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South Snohomish County Marriages

Sno-Isle Genealogical Society has copied and organized marriages from the newspapers published in Edmonds, covering the South Snohomish County area from 1905 through 1923. The results have been assembled into the following data file;  note that brides' names and grooms' names are interfiled and that the date of publication may NOT be the actual marriage date..

For a small monetary contribution towards the maintenance of our research library, we can provide an e-copy or a hard copy of the original published marriage announcement or news article.

For information about ordering copies of articles, please contact the Sno-Isle Genealogical Society, 19827 Poplar Way, Lynnwood, WA  98037, or by e-mail to SIGS (AT)  (use "MARRIAGES" as the message header)

This collection of marriage articles and announcements is one of many such compilations comprising the Sno-Isle Genealogical Society's Special Projects. Find links to other Snohomish County Special Projects at the bottom of this page.

ABEL William DARRAH, Ella Trib-Review 27 Mar 1914
ABRAHAMSE Elizabeth BAKER, Hammond Trib-Review 18 Jan 1918
ACKERMAN Minnie MORGAN, O. P. Trib-Review 21 Feb 1919
ALLEN Mr. HETHERINGTON, Gale Trib-Review 31 Oct 1913
AMMON Margaret Elizabeth DELLE, Mark Trib-Review 27 Jun 1913
ANDERSON Betsy JOHNSON, Eldon Trib-Review 29 Jun 1917
ANDERSON Borghild McALLISTER, Foster C. Trib-Review 16 Aug 1918
ANDERSON Otto D. BECKSTROM, Mary Trib-Review 14 Jun 1918
ANDERSON James F. GRAHAM, Marjorie Trib-Review 18 Jun 1920
ANDERSON Mr. KALLIN, Yerda Trib-Review 11 May 1923
ANGER A. (Mrs.) KONNERUP, Sofus EdTrib 24 Dec 1908
ARMSTRONG Sarah CHURCH, S. L. Trib-Review 6 Aug 1915
ARROWOOD May IAEGER, George Trib-Review 27 Oct 1910
ASHCROFT Bernice MIDDLETON, Adrian Trib-Review 2 Mar 1923
BACH William H. LARSON, Annie M. Trib-Review 2 Dec 1910
BACON Aneta YOST, George W. Trib-Review 12 Mar 1915
BACON Walter JOYCE, Sybol Trib-Review 28 Mar 1919
BAIN Addie OSBORN, Sherman Trib-Review 5 May 1916
BAIN Lulu HENSON, Everett Trib-Review 25 May 1923
BAKER Hammond ABRAHAMSE, Elizabeth Trib-Review 18 Jan 1918
BAKER Alice (Mrs.) KINGDON, Frank Trib-Review 5 Oct 1917
BALDWIN Florence JUDY, Chester J. Trib-Review 2 Jul 1915
BARTLETT Clara MILLER, Roscoe I. Trib-Review 9 Dec 1921
BARTLETT Hester MULLIENS, Otis Robert Trib-Review 27 Jul 1917
BECKSTROM Mary ANDERSON, Otto D. Trib-Review 14 Jun 1918
BEESON Eathel (Mrs.) JOHNSON, H. A. Trib-Review 18 May 1923
BELL Margaret WILSON, Lester W. Trib-Review 11 May 1917
BENJAMIN Marie BROCK, Edward H. Trib-Review 28 May 1920
BENNER Lea KINGDON, Vadner (Mrs.) Trib-Review 16 Jun 1916
BIGELOW W. H. ROE, S. J. (Mrs.) Trib-Review 17 Sep 1915
BJORNSON Amanda THOMPSON, Sam Trib-Review 7 Jan 1916
BLACK Miss DOREN, John Trib-Review 1 Aug 1913
BLANCHARD Mabel Ida SILL, Harold Ward Trib-Review 27 Oct 1910
BLASER Ruth HANSEN, Peter Trib-Review 14 Jun 1918
BOSHART Kathryn LUXTON, Robert S. Trib-Review 14 Jul 1916
BOYCE Peter E. McKILLICAN, Abbie (Mrs.) Trib-Review 18 Jun 1915
BRACKETT Ethel CARY, Miles Trib-Review 7 Jun 1918
BRACKETT Margaret McNAMARRA, E. J. Trib-Review 1 Dec 1916
BRACKETT Mary CARPENTER, H. C. Trib-Review 14 Apr 1916
BRADLEY Fern STEPHENS, Ralph Trib-Review 5 Jul 1918
BRADLEY Roscoe DeLAND, Hazel Trib-Review 21 Nov 1913
BRANDSETTER Anna DESPRES, George C. Trib-Review 18 Jun 1915
BRANDSTETTER Anna DESPRES, George C. Trib-Review 18 Jun 1915
BROCK Edward H. BENJAMIN, Marie Trib-Review 28 May 1920
BURBANK Martha Eleanor Isabel 
PINELLA, John B. Trib-Review 6 Feb 1914
BURBANK Winifred Torfrida HUNT, Edgar Ivey Trib-Review 4 Jul 1913
BURNETT Alma RYNEARSON, Walter Trib-Review 25 Jun 1915
CARPENTER H. C. BRACKETT, Mary Trib-Review 14 Apr 1916
CARY Miles BRACKETT, Ethel Trib-Review 7 Jun 1918
CARY C. J. WRIGHT, Lulu Trib-Review 1 Jun 1923
CHANDLER C. E., Dr. SMITH, Carroll Trib-Review 21 Dec 1909
CHASE Alice (Mrs.) ZIMMERMAN, Casper Trib-Review 7 Jun 1918
CHASE Marguerite LUND, A. B. Trib-Review 2 Jan 1914
CHURCH S. L. ARMSTRONG, Sarah Trib-Review 6 Aug 1915
CLAPHAM Harry PETERSON, Ella Trib-Review 11 Aug 1916
CLARK Katherine (Mrs.) LeGARY, Frank Trib-Review 25 Feb 1916
CLARK Paul DOTY, Anna Trib-Review 4 Feb 1916
CLARK Wesley POTTER, Bertha Trib-Review 14 Jul 1916
COBLE Eunice LAMOREUX, Harvey Trib-Review 11 May 1923
COGSWELL Dan NICHOLS, Hazel Trib-Review 26 Dec 1913
COGSWELL William SCHUSTER, Margaret Trib-Review 9 Jul 1915
COLLINS Anna EASTON, Chas., Rev. Trib-Review 25 Aug 1910
CONNER Walter A. MURDOCK, Caroline Elizabeth Trib-Review 11 Jun 1915
CONNOR Wm. H. THOMPSON, Jennie (Mrs.) Trib-Review 22 Sep 1910
COOMER Dayle STEEN, Robert Trib-Review 26 Dec 1913
COOMER Gilbert OLSON, Mabel Trib-Review 4 Jul 1919
COONS Bertha ZAVISKA, Frank Trib-Review 23 Jun 1910
CRISWELL Grace NILES, Robert F. EdTrib 8 Oct 1908
CRUEGER Mary HALES, Arthur Trib-Review 11 Aug 1910
DANN Wm. G., Rev EASTON, Annie Trib-Review 12 May 1910
DARRAH Ella ABEL, William Trib-Review 27 Mar 1914
DeLAND Hazel BRADLEY, Roscoe Trib-Review 21 Nov 1913
DeLAND Harry Austin WILSON, Flossie Myrtle Trib-Review 12 Sep 1913
DELLE Mark AMMON, Margaret Elizabeth Trib-Review 27 Jun 1913
DePEW Ivy SCHOOLCRAFT, Elmer Trib-Review 16 Apr 1920
DESPRES George C. BRANDSTETTER, Anna Trib-Review 18 Jun 1915
DEWEY Day LARSEN, Miss Trib-Review 7 Jan 1916
DeWOLF Marvene GLEASON, Stephen Trib-Review 29 Mar 1918
DINKEL Verna C. YOST, Edward L. Trib-Review 30 Jun 1910
DOREN John BLACK, Miss Trib-Review 1 Aug 1913
DOTY Anna CLARK, Paul Trib-Review 4 Feb 1916
EAKEN George M. SALSBERY, Lura Mabel (Mrs.) Trib-Review 16 Jun 1916
EASTON Chas., Rev. COLLINS, Anna Trib-Review 25 Aug 1910
EASTON Annie DANN, Wm. G., Rev. Trib-Review 12 May 1910
EGGERT Clara (Mrs.) ROLFE, George EdReview 10 Mar 1905
EVANS Julia WHITNEY, Leon Trib-Review 24 Jan 1919
FLETCHER George C. SKINNER, Mary Trib-Review 29 May 1914
FOX Spencer LeGARY Trib-Review 19 Dec 1919
FREASURE Jos. JONES, Rachel (Mrs.) Trib-Review 3 Oct 1913
GARDNER Carol LOWE, Metcalf Trib-Review 26 Dec 1919
GLEASON Stephen DeWOLF, Marvene Trib-Review 29 Mar 1918
GORDON Bert GRIMES, Nellie Trib-Review 11 Jul 1913
GORE Veral Robert THOMPSON, Verna Madolyn Trib-Review 26 Dec 1919
GORHAM John JUDY, Ella Trib-Review 6 Aug 1915
GRAHAM Amy SWEET, E. A., Dr. Trib-Review 12 Dec 1919
GRAHAM Marjorie ANDERSON, James F. Trib-Review 18 Jun 1920
GREGORY Edward Francis HOLLAND, Joann Trib-Review 7 May 1920
GRIMES Nellie GORDON, Bert Trib-Review 11 Jul 1913
HALES Arthur CRUEGER, Mary Trib-Review 11 Aug 1910
HAMILTON Andrew HANNA, Florence May Trib-Review 24 Jan 1913
HANNA Florence May HAMILTON, Andrew Trib-Review 24 Jan 1913
HANSEN Peter BLASER, Ruth Trib-Review 14 Jun 1918
HANSEN John C. JACOBSON, Marie Trib-Review 2 Dec 1910
HARRIER Merriam LEWIS, Lester W. Trib-Review 17 Nov 1916
HEATH Kenneth L. SPEEGLE, Bertha Trib-Review 10 Nov 1916
HENSON Everett BAIN, Lulu Trib-Review 25 May 1923
HETHERINGTON Gale ALLEN, Mr. Trib-Review 31 Oct 1913
HODGKINS Kathryn (Mrs.) LEMLEY, Charles Trib-Review 29 Sep 1916
HOGAR Johanna KOLER, Mike Trib-Review 12 Apr 1918
HOLLAND Joann GREGORY, Edward Francis Trib-Review 7 May 1920
HOLLOWAY Lena VOREIS, Clyde (VORIES?) Trib-Review 4 Jul 1913
HOPPS George Arthur STREET, Alys Maria Trib-Review 25 Aug 1910
HOWELL Zophar 3rd SHANK, Lulu Blanche Trib-Review 18 May 1906
HUNT Edgar Ivey BURBANK, Winifred Torfrida Trib-Review 4 Jul 1913
IAEGER George ARROWOOD, May Trib-Review 27 Oct 1910
IFFERT Bessie (Mrs.) Unknown Trib-Review 16 Jun 1916
JACOBSON Marie HANSEN, John C. Trib-Review 2 Dec 1910
JOHNSON Eldon ANDERSON, Betsy Trib-Review 29 Jun 1917
JOHNSON H. A. BEESON, Eathel (Mrs.) Trib-Review 18 May 1923
JOHNSON Olga Jevone SWENSON, Marvin Sylvester Trib-Review 13 Apr 1917
JOHNSON Charles E. LeGARY, Clara Trib-Review 13 Apr 1917
JOHNSON Albert RITENOUR, Dorothy Trib-Review 19 Jul 1918
JONES Rachel (Mrs.) FREASURE, Jos. Trib-Review 3 Oct 1913
JONES E. M., Dr. PACKARD, Evelyn Trib-Review 30 Nov 1917
JORDAN Edith TAYLOR, Walter R. Trib-Review 3 Jan 1913
JOYCE Sybol BACON, Walter Trib-Review 28 Mar 1919
JUDY Chester J. BALDWIN, Florence Trib-Review 2 Jul 1915
JUDY Ella GORHAM, John Trib-Review 6 Aug 1915
KALLIN Yerda ANDERSON, Mr. Trib-Review 11 May 1923
KANSEN Helena Agnes LENTZ, David Frank Trib-Review 20 Jun 1919
KELLERMAN Betty WATSON, J. T. Trib-Review 23 Dec 1921
KELLOGG James NELSON, Eva Trib-Review 7 Mar 1919
KERSTETTER O. E. SWEET, Marjorie Trib-Review 16 Jun 1910
KINGDOM Carl SMITH, Alice Trib-Review 16 Jun 1916
KINGDON Frank BAKER, Alice (Mrs.) Trib-Review 5 Oct 1917
KINGDON Vadner (Mrs.) BENNER, Lea Trib-Review 16 Jun 1916
KOLER Mike HOGAR, Johanna Trib-Review 12 Apr 1918
KONNERUP Sofus ANGER, A. (Mrs.) EdTrib 24 Dec 1908
KONNERUP Axie (Mrs.) SEATON, L. M., Dr. Trib-Review 9 Jun 1910
LAMOREUX Harvey COBLE, Eunice Trib-Review 11 May 1923
LANEY Dariel OLSON, Thos. Trib-Review 21 Mar 1919
LARSEN Miss DEWEY, Day Trib-Review 7 Jan 1916
LARSON Annie M. BACH, William H. Trib-Review 2 Dec 1910
LARSON P. J. PEARSON, Edith Trib-Review 26 Apr 1918
LEARNED Hazel SHERRICK, Johnson Trib-Review 18 Jun 1915
LEE Mabel PIKE, Olin C. Trib-Review 26 Mar 1915
LeGARY Frank CLARK, Katherine (Mrs.) Trib-Review 25 Feb 1916
LeGARY Clara JOHNSON, Charles E Trib-Review 13 Apr 1917
LeGARY Gladys FOX, Spencer Trib-Review 19 Dec 1919
LEMLEY Charles HODGKINS, Kathryn (Mrs.) Trib-Review 29 Sep 1916
LENTZ David Frank KANSEN, Helena Agnes Trib-Review 20 Jun 1919
LESTER Albert MARSELAIS, Evelyn Trib-Review 11 Jul 1919
LEWIS Frank Unknown Trib-Review 22 Apr 1909
LEWIS Lester W. HARRIER, Merriam Trib-Review 17 Nov 1916
LOVGREN Reuben E. OLSON, Nellie Margaret Trib-Review 20 Feb 1920
LOWE Metcalf GARDNER, Carol Trib-Review 26 Dec 1919
LOWN George F. McCLURKIN, Atha E. Trib-Review 25 Jun 1915
LOWN Herman R. WASSER, Vera Bell Trib-Review 27 Jun 1913
LUCE B. F. Unknown Trib-Review 16 Jun 1916
LUND A. B. CHASE, Marguerite Trib-Review 2 Jan 1914
LUXTON Robert S. BOSHART, Kathryn Trib-Review 14 Jul 1916
MARSELAIS Evelyn LESTER, Albert Trib-Review 11 Jul 1919
McALLISTER Foster C. ANDERSON, Borghild Trib-Review 16 Aug 1918
McCLURKIN Atha E. LOWN, George F. Trib-Review 25 Jun 1915
McKILLICAN Abbie (Mrs.) BOYCE, Peter E. Trib-Review 18 Jun 1915
McNAMARRA E. J. BRACKETT, Margaret Trib-Review 1 Dec 1916
McPHERSON Beatrice PIKE, Mr. Trib-Review 17 Oct 1919
MERRITT Frank TAYLOR, Bertha Trib-Review 17 Aug 1917
MERTENSEN August NILSON, Solvejg Trib-Review 12 Dec 1913
MIDDLETON Adrian ASHCROFT, Bernice Trib-Review 2 Mar 1923
MILLER Roscoe I. BARTLETT, Clara Trib-Review 9 Dec 1921
MITCHELL Edith B. PROFITT, George A. Trib-Review 18 Jun 1920
MORGAN O. P. ACKERMAN, Minnie Trib-Review 21 Feb 1919
MULLIENS Otis Robert BARTLETT, Hester Trib-Review 27 Jul 1917
MURDOCK Caroline Elizabeth CONNER, Walter A. Trib-Review 11 Jun 1915
NELSON Eva KELLOGG, James Trib-Review 7 Mar 1919
NICHOLS Hazel COGSWELL, Dan Trib-Review 26 Dec 1913
NILES Robert F. CRISWELL, Grace EdTrib 8 Oct 1908
NILSON Solvejg MERTENSEN, August Trib-Review 12 Dec 1913
OLSON Thos. LANEY, Dariel Trib-Review 21 Mar 1919
OLSON Mabel COOMER, Gilbert Trib-Review 4 Jul 1919
OLSON Nellie Margaret LOVGREN, Reuben E Trib-Review 20 Feb 1920
OSBORN Sherman BAIN, Addie Trib-Review 5 May 1916
PACKARD Evelyn JONES, E. M., Dr. Trib-Review 30 Nov 1917
PEARSON Edith LARSON, P. J. Trib-Review 26 Apr 1918
PETERSON Ella L. CLAPHAM, Harry Trib-Review 11 Aug 1916
PIKE Olin C. LEE, Mabel Trib-Review 26 Mar 1915
PIKE Mr. McPHERSON, Beatrice Trib-Review 17 Oct 1919
PINELLA John B. BURBANK, Martha Eleanor Isabel 
Trib-Review 6 Feb 1914
POTTER Bertha CLARK, Wesley Trib-Review 14 Jul 1916
PRESCHIO Violet SCHUSTER, Joe Trib-Review 22 Sep 1916
PRESNELL Elsie WOODS, Fred Trib-Review 22 Dec 1916
PROCTOR Ethel H. WASSER, Jesse Trib-Review 12 Feb 1915
PROFITT George A. MITCHELL, Edith B. Trib-Review 18 Jun 1920
RICHARDSON Annie THOMAS, J. W. Trib-Review 17 May 1918
RITENOUR Dorothy JOHNSON, Albert Trib-Review 19 Jul 1918
ROE S. J. (Mrs.) BIGELOW, W. H. Trib-Review 17 Sep 1915
ROLFE George EGGERT, Clara (Mrs.) EdReview 10 Mar 1905
RYNEARSON Walter BURNETT, Alma Trib-Review 25 Jun 1915
SALSBERY Lura Mabel (Mrs.) EAKEN, George M. Trib-Review 16 Jun 1916
SCHOOLCRAFT Elmer DePEW, Ivy Trib-Review 16 Apr 1920
SCHUSTER Joe PRESCHIO, Violet Trib-Review 22 Sep 1916
SCHUSTER Margaret COGSWELL, William Trib-Review 9 Jul 1915
SEATON L. M., Dr. KONNERUP, Axie (Mrs.) Trib-Review 9 Jun 1910
SHANK Lulu Blanche HOWELL, Zophar 3rd Trib-Review 18 May 1906
SHERRICK Johnson LEARNED, Hazel Trib-Review 18 Jun 1915
SHIELDS Bessie Louise (Mrs.) STOLL, William Walter Trib-Review 30 Jun 1916
SILL Harold Ward BLANCHARD, Mabel Ida Trib-Review 27 Oct 1910
SKINNER Mary FLETCHER, George C. Trib-Review 29 May 1914
SMITH Alice KINGDOM, Carl Trib-Review 16 Jun 1916
SMITH Carroll CHANDLER, C. E., Dr. Trib-Review 21 Dec 1909
SPEEGLE Bertha HEATH, Kenneth L. Trib-Review 10 Nov 1916
STEEN Robert COOMER, Dayle Trib-Review 26 Dec 1913
STEPHENS Ralph BRADLEY, Fern Trib-Review 5 Jul 1918
STOLL William Walter SHIELDS, Bessie Louise (Mrs.) Trib-Review 30 Jun 1916
STREET Alys Maria HOPPS, George Arthur Trib-Review 25 Aug 1910
SWEET E. A., Dr. GRAHAM, Amy Trib-Review 12 Dec 1919
SWEET Marjorie KERSTETTER, O. E. Trib-Review 16 Jun 1910
SWENSON Marvin Sylvester JOHNSON, Olga Jevone Trib-Review 13 Apr 1917
TAYLOR Walter R. JORDAN, Edith Trib-Review 3 Jan 1913
TAYLOR Bertha MERRITT, Frank Trib-Review 17 Aug 1917
THOMAS J. W. RICHARDSON, Annie Trib-Review 17 May 1918
THOMPSON Sam BJORNSON, Amanda Trib-Review 7 Jan 1916
THOMPSON Jennie (Mrs.) CONNOR, Wm. H. Trib-Review 22 Sep 1910
THOMPSON Verna Madolyn GORE, Veral Robert Trib-Review 26 Dec 1919
VENN Essie WINGROVE, A. C., Dr. Trib-Review 24 Aug 1917
VOREIS Clyde HOLLOWAY, Lena Trib-Review 4 Jul 1913
VORIES Clyde HOLLOWAY, Lena Trib-Review 4 Jul 1913
WASSER Jesse PROCTOR, Ethel H. Trib-Review 12 Feb 1915
WASSER Vera Bell LOWN, Herman R. Trib-Review 27 Jun 1913
WATSON J. T. KELLERMAN, Betty Trib-Review 23 Dec 1921
WHITNEY Leon EVANS, Julia Trib-Review 24 Jan 1919
WILSON Lester W. BELL, Margaret Trib-Review 11 May 1917
WILSON Flossie Myrtle DeLAND, Harry Austin Trib-Review 12 Sep 1913
WINGROVE A. C., Dr. VENN, Essie Trib-Review 24 Aug 1917
WOODS Fred PRESNELL, Elsie Trib-Review 22 Dec 1916
WRIGHT Lulu CARY, C. J. Trib-Review 1 Jun 1923
YOST George W. BACON, Aneta Trib-Review 12 Mar 1915
YOST Edward L. DINKEL, Verna C. Trib-Review 30 Jun 1910
ZAVISKA Frank COONS, Bertha Trib-Review 23 Jun 1910
ZIMMERMAN Casper CHASE, Alice (Mrs.) Trib-Review 7 Jun 1918

Snohomish County researchers thank SIGS member Janice Cutlip
for her many hours of effort in the compilation of this data file



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