc. V 1-2

Bk43.906         Astn  San Felipe          San Felipe de Austin Cemetery 1846-1998


Bk44.100                                             UT State Univ. Alumni Assoc 1986 Directory

Bk44.101         Cache Logan               1942 Buzzer, UT State Agric. College

Bk44.101Q      Cache Logan               1946 Buzzer, UT State Agric. College (extraction room)

Bk44.400                                             Genea. Records of Utah, Jaussi

Bk44.401                                             Pioneers & Prominent Men of Utah, V 1, 2

Bk44.402                                             Versatile Pioneer / Joseph C. Rich

Bk44.501                                             Heart Throbs of the West, V 1,2,3

Bk44.502                                             Treasures of Pioneer History, V 1,2,3,5

Bk44.503                                             141 Years of Mormon History [same as 58.Raw (Genea)]

Bk44.504                                             Our Pioneer Heritage, V 1,4,5,7,10=14,l7=19

Bk44.505Q                                          Dau's of Utah Pioneers & Their Mothers (extraction

Bk44.506         SnPt  Manti                  Song of a Century, History of Manti, 1849-1949

Bk44.507                                             Chronicles of Courage, V 1, 2, 4,5, 6, 7, 8

Bk44.508                                             Remember-Handcart Companies & Their Rescuers

Bk44.509                                             Pioneer Woman of Faith & Fortitude, V 1-4

Bk44.510                                             An Enduring Legacy, V 1,2,4,7,9,11,12

Bk44.511                                             Pioneer Pathways, V1- 6,8=11

Bk44.512         Unth                             Tales From The High Country

Bk44.900                                             Death Index 1898-1905 (excluding SL County)

Bk44.901                                             Marriages in Utah Territory 1850-1884



Bk45.100         Addsn                          Gazetteer 1882, Index

Bk45.101                                             VT Newspaper Abstracts 1783-1816

Bk45.200                                             VT Families in 1791, Vol 1

Bk45.300         Wndhm W.Brattleb       Hist 1st Congr. Church United Church of Christ

Bk45.400                                             VT Warnings Out, Vol 1-2

Bk45.401                                             VT Families in 1791, Vol. 1. Bartley, Scott A., ed.

Bk45.500         Norwich                       History of Norwich Univ. 3 Vols

Bk45.501         Addsn Orwell               History of the Town of Orwell

Bk45.502         Gr.Il North Hero           History of town, North Hero, 1976

Bk45.503         Orng  Chelsea             Chelsea, 1784-1984

Bk45.504         Wndsr W.Windsor        History of W. Windsor

Bk45.505         Wndhm Brattleboro      Historical Vignettes

Bk45.506         Wndsr Windsor            Windsor Heritage

Bk45.507         Wndsr Woodstock       Other Tales of Old Woodstock

Bk45.700                                             Soldiers in Rev War buried in VT, Index

Bk45.900         Rtlnd W.Rtlnd              Cemetery Inscriptions



Bk46.100                                             Some Emigrants to Virginia, Standard

Bk46.101         On Loan                       VA Wills & Adm. 1632-1800

Bk46.102         Frdrc                            Wills, Inv, Adm. Abstracts 1743-1800

Bk46.103         Frdrc                            Wills and Administrations, 1795‑1816

Bk46.104         Hrrsn                           Marriage Index 1784-1850

Bk46.105         Hnrc  Richmond           Index Obit Notices in Enquirer May 1824-1828; Whig

Bk46.106         Orange                        Will Book 1 (1735-43); Bk 2 (1744-1778)

Bk46.107                                             VA Taxpayers 1782‑87, Fothergill

Bk46.108         Agst                             Recs of Dist. of W. Augusta, Ohio Co & Yohogania

Bk46.109                                             Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement VA, V1-3

Bk46.110         Hnrc  Richmond           Wills 1782-1810, Weisiger

Bk46.111                                             VA Appalachian Notes, Index 1992

Bk46.112                                             Local History & Gen.Research in the Univ Libraries,

Bk46.113                                             Virginia in the 1600's, Index to `Who Was There & Where’

Bk46.114                                             Virginia in the 1700's, Index to `Who Was There & Where’

Bk46.115         Personals Names in Hening’s Statutes at Large of  Virginia and ...

Bk46.200         Mntgm                         Tax List 1782

Bk46.201         Tzwll                            Tax List 1815

Bk46.202         Giles                            Tax List 1815

Bk46.203         Fqr                               Abstracts of Wills & Accounts 1759-1800

Bk46.204         Lncst                            Will Bks 29-30 1839-1925

Bk46.205         Fqr                               Guardian Bonds: 1759-1871

Bk46.206         Mckln                           Early Wills 1765-1799

Bk46.207         Ptrck                            Abstr Wills, Inv. & Acc’s, 1791-1823

Bk46.208         Ptrck                            Unrecorded Documents 1791-1920

Bk46.209         Ptrck                            Deed Index & Abst 1791-1850

Bk46.210         Agst                             Records, V 1 & 3, 1745‑1800

Bk46.211         Agst                             Annals, Augusta Co, from 1726‑1871

Bk46.214         Clppr                            Will Books B and C

Bk46.215         Pttsyl                            Abst of Pittsyl. Co Wills 1767-1820, Adams/Basset

Bk46.216         Kngg                            Will bk A-1, 1721-1752, misc

Bk46.300                                             Documents Relating to Huguenot Emigration to VA

Bk46.301         Our Quaker Friends of Ye Olden Times + Hnvr Our Quaker Friends

Bk46.302                                             Parish Lines-Diocese of Southwestern VA, Cocke

Bk46.303         Mddls                           Parish Reg. of Christ Church 1653-1812

Bk46.304                                             The Lexington Presbytery Heritage, Wilson

Bk46.305         Agst  FishervilleThe Tinkling Spring- Study of the Church & Her People

Bk46.306         Agst                             Augusta Parish 1738-1780, Ruffin

Bk46.307         Clppr                            History of St. Marks Parish, Green

Bk46.308         Rckbr                           Old Oxford & Her Families, Diehl

Bk46.309         Gchln                           Births, Marr, Deaths by Rev. Wm Douglas

Bk46.310                                             Records of the Synod of VA-Presbyterian Church

Bk46.311         Hnrc                             Vestry Bk 1730-1773, Dr. Brock

Bk46.312                                             Colonial Clergy of VA, NC & SC, Weiss

Bk46.313                                             Parish Lines of Diocese of VA

Bk46.314                                             History of the Lutheran Church in Virginia & East

Bk46.315         Hnvr                             Vestry bk of St Paul’s Parish,  1706-1786, Chamberlayne

Bk46.316         JmsCty/NwKnt             Vestry bk & Reg of St Peter’s Parish,  1706-86

Bk46.317         NwKnt                          Parish Reg of St Peter’s,  1690-1787

Bk46.318         Rchmn                         Regs of N Farnham Parish 1663-1814 & Lunenburg 1783-1800

Bk46.319         Stffr Overwharton        Reg Parish 1723-58 & Sundry Hist & Genea Notes

Bk46.320         Stffr                             Reg of St Paul’s Parish;  1715-76; King Geo co 1777-1798

Bk46.321         Sptsy                           St Mark Parish Vestry bk & Levies 1730-85, + Orng, Clppr Co

Bk46.400                                             Genealogies, VA, Index of, Stewart

Bk46.401                                             Genea. of VA Families ‑5 Vols

Bk46.402                                             VA Historical Genealogies, Boddie

Bk46.403                                             Some Virginia Families, McIlhany

Bk46.404         Frdrc                            Hist of Frederick Co; Shenandoah Valley Pioneers & Their ...

Bk46.405                                             Pocahontas & Her Desc, Robertson

Bk46.406                                             Adventurers of Purse and Person, VA 1607-1624/5

Bk46.407                                             VA Genealogy: Sources & Resources, 1998

Bk46.408         Agst                             The Usher Sisters of Early Augusta Co, VA, Their ...

Bk46.409                     Immigrants & Adventurers 1607-1635.  A Biographical Dictionary.  McCartney

Bk46.500                                             Southside VA Families, Vl, Boddie (on loan)

Bk46.501         Grysn                           Pioneer Settlers of Grayson Co, Nuckells

Bk46.503         Surry                            Colonial Surry, Boddie

Bk46.504         Bath                             Annals of Bath Co, VA, Morton

Bk46.505         Allgh                            Centennial Hist. of Alleghany Co, Morton

Bk46.506         Rckng                          VA Valley Records-Rockingham Co, Wayland

Bk46.507Q                                          Virginia Frontier, Kegley  (extraction room)

Bk46.509         Agst                             James Patton & The Appalachian Colonists

Bk46.510         Agst  Staunton             It Happened Around Staunton in VA, Clem

Bk46.511         Agst                             West of Suez, Waller

Bk46.512         Agst                             History of Augusta Co, VA, Peyton

Bk46.513         Frnkl                            Franklin Co, VA, A History, Wingfield

Bk46.514         Fqr                               Fauquier During the Proprietorship

Bk46.515         JmsCt Williamsb.          Handbook for the Exhibition Buildings

Bk46.516                                             Tidewater Virginia, Wilstach

Bk46.517                                             Hist. of Southwest VA 1746-1786, Summers

Bk46.518                                             Notes on the Settlement & Indian Wars 1763-83

Bk46.519         Crln                              History of Caroline Co, VA, Wingfield

Bk46.520         Frdrc Winchester         Winchester VA & Its Beginnings 1743-1814,Greene

Bk46.521                                             A Guide to the Old Dominion

Bk46.522Q      Lee                              Bicentennial History of Lee Co, 1792-1992 (extraction )

Bk46.523         Frdrc Winchester         What I Know About Winchester

Bk46.524         Frdrc                            Pioneers of Old Frederick County

Bk46.525         Henry                           History of Patrick & Henry Counties

Bk46.526         Nrflk                             History of Norfolk Co, VA 1861-1865

Bk46.527         Frdrc                            Historical Series, V 1 & "A History of  Upper Back Creek

Bk46.528         Bttrt                              A Seed-Bed of the Republic, Stoner

Bk46.532         Rckbr                           Rockbridge Co, Virginia, History

Bk46.533                                             German New River Settlement, Virginia

Bk46.534         Hardy                           Hardy County, Virginia, History

Bk46.535         Shnnd                          History of Shenandoah Co, Wayland

Bk46.537         Frdrc                            Hopewell Friends History, 1734‑1934

Bk46.538         Stronghold ‑ A Story of Historic Northern Neck of Virginia and

Bk46.539         Hghln                           Highland Co, VA, History

Bk46.540                                             Hist of Valley of VA, Kercheval

Bk46.541         Clppr                            Culpeper: A VA Co’s History thru 1920

Bk46.542         Clppr                            An 18th Century Perspective: Culpeper Co, Jones

Bk46.543         Clppr                            Historic Culpeper

Bk46.600                                             Cavaliers & Pioneers Patents & Grants

Bk46.601                                             Over the Mtn. Men-Court Recs SW VA

Bk46.602         Hmpsh                         Early Records Hampshire Co, VA

Bk46.603                                             Parish Maps

Bk46.607                                             The Wilderness Road, Speed

Bk46.608                                             Master Index-VA Surveys & Grants 1774-1791

Bk46.609         Orange                        Deed Books, Vol.1 1735-1738; V 2 1738-1741; Vol 3

Bk46.610         Clppr                            Deeds Vol. 1 1749-1755; Vol. 2 1755-1762

Bk46.611         Frdrc                            Deed Books 1, 2, 3, 4,  1743-1758; 5=8, 1771-1789

Bk46.612         Fqr                               Deeds, 1759-1778

Bk46.613                                             The 1704  Virginia Quit Rent Rolls, Corrected Edition

Bk46.614                                             Early Landowners near Greenfield, VA

Bk46.615                                             They Went Thataway, Hamlin, 3 Vol in One

Bk46.616         Ptrck                            Deed Book #1, 1791-1801

Bk46.617         Accmc                          Land Causes 1727-1826, Nottingham

Bk46.618                                             Quit Rents of Virginia, 1704, Annie L.W.Smith, see 46.613

Bk46.700         (On Loan)                    Rev. War Records,  Brumbaugh

Bk46.702                                             Colonial Soldiers of VA

Bk46.703                                             Historical Reg. of Va'ans in Rev

Bk46.704                                             Virginia Ancestors & Adventurers

Bk46.705                                             VA's Colonial Soldiers, Bockstruck

Bk46.802                                             Genea. Research, Schweitzer

Bk46.803                                             Finding Your People in Shenandoah Valley, VA

Bk46.804                                             Research in Virginia, Elliott

Bk46.805                                             Virginia Research Notebook V 1-7, Eakle

Bk46.903                                             Virginia Marriages 1700-1799

Bk46.904                                             Marriages-Some VA Residents 1607-1800; 7 Vols

Bk46.905                                             Virginians & W. Virginians 1607-1870, V1

Bk46.906         Fqr                               Early Co. Marr. Bonds 1759-1854, Chappelear

Bk46.908         Mntgm                         Vital Recs c 1790, Nettis-Yantis

Bk46.909         Frdcr                            Marriages 1771-1825, Davis

Bk46.910         Ldn                              Wills, Abstr, Inv & Adm 1757-1800, King

Bk46.912         Hnrc                             Births 1720‑98, Bristol Parish

Bk46.913         Fqr                               Census 1820 (end of Early Recs Fauquier Co)

Bk46.914                                             Some Virginia Marriages, 1700-1825, McDonald

Bk46.915         Fqr                               Abstr. Wills, Adm. & Marr. 1759-1800

Bk46.916         Shnnd                          Wills Abstracts 1772-1850

Bk46.917         Ldn                              Marriages 1760-1850

Bk46.918                                             Early VA Marriages, Crozier, V‑4

Bk46.919         Bdfrd                           Marriage Bonds 1775-1800

Bk46.920         Brnsw                          Marriage Recs 1730-1852, Fothergill

Bk46.921         Albmr                           Parish Register, Births & Deaths, Boddie

Bk46.922         Pndlt                            Marriages, 1788-1853

Bk46.923         Louisa                          Will Books 1743-1801, Abstracts of, Chappelear

Bk46.924         Frdrc                            Gravestone Inscr. from 61 Graveyards, Bk 5

Bk46.925         Henry                           Marriage Bonds 1778-1849, Dodd

Bk46.926         Dnwdd                         VA Marriages in Rev. John Cameron's Register & Bath

Bk46.927         JmsCt Williamsb.          Wills, Crozier

Bk46.928         Wshng                         VA Colonial Abstracts-Marriage Reg. 1782-1820

Bk46.929         Wshng                         Cem Recs; High on a Windy Hill

Bk46.930         Fncst                           Marriages & Brief of Wills - Montgomery & Fincastle Co's

Bk46.931         Shnnd                          Tombstone Inscr., & Bordering Counties

Bk46.932         Agst                             Marr Recs, V 1 (1785-1813); V 2 (1813-1850)

Bk46.933         Sptsy Fredericksb.       Marriage Bonds & Ministers' Returns, 1782-1850; cem

Bk46.934         Accmc                          Wills & Administrations 1663‑1800

Bk46.935         Accmc                          Wills & Adm Abstracts 1800-1860

Bk46.936         Ldn                              Marriage Bonds 1762-1850, Jewell

Bk46.937         Shnnd                          Marriage Bonds 1762-1850, Ashby

Bk46.940         Brkly                            Marriage Recs 1781-1854, Keesecker

Bk46.944         Dnwdd Petersburg       Hustings Court, Marriage Bonds, Marr. Reg. &  Ministers'

Bk46.945         Mntgm                         Will Book 1, 1786-1809

Bk46.946         Clppr                            Marriages 1780-1853, Vogt & Kethley

Bk46.947         Frdrc                            Marriages 1738-1850, Revised Edition

Bk46.948         Mckln                           Marriages 1765-1810

Bk46.949         Ptrck                            Marriages of Patrick Co 1791-1850

Bk46.951         Bttrt                              Early Marr, Wills, Some Rev.Recs

Bk46.952         Amhr                            Marriage Bonds and other Marriage Records, 1763‑1800

Bk46.953         Rckng                          Marriages, 1778‑1816

Bk46.954         Lee                              Lee Co Marriages 1830-1836, Vogt & Kethley

Bk46.955         Wythe Austinville         Trigg Cem History, Crockett

Bk46.956         Rpphn                          VA Hist Marr Reg,  1833-1850, Vogt-Kethley

Bk46.957         Mdsn                           VA Hist Marr Reg,  1792-1850, Vogt-Kethley

Bk46.958         Rchmn                         Marriages of Richmond co, 1668-1853, King

Bk46.959         Page                            VA Hist Marr Reg,  1831-1850, Vogt-Kethley

Bk46.960         Clppr                            Marriages of Culpeper co 1781-1815



Bk47.100         PndOr                          Senior Citizen Honor Roll 1971

Bk47.102         Prc   Tacoma                Bibliogr WA State Historical Soc Libr, 1974

Bk47.103                                             Genea. Sources in Washington

Bk47.104                                             Genea. Holdings Spokane Pub. Library

Bk47.106                                             DAR WA State, Index

Bk47.107                                             Library Guide Gen. Holdings in Tri-Cities

Bk47.109         Ykm   Yakima               Subject Catalog of Holdings of Yakima Genea Soc

Bk47.110                                             Genealogist's Guide to Suzzallo Libr, U of WA

Bk47.111                                             State Cemeteries & Burial Plots

Bk47.112         WllWl                           Baker Family Papers

Bk47.113         WllWl Whitman             Penrose Mem. Library Handbook 1974

Bk47.114^        Bntn  Kennewick          Keewaydin Yearbook 1921

Bk47.115^        WllWl Walla Walla         Directory, Residents 1967

Bk47.116^        WllWl Walla Walla         Directory 1979

Bk47.117^        Bntn  Kennewick          City Directory 1952,53,78,80,81,85,86,87,88,93 + pasco, WR

Bk47.117^        Tri-Cities                      City Direc,  2003, 2004  R.L. Polk & Co.

Bk47.118                                             Tri-Cities Telephone Directories

Bk47.119                                             Pacific NW Newspapers on Microfilm at Univ WA

Bk47.120^        Bntn  Richland             High School Yearbooks 1954, 1956-57

Bk47.134                                             WA Internment Assn, 1988 Membership Roster

Bk47.135                                             End of The Trail-WA State Genea Soc Conf.1989

Bk47.136^        Bntn  Richland             Reunion John Ball School, 1948-1955

Bk47.137^        WllWl Walla Walla         The Eh Kah Nam: HS Publication Mar 1917‑Feb 1920

Bk47.138 ^       King Seattle                 1946 College Year Book

Bk47.139         Bntn Richland              ABC Homes, houses that Hanford built

Bk47.140^        Ykm   Yakima               Polk’s City Direc 1957

Bk47.141                                             Name on the Schoolhouse, Historic Names in WA State

Bk47.142^        Ykm   Wapato               The Passing Parade (publ by Wapato Jr High School)

Bk47.143^        Bntn Kennewick           Yearbook Park Jr Hi, Kennewick 1965

Bk47.144^        Bntn Kennewick           Yearbook Kennewick Hi 1977

Bk47.145^        Frnkl Pasco                  Yearbook for Tri-City Jr Academy,  1970,1971,1974,1975,1977

Bk47.146^        Whtmn Pullman            Yearbook WA St Univ 1970, 1971

Bk47.147                                             Society of Mayflower Desc in St of WA 1998

Bk47.148^        Bntn Kennewick           City Directory 1962-63, Polk; Pasco-Kennewick-Richland

Bk47.149^        Bntn Kennewick           City Directory 1975, Polk;  Pasco-Kennewick-Richland

Bk47.150^        WllWl Walla Walla         The Royal Blue, High School Yearbook 1916

Bk47.151^        Kttts Ellensburg           Hyakem 1968, Central WA State College Yearbook

Bk47.153^        Spkn Spokane             The Natsihi, Whitworth College Yearbook 1960

Bk47.159^        Ykm   Yakima               Polk’s City Directory, 1939

Bk47.160^        Ykm   Yakima               Polk’s City Directory, 1958

Bk47.161^        Ykm   Yakima               Polk’s City Directory, 1970

Bk47.162^        Ykm   Yakima               Polk’s City Directory, 1976

Bk47.163^        Ykm   Yakima               Polk’s City Directory, 1985

Bk47.164^        Ykm   Yakima               Polk’s City Directory, 1987

Bk47.165^        Ykm   Yakima               Polk’s City Directory, 1992

Bk47.166^        Ykm   Yakima               Polk’s City Directory, 1996

Bk47.167^        Ykm                             Polk’s Cross Reference Direc for Yakima-Kittitas Co’s

Bk47.168^        Ykm   Yakima               Polk’s City Directory, 1998/1999 incl. Ellensburg

Bk47.169^        Ykm   Sunnyside          Polk City Direc 1987 + Grandview and Prosser in Benton Co

Bk47.170^        Grant Quincy, George Polk City Directory 1988

Bk47.171^        Wllw Walla Walla          Waiilatpu Class of 1927, Whitman College

Bk47.172^        Wllw Walla Walla          Waiilatpu Class of 1928, Whitman College

Bk47.173^        Ykm   Yakima               Lolomi 1923, 1925-27, 1943Yakima High Yearbook

Bk47.174^        Ykm   Yakima               Lolomi 1923, 1925-27, 1943Yakima High Yearbook

Bk47.175^        Ykm   Yakima               Lolomi 1923, 1925-27, 1943Yakima High Yearbook

Bk47.176^        Ykm   Yakima               Lolomi 1923, 1925-27, 1943Yakima High Yearbook

Bk47.177^        Ykm   Yakima               Lolomi 1923, 1925-27, 1943Yakima High Yearbook

Bk47.178^        Whtmn Pullman            The Chinook 1949, /Students of State College of WA

Bk47.179^        Whtmn Pullman            The Chinook 1954, /Students of State College of WA

Bk47.180^        Ykm   Cowiche             The Tycoma, Highland High School, 1949

Bk47.181^        Ykm   Yakima               The Wye-Jay-Cee, Students of Yakima Valley Jr College 1950

Bk47.182^        Kttts Ellensburg           Central WA College Hyakem 1951

Bk47.183^        Bntn   Kennewick         Paw Prints 1960: Highlands Jr High School

Bk47.184^        Yak Yakima                  High School 29th Annual Commencement.  Class of 1924.

Bk47.188^                                            Kuay Annual 1928, 1930.  Queen Anne High School Annuals

Bk47.190^        Bntn Kennewick           Keewaydin 1967. Yearbook  Kennewick  High School

Bk47.191^        Bntn Kennewick           Totem 1975. Yearbook for Kamiakin High School

Bk47.241         Frnkl                            Court House Recs 1884-1917, Winters

Bk47.242         Cwltz                            Probate Recs 1861-1907; Comprehensive Index

Bk47.300                                             Catholic Recs of Pacific Northwest, V1=3

Bk47.301         Bntn                             Historical Church Direc & Early Church History

Bk47.302         Bntn  Richland             Tempered By Faith; brief history of LDS

Bk47.400Q                                          Washington Pioneers, V 1, 2 & Corrections (extraction

Bk47.401                                             Remarkable WA Women

Bk47.403                                             Whitman Mission 29 Nov 1847 Families

Bk47.404                                             Washington Pioneers, v 1

Bk47.405                                             Pioneer Dreams - Hist of WA Territorial Pioneers

Bk47.406                                             Ancestor recs sub by members of E WA Genea Society

Bk47.500         Ykm                             As The Valley Was

Bk47.501                                             Glancing Back Through The Years

Bk47.502         Ykm                             History of the Yakima Valley

Bk47.503         WllWl Waitsburg           Waits Mill-Hist. of Waitsburg, Laidlaw

Bk47.504                                             Washington State, A Literary Chronicle, Lee

Bk47.505                                             Hist. Memories From Mon. & Plaques of W.WNC

Bk47.506         Frnkl Kahlotus              Kahlotus is Home, Phillippay

Bk47.507         Adams Ritzville             As I Remember - History

Bk47.508                                             Early Birds in the Northwest, Bond

Bk47.509         Chln                             The Cowboy Packer, Early Days

Bk47.510         WllWl Waitsburg           One of a Kind, Orchard

Bk47.512         Kttts                             Illus. Hist. Klickitat,Yakima & Kittitas Co, 1904

Bk47.513         Prc                               History Pierce County, 1927, Bonney, V1-3

Bk47.514         Frnkl Pasco                  Railroads, Reclamation & The River, Hist.

Bk47.515         Lewis                           News Abstr. Vl-1884‑86; V2-1887‑89

Bk47.516                                             Evolution of WA Counties

Bk47.517         Bntn  Richland             Tales of Richland, W. Bluffs, Hanford

Bk47.518         Clmb                            News Abstracts 1882-1901 - 9 Vols; v 12,13

Bk47.519                                             Direc. Oral History in WA State

Bk47.520                                             Statue of Mother Joseph-A Sister of Providence

Bk47.521         Lewis                           Postmarked Washington: Lewis & Cowlitz Co.

Bk47.524         King  Issaquah             Past at Present in Issaquah, WA, Fish

Bk47.525         Jefferson                     With Pride in Heritage (Hist. of Jeff. Co)

Bk47.526         Prc                               Orting Valley, Yesterday & Today, 1987

Bk47.527         Frnkl Pasco                  100 years in Pictures, 1984

Bk47.528         Chln                             Homesteaders of Chelan Butte, Ford Van Voorhis

Bk47.529         WllWl Walla Walla         A Nice Place to Raise a Family 1920-1949

Bk47.530Q      King  Ballard                 Passport to Ballard-The Centennial Story (extraction

Bk47.531         Grant Quincy Valley     They Claimed a Desert, Morris

Bk47.532                                             Beyond The Bend, History of the Nile Valley

Bk47.533                                             History of Central Washington, Hull

Bk47.534         Ykm   Selah                  The Selah Story, Lince

Bk47.535         Whtmn Rosalia             Short History of Rosalia, Campbell

Bk47.536         Bntn  Finley                 Finley-Hover,  History of River View HS

Bk47.538                                             Native People of the Cowlitz Prairies, Noga

Bk47.539         Klckt                             History of Klickitat County

Bk47.540         Bntn  Kennewick          Tiger by the Tail, 25 years- Tri City Herald

Bk47.541         Bntn  Kennewick          Kin-i-wak-, Kenewick, Tehe, Kennewick / Parker

Bk47.542         WllWl Walla Walla         Centennial of WW YMCA-Sharing a Century 1886-1986

Bk47.543         Frnkl                            Story of Sacajawea State Park

Bk47.544         Clmb  Dayton               Proceedings of Dayton, WA Community Study

Bk47.545         Bntn  Hanford              Great Memories Early Hanford & Tri Cities

Bk47.546         Whtmn                         Celebrating Families of Whitman Co

Bk47.547         Clmc Covello                Covello: A Pioneer Remembers, Rinehart

Bk47.548                                             Readings in Pacific NW History 1790-1895

Bk47.549                                             As The Valley Was; Yakima River Valley

Bk47.550                                             WA: NW Frontier, V 1-4, Stewart

Bk47.551         The World of The World, from Frontier to Community: 1905-1980.   Hist...

Bk47.552         WllWl/Clmb                  Wagon Wheels Westward; also Baker Co, OR

Bk47.553                                             A History of Tolt/Carnation: A Town Remembered.  1987.

Bk47.600                                             WA Terr. Donation Land Claims

Bk47.601M                                          Map, Early Washington Atlas, Preston [map cabinet]

Bk47.602         Bntn                             Sacagawea Heritage Trail

Bk47.603                                             Washington’s Centennial Farms Yesterday / Today

Bk47.700         Ykm                             Honor Roll WWI Yakima Co

Bk47.701                                             Early Military Tombstone Inscr., Winters

Bk47.803         [needs repair]              Genea Resources in WA State

Bk47.810                                             The Melting Pot-7th Annual WSGS Conference 1990

Bk47.811                                             Syllabus-A New West; 1996 WA State Society Conf

Bk47.812         Bntn                             Benton County Place Names

Bk47.813         Bntn  Kennewick          Images of America, Kennewick, WA

Bk47.816                                             WA State Place Names, Phillips

Bk47.900         WllWl                           Cemetery, Winters

Bk47.901         Frnkl                            Cemetery Recs, Winters

Bk47.902         Spkn                            Marriages 1880-1890

Bk47.903         Clmb                            Tombstone Insc, Winters

Bk47.904         King                             Memorial Recs of So. King Co, V 1,2

Bk47.905         Lewis                           Deaths 1891-1906

Bk47.906         Klckt                             Birth & Death Records

Bk47.907         Whtcm                         Cemetery Records V1-5

Bk47.908         Ykm                             Marriages 1869-1907, V 3

Bk47.909         Bntn                             Birth /deathRecs 1869-1907, V1

Bk47.910         WllWl                           Early Marriages, 1862-1899

Bk47.911Q      Bntn  Kennewick          Desert Lawn Mem. Park Cem (extraction

Bk47.912         WllWl Waitsburg           Burial Records

Bk47.913         Adams                          Tombstone Inscrip. Adams Co, Winters

Bk47.914         Klckt                             Tombstone Inscr. Klickitat Co, Winters

Bk47.915         Bntn  Kennewick          Marriages from Courier Reporter 1907-1929

Bk47.916         Bntn  Kennewick          Obits from Courier Reporter V1-1924-1940; V2 1930-1935

Bk47.919         Bntn  Kennewick          Mueller's Chapel of Falls Funeral Rec Index

Bk47.920         Frnkl Pasco                  Bruce Lee Memorial Chapel Index to Funeral Records.

Bk47.922         King                             Deaths King Co, 1891-1907


West Virginia

Bk48.100                                             WV Estate Settlements 1753-l850; reprint of 48.201

Bk48.101         Hmpsh                         Surnames and Researchers

Bk48.102         Hmpsh [needs repair]  Early Recs 1782-1860 (now West VA)

Bk48.200         Hmpsh                         Minute Book Abstr 1788-1802

Bk48.201                                             WV Estate Settlements 1850, first printing

Bk48.500         Brkly                            Chronicles of Old Berkeley, Gardiner

Bk48.501         Hmpsh                         History of Hampshire Co, WV, Maxwell

Bk48.502         Mnr                              History of Monroe Co, WV, Morton

Bk48.503         Pndlt                            History of Pendleton Co, WV, Morton

Bk48.504         Knwh                           Pioneers & Their Homes on Upper Kanawha, Dayton

Bk48.505         Rndlp                           History Randolph Co, WV, Bosworth

Bk48.506                                             Fire In the Hole, Bonasso; re mine disaster

Bk48.507                                             West Virginia, Yesterday & Today

Bk48.508         Rndlp                           History of Randolph Co, Maxwell

Bk48.509         Grant                           History of Grant and Hardy Counties, West Virginia

Bk48.510         Marion Mannington      An Appalachian Legacy, Life & Spirit

Bk48.600         Grnbr                           Land Entry Book, Greenbrier Co, WV

Bk48.601                                             Sims Index to Land Grants in West Virginia

Bk48.700                                             The Soldiery of W.V, Lewis

Bk48.701                                             West Virginians in the American Revolution.

Bk48.900         Mnr                              Cem recs

Bk48.901                                             Marriage & Death Notices of Wheeling, Western Virginia

Bk48.910         Hmpsh                         Cemeteries, Springfield District

Bk48.911         Hmpsh                         Newspaper: Abstr from S. Branch Intelligence, 1837-39



Bk49.500         Wksk  N.Prairie            An Historic WI Village 1834‑1950

Bk49.501         Grant Patch Grove       The Patch Grove Story, Tornowski

Bk49.502                                             The Thirtieth Star

Bk49.503         LCrss                           History of LaCrosse Co, 1841-1900

Bk49.504                                             Wisconsin German Element

Bk49.505         Byfld Washburn           Washburn Memories, Johnson

Bk49.600         Lfytt                             Land Ownership Atlas 1976

Bk49.801                                             Printed Resources-Genea. Searching

Bk49.900         Mlwk                            Old Cemetery Burials

Bk49.901         Crwfr                           Births, Deaths, Marriages from newspapers 1873-1910



Bk51.101                                             Newspapers on Microfilm, Bell & Howell

Bk51.102                                             Newspaper Holdings-Cent. WA Univ. Library

Bk51.103                                             Bacon's Newspaper Direc 1995

Bk51.105                                             Nat'l Directory, Local Researchers

Bk51.107                                             Direc of N. American Railroads Assc

Bk51.108                                             Writings on Am. History for 1953

Bk51.109                                             Ancestry Family Historian's Address Book

Bk51.110                                             Directory of Family Associations

Bk51.111                                             Bibliography of American County Histories

Bk51.113                                             Hereditary Register of the US.

Bk51.114         Microfiche Collection   Nrthmb Genea Reg Index 1994 ; etc

Bk51.115                                             News Genea Column Direc, update 1979=1992

Bk51.116                                             Newspapers, A Guide to Interlibrary Loan, 1993

Bk51.117                                             Newspaper, Guide to Newspaper Research

Bk51.118                                             Were Your Ancestors in the Newspaper?

Bk51.119                                             Handy Tips to Genea Research in New England

Bk51.120                                             Biblio. of Sources for Black Family Hist. in the Allen Co. ...

Bk51.121                                             Black Studies

Bk51.122                                             A Tune In The Air, Hilliard

Bk51.123                                             Direc. Am Libraries with Genea or Local Hist Collections, ...

Bk51.124                                             Encyc. of Local Hist. & Genea. US Counties, V1

Bk51.130                                             Funeral Directors, American Blue Book 1976

Bk51.131                                             Funeral Directors, Yellow Book 1988

Bk51.132                                             Membership Directory & Buyers Guide American

Bk51.133                                             Funeral Directors, Red Book

Bk51.134                                             Cemeteries of US, Burek

Bk51.135         Directory of N American Railroads, Assoc, Societies,  Archives, Libraries

Bk51.136                                             Getting Started, Beginning Research in Nat’l Archives

Bk51.137                                             Sources & Repositories, Bremer/ Williams

Bk51.138                                             Co Courthouse Recs- A Basic Source of Data, Walrath

Bk51.139                                             Researching Railroad Recs -Asking Right Questions...

Bk51.140                                              US Cem Address Bk 1994-1995.  Kot, Eliz G. & James D. Kot.

Bk51.141                                              Cemetery Record Compendium.  Stemmons, John “D” & E. Diane

Bk51.142                                              Vital Record Compendium.  Stemmons, John “D” & E. Diane.

Bk51.200                                             Guide to records in National Archives-Pacific NW Region

Bk51.201                                             Genealogists Guide to the Allen Co, IN Publ Libr

Bk51.202                                             Federal Population Censuses 1790-1890

Bk51.203                                             Federal Population Census 1900

Bk51.204                                             Federal Population Census 1910

Bk51.205                                             U.S. Census Compendium

Bk51.206                                             Key to 1880 Census Identifying Enumeration Dist. Numbers &

Bk51.207                                             Fed.Pop. & Mort. Census Availability 1790-1890 Nat’l Archives

Bk51.208                                             State Census Records, Lainhart

Bk51.209R                                           Census Key - 1850, 1860, 1870

Bk51.210                                             Century of Population Growth 1790-1900

Bk51.211                                             Federal Population Census Catalog, 1930

Bk51.214                                             Guide to Genea Research in Nat’l Archives of US, 3d ed

Bk51.215                                             Regulations for Public Use of Recs in Nat’l Archives 1988

Bk51.216                                             Federal Population Census Catalog 1920

Bk51.217                                             US & Special Census Catalog

Bk51.299                                             Age Search Info

Bk51.400         V1  A-J                         Genea. in Library of Congress

Bk51.400         V2  K-Z                        Genea. in Library of Congress

Bk51.400         V3                                Genea. In Library of Congress since 1986

Bk51.401                                              Anc of American Presidents. Publ in cooperation with the New

   England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston.  1989.

Bk51.600                                             American Property Records, Eakle

Bk51.601                                             Land Records of America, Kirkham

Bk51.602                                             Grassroots of America

Bk51.603                                             Land & Property Research in US, E. Wade Hone

Bk51.604                                             Tax Records: A Common Source with an Uncommon

Bk51.605                                             Searching American Probate Records

Bk51.606                                             Land Recs, Military Recs, Census Recs of America, Kirkham

Bk51.802                                             WPA Hist. Records Survey Publications

Bk51.803                                             Lest We Forget, Research in WA DC

Bk51.805                                             County Courthouse Book, Bentley

Bk51.807                                             Library of Congress-Guide to Genea & Historical Research,

Bk51.830                                             The Adoption Search, Brink

Bk51.831                                             Adoption Reprints

Bk51.840                                             Find Anyone Fast / Johnson-Knox

Bk51.886R                                           Printed Sources: Guide to Publ. Genea Recs

Bk51.900                                             Marriage Notices 1785-1794

Bk51.901 V-1,2,3,4,5                           Marriages of Some Am. Resid; Guide to Documents

Bk51.902                                             Families: Volume l, Yates Publ. Co.

Bk51.903                                             Bible Records, Vol. 1,2, Tally-Frost

Bk51.905                                             Anglo Americans in Spanish Colonial America

Bk51.906                                             Obituaries of Volga Germans on 1882 Wagon Train from

Bk51.907                                             Social Security Applications: A Genea Resource

Bk51.908                                             An Index to Some of The Bibles & Family Recs of US

Bk52.102                                             Who's Who in Commerce & Industry, V 5

Bk52.400Q                                          Who's Who in the West, V 13  (extraction room)

Bk52.401                                             Register of Qualified Huguenot Ancestors, Volumes 1, 2

Bk52.402                                             Int’l Blue Book Who’s Who in World: Biogr Dict of World’s


Bk53.100                                             LDS Genealogist's Handbook, Fudge/Smith

Bk53.101R                                           Reg. Genea. Soc. Call Numbers, Vol 1

Bk53.102R                                           Reg. Genea. Soc. Call Numbers, Vol 2

Bk53.108         Hncck Nauvoo             Official Minutes of Nauvoo Lodge

Bk53.200                                             LDS Biographical Ency. Jensen, 4 Vol.

Bk53.400                                             From You to Your Ancestors

Bk53.401                                             Royal Ancestors of some LDS Families

Bk53.402                                             Encyclopedic History of the Church

Bk53.500                                             Survey of American Church Recs, Kirkham, V 1,2

Bk53.501                                             Baptist, Materials Towards Hist. of PA, NJ, RI, V 1,2

Bk53.502                                             The Episcopal Church Annual - 1978

Bk53.503                                             Yearbook of American Churches, Landis

Bk53.504                                             US Catholic Sources- A Diocesan Research Guide, Humling

Bk53.505                                             Ministers & Churches of Central German Confer.

Bk53.506         Puritan Family: Religion & Domestic Relations in 17th century New England, Morgan

Bk53.600                                             Genea Abstr. of Cumberland Presb. Church, Vol 1

Bk53.700                                             Our Quaker Ancestors, Berry

Bk53.701                                             Ency of Am. Quaker Genealogy, Hinshaw, V-1, NC, SC,

Bk53.703                                             Guide to Manuscript Collections of Friends Hist Library of

Bk53.704L  (locked case)                    Ency of Am. Quaker Genealogy, Hinshaw, Index


Bk54.100                                             Formation of the Union, Nat'l Archives

Bk54.102                                             American Guide, Source Bk & Travel Guide, US

Bk54.103                                             Genealogists & Local Hist. Bks in print, V 1,2,4

Bk54.106                                             Culture on the Moving Frontier

Bk54.107                                             Draper Manuscripts, Guide To

Bk54.108                                             The Oregon & California Trails

Bk54.110                                             OR Trail Diary of Twin Sisters

Bk54.200                                             N.Eng Hist & Genea Reg. Index Vol 51-148 4 Vols

Bk54.201                                             Real Founders of N.England, 1602-1628

Bk54.202                                             Torrey Bibl. Key to abbrev, 1st Supplement

Bk54.203                                             Second Supplement to Torrey's New England

Bk54.204                                              Walter Goodwin Davis: A Scholar’s Unique Contribution to New

  Eng Genea, With  Index to the Principal Surnames in His Works.  Bk54.205                      New Eng Cemeteries: A Collector’s Guide.  With Photographs by

   the Author.  Kull, Andrew

Bk54.300                                             The Outlaw Years, History of the Land Pirates of Natchez

Bk54.400                                             Turnbo's Tales of the Ozarks: Biographical Stories

Bk54.401                                             Turnbo's Tales of the Ozarks: Schools, Indians, Hard Times, and

Bk54.402                                             Turnbo's Tales of the Ozarks: War and Guerrilla Stories

Bk54.403                                             Turnbo's Tales of the Ozarks: Incidents, Mean Tricks and

Bk54.500                                             Owyhee Trails, The West Forgotten Corner

Bk54.502                                             Ghost Towns of the West

Bk54.503                                             Life on the Dry Side (Hist. back roads of NW)

Bk54.504                                             In the Ruts of Wagon Wheels-Pioneer Roads E. OR

Bk54.505                                             Just Rambling Around Blue Mt Country-Eastern WA &

Bk54.507                                             History of USA, Henry Elson

Bk54.509                                             The Story of Hells Canyon

Bk54.510                                             Travels in The Great Western Prairies, Farnham

Bk54.542                                             Lewis & Clark Voyage Research report; Discovery in Mid-

Bk54.800                                             Ancestree Climbing in Midwest


Bk55.100R                                           Pssr. List of Vessels Arr. US, Register

Bk55.101                                             Ships of Our Ancestors

Bk55.102                                             Early Palatine Emigration, Knittle

Bk55.104                                             Locating Your Immigr. Ancestor, Neagles

Bk55.105                                             Migration, Immig, Emig-Miller, V 1, 2

Bk55.107                                             Pssr. Lists, Biblio, Lancour 1538-1825

Bk55.108                                             Pssr Lists-The South 1538-1825

Bk55.109                                             Founders & Patriots of Early Am. Fam.

Bk55.110         Ellis Island                    Gateway to America

Bk55.111                                             The Road to Oregon, Chronicle of the Great Emigrant Trail

Bk55.112                                             Palatine Pamphlet, German Immigrants

Bk55.113                                             The LDS Emigrants Guide from Council Bluffs to The

Bk55.114                                             The Trans Mississippi West, Goodwin

Bk55.115                                             Passports of Southeastern Pioneers 1770-1823

Bk55.116                                             They Came in Ships, John P. Colletta

Bk55.117                                             Bristol & America 1654-1685

Bk55.118                                             Immigrants to the Middle Colonies, Tepper

Bk55.122                                             American Passenger Arrival Records, Tepper

Bk55.123                                             Immigration Digest- V 1-7, 9-12

Bk55.124                                             American Migration Patterns, Eakle

Bk55.125                                             Map Guide to American Migration Routes 1735-1815

Bk55.128                                             The Trail of the Black Walnut

Bk55.129                                             Germany & America 1450-1700

Bk55.130                                             Immigrants to America Appearing in English Records

Bk55.131                                             German Immigration to America: The First Wave

Bk55.132                                             The Antwerp Emigration Index, 1855

Bk55.133                                             Emigrants from England, 1773-1776

Bk55.134                                             List of Emigrants from England to America, 1718-1759

Bk55.135                                             Emigrants from Scotland to America

Bk55.136                                             Emigrants from Saxony (Grandduchy of Sachsen-Weimar-

Bk55.137                                             Inventar der Quellen zur Geschichte der Auswanderung,

Bk55.138         Baden                          Auswanderungen aus Baden und dem Breisgau

Bk55.139         Auswanderer aus Jockgrim in 19 jahrhundert (imm from Jockgrim in 19th cent)

Bk55.140                                             Trail of Huguenots in Europe, US, South Africa, and

Bk55.142                                             The Wake of the Prairie Schooner

Bk55.143         Pssr Reg from Great Yarmouth to Holland and New  England, 1637-1639; from

[extra copy] of Norfolk Soc. Eng, V25

Bk55.144                                             Handy Tips on Immigration, Emigration and Naturalization

Bk55.145                                             Migration Sources Gr Brit & N. Am, Wright & Pratt

Bk55.146         Across the Atlantic & Beyond, Migr of German & Swiss Imm to America, Haller

Bk55.147         Kurpfalzische Auswanderer vom unteren Neckar (imm fr lower neckar)

Bk55.148                                             Pssr and Imm Lists Bibliogr 1528-1900, Filby

Bk55.149                                             Develop. of Early Emigrant Trails in US East of Mississippi River

Bk55.150                                             Scotch Irish Pioneers in Ulster & America, Bolton

Bk55.151                                              New World Immigrants.  A Consolidation of Ship Passenger Lists

 &  Associate Data from Pr Literature. V. 1-2.  Tepper

Bk55.152                                              Immigrant Ancestors.  A List of 2,500 Immigrants to America

   before 1750.  Virkus, Frederick Adams, ed. 

Bk55.200                                             Emigrants to US, List 1600-1700, Hotten

Bk55.201                                             Topographical Dict. of 2885 English Emigrants

Bk55.202                                             Direc. of Heads of N.England Families, Holmes

Bk55.203                                             List of Emigrants to America from Liverpool 1697-1707

Bk55.204                                             Bibliog. on the Colonial Germans of N.America

Bk55.205                                             Complete Book of Emigrants 1607-1660 V-1=3

Bk55.207                                             Lists of Swiss Emig. In 18 Cent to Am Colonies, V 1,2

Bk55.208                                             Swiss Emig. In 18 Cent to the American Colonies, 2 V in 1

Bk55.209                                             The Great Migration Begins, Imm to New Eng, V1=3

Bk55.210                                             The Great Migration, Imm to New Eng, V 1=5

Bk55.211                                             The Great Migration Newsletter, V1=5, Anderson

Bk55.212                                             The Complete Great Migration Newsletter, V1=15, Anderson

Bk55.213                                             The Pilgrim Migration, Anderson

Bk55.300                                             Direc. Scottish Settlers in N.Am 1625-1825

Bk55.303                                             Original Scots Colonists of Early America, V1-2

Bk55.304                                             Huguenot Emigration to America, V 2, Baird

Bk55.305                                             Bonded Passengers to America 1615-1775, V 1,2 (one bk)

Bk55.306                                             Bonded Passengers to America 1663-1775, V5-9 (one bk)

Bk55.307                                             Palatine Families of NY 1710, V 1, 2

Bk55.308                                             Westerwald to America

Bk55.309                                             Palatine Families of Ireland

Bk55.310                                             Emigrant Minister to Am, List, Fothergill

Bk55.311                                             Women's Diaries of Westward Journey, Schlissel

Bk55.312                                             The Plains Across, Unruh 

Bk55.313                                             More Palatine Families, Henry Jones Jr

Bk55.314                                             Understanding Huguenot Research, Phillips

Bk55.315                                             Huguenot Genea Research, Franklin

Bk55.316                                             Wagon Train West in 1862

Bk55.317                                Erin’s Sons: Irish Arrivals in Atlantic Canada 1761-1853.  V 1-2.  Punch

Bk55.400                                             American Naturaliz. Processes & Procedures 1790-1985,

Bk55.401                                             Naturalization of Foreign Protestants in the America & West

Bk55.402                                             Naturalization Records of the United States, Guide

Bk55.500                                             Cozier's General Armory

Bk55.501                                             American & Brit. Genea & Heraldry-Filby

Bk55.502                                             Index to Genea Periodicals, Jacobus, 3 V in 1

Bk55.505                                             American Genea, Index, Munsell 1900

Bk55.508                                             Check List Historical Recs & Publications

Bk55.553                                             Genea. Periodical Annual Index, V 2,6,7,8,13=31

Bk55.554                                             Ency of Local History & Genea, Swiss Surname Index, Series 3,

Bk55.556                                             5 Gen Anc Chart, Bk V 1 (of Kosciusko Co, IN)

Bk55.558                                             Mid-Columbia District Ancestral Lines

Bk55.559                                             Surname Searcher 1980 (Burbank, CA)

Bk55.560                                             Seventeenth Century Colonial Ancestors

Bk55.561                                             Current Gen. Publications, Vol 1, 2, 3, 5, 9

Bk55.565         Vntr Conejo Valley       Surname Register Conejo Valley

Bk55.570                                             Dict. of American Biography, 1935

Bk55.600         Names, Names & More- Locating Dutch Ancestors in Colonial America, Kelly

Bk55.603                                             Book Loan Catalog for New Eng. Hist. Soc.

Bk55.604                                             Ship Passenger Lists, New York and New Jersey, 1600-

Bk55.605                                             Thirty Thousand Names of Immigrants in PA, 1727-1776

Bk55.606                                             Pennsylvania German Immigrants

Bk55.608                                             Eighteenth Century Emigrants from German-Speaking

Bk55.611                                             Simmendinger Register 1709, Persons who journeyed from ...

Bk55.612                                             Emigrants from the Palatinate to the American Colonies in ...

Bk55.615                                             The Irish in America, O’Brien

Bk55.616                                             Some Connecticut Nutmeggers who Migrated.Heritage Books,

  Knox, Grace Louise & Barbara B. Ferris, compilers.

Bk55.617                                             Topogr Dict of 2885 English Emigrants to New England 1620-

   1650.  Banks, Charles Edward.

Bk55.618                                             Immigrants to New England 1700-1775. Bolton, Ethel Stanwood

Bk55.700                                             A Key to Southern Genealogy, Crozier

Bk55.900                                             They came in ‘49, Daughters of UT Pioneers

Bk55.901                                             They came in ‘50, Daughters of UT Pioneers

Bk56.100~                                           Military Records of America, Kirkham

Bk56.102R                                           US Military Records, Guide to Federal & State Sources,

Bk56.103~                                           Lost Pensions: Settled Accounts of Act 6 Apr 1838 

Bk56.105R                                           How to Locate Anyone Who is or Has Been in The Military

Bk56.106                                             Military Service Recs, Select Catalog of Nat’l Archives

Bk56.200~                                           DAR, Patriot Index, 1, 2, 3

Bk56.200- V‑3~                                   DAR Patriot Index, Wives of Rev.War Military

Bk56.201~                                           DAR Records May Be Beneficial to Your Genealogical Health

Bk56.202~                                           DAR Grandparent Forms

Bk56.203~                                           Hessians in Revolution 1776‑83

Bk56.204~                                           Index of Rev. War Pension Appl, Nat. Genea. Soc

Bk56.205~                                           Pierces Register N.S.D.A.R

Bk56.206~                                           DAR Oregon State Roster of Ancestors 1963 

Bk56.207~                                           DAR Oregon State Roster of Ancestors 1978 

Bk56.208~       [same as 40.503]         King's Mountain & Its Heroes, Draper

Bk56.209~                                           Surname Index, Colonial-Rev.Pedigrees

Bk56.210~                                           American Loyalist Claims- Vol. 1

Bk56.211~                                           Rev Pensioners, a Transcript of the Pension List of US for

Bk56.212~                                           Locating your Rev. War Ancestor; A Guide to the Military

Bk56.213~                                           Rev War Bounty Land Grants

Bk56.214~                                           German Americans in the American Revolution

Bk56.215~                                           American Genealogical Research at the DAR, Wash. DC

Bk56.216~       The Painful News I have to Write, Letters & Diaries of 4 Hite  brothers of Page Co,

Bk56.217~                                           Muster Rolls & Prisoner-of-War Lists in American

Bk56.218~       Hssn                            Hessische Truppen im Amerikan-ischen

Bk56.219~                                           Brunswick Deserter-Immigrants of the Am Rev, Smith

Bk56.220~                                           Rev War Genea, Schweitzer

Bk56.221~                                           The King’s Mountain Men, White

Bk56.240~                                           Census of Pensioners, 1840

Bk56.241~                                           Index to Census of Pensioners 1840

Bk56.242~                                           Research Guide to Loyalist Ancestors, Bunnell

Bk56.400~                                           War 1812-Index Service Recs & GS Film #'s 

Bk56.401~                                           War 1812 Pension Files, Index, Vol 1, 2

Bk56.402~                                           War of 1812 Genea, Schweitzer

Bk56.403~                                           War of 1812, Coles

Bk56.500~                                           Pictorial History-Civil War Years, Angle

Bk56.501~       Journal of the 50th Nat’l Encampment of the Grand Army of the ...

Bk56.502~                                           Antietam Nat’l Battlefield Site, MD 

Bk56.503~                                           Fort Pulaski Nat’l Monument, GA

Bk56.504~                                           Manassas (Bull Run) Nat’l Battlefield Park, VA

Bk56.505~                                           Shiloh Nat’l Military Park, TN

Bk56.506~                                           Vicksburg Nat’l Military Park, MS

Bk56.507Q                                          The Confederate Soldier in the Civil War (extraction

Bk56.508~                                           Confederate Research Sources

Bk56.509~                                           Where to Write for Confederate Pension Recs

Bk56.510 ~                                          Libby Prison Autograph Bk Jan-Feb 1864

Bk56.511~                                           The Unpublished Roll of Honor (Civil War), Hughes

Bk56.513~                                           Civil War Genea 1981, Schweitzer

Bk56.600~                                           The Great War: A Guide to Service Records of all World’s

Bk56.601~                                           Uncle, We Are Ready - Reg America’s Men 1917-1918, Newman


Bk57.100 ~                                          Advanced Genea. Research-Bennett

Bk57.101 ~                                          Art of Collecting Genealogy & History, Oates

Bk57.102 ~                                          American Origins, L.G.Pine

Bk57.103 ~                                          The American Counties

Bk57.104 ~                                          ABC's of American Genea. Research, Kirkham

Bk57.108~                                           American Natl’z Processes & Procedures 1790-1985, Newman

Bk57.109~                                           Am. Natl’z Recs 1790-1990 What They Are-How to Use Them

Bk57.110~                                           Archaic Medical Terms

Bk57.111~       Abbreviations & Acronyms. Guide for Family Historians, Sperry

Bk57.136 ~                                          Building an American Pedigree, Wright

Bk57.137 ~                                          BYU Conference 1995, 4 Vols

Bk57.138~                                           BYU Computerized Genea Conference 2006

Bk57.166 ~                                          Creative Genealogy, Wadham, Vol 1

Bk57.167 ~                                          Climbing Our Family Tree Systematically

Bk57.168 ~                                          Computer Genealogy, Andereck, Paul

Bk57.169 ~                                          Compendium of Historical Sources, Bremer

Bk57.170 ~                                          Concise Genealogical Dictionary

Bk57.171~       The Census Bk: A Genea’s Guide to Finding census facts, schedules, indexes. Quest

Bk57.172~                                           Conceptual Approach to Genea, Essential Methodology for ...

Bk57.173R                                           Census Substitutes & State Census Recs V1,2

Bk57.174~                                           Collecting Dead Relatives, Galeener-Moore

Bk57.175~                                           Creating a Winning Family History, Finley

Bk57.198R                                           Cyndi's Comprehensive List of 40,000 Genea Sites on ...

Bk57.199 ~                                          A Cyclopedia for American Genealogists, Kirkham

Bk57.201 ~                                          Dictionary of American Family Names

Bk57.202 ~                                          Discover Your Ancestors;  A Quest for Your Roots, Peskett

Bk57.203Q                                          DAR Library Catalog, V3, Centennial Supplement:

Bk57.204~                                           A Dict. Of Jewish Names & Their History, Kaganoff

Bk57.220~                                           WSSDAR Library Catalog, 2004, Yakima

Bk57.233~                                           In the Footsteps of Our Ancestors, E. WA Genea Soc 1994

Bk57.234~                                           Evidence! Citation & Analysis for Family Historian, Mills

Bk57.235~       Evidence Explained. Citing Hist Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace, Mills

Bk57.267 ~                                          Finding Your Forefathers in America, Bennett

Bk57.268R                                           Genea Fundamentals, Jaussi

Bk57.269 ~                                          Fed. of Genea Societies Syllabus 1996=1999

Bk57.270 ~                                          Find Your Ancestors, Criswell

Bk57.271~                                           Family History: The Basics and Beyond

Bk57.272~                                           Brickwall Solutions

Bk57.273~                                           Finding Our Fathers, A Guide Book to Jewish Genea

Bk57.274~                                           Finding Your Roots, Westin

Bk57.275~                                           Family Hist Fair 1993, Orange stake center, Orange, CA

Bk57.276~                                           Family History for fun & profit, Jones

Bk57.277                                              Finding Your Roots.  How Every American Can Trace His

    Ancestors–At Home and Abroad.  Westin, Jeane Eddy. 

Bk57.299 ~                                          Getting the Most Out of Family Origins

Bk57.301 ~                                          Genea. Research Standards, Harland

Bk57.302 ~                                          Genea. Research Notebook, American, Hathaway

Bk57.303 ~                                          Genea. Research, Methods & Sources Am. Soc. of Genea,

Bk57.304~                                           The Genesis of your Genea, For the Beginner in Family History

Bk57.306 ~                                          Guide to Genea. Research, Bennett

Bk57.307 ~                                          Guide to Research, Cerny-Eakle

Bk57.308~                                           Genea. In America, Mass, CT & Maine V-1 

Bk57.309~                                           Genealogists' Handbook (England)

Bk57.310 ~                                          Genealogical Reader, Stevenson

Bk57.311 ~                                          Going to Salt Lake City to do Family Research

Bk57.312~                                           Genealogical Research, State Historical Society, Wisconsin

Bk57.313 ~                                          First Research Techniques Symposium, Seattle, WA

Bk57.320~                                           Guide to Genea. Research in Nat'l Archives

Bk57.321 ~                                          Guide to Genealogy Software, Przecha

Bk57.322 ~                                          Genealogy On Line, Researching Your Roots

Bk57.323R ~                                        Genealogist's Companion & Source Book, 1994

Bk57.324 ~                                          Genea Research, a Practical Mission

Bk57.325R ~                                        Genea. Encyc. of Colonial Americas

Bk57.326 ~                                          Getting it Right, by Mary Slawson

Bk57.327R                                           Genealogist's Virtual Library

Bk57.328 ~                                          Genealogical Reader: NE US & Canada, Wright

Bk57.329R                                           Genealogists Address Book, 3d edition (reference

Bk57.330 R                                          Genealogy on CD ROM [book # not on spine]

Bk57.331~                                           German Handwriting- genea dept of church of JC Latterday saints

Bk57.332~                                           Genea Online for Dummies, Helm

Bk57.336 ~                                          How to Find Your Family Roots, Beard, Demong

Bk57.338 ~                                          Handwriting Amer. Records, 300 yrs, Kirkham

Bk57.339 ~                                          Handy Guide to Record Searching, Kirkham

Bk57.340R ~                                        Handy Book for Genealogists, Everton-9 Ed.

Bk57.342 ~                                          How to Trace Your Pedigree Ladies, Eakle

Bk57.343R ~                                        The Hidden Half of the Family. Source for Women’s Genea

Bk57.345R                                           Hidden Sources Family Hist in Unlikely PLaces

Bk57.346 ~                                          How Book for Genealogists

Bk57.347 ~                                          Handy Guide to Genea Library & Church Historical Dept.

Bk57.348 ~                                          How to Make Your Book of Remembrance

Bk57.349 ~                                          How to Compile Your Family History

Bk57.350 ~                                          How to Publish & Market Your Family History

Bk57.351 ~                                          Heraldry & Genealogy, Pine

Bk57.352 ~                                          How to Write Your Personal History

Bk57.353~                                           Heraldry & You, Reynolds

Bk57.354~                                           How to Trace Your Family Tree

Bk57.355~                                           A Complete Guide to Heraldry, Fox-Davies

Bk57.356                                             Handy Guide to English Genea Records.  Preece

Bk57.366 ~                                          In Search of Ancestry, Hamilton-Edwards

Bk57.367~                                           Immigration: General Research Tips

Bk57.433 ~                                          Know Your Ancestors, Williams, 1966

Bk57.501~                                           Meyer's Direc. of Genea Societies in US & Canada

Bk57.502 ~                                          Medical Miscellany for Genealogists / Jerger

Bk57.503 ~                                          My History is America's History

Bk57.504~                                           More Psychic Roots

Bk57.530 ~                                          Netting Your Ancestors, Genea Research on Internet,

Bk57.533 ~                                          Migration Sources, Gr. Britain & N. America,Wright

incl: Deaths in early years of Church or Crossing Plains; Salt Lake LDS 1852; Pttwt Cen 1850

Bk57.534 ~                                          N. America Genea. Sources, Midwestern States

Bk57.535 ~                                          N. America Genea. Sources, Southern States

Bk57.536 ~                                          N. America Genea. Sources, Mid-Atlantic & Canada

Bk57.537 ~                                          National Genea. Soc.- 1991 Conference in the States

Bk57.539 ~                                          Nicknames Past & present, Rose

Bk57.566 ~                                          Origins of First (Given) Names

Bk57.567~                                           On Teaching Genea, Carter

Bk57.570R                                           The Library, Guide to LDS Family Hist.Libr.

Bk57.601 ~                                          Proving Your Pedigree

Bk57.606 ~                                          Practical Research in Genea, Busby & Fish

Bk57.609 ~                                          Wonderful World of Ladies Fashion

Bk57.610 ~                                          Dating Old Photographs 1840-1929

Bk57.611 ~                                          Uncovering Your Ancestry through Family Photos

Bk57.612 ~                                          Historic Dress in America 1607-1870

Bk57.613 ~                                          Photography & the American Scene, 1839-1889

Bk57.614 ~                                          Victorian & Edwardian Fashion, a Photographic Survey

Bk57.615~                                           More Dating Old Photographs: 1840-1929, Taylor

Bk57.616~                                           Personal Ancestral File 3.0 Users Guide

Bk57.617~                                           PAF Documentation Guidelines, 1995 ed, Silicon Valley

   PAF Users Guide

Bk57.618                                              Photographing Your Heritage.  Shull

Bk57.632 ~                                          Psychic Roots

Bk57.633~                                           Pitfalls in Genea Research, Rubincam

Bk57.666 ~                                          Researchers Guide to American Gen., Greenwood

Bk57.667 ~                                          Research in American Gen., Kirkham

Bk57.668R                                           Redbook, 1989

Bk57.669~                                           Reading Early American Handwriting, Sperry

Bk57.670~                                           Recording Your Family History, Fletcher

Bk57.671~                                           The Record Interpreter. Collection of Abbrev, Latin Words &

   Names used in Eng. Hist. Manuscripts & Records

Bk57.700 ~                                          Search & Research, Stevenson, 1979

Bk57.701 ~                                          Searching For Your Ancestors, Doane (material for Black ...

Bk57.702 ~                                          Searching With Success, Bennett

Bk57.703 ~                                          Simplified Genea. for Americans, Kirkham

Bk57.704R                                           The Source-Guidebook of American Genealogy

Bk57.705 ~                                          Searching on Location: Planning a Research Trip

Bk57.706~                                           Searching American Land & Deed Recs, Carter

Bk57.707~                                           Searching American Military Recs, Carter

Bk57.708~                                           Selected Genea Hints, Jones

Bk57.709~       Shaking Your Family Tree, Basic Guide to Tracing Your Family’s Genea, Crandall

Bk57.710~                                           Searching for Your Ancestors, how & why of genea, Doane

Bk57.733                                              The Genealogist’s Encyclopedia.  Pine, L.G.

Bk57.738 ~                                          Text Book 1- For Beginners in Study of Genealogy

Bk57.740 ~                                          Tracing Immigrant Ancestors

Bk57.741~                                           Tracing Your Roots

Bk57.742~                                           Tracing Your Family tree

Bk57.743                                              Tracing Your Ancestry:  Step-By-Step Guide to Researching Your

    Family History.  Helmbold, F. Wilbur.

Bk57.766 ~                                          Unpuzzling Your Past, a Basic Guide to Genea. 

Bk57.833~                                           What’s Your Name, BYU Family Research

Bk57.838 ~                                          Writing and Marketing a family history in 90s

Bk57.840 ~                                          Writing The Family Narrative

Bk57.905 ~                                          Biblio. Genea & Hist. Materials-Ethnic Minority Research

Bk57.906 ~                                          Publish Your Family Recs, Colbert,Roy

Bk57.907 ~                                          Understanding Colonial Handwriting, Stryker-Rodda

Bk57.908 ~                                          How to Get the Most Out of Death Certificates

Bk57.910 ~                                          Maps Can Help You Trace Your Family Tree

Bk57.912 ~                                          The Genealogy on-Ramp, Schunk


Bk58.100~                                           Abridged Compendium of American Genea, First Fam’s ,7V

Bk58.103~                                           Colonial Families of the U.S., Vol 1=7,MacKenzie

Bk58.104 ~                                          Royal Genealogies; Internet Download

Bk58.105~                                           Magna Carta Ancestry: A Study in Colonial & Medieval

Bk58.124~                                           Consolidated Bibliog. of County Histories in 50 States,

Bk58.200~                                           New England Families- Vol 1,2,3,4

Bk58.203~       Bristol & America, First Settlers in the Colonies of N America, 1654-1685,

Bk58.204~                                           Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists, Who Came to New

Bk58.205~                                           Genea Dict of 1 Settlers of New Eng.. Savage, 1-4

Bk58.206  New Eng Family Histories and Genealogies: Misc New England States.  Hall/Virdin

Bk58.207  New England Family Histories: States of Maine and Rhode Island.  Hall/Virdin

Bk58.208  New England Family Histories: State of Connecticut.  Hall/Virdin

Bk58.209  New England Family Histories and Genealogies: States of NH & VT.  Hall/Virdin

Bk58.300~                                           Colonial Families of the Southern States of America, Hardy

Bk58.301~                                           Historical Southern Families, Boddie, V 5,9,12,13,17,19

Bk58.400 ~ Various Surname files: Dobbin; Durkee; Fisher; Franklin; Fuller; Gilmore; Griswold;

Heston; Hiatt; Hire; Hoov er; Jack; Knight; Lawson; Lyon; McCarty; McCutchen;

McFarlan; McQuarrie

Bk58.401~                                           News from Land of Freedom-German Immigrants write

Bk58.402~                                           Pennsylvania GenealoTgies; chiefly Scotch-Irish and German

Bk58.403^        (extr rm black cab)       Pedigree Charts Tri Cities Genea Soc Membership


Bk58.AAL~       AALL                            Breve fra Slekten Aalls Arkiver 1738-1905, Dreyer

Bk58.ABE~      ABEL                           Glimpses Over My Shoulder, Johnson, Thelma Abel

Bk58.ADA~      ADAMS                        Family, by James Truslow Adams

Bk58.ADA~      ADAMS                        Family, Conklin

Bk58.ADA~      ADAMS, J                    Jeremiah, Anc & Desc, 1794-1883

Bk58.ALD~      ALDRICH                     /Uldrich, by Conklin

Bk58.AL~         ALEXANDER               Homesteads, Heartaches and Happiness

Bk58.ALL~       ALLEN                         Family History, by J. Montgomery Seaver

Bk58.AL~         ALLEN                         The Allen Outlaws - Virginia

Bk58.ALL~       ALLEN, J                     Jude, "But Language Cannot Tell"

Bk58.ALL~       ALLEN, W                    Your Family & Mine, Desc of Wm Allen

Bk58.ALL~       ALLYN, H                     Henry, Autobiography

Bk58.AME~      AMES                          Family 1520-1969 Bruton, Somerset, England

Bk58.AND~      ANDRESEN, E             The Family of Erik Andresen

Bk58.AND~      ANDRESEN, W            Warren Christian Andresen, his Anc. & Desc, Bk 1 Peter

Bk58.ANS~      ANSON                        Newsletter

Bk58.APP~      APPLINGS                   Homes, Heartaches & Happiness, Mont. Co MO,

Bk58.ARM~     ARMSTRONG             Surname Bulletin

Bk58.AUC~      AUCH                          of Russia

Bk58.AUS~      AUSTIN, W                  Wm Pitt, Diary, 1882-1883

Bk58.BAB~      BABB, P                       Phillip, Index of Spouses of Babb Desc.

Bk58.BA~         BALL                            Desc of Rebecca, Perry & Albert Ball

Bk58.BA~         BALL, A                       Sons of Asel F. Ball; Perry, Albert, Wilbur

Pr58.BAL~       BALLEW                      Assoc

Bk58.BAL~       BALLIETTE                  /Balliet/Balyeat/Bolyard & Allied Families

Bk58.BAL~       BALLOWE, E               Desc of Eli P Ballowe, Pat Ballowe

Bk58.BAL~       BALTZOR                    On This Side of the Jordon, Collier

Bk58.BAL~       BALYEAT                     /Balliette/Balliet/Bolyard & Allied Families

Bk58.BAR~      BARKER                      Family

Bk58.BAR~      BARTLETT                  Sketches of the Bartlett Family

Bk58.BAU~      BAUDER                      Are You Really A Bauder?, Supplement, Bauder

Bk58.BAU        BAUMANN/Bowman     Fam of Mohawk, Susquehanna & Niagara Rivers.

Bk58.BEA~      BEALS-BALES             Some Quaker Families-Beals-Bales, Boone

Bk58.BEC~      BECKWITH                  The Beckwiths, by Paul Beckwith

Bk58.BEL~       BELL                            Family Records, by J. Montgomery Seaver

Bk58.BE~         BENDER                      The Notorious Benders

Bk58.BE~         BENEDICT                   Benedict Pioneers in KY, Pearce

Bk58.BEN~      BENTZ, P                    & Bosserman Ancestors of Paul Andrew Bentz

Bk58.BIR~       BIRKES                        The Wandering Birkes, Julia Birkes

Bk58.BLAU~    BLAUVELT                  The Blauvelt News

Bk58.BOG~     BOGGS                       Genea of Boggs Family Desc. & Related Families

Bk58.BOL~      BOLLING                     Pocahontas Descendants from Col. John Bolling, Brown, ...

Bk58.BOO~     BOONE, T                   Thomas Boone 1848-1921- A Boon/Boone Family History

Bk58.BOO~     BOOTH                        Genealogy of the Booth Family, Jacobus

Bk58.BO~        BOWERS                     Family Genealogy, Melba Steer

Bk58.BRA~      BRADFORD                 Family of Fauquier Co, VA from Tyler’s Quarterly Hist & ...

Bk58.BRA~      BRADFORD, G            The Journal of Gamaliel Bradford 1883-1932, Brooks

Bk58.BR~        BRAZEALE                  Brazeale Kin by Lois Davis Plotts

Bk58.BRO~      BROOKS                     The Brooks of VA, Edwards

Bk58.BRO~      BROWN, A                   Alonzo Brown

Bk58.BRY~      BRYAN                        Bryans, Hortons & Allied Families, Manly

Bk58.BUC~      BUCNAM                     12 Generations of Bucknam Family in America, 1630-1962

Bk58.BU~        BULLEN (Loan)           Genea. & Work of Rev. Jos. Bullen Jr.

Bk58.BUR~      BURK                           Memories of my Mother, Burk

Bk58.BUR~      BURKE                        Burke’s Family Index

Bk58.BUT~      BUTTERS                    Genea & Registry of the Butters Family, including Desc of ...

Bk58.CAL~      CALLAWAY                 The Callaway Journal

Bk58.CAM~     CAMPBELL                  Journal of the Clan Campbell Society

Bk58.CAN~      CANTONWINE            Family

Bk58.CAR~      CAREY, J                     The Jonathan Carey Family

Bk58.CAR~      CARLOCK                   Hist of Family & Adventures of Pioneer Americans.

Bk58.CAR~      CARRIGAN                  History & Genealogical Records of the Carrigan Family

Bk58.CAR~      CARSON, K                 Kit Carson, by Francis T. Cheetham

Bk58.CAR~      CARTER                      A Brief Hist & Genea of the Carter & Some Allied Families

Bk58.CAR~      CARTER, T                  Capt. Thomas, Desc. of, by J. L. Miller

Bk58.CHA~      CHAPMAN, E               Edward Genea, of Ipswich, MA 1642-1678 & Desc

Bk58.CHE         CHENEY                      The Cheney Genealogy.  1897. Pope, Charles Henry. 

Bk58.CL~         CLARKSTON, T           Desc. Thomas Clarkston, The Bonds of Union, 1781-1858, V

Bk58.CLA~      CLAYTON, W              A Genea of the Anc. & Desc of Wm Clayton of Chichester, ...

Bk58.CO~        COLLEDGE, W            Labor of Love, Desc. Rev. Wm. Colledge

Bk58.COL~      COLLIN, J                    John Collin - Stem and Branches, Strong

Bk58.COO~     COOK, C                     Charles Corwin Cook: Days Remembered

Bk58.COR~     CORNELISON             1726-2001, Roberts

Bk58.CO~        CORY                          Cory and Lusk Families

Bk58.COU~     COUEY                        Couey Family Reg. 1767-1979

Bk58.COW~     COWLEY                     A Tepee in his Front Yard, a Biogr. of H. T. Cowley, one of ...

Bk58.COX~      COX, J                         Desc of Jos Wm Cox, King of Jefferson Co TN

Bk58.CRA~      CRANDALL                  Canterbury Pilgrims, a Story of the Crandalls, one of whom, ...

Bk58.CRA         CRAPO                         Henry Howland.  Certain Comeoverers. 

Bk58.CRA~      CRARY                        Family Records, V 1,2,3, Crary

Bk58.CRA~      CRARY, J                    John, of Boston & Desc 1660-1967

Bk58.CRA~      CRAWFORD                Family of Wm Robinson & Carnelia Gifford Crawford, Stout

Bk58.CRU~      CRUCE                        of Belfast

Bk58.CUM~     CUMMINGS, I              The Cummings Memorial, A Genea. Hist of the Desc of Isaac

Bk58.CUM~     CUMMINGS, I              Isaac Cummings, 1601-1677 of Ipswich in 1638 & Some of ...

Bk58.DAM~     DAMON                       Notes

Bk58.DA~        DARNALL                    Darnall, Darnell, Family with Allied Families, V 1

Bk58.DAS~      DASHIELL                   Family Records, Vol. 1, 2, 3

Bk58.DAV~      DAVIS                          Memories of Cowiche-The Early Days as Remembered

Pr58.DAV~       DAVIS                          Digging for Davises

Bk58.DAY~      DAY                             Some Days from VA, Jesse Day

Bk58.DE^Q      De COTO                    Family, (Descoteaux) - Melba Steer  (^ extraction room)

Bk58.DEN~      DENHAM, H                 Denham Threads, Desc of Hezekiah Stout Denham 1802-1972

Bk58.DEN~      DENHAM, W                William, 1745-1819, by Foster

Bk58.DEN~      DENISON, G                A Record of the Desc of Capt. George Denison of 

Bk58.DEN~      DENNIS, R                   Desc. of Robt. Dennis-Portsmouth, RI

Bk58.DOD~     DODSON                     Family of N Farnham Parish, Richmond Co VA, Williams

Bk58.DON~     DONALD                      The Clan Donald-MacDonalds, MacDonells, MaCalisters & ...

Bk58.DO~        DORSEY (Loan)          Family, MO-VA-GA

Bk58.DOW~     DOWNS                       Family of VA, OH, IN, McCarthy

Bk58.DRE~      DREW                          Notes

Bk58.DUN~      DUNBAR                      Forebears of Four Dunbars, Grandfather’s Scrapbook, 2 V

Bk58.DUN~      DUNNELLS                  Anc's of Hattie Louella Dunnells, McIntyre

Bk58.EAK~      EAKER                         The Shoe Cobblers Kin, Genea of the Peter (Ecker) Eaker Sr

Bk58.ELL~       ELLIS, J                       James & Mary Veatch Ellis, Sons & Other Desc.

Bk58.EL~         ELLSWORTH              Our Ellsworth Ancestors, 1956

Bk58.EMM~     EMMONS                    Family, by Conklin

Bk58.ESP~      ESPY                           Oysterville, Roads to Grandpa’s Village, by Willard R. Espy

Bk58.EST        ESTY, M                      Currents of Malice. Mary Towne Esty & Her Family in Salem

   Witchcraft [in locked cabinet]

Bk58.FER~      FERGUSSON              by Conklin

Bk58.FIG~       FIGG                           Sketches of Figg Family 1719-1921

Bk58.FIS~        FISHER, O                   The O.W. Fisher Heritage, Steen

Bk58.FOR~      FORT, E                      Family Called Fort, Desc. of Elias Fort of VA, Fort & Jones

Bk58.FOS~      FOSTER                      Family History

Bk58.FOS~      FOSTER                      A First Family, 1983 Edition, Higdon

Bk58.FOS~      FOSTER, S                  Chronicles of Stephen Fosters Family, 1944, Morneweck

Bk58.FOW~     FOWLER                     The Fowler Family in England

Bk58.FRE~      FREY, J                       Ancestry & Descendants of Johann Peter Frey, Jurney

Bk58.FUD~      FUDGE                        The Story of a Real Cowboy, Bob Fudge, born Texas

Bk58.FUH~      FUHRIMAN                  In Our Day, Lila Fuhriman

Bk58.FUL~      FULLER, E                  Elijah Knapp Fuller and His Ancestors, Coleman

Bk58.FUL~      FULLER, T                  Genea of Ensign Thos. Fuller of Dedham MA & his Desc.

Bk58.GAR~      GARLICK                     The Garlick Family History

Bk58.GAR~      GARRETT                   Book of Garretts 1600-1960, by Hester E Garrett

Bk58.GAR~      GARRISON, A             Abraham Henry Garrison's Memoirs-Ore. Trail

Bk58.GEO~     GEORGE                     The George Family

Bk58.GEO~     GEORGE                     The George Family History

Bk58.GLI~       GLICK, J                      Desc. Johannes & Magdalene Glick 1749-1982

Pr58.GOF~      GOFFS                        /GOUGHS, Their Anc & Desc.

Bk58.GO~        GOLSAN                      Desc. in Am-Golsan, Golson, Gholson, Gholston

Bk58.GOU       GOULD, Z                   The Family of Zaccheus Gould of Topsfield [locked cabinet]

Pr58.GRE~      GREEN                        /Greene Genealogy

Bk58.GRE~      GREENELL, M             Matthew, Desc of Matthew & Rose Greenell, V1=3

Bk58.GRE~      GREENWELL              Some of the Many Branches of Greenwell Fam. Tree, Burgelin

Bk58.GRE~      GRESHAM                   Family, by Bagwell & Thos Gresham

Bk58.GRI~       GRIER                         of San Francisco, Builder in West & his Family 1878-1988

Bk58.GU~        GUNN, M                     Memorial Sketches-Dr.Moses Gunn, 1889

Bk58.HAD~      HADDOCK                   Legends of the Haddock Family

Bk58.HAG~      HAGEY, D                    Daniel, Desc, & Local Hist. of Franconia Tnp, PA

Bk58.HAL~      HALLMARK, G             George, 1742-1815/1820

Bk58.HAM~     HAMMERS                  The Hammers and Allied Families of Pendleton Co, WV

Bk58.HAM~     HAMMOND                  Family Assoc Quarterly

Bk58.HAM~     HAMILTON                  The Connector- Hamilton National Genea. Soc

Bk58.HAN~      HANSON, J                  Across The Deep Blue Water, Genea of Jens Hanson

Bk58.HAR~      HARDING                    Narrative History of Harding Family, Holt

Bk58.HAR~      HARRISON                  Settlers By The Long Grey Trail, Pioneers to old Augusta Co,

Bk58.HAR~      HARRISON, J              A Family Odyssey, Anc & Desc of Joseph,  & Ada Belle

Bk58.HAS~      HASTING                     Personal Interest Notes on People Living in Marion IL during ..

Bk58.HAW~     HAWLEY, S                 Smith Hawley & His Desc, Symonds

Bk58.HA~        HAYNES                      Haynes Eagle Bulletin

Bk58.HEI~       HEIDT                          Heidt & Hirschkorn Families of Rhein-Pfalz,  Polen

Bk58.HEL~      HELLYER                    The Hellyer Heritage

Bk58.HEM~     HEMBREE                   Family

Bk58.HEI~       HEINLE                        Family of Russia

Bk58.HEN~      HENRICH                    notes

Bk58.HER~      HERNDON, J               John of Fauquier Co, VA/Herndons of Am. Rev.

Bk58.HIC~       HICKOK                       Another Man Named Hickok

Bk58.HIC~       HICKOK                       Pioneer Settlers of Troy Gr, IL: A Hist. Of Wm Hickok, a first

Bk58.HIG~       HIGHMORE, J             Joseph, of Holborn Row

Bk58.HIG~       HIGHTOWER              Family of Hightower & Cole

Bk58.HIN~       HINDS                         History & Genea of the Hinds Family

Bk58.HOL~      HOLCOMBE                /Holcombe-Koane-Henke Family History, by Henke

Bk58.HOL~      HOLDEN, A                 Anna Jane; Her Anc & Desc, 1994, Newcomb

Bk58.HOM~     HOMER                       Family History, by Crockett

Bk58.HO~        HOMER                       Family History

Bk58.HO~        HOOD                          The Tunis Hood Family, 1960

Bk58.HO~        HOOVER                     Family Record, Sketches & Incidentals by Henry Hoover

Bk58.HOS~      HOSKIN                       Hist.& Genea of Hoskins, Clay, & Related Families United in ..

Bk58.HOS~      HOSMER                     Family notes

Bk58.HOU~     HOUGH                       Hough & Huff Families of US 1620-1820:The East

Bk58.HOU~     HOUTZ                        The Houtz Hall of Fame

Bk58.HOW~     HOWE                         /Death/Peabody/Bent notes

Bk58.HOY~      HOYT                          Hoyt’s Issue

Bk58.HUD~      HUDLOW                     Hudlows in America, 1999

Bk58.HUD~      HUDLOW                     /Richmond History

Bk58.HUL~      HULETT                      notes

Bk58.HUL~      HULL                           Hull Family Assoc Newsletter

Pr58.HUM~      HUMPHREY                Family

Bk58.ING~       INGALLS                     /Dane/Faukner notes

Bk58.IRW~      IRWIN                          Irwin, by Donald R Irwin

Bk58.JAC~       JACK                           Dr Martha Louise Jack Family History

Bk58.JAC~       JACKS                         Pioneer Tracts - Trails

Bk58.JAC~       JACKSON                    Family Records, by J. Montgomery Seaver

Bk58.JAM~      JAMES, J                     Jesse and Frank James: The Family History

Bk58.JAN~       JANSEN                       Ancestry of the Jansen Daughters

Bk58.JEN~       JENNINGS                   Misc

Bk58.JEN~       JENSEN                       Book of Remembrance Jensens & McCarthys, Allied

Bk58.JEW~      JEWELL                       Jewell Genealogy, by Pat Ballowe (Prince Edw Is)

Bk58.JOH~      JOHNSON                   My Family Johnson, Palmer Wright Duncan

Bk58.JOH~      JOHNSON                   Our First Trip, Palombi

Bk58.JOH~      JOHNSON, W              Anc. of Wm & John Johnson

Bk58.JOH~      JOHNSTON                 Grandmother's Stories, by Grace Clemenson

Bk58.JOL~       JOLLY                         /Vaughn History

Bk58.JON~      JONES                         Family Chronicles

Pr58.JON~       JONES                         Jones Journeys

Bk58.JOR~      JORGENSON              A Jorgenson family Genealogy with Christofersen, ...

Bk58.JOY~      JOYCE                         The Joyce Clan 1856-1990

Bk58.JU~         JULFS                         Julfs-Juelfs Family 1710-1973

Bk58.KA~         KALHAGEN                 Kalhagen-Nelson Family History

Bk58.KA~         KATES                         Kates Kin

Bk58.KEA~      KEARNEY, M               M. Theo, Prince of Fresno.

Bk58.KE~         KEITH                          Keith Kinfolks, 1720-1979, Larry King

Bk58.KEL~       KELLEY                       Genea-David O'Killia & Desc. Old Yarmouth, MA

Bk58.KEN~      KENNARD                   /King/McCubbin/Knight

BK58.KE~        KENNEDY                    Kennedy Klues Research Bulletin

Bk58.KER~      KERR, D                      David Hamilton Kerr, Anc, Hist, Desc

Bk58.KID~       KIDWELL                     Ancestry in America from 1650

Bk58.KIK~        KIK, J                           J. David & family, by Nelsen

Bk58.KI~          KIMBALL, S                 A Noble Son - Spencer Kimball

Bk58.KNA~      KNAPP, N                    Nicholas Knapp Genea, V 1,2,3

Bk58.KNI~       KNIGHT, B                   Cousin Bill (Knight), of Oregon

Pr58.KNU~      KNUDSEN                   Kin, Desc of Knud Helbaek Pedersen 1812-1909

Bk58.KO~        KOBELT                      Kobelt, Cobel Genealogy

Bk58.KRA~      KRACKENBERGER     The Krackenberger Konnection, Towne

Bk58.KRA~      KRATZ, J                     John Valentine Kratz, anc & desc, Fretz

Bk58.LAN~      LANE                           Family

Bk58.LA~         LARKINS                     A Larkins Genea, Eldridge Larkins & Eliz Bledsoe & Their ...

Bk58.LA~         LAYBOURN(E)            Family- Wm H. & Harland A., 1979

Bk58.LEE~       LEE                              Family History, Seaver

Bk58.LEM~      LeMASTERS               USA, 1639-1965

Bk58.LEN~      LENOX                        Overland to Oregon, by Edw Henry Lenox

Bk58.LI~          LIGON                         Ligon Pioneers in Kentucky, Pearce

Bk58.LIL~        LILLY, E                       Eli Lilly: A Life, 1885-1977

Bk58.LIN~        LINEBARGER              A Family of Five Republics.Sketch of Leyenberger

Bk58.LI~          LINK                            The Elias Link Family, Past & Present 1844-1973, Buzzard

Bk58.LIT~        LITTELL                      Family of America

Bk58.LIT~        LITTLE                        notes

Bk58.LOC~      LOCKWOOD               Legacy

Bk58.LOT~      LOTT                           Lott family in America, Phillips

Bk58.LOV~      LOVE                           Love Letters, Quarterly Newsletter

Bk58.LULL~     LULLOFF                    Lulloff Link by Irene Towne

Bk58.LYM~      LYMAN                        Genea of Lyman Family of Great Britain & America, Anc & ...

Bk58.LYN~      LYNN, J                       Our Lynn Heritage 1995-96, Desc of James Lynn & M Smith

Bk58.LY~         LYTLE, A                     A Wake for the Living, A Family Chronicle by Andrew Lytle

Bk58.MA~        MALVEN                      Ghosts of the Malvins Return to Colesburg, IA

Bk58.MA~        MALVEN, D                 Story of David & Kate MacDougel Malven

Bk58.MAN~     MANNING                    Families of New England and Their Desc.

Bk58.MAR~     MARSHALL, B             Bernice Cleone Marshall, by Warren Andresen; Bk2

Bk58.MAS~      MASSEY                      My Massey Fam. in Engl-Bk 1; Massey Fam. in Am.

Bk58.MA~        MASSIE                       A Massie Family History, Desc of James R Massie of VA & ...

Bk58.M~          MAY, S                        Samuel May & Desc., Perrigo

Bk58.MCC~     McCANN, J                  Some Desc of John Keand (McCann) of Whithorn, Sctl, Many ...

Bk58.MCC~     McCANN, W                Wesley, family, 1962

Bk58.McC~      McCONNAUGHEY       & Variant spellings 1850 census

Bk58.McC~      McCONNAUGHEY       & Variant spellings 1900 census

Bk58.McC~      McCONNAUGHEY       & Variants, Mormon Library, Vol. 1 & II

Bk58.McC~      McCONNAUGHEY       Society of America-Report from Ulster, Irel 1979

Bk58.McD~      McDANIEL                   Family Research in NC

Bk58.MAC~     M(a)cDONALD             The MacDonald/McDonald Genea, by Seaver

Bk58.McK~      McKNIGHT (Loan)       The McKnight Family Descendants

Bk58.McN~      McNAIR                       /McNear & McNeir Genealogies

Pr58.MEE~      MEEKER                      Meeker Newsletter

Bk58.MES~      MESSINGER               in Europe & America, Geo.W.Messinger

Bk58.MI~         MICHAELIS                 Michaelis Genealogy, Ballowe

Bk58.MI~         MILLER                       Index, Radewald

Pr58.MIL~        MILLER                       Miller Monitor

Bk58.MIL~       MILLER                       The Miller Family

Bk58.MIL~       MILLION                      Family

Bk58.MIL~       MILLS, S                      Hist. of the Simon Mills Family, Bk IV

Bk58.MIX~       MIXER                         /Ball notes

Bk58.MOL~     MOELLER                   Aus dem Leben von Theodor Adolf von Moeller, 1840-890

Bk58.MOL~     MOLYNEUX                 International Molyneux Family Assoc

Bk58.MOO~     MOORE                       Moore Family History

Bk58.MOO~     MOORE                       Family Records, by Seaver

Bk58.MOO~     MOORE                       Moores of Missouri in 1850 census.

Bk58.MOR~     MORGAN                    The Family

Bk58.MOR~     MORGAN, M               Hist of Col. Morgan Morgan & Genea of the family of the 1st

Bk58.MOR~     MORRIS                      Morris Family Hist, 1745-1963

Bk58.MOS~     MOSS                          A Genea. Record of the Moss Family in America, John Moss

Bk58.MYE~      MYERS, B                    Life and Family of Bessie Myers

Bk58.MYE~      MYERS, P                    Peggy- Stories of a Little Girl in Early 1900's

Bk58.NEV~      NEVIUS, J                    Joannes Nevius & His Desc 1627-1900, Hampton, VA

Bk58.NUR~      NURSE                        The Nurse Family

Bk58.NUR~      NURSE, R                    Rebecca Nurse, Saint but Witch Victim, Tapley

Bk58.NY~        NYE, A                         Genea. of Desc. of Andrew Nye

Bk58.OKE~      O’KELLY                      Our Ancestors; Ashford- O’Kelly- etc

Bk58.OLI~       OLIVER                       Westward H-o-o-o-o-o, The Olivers, Morgan

Bk58.OLS~      OLSCHWANGER         Journal

Bk58.OPP~      OPPIE, W                    Wm, of Somerset Co, NJ, Some Desc.

Bk58.PAN~      PANGBURN                 Letter

Bk58.PAR~      PARDEE                      Pardee Genealogy, Jacobus

Bk58.PAR~      PARKE                         Index to the Parke Society Bulletins

Bk58.PAR~      PARKE, R                    Robert, 1580-1665, From Eng in 1630 with the Winthrop Fleet

Bk58.PAR~      PARKER                      Family History with Name Origin & Lineage Lines

Bk58.PAR        PARKER                      Gleanings from Parker Recs 1271-1893, by Wm Thornton Parker

   [in locked cabinet]

Bk58.PAR~      PARKER                      in America 1630-1910

Bk58.PAR~      PARKER                      Parkers of Stukely, Quebec, Research in Canada, Moore

Bk58.PAR~      PARKER                      A Chautauqua Fam, Supp to a Chautauqua Boy, by David Parker

Bk58.PAR        PARKER, J                  John, Descendants of [locked cabinet]

Bk58.PAR~      PARKER, N                  Nathaniel Parker 1651-1737, Reading, MA & His Desc,

Bk58.PAR~      PARKER, T                  A Genea Hist of the Parker Family from Deacon Thos. Parker

Bk58.PAR~      PARKHURST               Family Journal

Bk58.PAR~      PARKHURST               /Garfield/Brown notes

Bk58.PAR~      PARRISH                     Family, Gottschalk

Bk58.PE~         PEARCE                      Pearce Pioneers in KY, Marvin Pearce

Bk58.PEA~      PEARSALL                  Genealogy of the Pearsall Family. 1840-1948

Bk58.PEC         PECK, J                        Joseph  Genea Hist of  Desc, England to MA, pedigree back twenty

                                       generations by Peck, Ira B.

Bk58.PEE       PEET, John                 1597-1684 of Stratford, Connecticut & his Desc, Terry Peet

Bk58.PE~         PENN, W                     Further Light on Ancestry of Wm Penn, Hogg

Bk58.PENN~    PENNINGTON             Pedigrees

Bk58.PER~      PERRIGO, A                Asa Flint Perrigo & some of his Desc., Perrigo

Bk58.PE~         PETTIGREW               Leaves from Family Tree

Bk58.PET~      PETTIJOHN, J             Autobio, Family Hist, Various Reminiscences of the Life of ...

Bk58.PHE~      PHELPS                       Family News

Bk58.PLA~       PLANTAGENET           Anc. of King Edward III & Queen Philippa

Bk58.POL~      POLK                           Polks of NC & TN

Bk58.POT~      POTTER                      Stories My Mother Told Me, Family Stories of the Potter, ...

Bk58.PRA~      PRAETORIUS, H         Henry, An Immigrant Settler

Bk58.PRA~      PRATT, T                    Thomas of Watertown, MA & a few of his Framingham & ...

Bk58.PRI~       PRICE                          The Family Name Price, by Ralph A. Price

Bk58.PRI~       PRICE                          Prices of America

Bk58.PUR~      PURCELL                    Family of America Genea Assoc

Bk58.PUT~      PUTNAM                     notes

Bk58.PYNE~    PYNE, J                       The John Pyne Family in America, Desc of John Pyne 1766-

Bk58.RAM~     RAMSEY                      Links, Vol. 2, A Family’s Footprints in the Hist. of GA & the ..

Bk58.RAM~     RAMSEY, J                  Links,  desc of  James Ramsey of Habersham Co, GA & ...

Bk58.RAN~      RANSOM                     Ancestry 1852-1993, Martin (Wenzel) & Minnie (Tietz)

Bk58.RAW~     RAWSON                     141 Yrs Mormon Heritage-Brown, Rawson, Angell

Bk58.RE~        REAMS                        Reams, Reames Family & Allied Families

Bk58.REE~      REED                           The Reed Genealogy, Seaver

Bk58.REE~      REED                           Reed Family, The Drake Family, The Gray Family

Bk58.REI~       REIGHLEY                   Reighley, Orr, Mitchell families

Bk58.REI~       REISTER                     History of Our Name

Bk58.REI~       REISTER                     Reister’s Desire- Origin of Reistertown, MD, founded 1758

Bk58.REY~      REYNOLDS                 History, by Seaver

Bk58.REY~      REYNOLDS                 Reynolds Monthly Newsletter, 1991-1992

Bk58.RHI~       RHINE                         Rhine Roots-John & Hannah and Wm & Mary of IL

Bk58.RI~          RICE                            Grains of Rice, by Evelyn Roberts

Bk58.RIC~       RICE                            /Damon notes

Bk58.RIC~       RICE, E                        Edmund, Family, Desc from England [locked cabinet]

Bk58.RIC~       RICHARDSON             Family

Bk58.RIC~       RICHARDSON, S         Samuel Richardson (1602-1658) and Josiah

Bk58.RIC~       RICKEY                       Roots & Revels

Bk58.RIG~       RIGBY, W                    William F., The True Aim of a Noble Man, Housley

Bk58.RI~          RITCHEY, J                 The James & Eliza Ritchey Family 1700-1976

Bk58.ROB~      ROBERTS                   Roberts of Missouri in 1850 census

Bk58.ROB~      ROBERTSON              The Robertsons, Moncreiffe

Bk58.ROG~     ROGERS                     Newsletter

Bk58.ROG~     ROGERS                     Roots

Bk58.ROH~     ROHRBACH, J             John R. Rohrbach (Rohrabaugh) 1728-1821, Descendants and ..

Bk58.ROW~     ROWELL                     Family of New England & Their English Origins 1560-1900,

Bk58.ROW~     ROWLAND, J               Genea of James Warren Rowland & wife Eliz Taylor

Bk58.ROY~      ROY                             Roy family of VA and KY, Roy

Bk58.RUC~      RUCKER                      Rucker Ruckus & Rucker Family Society Newsletter

Bk58.STJ~       ST. JOHN, M               Descendants of Matthias, Dorchester, MA - 1601

Bk58.SAN~      SANFORD, M              Journal-Mollie Dorsey Sanford, NE, CO 1857‑66

Bk58.SAR~      SARGENT                   Family, edited by Lois M Sargent 1961

Bk58.SAR~      SARGENT, M              Descendants of Moses and Sally Durfey, Noga

Bk58.SAU~      SAUER (Sowers)         A Thousand Doors-Hist. of Philip Sauer & His 14 Chn, Owen

Bk58.SCA~      SCALF                         Scalf Family History, Elmer Scalf

Bk58.SCH~      SCHALLIOL                 Schalliols Around the World

Bk58.SCH~      SCHALLIOL                 Schalliol is Our Family Name 1323-1991

Bk58.SCH~      SCHOEN                     The German Connection: Schoen's, 1750 to Present

Bk58.SCH~      SCHWENKFELDER     Genealogical Record of Schwenkfelders

Bk58.SCO~      SCOTT                        Scott Genea Quarterly

Bk58.SCO~      SCOTT                        Scott Family Records, Seaver

Bk58.SCO~      SCOTT                        Scott Family from MO to OR

Bk58.SCO~      SCOTT, J                    Desc. John Scott from 1777

Bk58.SCR~      SCRUGGS                   /Piper Connections

Bk58.SHE~      SHELBURNE, S           The Book of Samuel, Buck

Bk58.SH~        SHELHORN (Loan)      Shelhorn-Shellhorn Genea, Jack Lines

Bk58.SHE~      SHEPPARD                 /Marshall & Allied Families, Sheppard

Bk58.SH~        SHRECK, P                  Paul, & Bethany Shreck 1771

Bk58.SIL~        SILVER, A                    Family Lineage of Anna, Charles, Mary & Eliz.

Bk58.SI~          SIMMONS, J                Anc-Desc. Jonathan Simmons & Mary Troutman & of their ...

Bk58.SIM~       SIMMONS, S               Squire Simmons Family 1746-1986

Bk58.SK~         SKELTON, J                John Skelton of Georgia

Bk58.SKI~        SKINNER                     Skinner Kinsmen Update

Bk58.SKO~      SKOW                          The Skow Family, Desc of Hans Christian Schou & Kjerston

Bk58.SL~         SLAGLE                       The Slagle Family in America, Descended from the Schegel

Bk58.SLE~       SLEKTEN                    Slekten, The Family, Comstock

Bk58.SMI~       SMITH                         The Smith Family

Bk58.SMI~       SMITH                         Smith Papers

Bk58.SM~        SMITH                         Smith Sagas

Bk58.SMI~       SMITH                         Two smiths, by Pasha Palombi Smith

Bk58.SMI~       SMITH, G                    George A Smith Family, Jarvis

Bk58.SM~        SMITH, J                     Ances. Prophet Joseph Smith

Bk58.SOH~      SOHM                          Hist of Sohm and Ulrich Families of LeSueur, MN

Bk58.SO~        SOUTER                      Souter Fam. Book of Remembrance, Wolgamott

Bk58.SPE~      SPENCER                    /Gould/Needham notes

Bk58.SPE~      SPENCER                    American Ancestors & Cousins of Princess of Wales

Bk58.SPE~      SPENCER                    Le Despencer Quarterly Journal of Spencer Hist. & Gen Soc

Bk58.SPE~      SPERBER                    Vapor Trails, Evelyn Sperber

Bk58.SPR~      SPRAGUE                   The Genealogy of the Sprague's in Hingham

Bk58.ST~         STAMPER                   The Stamper Stage

Bk58.STO~      STEARNS                    /Stone notes

Bk58.STE~      STEVENSON, T           Thomas, of London & Desc.

Bk58.STE~      STEWART                   Stewarts Heirloom Edition Vol. 1 & 2 (+ 2 other additions)

Bk58.STE~      STEWART, J               James, of Early Augusta Co, VA & Desc. 1740-1960

Bk58.STO~      STONE                        /Stearns notes

Bk58.STO~      STONE                        The Stone Family

Bk58.STO~      STONE, G                   Oxford Desc of Gregory Stone, Cambridge, MA

Bk58.STR~      STRATTON                 /Sanderson Notes

Bk58.STR~      STRONG                     Together We Are... Strong, Newsletter

Bk58.STE~      STUART (STEWART) Stuart Clan Magazine

Bk58.STU~      STURTEVANT, S         Desc. of Samuel Sturtevant

Bk58.SVE~      SVENDSEN                 Desc of Svend Nielsen, Denmark & S.D.

Bk58.TAC~      TACKE(I)TT                 Families of America, Certain Vol's

Bk58.TAC~      TACKETT                    /Fletcher Pioneers, by Lang

Bk58.TAF~      TAFT                           Taft Talk Newsletter

Bk58.TAR~      TARBELL, T                Desc of Thomas, of Groton, MA 1642-1678, Including the ...

Bk58.TAY~      TAYLOR                      Periodical

Bk58.TAY~      TAYLOR                      Group Sheets

Bk58.TAY~      TAYLOR                      From Sea to Shining Sea: A Taylor Family Saga

Bk58.TAY~      TAYLOR                      Taylor Family Saga, Supplement

Bk58.TAY~      TAYLOR, J                  Family of John Henry Taylor Jr, Mortensen

Bk58.TEA~      TEAPE, J                     Desc of John Teape and Eliz. Bunce, Day

Bk58.TEA~      TEATER                      The KY Teater Family

Bk58.TEE~      TEEL, J                        Genea of Joseph Teel & Mary Stetson Alexander, Their ...

Bk58.TEE~      TEEL                           Index & Corrections to above book

Bk58.TER~      TERRILS                     Terrils Since the Civil War

Bk58.TET~      TETER                         Family, by Joseph Kellogg

Bk58.THO~      THOMAS, W                Genea Records & Sketches of the Desc of Wm Thomas of ...

Bk58.THO~      THOMASON                A Brief Hist. of the Family Thomason in Eng & the US

Bk58.THO~      THOMPSON                Magazine

Bk58.THO~      THOMPSON                of Missouri in 1850 Census

Bk58.TH~        THOMSEN, H              Desc. of  Hans Jorgen & Ane Kjerstine Ditlevsen of ...

Bk58.TOD~      TODD                          On To Oregon, Story of Mary Ellen Todd,  by Hixon

Bk58.TOM~     TOMLIN                       Family, by Rankin

Bk58.TOW~     TOWNE                       Towne Notes

Bk58.TOW~     TOWNE                       The Towne Trek

Bk58.TR~        TRIPLETT (Loan)        Triplett, by Hortense Abbott

Bk58.TRU~      TRUAX                        Thura Truax Hires Manuscripts, V 1, PA - OH

Bk58.TU~        TUFTS                         Tufts Kinsmen-Denham, Mass.

Bk58.UPC~      UPCHURCH                Bulletin

Bk58.VAN~      VAN AKEN                   /or Van Auken-Newsletter, V‑2:1,2,4 & Index;

Bk58.VAN~      VAN ALSTYNE            Family History, V-1

Bk58.VA~         VAN DEUSEN, W         Genea of Rev. W. H. Van Deusen & Related Families, by Pratt

Bk58.VA~         VAN DIVER                  The VanDiver Vintage

Bk58.VED~      VEDDER                      Vedder Family in America 1657-1985

Bk58.VE~         VERNON (Loan)          Vernon Vignettes

Bk58.VER~      VERNON, W                Family, Anc & Desc of Walter Vernon & Edith Pearl

Bk58.VIN^Q     VINING                        Vining Family, Barnes (of Ontario)  (^ extraction room)

Bk58.WAR~     WARTENBE                 Genealogy-Anc & Desc of Wm & Catherine (White)

Bk58.WAT~     WATSON                     Genea & Hist. of Watson Fam. From Irish Emmigrants

Bk58.WAU~     WAUGH                       The Waugh Way West: Some Desc of Rev John Waugh of ...

Bk58.WED~     WEDKOFF                   Helen Wedkoff Jenning

Bk58.WEI~       WEIS. D                       Anc & Desc of Daniel Weis, “Gentleman-at-Arms”

Bk58.WEL~      WELCH, R                   A Family Hist. The Anc of Ransom Frank Welch & Susan

Bk58.WEN~     WENDT, J                    The Descendants of Joris Wendt from Wallmow, Germany

Bk58.WER~     WERTZ                        /Virt/Wuertz of PA 1400's - 1900, Choppin

Bk58.WH~       WHITAKER                  Whitaker Whatnots

Bk58.WHI~      WHITE, W                    Autobiography of Wm Allen White

Bk58.WIL~       WILDER, H                  Desc. of Harvey Wilder, by Justin Wilder

Bk58.WI~         WILLARD, F                The Beautiful Life of Frances E.Willard, Gordon 1898

Bk58.WIL~       WILLIAMS                   Chronicle, Ehrig

Bk58.WI~         WILLIAMS                   Williams Family Bulletin

Bk58.WIL~       WILLIS                         Hist of Family of New Eng & NJ & Ancestors

Bk58.WR~       WIRTH, A                    Anc. of Alonzo Solomon (lon) Wirth

Bk58.WIS~       WISMER, J                  John, & Agnes Honsberger, Ontario

Bk58.WIT~       WITTER                       Witter Cousins

Bk58.WOO~    WOOD, C                    Consider, and wife Mary Adams

Bk58.WOO~    WOODBURY, A           Abram Nelson Woodbury & his Desc.

Bk58.WOO~    WOOLRIDGE,J            Josiah & Keziah Nichols Desc & Ancestors

Bk58.WRI~      WRIGHT                      Wright Connections, The Nathan Wright Sr & Hannah

Bk58.WRI~      WRIGHT                      Family Workbook

Bk58.ZEI~        ZEITLER                      Upon the Shoulders of Giants, Vol 1

Bk58.ZIM~       ZIMMERMAN              of Russia

Bk58.ZUC~      ZUCKNICK                  Zucknick, Duelge & Diem Families, And & Desc


Bk59.100R                                           Postal Guide, 1953

Bk59.102R                                           Postal Guide, 1935

Bk59.103 ~                                          Post Offices, Directory 1969

Bk59.104R                                           Map Guide to US Fed. Censuses 1790-1920

Bk59.105R                                           Rand McNally Zip Code finder

Bk59.106~                                           Where to Write for County Maps

Bk59.202R                                           Geographical Dict, Websters New

Bk59.301 ~                                          The Americas, Gazetteer Supplement, 1971

Bk59.302~                                           Europe & USSR Gazetteer Supplement

Bk59.400R                                           Maps, Area, Settlement 1790-1880

Bk59.400R                                           Towns, Counties from 1900 Census

Bk59.401 ~                                          Small Place Names of Western US, Kirkham

Bk59.402 ~                                          American Place Names of Long Ago

Bk59.403~                                           US Post Offices V1, The West

Bk59.403~                                           US Post Offices V 3, The Upper Midwest

Bk59.403~                                           US Post Offices V 5, Ohio Valley, Helbock

Bk59.500 ~                                          Maps, Land Ownership, Library of Congress

Bk59.504 ~                                          American Cities; Where are your Ancestors Recorded?,

Bk59.600 ~                                          Maps, Topographical, and Index

Bk59.700 ~                                          Hammond's Historical Atlas, 1963

Bk59.701 ~                                          European History Atlas

Bk59.702 ~                                          Gazetteer Supplement

Bk59.703 ~                                          Der Grose Continental Atlas 1975-76

Bk59.704 ~                                          Atlas of Germany 1:100,000 

Bk59.705~                                           Italy in One Volume

Bk59.801 ~                                          Atlas of the USA, Everton

Bk59.802 ~                                          Atlases, Catalog of U.S., Vol 2

Bk59.804 ~                                          Atlas, Business Control, of US & Canada

Bk59.900~                                           The Whole Earth Atlas

Bk59.901R                                           Township Atlas of US, V1, 2, Andriot - 1979

Bk59.902R                                           Columbia Lippincott Gazatteer of the World, V 1,2

Bk59.904~                                           Atlas ---Times

Bk59.906~                                           National Geographic Atlas of the World

Bk59.908M~                                        World Atlas, Rand McNally


Native America

Bk60.1817                                           Cherokee Roots: V 1- Eastern Cherokee Rolls, Blankenship

Bk60.1835                                           Census 1835, Index, Cherokee's East of the Mississippi

Bk60.1851                                           Cherokee Roots: V 2 - Western Cherokee Rolls,

Bk60.100                                             Guide to Sources of Indian Genealogy, Barr

Bk60.101                                             National Tribal/Agency Direc. List Alphabetical

Bk60.102                                             American Indians, Select Catalog of Nat’l Archives Publ.

Bk60.103                                             Your Native American Ancestry, Ashley

Bk60.106                                             Our Native Americans & Their Records of Genea. Value, ...

Bk60.108                                             Exploring Your Cherokee Ancestry, Mooney

Bk60.109         A Guide to Native American (Indian) Research Sources at GA Dept of Archives and History. Davis

Bk60.400                                             Cherokee Removal 1838, Fleischmann

Bk60.401                                             Who’s Looking for Whom in Native Am. Ancestry, V1,

Bk60.500                                             Pocahontas’s People, Powhatan Indians of VA, Rountree

Bk60.501                                             The Cherokees, Woodward

Bk60.600                                             Robt Armstrong's Survey Book of Cherokee Lands

Bk60.800                                             How to Research Indian Blood Lines, Carpenter

Bk60.801                                             Finding Your Native American Ancestors at Nat’l Archives

Bk60.802                                             How to Research "A Little Bit of Indian", Reintjes

Bk60.803                                             Cherokee Connections, Gormley; An Introduction to Genea

Bk60.804                                             Tracing Ancestors Among the 5 Civilized Tribes

Bk60.805         Biblio. of Sources for Native American Family Hist. in the Allen Co Public Library

Bk60.806         Cherokee Proud, Guide for Tracing & Honoring Your  Cherokee Ancestors

Bk60.807                                             Indian Removal, Foreman

Bk60.808                                             Native American Family Hist, A Bibliogr. Of Sources



Bk61.100 ~                                          Dict. of Scottish Canada before Confederation, ...

Bk61.101 ~                                          Guide to B,M,D Records at Nat'l Archives of Canada

Bk61.200R                                           Canada Film Register, 1841‑1891 (reference desk)

Bk61.400 ~                                          Our French Canadian Ancestors, Laforest

Bk61.401 ~                                          Your Ancient Canadian Family Ties, 2 Vol

Bk61.600 ~                                          Gazetteer 

Bk61.601         [on atlas shelf]             Atlas & Gazetteer of Canada

Bk61.801 ~      Ontr  Grenville             Blue Church Cemetery, near Prescott

Bk61.802 ~                                          Canadian Genea. Handbook, 1978

Bk61.803 ~                                          In Search of Your Canadian Roots, Baxter

Bk61.804~                                           Genealogists Handbook for Atlantic Canada Research

Bk61E.400Q    Newfoundland             The Book of Newfoundland, Vol. 2  (extraction room)

Bk61G.100~                                        Genea Research in Nova Scotia, Punch

Bk61G.101~                                        Nova Scotia Vital Statistics from Newspapers 1848-1851

Bk61G.102 ~                                       A Catalogue of Publ. Genea’s of Nova Scotia Families

Bk61H.700 ~    Ontr                             The Loyalists in Ontario, Reid

Bk61H.800 ~    Ontr                             Genea in Ontario: Searching the Recs, 1996, Merriman

Bk61H.900 ~                                        More Notices from Methodists Papers 1830-1857, ...

Bk61.I.500 ~    PEI                               Past & Present of Pr. Edw. Is., Mackinnon & Warburton

Bk61J.1825 ~  Quebec Ascott             Census 1825, Holbrook

Bk61J.1825 ~  Quebec Shipton           Census 1825, Holbrook

Bk61J.1 ~        Quebec Stanstead       Historical Society Journal, V 5=13

Bk61J.100 ~    Quebec Stanstead       Index to Forests & Clearings, 1792-1874

Bk61J.500 L    Quebec Stanstead       Forests & Clearings 1792-1874, History [locked cabinet]

Bk61J.900 ~    Quebec Stanstead       Vital Statistics Nov 1845-Dec 1860 from info publ in the ...

Bk61N.1861~   Ontr  Norfolk                Charlotte Twp Census 1861, Canada West



British Isles

Bk62.100 ~                                          Clerical Directory 1973‑74, Crockford

Bk62.101 ~                                          Record Repositories - Great Britain, 4th Edition

Bk62.102 ~                                          Hist. of Surnames of Brit. Isles, Ewen

Bk62.103 ~                                          Burkes General Armory, Eng, Wales, Scotland 1884

Bk62.104 ~                                          National Genea. Directory 1981, 1986, Burchall

Bk62.105~                                           Directory of Members Interests 1990, NDFHS

Bk62.106 ~                                          County Inns, Lodges & Historic Hotels of Great Britain, 1986-7

Bk62.110 ~                                          Your Book of Surnames, Hughes

Bk62.111 ~                                          Marriage, Census & Other Indexes for Family Historians

Bk62.112~                                           Concise Ency. of Heraldry, Rothery

Bk62.113~                                           Family Ties in England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland, Reid

Bk62.114~                                           Boutell’s Heraldy, Scott-Giles

Bk62.115~                                           Shield & Crest: An Account of The Art/Science of Heraldry

Bk62.116~                                           Old English Towns, Andrews/Lang

Bk62.200 ~                                          Electoral Registers since 1832 & Burgess Rolls, Gibson

Bk62.201 ~                                          Hearth Tax, Other Later Stuart Tax Lists & the Association

Bk62.202 ~                                          Poll Bks 1696-1872; a Direc to Local Holdings in Great Britain

Bk62.203 ~                                          Probate Jurisdictions: Where to Look for Wills, Gibson

Bk62.204 ~ Local Census Listings 1522‑1930 in the British Isles‑Gibson (filed in box with 62.111)

Bk62.403 ~                                          Burke's Dormant & Extinct Peerages

Bk62.600~                                           Gazetteer

Bk62.601 ~                                          Domesday Book: A General Introduction, 2 Vol.

Bk62.602 ~                                          Survey Gazetteer of British Isles, Bartholomew

Bk62.701 ~                                          British Army Pensioners Abroad 1772-1899, Crowder

Bk62.800 ~      Ancestral Trails-Complete Guide to British   Genealogy and Family History, Herber

Bk62.802 ~                                          Tracing Your British Ancestors

Bk62.805 ~                                          Scotch-Irish Sources for Research

Bk62.806 ~                                          In Search of British Ancestry, Gerald Hamilton-Edwards

Bk62.807 ~                                          Family & Local Hist Handbook, a Comprehensive Guide

Bk62.808 L      (locked cabinet)           Index to Parishes in Phillimore's Marriages

Bk62.809 ~      Family Tree Detective: Manual for Analyzing & Solving Gen.    Problems in England

Bk62.810~                                           A Complete Guide to Heraldry, Fox-Davies 1978

Bk62.811~                                           In Search of Your British and Irish Roots

Bk62.812~                                           Genea Research in Eng & Wales, Smith & Gardner, v2

Bk62.813~                                           Your English Ancestry, Guide for N. Americans, Irvine

Bk62.901                                              Obituary prior  1800 (as far as relates to Eng, Scot, & Ireland),

   by Sir William Musgrave of Haton Castle Co Cumberland and

  entitled “A General Nomenclator and Obituary, with reference to

 the books where the persons are mentioned, and where some

 account of their character is to be found.”  Vol. 2, 1900.  Armytage



Bk63.102 ~                                          Genealogists Guide, Marshall

Bk63.103 ~                                          A Genealogical Guide, 1953, Whitmore

Bk63.104 ~                                          English Surnames, Their Sources & Significations, Bardsley

Bk63.105 ~                                          Story of Surnames, Pine

Bk63.106~                                           Descriptive Inv. of Engl. Collection, Eakle,

Bk63.107 ~      News1750-1920 Eng/Wales, Channel Is, Is Man, Gibson (filed in box with 62.111)

Bk63.108 ~      Lndn  London              Lists of Londoners, Gibson (filed in box with 62.111)

Bk63.109 ~      The Bristol Registers of Servants Sent to Foreign Plantations 1654‑1686, Coldham

Bk63.110~                                           Origin of English Surnames, Reaney

Bk63.111L       [locked cabinet]            How to use the Bernau Index

Bk63.112~                                           English Cottages & Farmhouses, Olive Cook

Bk63.113~                                           An Illus. Guide to London 1800, Borer

Bk63.200 ~      Record Offices: How to find them, Gibson (filed in box with  62.111)

Bk63.201~       Quarter Sessions Recs for Family Historians, Gibson (filed in  Box with 62.111)

Bk63.301‑1 ~   General Articles           Nat’l Index of Parish Register, Soc. of Gen.

Bk63.301‑2 ~                                       Sources for Nonconformist Genea & Family Hist.

Bk63.301‑3 ~                                       Sources for Roman Catholic & Jewish Genea & Family Hist

Bk63.301‑5 ~   S.Midlands,Wales        Parish Register Index, Soc. of Gen. Nat'l.

Bk63.303~                                           Key to Ancient Parish Registers of Eng & Wales, Burke

Bk63.304~                                           Parish Reg. Copies Soc. Genea. Collections pt‑1

Bk63.304~                                           Other than the Soc. of Genea. Collections pt‑2

Bk63.305L       [locked cabinet]            Phillimore Atlas & Index of Parish Registers

Bk63.306~                                           Parish Churches &Nonconformist Chapels of Wales, Their ...

Bk63.307~       Nrflk                             The Walloons and their Church at Norwich, 1565-1832, Moens

Bk63.400~       A Royal Descent, Pedigrees- Tabular & Narrative, Armorial Bearings, Sharpe pt 1

Bk63.400~       A Royal Descent, additional corrections with other pedigrees &  memorials, part 2

Bk63.500~       Crown and Parliament in Tudor-Stuart Eng, a documentary constitutional History

Bk63.501~                                           Lord Macaulay- The Hist of Eng, Trevor-Roper

Bk63.600~                                           Guide to England & Wales, Black, 1872

Bk63.601~                                           Genealogical Gazetteer of Eng, Smith, 1968

Bk63.603~                                           Road Atlas of Great Britain, Bartholomew, 1963

Bk63.604~                                           Genea. Atlas of England and Wales, Gardner

Bk63.605~                                           Eng. Land Holders at the time of the Domesday Survey

Bk63.621~                                           Victorian Travellers Guide to 19th Cent Eng & Wales

Bk63.800 ~                                          Introducing Genealogy, Willis

Bk63.801~                                           Genea Research in England & Wales, V‑1=3, Smith

Bk63.803~       Sssx Chitchester          Village Records, W. Sussex, John West

Bk63.804 ~      Series A                       Major Genea. Records British Isles; 2 V

Bk63.805~                                           Census & Population Listings in British Isles Pre-1841

Bk63.806 ~                                          Guide to English County Histories

Bk63.807~                                           Everyone Has Roots; An Introduction to English Genea, Camp

Bk63.808~                                           Genealogical Resources in English Repositories, Moulton

Bk63.809~                                           American Colonists in English Recs, Guide to references in  recs..

Bk63.810 ~                                          This Ancestry Business, Beginners Guide to Genea.

Bk63.811~                                           Genea Research in England’s Public Record Office

Bk63.812~                                           Genea Research in Eng & Wales, Smith & Gardner

Bk63.900R                                           Marriage Index of Eng. 1500‑1837, Boyds

Bk63.901 ~                                          Wills & Their Whereabouts, Camp, 1963

Bk63.902 L      (locked cabinet)           List of Parishes in Boyd's Marr,  Index

Bk63.903 ~                                          Genea. Gleanings, Waters, 2 Vol.Will Abst.

Bk63.904 R                                          Civil Reg. Index, B, M, Death, July 1837‑

Bk63D.400 ~    Derby                           Members Interests,1993, Derby Family Hist. Soc.

Bk63DU.100    Drhm                            Durham Families Directory, Index

Bk63E.900~     Essex                           Wills, Vol. 1 1558-1565; Vol. 3 1571-1577

Bk63.L.200L    Lanc Wills, Proved within Arch deaconry of  Richmond, .... [locked cabinet]

Bk63.L.600 ~   Lncsh Manchester       Street Atlas

Bk63.LO.300~                                     Lndn  Westminster       Parish Registers, St. Peter, 1655‑1875, V 10, 1876

Bk63.LO.600 ~Lndn  London              Authentic Atlas & Guide to London & Suburbs

Bk63.LO.601~ Lndn  London              The Blue Guides: Short Guide to London , Muirhead, 1933

Bk63.LO.900~ Lndn  London              Wills, Court of Husting, 1258‑1358, pt‑1

Bk63.LO.900 ~                                    Lndn  London  Wills, Court of Husting, 1358‑1688, pt‑2

Bk63.LO.901~ London Membership & Marr, Betrothals, Banns in the Dutch Reformed ch

Bk63.N.100~    Index of Christian Names &  Surnames mentioned in Rye’s Norfolk Families, ...

Bk63N.200~     Nrflk                             The Freemen of Norwich, England, 1714-1752, Millican 1952

Bk63.N.300 ~   Nrflk Marr.                   Recorded in the Reg. of the Sacrist of the Cathedral ch

Bk63.N.301 L   Nrflk N.Eleham             The Ancient Reg of N. Eleham, Legge [locked cabinet]

Bk63.N.302 L   Nrflk Marsham             Parish Registers from 1538-1836, Mitchell [locked cabinet]

Bk63.N.500 ~   Nrflk                             Unknown Norfolk, Maxwell

Bk63.N.900 ~   Nrflk Nrwch                  Subscription Books, 1637-1800, Carter

Bk63.N.901~    Norfolk ETC                 Record Soc.  30 Volumes

Bk63.NR.251~ Northumberland           Index to 1851 Census, V 1: Hartburn, Netherwitton, ...

Bk63.NT.900 ~ Nttng Hucknall             Hucknall Parish Gravestones

Bk63.S.300 ~   Shrps Westbury           Register of Westbury, 1638‑1812

Bk63.SU.100~                                     The Suffolk Dialect of The 20th Century, Claxton

Bk63.SU.200~ Sfflk                             Wills From The Archdeaconry, V1-2 1629=1640

Bk63.SU.300~ Sfflk Thorington           The Reg’s of the Parish of Thorington, Bapt, Marr, Bur,

Bk63SR.300~  Srry  Putney                 The Parish Register of Putney, 1620-1734

Bk63.W 100~ Wrwck                           Recs of King Edw's School, Birmingham, Warwick, V 5

Bk63.W101~    Wrwck                          Recs of King Edw’s School, Birmingham, V 4

Bk63.W.301~   Wrwck                          Corres. of Rev. Jos. Greene, Parson, Schoolmaster, & ...

Bk63.W400~    Henry Ferrers, An Early Warwickshire Antiquary 1550-1633, Paper #16 

Bk63.W.401~   Wrwck                          Ministers acc. Estates of Duke of Clarence, 1479-1480

Bk63.W.501~   Warwickishire Parish Clergy in Later Middle Ages, paper #17

Bk63.W.502~   Jos Chamberlain & W Midland Politics 1886-95, paper #15

Bk63.W.900~   Wrwck                          Warwick Co. Records, 9 volumes

Bk63.W.901~   Wrwck Hemlingford     Hearth Tax Returns

Bk63.W.902~   Wrwck                          The Printed Maps of Warwickshire 1576-1900

Bk63.W.903~   Wrwck                          Dugdale Society

Bk63.WI.300~ Wltsh Stourton             The Registers of Stourton, 1570-1800



Bk64.100 ~                                          Passenger Lists from Ireland, Excerpted from Journal of the ...

Bk64.102 ~                                          Irish Family Hist. Library Cataloque, Simplified, Hjelm

Bk64.103~                                           Clans & Families of Ireland, Grenham

Bk64.200~       [needs repair]   Reg Wills & Inventories Diocese of Dublin 1457-1483

Bk64.300 ~      Connaught                   Co. Map-Location of Churches

Bk64.301 ~      Munster                       Co. Map-Location of Churches

Bk64.302~       Dbln                             Registers of St. John the Evangelist, Dublin, 1619-1699, V 1

Bk64.302~       Dbln                             Reg of St Patrick, Dublin 1677-1800, V 2

Bk64.302~       Dbln                             Reg of St. Michan, Dublin, 1636-1685, V 3

Bk64.400                                              Irish Pedigrees/  origin and stem of the Irish Nation.  O’Hart

Bk64.401                                              If You’re a Wee Bit Irish.  A Guide to Family Relationships as

  Collected from the Oral Tradition. Durning, William P.

Bk64.402                                              The Book of Irish Families.  1992.

Bk64.500 ~      On Loan                       Irish Families, Their Names, Arms & Origins 

Bk64.501 ~      Kerry Sneem                Sneem, the Knot in the Ring, Stoakley

Bk64.502~                                           Ireland, Life World Library

Bk64.503~                                           A Short History of Ireland, Chauvire

Bk64.600 ~                                          Genea. Atlas of Ireland, Gardner, Harland, Smith

Bk64.601 ~                                          Historical Map of Ireland

Bk64.602 ~                                          A New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland, 2nd Edition, Mitchell

Bk64.800 ~                                          Irish & Scotch‑Irish Ancestral Research, V‑1, 2 Falley 

Bk64.801 ~                                          A Simple Guide to Irish Genealogy, Clare

Bk64.802 ~                                          Pocket Guide to Irish Genealogy, Mitchell

Bk64.803 ~                                          Irish Records: Sources Family & Local History 

Bk64.805 ~                                          Tracing Your Ancestors in Northern Ireland, Maxwell

Bk64.806~                                           Tracing Your Irish Ancs, The Complete Guide, 2nd Grenham

Bk64.900 ~      Killucan W.Meath         Parish Registers 1697-1778

Bk64.902                                              Irish Marriages, an index to marriages in Walker’s Hibernian

   Magazine 1771-1812.  Farrar, Henry.



Bk65.100 ~                                          The Clans and Tartans of Scotland / Bain

Bk65.103 ~                                          Key to Parochial Registers  of Scotland from Earliest Times

Bk65.104~                                           The Tartan Map With Lists of Septs of the Clans

Bk65.301 ~                                          Sources for Scottish Genea & Family History, Steel, Vol 12

Bk65.400 ~                                          Kinsmen and Clansmen, R.W. Munro

Bk65.401 ~                                          Robert the Bruce, King of Scots.

Bk65.500 ~                                          Origin & Significance of Scottish Surnames, Sims

Bk65.501 ~                                          Monro's Western Isles of Scotland

Bk65.502~                                           A History of Scotland, Mackie

Bk65.600 ~                                          Genea. Atlas of Scotland, Gardner, Harland, Smith

Bk65.601 ~                                          Genea. Gazetteer of Scotland, Smith

Bk65.801 ~                                          Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry, Cory

Bk65.802 ~                                          Your Scottish Ancestry, A Guide for North Americans,

Bk65.803 ~                                          Scotland, A Mini Guide to its History & Genea Research, ...

Bk65.804 ~                                          A Mini Guide to the Scotch-Irish History & Genea

Bk65.806 ~                                          In Search of Scottish Ancestry

Bk65.807 ~                                          Scottish Roots, A Step to Step Guide for Ancestor Hunters


Bk66.800~       Series D                       Scandinavian = etc

Bk66.801 ~                                          Thus They Wrote-Guide to Gothic Script of Scandinavia, ...

Bk66.802 ~                                          Scandinavian Research

Bk66.803 ~                                          Scandinavian Kit



Bk67.100 ~                                          Adressebog, Post of Telegraf, 1972

Bk67.101 ~                                          Engelsk‑Dansk Ordbog (English-Danish Dictionary )

Bk67.102 ~                                          Dansk‑Engelsk Ordbog (Danish-English Dictionary )

Bk67.301Q                                            Danmarks Kirkeboger   (extraction room)

Bk67.400 ~                                          Gaestebog (Guestbook) Queries

Bk67.600 ~                                          Kort, Nordlige Jylland, Vol. 1 =3

Bk67.601~                                           Genea. Guide Book & Atlas, Smith/Thomsen

Bk67.602 ~                                          Gazetteer

Bk67.603 ~                                          Kort over Danmark 1:200,000  1972

Bk67.800 ~                                          Searching for Your Danish Ancestors

Bk67.801 ~                                          Hvem Forsker Hvd (The Danish genealogy Guide)

Bk67.802~                                           Denmark Information Binder

Bk67.900.1~                                        Parish Register, LDS Library call numbers, Stevenson

Bk67.900.2 ~                                       Census Records, LDS Library call numbers, Stevenson

Bk67.900.3 ~                                       Probate Indexes, Library Call Numbers, Stevenson

Bk67.900.4 ~                                       Military Recs. Library Call Numbers, Stevenson

Bk68.600~                                           Gazetteer

Bk69.100 ~                                          Icelandic  (language)

Bk70.100 ~                                          Guide to Norwegian Bygdeboker

Bk70.200 ~                                          Census 1801, Index

Bk70.300 ~                                          Genea Maps & Guide to Norwegian Parish Reg.

Bk70.400 ~                                          Aettebok for Skjak (Norwegian Descendancy Charts)

Bk70.401~                                           Nordic Roots, Anderson

Bk70.600 ~                                          Gazetteer

Bk70.601 ~                                          Bilkartbok, Road Atlas 1967, Cappelen

Bk70.602 ~                                          Genea Guidebook & Atlas of Norway

Bk70.800 ~                                          Beginner's Guide to Norwegian Genea Research

Bk70.801~                                           Norwegian-English Words Dict


Bk71.100 ~                                          Svensk Ortforteckning, 1970

Bk71.101R~ (downstairs)                    Eng-Swedish; Swedish-Eng Dictionary

Bk71.600 ~                                          Gazetteer

Bk71.601 [on atlas shelf]                     Kak Bilatlas, Maps

Bk71.800 ~                                          Cradled in Sweden, Johansson

Bk71.801 ~                                          Swedish Genea.Resources


Bk72.100 ~                                          Cent. European Genea. Terminology, Suess

Bk72.101~                                           European Genealogy. Eakle

Bk72.400                                              Royal & Noble Families of Medieval Europe.  Blankenship

Bk72.800 ~                                          In Search of Your European Roots, Baxter



Bk73.1858~                                         Odessa - Johammestal/Beresan dist, 1858 census

Bk73.1858~                                         Odessa - Rohrbach/Beresan dist, 1858 Census

Bk73.1858~                                         Odessa - Waterloo/Beresan dist, 1858 census

Bk73.100 ~                                          Address Book for Germanic Genealogy, Thode

Bk73.101 ~      etc                               Alsace Emigration Book, V 1, 2

Bk73.102 ~      Wrttm                           The Wuerttemberg Emigration Index Vols 1-7

Bk73.103 ~                                          Lists of Germans From Palatinate Who Came to England

Bk73.104 ~                                          Encyc-Guide German Democratic Rep, 1972, Nagles

Bk73.105~                                           Cassell’s New German & English Dictionary, 1939

Bk73.106~                                           English to Platt Duutsch, Wortebook

Bk73.107~                                           Germany: General Research Info

Bk73.300 ~                                          German Church Books: Beyond the Basics, Smith

Bk73.301~                                           Paradise on the Steppe, Height

Bk73.302~                                           Homesteaders on the Steppe, Height

Bk73.303 ~      Rhnln Boppard             Evangelischen Kirche records

Bk73.304 ~      Wrttm                           Guide to German Parish Regs, V 1, Cerny

Bk73.305 ~      Schls-Holstein              Map Guide to German Parish Registers: Oldenburg &

Bk73.306~                                           Die evangelischen Geistlichen der Pfalz seit der

Bk73.307~       Alsace-Lorraine            Die evangelischen Geistlichen und Theologen in Elsass und

Bk73.308~                                           Kurpfaelzische Auswanderer vom Unteren Neckar

Bk73.400 ~      Die Ahnenstammkartei des Deutschen Volkes (Ancestor  Lineage Card-File of the

Bk73.401~       Bessarabia Tarutino     Wirtschaft Records

Bk73.405~                                           Beitraege zur Genealogie, rheinischer, Adels- und

Bk73.406~                                           Beitraege zur Genealogie, rheinischer, Adels- und

Bk73.407~                                           Deutsches Familienarchiv

Bk73.408~                                           Lambsheim, Die Familien von 1547 bis 1800, fuer Maxdorf

Bk73.409~                                           Zur Geschichte der Stadt Ludwigshafen am Rhein, (History

Bk73.410~                                           Untertanenlisten des Herzogtums Pfalz-Zweibruecken aus

Bk73.411~                                           Pfaelzische Untertanen-Huldingungs und Musterungslisten

Bk73.412~       UnterTanenlisten Des Badischen Oberamtes Birkenfeld und der pfalz-zweibruckischen

Pflege Achtelsbach 1776

Bk73.500 ~      (on loan)                      Germany‑ 2000 Years, V 2, Reinhardt

Bk73.501 ~                                          German Paper; A Short History of Germany

Bk73.502 ~      Wrttm                           Shones, Shwabenland, Beautiful Wurttemberg

Bk73.503~                                           Popular History of Germany from the Earliest Period to .. V4

Bk73.504~       V-l,2                             German Colonies in S.Russia 1804-1904, Keller

Bk73.505~                                           Volga Germans in Russia & the Americas, from 1763 to ...

Bk73.506~                                           from Catherine to Khrushchev

Bk73.507~                                           Memories of the Black Sea Germans

Bk73.508~                                           History of Germany from the Earliest Times, Lewis

Bk73.600 ~                                          Gazetteer‑ East Germany

Bk73.601 ~                                          Gazetteer‑ West Germany

Bk73.602 ~                                          Postleitzahen 1961

Bk73.603 L [locked cabinet]                 Using the Meyers Orts und Verkehrs Lexicon des

Bk73.604 L [locked cabinet]                 How to Read & Understand Meyers

Bk73.605 L [locked cabinet]                 Orts‑Und Verkehrslexikon, Meyers, 3 Vols.

Bk73.800~       Series C                       Germanic ‑ Slavic

Bk73.801.1 ~   Etc                               Atlantic Bridge to Grmny,Baden, Wuerttenberg

Bk73.802 ~                                          Encyc‑German‑American Genea.Research, Smith

Bk73.803 ~                                          Genea. Handbook of German Research, Jensen,1-2

Bk73.804 ~                                          Tracing Your German Roots, Wellauer

Bk73.805 ~                                          German Research, Fleck

Bk73.806 ~                                          In Search of Your German Roots, Baxter

Bk73.807 ~                                          German Family research made Simple

Bk73.810 ~                                          The German Research Companion, Riemer

Bk73.811~       [above lock cab]           German Quickly: A Grammar for Reading German

Bk73.812~                                           If I Can You Can, Decipher Germanic Recs, Bentz

Bk73.813~                                           How to Find My German Ancestors and Relatives, Friederichs

Bk73.814~                                           Reconstructed Pssr Lists for 1850: Hamburg to US, etc

Bk73.900 ~                                          Emig. from Germ. to Russia 1763‑1862, Stumpp

Bk74.400~                                           Jaarboek Centraal Bureau Voor Genealogie 1997

Bk74.500~                                           The Rise of Quakerism in Amsterdam, Hull

Bk74.600~                                           Gazetteer

Bk74.803~                                           Genealogie, V6 #3

Bk74.804~                                           Dutch Genea Research, Franklin


Bk75.100~                                           Angielsko‑Polski Dictionary

Bk75.600~                                           Gazetteer, 2 Vol

Bk75.800~                                           Korzenie Polskie, Polish Roots, Chorzempa


Bk76.300 ~      W.Vlnd Tielt                 Klapper op de Huwel; Ksakten van Tielt (Marriage Index

Bk76.600~                                           Gazetteer

Bk76.800~                                           Translating Vital Records of Belgium from Latin, Dutch & ...

Bk76.801~                                           What's Behind my Flemish Family Name, Denys


Bk78.301~       Bern                             Verzeichnis der Kirchenbucher des Kantons Bern

Bk78.800~                                           Tracing Your Swiss Roots, Wellauer

Bk78.801~                                           Notes on Research Sources for Eighteenth Century

Bk78.802~                                           Handy Guide to Swiss Genealogical Records, Suess





Bk79.101~                                           Dictionary, Fr‑Eng; Eng‑Fr

Bk79.102~                                           The Origins of Some Anglo-Norman Families, Loyd

Bk79.500 ~                                          Emigrants in the Wilderness, Clarke

Bk79.501~                                           Huguenot Pedigrees, C.E. Lart, V1,2

Bk79.502~                                           Huguenots in France and America, Lee

Bk79.600 ~                                          Gazetteer, 2 Vol

Bk79.800~       Series G                      Major Genea Rec Sources in France


Bk80.101~                                           International Direc of B,M,D & Divorce Records

Bk80.500~                                           The Governesses - Letters From the Colonies 1862-1882

Bk80.800~                                           How to Trace Your Family Tree and not get  Stuck on a Branch

Bk80.801~       Series E                       Pacific


Bk81.200~                                           Census Records for Latin America and the Hispanic US

Bk81.600~       Series H                       Central & South America

Bk81.800.1 ~                                       Major Genea.Record Sources in Guatemala

Bk81.800.2~    Mexico                         Major Genea.Record Sources in Mexico

Bk81.801~                                           A Beginners Guide to Hispanic Genealogy, Flures & Ludwig

Bk81.802~                                           Finding your Hispanic Roots , Ryskamp


Bk82.100 ~                                          Italian For Beginners, Duff

Bk82.101 ~      Point: The American Network of Italian Genea, Annual Direc- Italian Surname

Bk82.102          Italian Dictionary Revised & Updated. Italian-English; English-Italian.Crown Publ 1993.

Bk82.600 ~                                          Gazetteer of Italy

Bk82.800 ~                                          Italian Genea Records: How to Use Civil,  Eccleslastical etc

Bk82.801~       Finding Italian Roots, Colleta (The Complete Guide for  Americans)

Bk82.802~                                           Italian Fam Research, Konrad


Bk84.600 ~                                          German Towns in Slovakia & Upper Hungary

Bk84.800 ~                                          Overcoming Obstacles to E.European Research, Allen

Bk84.801 ~                                          Handy Guide to Hungarian Genea Recs, Suess


Bk87.600~                                           Gazetteer - USSR U-Z


Bk88.103~                                           In Search of Your Asian Roots, Genea Research on Chinese

Bk88.800.3~                                        Chinese Local Histories, as a Source for the Genealogist

Bk88.900~                                           Student's Guide to Chinese American Genealogy, She ...


Bk90.100~                                           International Vital Records Handbook

Bk90.102~                                           Genea Research Directory 2000

Bk90.800 ~                                          World Conference on Records, 1969

Bk90.800.A~                                        Creation, Storage, Pres. Recs in Arch & Libr

Bk90.800.B~                                        Methods of Retrieval, Stor. & Pres. of Recs

Bk90.800.C ~ etc                                 Flow Chart‑Eng. Research Procedures

Bk90.800.D~                                        Boundary Changes Cent. Europe after WWI

Bk90.800.E~                                        Finnish Genea. Research

Bk90.800.F~                                        Tracing Ancestors‑Quebec, Acadia to France

Bk90.800.G~                                       Research Pacific, S. Asia, Africa

Bk90.800.H~                                        Hist & Records Relating to Research in Asia

Bk90.800.l~     etc                               Peculiarities Genea. Research in Va

Bk90.800.J~                                        Some Studies of International Heraldry

Bk90.800.K~                                        The Western Reserve

Bk90.800.L~                                        Publishing Genea. Material

Bk90.800.M~                                       Successful Family Organizations

Bk90.801~       etc                               World Conference on Recs, 1980

Bk90.901~       Ulster                           Discovering Ulster Origins, V6#436