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Sacajawea Chapter Cross - Stitch Sampler

Sacajawea Cross-Stitch Sampler

In 1982 Sacajawea Chapter members Pat DeBoer, Joyce Jaros, DoRis Klotzner,
Esther Mathews, Maxine Padget, and Marian Seeley designed and created this
cross-stitch sampler for the chapter.   We proudly display it on our home page.


Central Figure - Sacajawea (DAR) with Baptiste (C.A.R.) - guiding over the mountains.

Fawn - Young life, respect and conservation of nature.

Large Evergreen Tree - Symbolic of the Evergreen State (Washington).

Evergreen Tree - Reforestation. New Life from seeds of old. (cones).

Hearts in Border - Love, symbol embodying the (x) sacrifices of many.

Young Evergreen Garland Border - The Evergreen State citizens working hand in hand for the preservation of their beautiful natural heritage. The light green tips symbolize new growth.

Rhododendrons and Goldfinches - The Washington State flower and bird.

1906 - 1982 - Chapter Charter to the year the sampler was created.

Square with Cross - Freedom of religion within constitutional authority. This is an ancient Indian symbol too, with slightly different meaning, but representing the idealistic within the practical.

Motif (East to West) by DAR - Sea to shining sea;
Mountains - rocks and rills;
Sun and moon - across the miles (DAR has chapters in all of the United States.)


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