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SKCGS Monthly General Meetings

When: Third Saturday of the month except July, August & December, 9:30 AM social time prior to the program at 10 AM.
A business meeting will follow the program.

Where: Wesley Homes Lea Hill, 32049 109th Pl SE, Auburn, WA 98092, 2nd floor Assembly Room Google Map.

Everyone interested in Genealogy and Family History is invited to attend.

May 20, 2017

Annual Business Meeting - 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM

The Society's Annual Business Meeting will be held today followed by Charley Kempthorne's presentation. We must be out by 12:00 PM so the business meeting will start at 9:30 AM. The main topic being the election of officers. The two open offices are President and Treasurer. Each elected office-holder will serve from 1 June 2017 through 31 May 2019. The nominations for the office of President are Barbara Mattoon and Marilyn Schunke. The nomination for the office of Treasurer is MaryLynn Strickland who, if elected, will be serving her second term. Per Article VI, Section 2 of the Society’s Bylaws, nominations may be made from the floor at any General Membership meeting prior to the election, including at the May General Membership meeting. Per Article VI, Section 4 of the Society’s Bylaws, in the event that there is more than one (1) nominee for any office, written ballots shall be required and an Election Committee shall be appointed by the President to count the ballots and report the results. Per Article VI, Section 5 of the Society’s Bylaws, the Officers shall be elected by a simple majority of all members present and voting at the Annual General Membership meeting on 20 May 2017.

For President - Barbara Mattoon

Barbara Mattoon became interested in genealogy as a successful investor in As an investor I began researching their business and soon began pursuing my own family history. My family kept EVERYTHING and it was stored in my basement, so I had a running start. Upon retirement from a long career in sales and management for an international staffing firm, I began a serious study of genealogy. I joined SKCGS and inquired of then President, Janet Camarata, how I might be of service. We agreed that I would assume the position of Genealogist. I have served on the Board of Directors for four years. Other leadership experience includes serving as President of the Washington State Federation of Business and Professional Women, a member of the Renton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and leadership of a number of different committees at the Kent United Methodist Church. I have attended four national and one regional genealogical conferences in addition to monthly SKCGS meetings.

For President - Marilyn Schunke

Marilyn A. Schunke has been researching her family for 20 years. She is a graduate of the University of Washington’s Genealogy and Family History Certificate Program. She is currently a member of the New York Genealogical Society, Washington State Genealogical Society, Eastside Genealogical Society, as well as South King County Genealogical Society (SKCGS).  She has supported genealogy education in Puget Sound as Education Coordinator at Heritage Quest Research Library for several years and presenter of a Microsoft Windows 10 class. Marilyn is currently serving on the SKCGS Board as circulating librarian.

For Treasurer - MaryLynn Strickland

MaryLynn Strickland has served as Treasurer from 2015 and has accepted nomination to continue in the position. She has also served on the Annual Review and Budget Committees as needed. She has a background in bookkeeping and financial reporting for not-for-profit organizations. MaryLynn has also chaired the Computer Users Group and Heritage Photo and done presentations to the general meetings on various topics.

May 20, 2017

LifeStory Writing Workshop

Presented by Charley Kempthorne

Most LifeStory Workshops are about two entertaining hours long.  They are exhilarating and exciting workshops in which people discover that they've been very good writers all along.  They just didn't know how to get started!  The best way to get started is to join with friends and others and write and share what you've written.  Charley Kempthorne,  an experienced writer and writing coach has presented these entertaining and instructive workshops all over the USA and Canada. He is assisted by his wife, June.   There are four parts to every workshop. First, we start with some memory-stimulating exercises.  Second, we write for fifteen minutes, and then, third, we read aloud (this is voluntary, of course) what we've written, Fourth and finally we talk about ways to publish what we're doing--and (not exactly by the way) to keep on writing and publishing!  

Charley Kempthorne

Charley Kempthorne has been writing since he was 11, when he purchased a typewriter with his share of the money he’d earned from the sale of  the family’s small wheat crop.  He painted the keys with luminous paint so that he could write after lights out.  (It didn’t work.)  He wrote all through high school and the Navy.  He edited a newsletter for his ship and even wrote a column for a patient newsletter when he was hospitalized in 1962. He  has graduate degrees in writing from the University of Kansas and from the famed Iowa Writer’s Workshop at the University of Iowa.  He began a career as a university professor, but within a few years resigned to write full time and to raise his young family on a  farm in the Flint Hills of  Kansas.  He and his wife supported themselves by starting a painting and papering business.  During these years until 1992 most of his writing was done early in the morning in a journal.  His journal is now more than seven million words and, printed out, fills a double closet shelf.

June 17, 2017

Be Your Own Digital Archivist: Preserve Your Research

Presented by Cyndi Ingle

Are you doing everything you can to safeguard your genealogical research? Your documents? Your data? Your scanned images? We will talk about the importance of taking charge of your own materials and making sure they aren't going to disappear.

Cyndi Ingle

Cyndi is the creator, owner and "webmaster" of the award-winning web site Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet,, a categorized index to more than 335,000 online resources. In its first three years, Cyndi's List was three times voted the best genealogy site on the World Wide Web. It helps millions of visitors worldwide each month and has been featured in the media and diverse publications, including ABC News, NBC News, USA Today, Time, Newsweek, Parade Magazine, Wired, Family Tree Magazine, Family Chronicle, and Internet Genealogy magazines. Cyndi has been interviewed for many television and radio broadcasts including ABC News, NBC News, the BBC, and National Public Radio. She has also participated in the Ancestors II television series on PBS. Cyndi, a genealogist for more than 35 years, is a past-member of the board of directors for the National Genealogical Society. Cyndi is an internationally known guest lecturer for various genealogical society meetings and seminars ( She has lectured for the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, GENTECH, Brigham Young University, the Federation of Genealogical Societies, the National Genealogical Society, the Washington Library Association, the Florida Library Association, the American Library Association and numerous local genealogical societies in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Cyndi has authored numerous articles and three books. Before her life on the Internet, Cyndi worked as an international banker specializing in foreign exchange and computer networks. Cyndi, her son, Evan, and three Boston Terriers live in Edgewood, Washington.

Current Meeting Location: Wesley Homes - Lea Hill
32049 109th Pl SE, Auburn, WA 98092

Take the stairs or elevator to the Assembly Room on the second floor.

Wesley Homes - Lea Hill, Driving Directions (Scroll down Driving Directions are on right side)

King County Birth Register

Washington State Digital Archives

Transcription & Indexing done by members of the South King County Genealogical Society Extractions Committee.

SKCGS transcription of the King County Birth Register 1891-1907

This database contains the names of 19,668 people who were born in King County from 1891-1907.

The Extraction Committee under the leadership of Martha Richards using microfilm and digital images transcribed the records from the birth register. The index from the transcription made it possible for the Washington State Digital Archives to put these images online, and provide the record search facility.

King County Death Register

Washington State Digital Archives

Transcription & Indexing done by members of the South King County Genealogical Society.

King County Death Register 1891-1907

This database contains the names of 16,998 people who died in King County from 1891-1907.

Seattle Birth Register Volume 1

Washington State Digital Archives

Transcription & Indexing done by members of the South King County Genealogical Society.

SKCGS transcription of Seattle Birth Records Vol. 1 - 1 November 1890 - 30 December 1891

This database contains the names of 687 people who were born in Seattle, King County, Washington from 1 Nov. 1890 - 30 Dec. 1891.

Seattle Death Register

Washington State Digital Archives

Transcription & Indexing done by members of the South King County Genealogical Society.

Seattle Death Registers Index, 1881-1907

This database contains the names of 13,916 people who died in Seattle, King County, Washington during 1881-1907.

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