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About the Indexes

The South King County Genealogical Society has published a number of volumes of cemetery, obituary, and marriage records. In an effort to make the records more available, we are putting the indexes to these volumes on our website.


You may order photo copies of individual pages from South King County Genealogical Society Publications.
You will receive copies of the following:

  • The publication's title page. (Free)
  • A key page if one is present. (Free)
  • The page(s) for the person(s) you specify at $5.00 per person ($3.00 per person for members).

If your person appears on more than one page you will receive copies of those pages at NO ADDITIONAL COST as well. If ordering for multiple names that appear on the same or immediately adjacent page you need pay for only one person. If you have any questions email the Society's Genealogist, before mailing your order.

Please complete the order form provided for each publication, include payment, and mail it to:

South King County Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 3174
Kent, WA 98089-0203

Additional research help is available from the Society's Genealogist

Copyright Notice

The content of these publications and their indexes is owned and copyrighted by the South King County Genealogical Society (SKCGS). You may use the index data for personal or professional family history research as it relates to individual persons. You may NOT republish any significant portion(s) of these indexes online or otherwise.
Violation of the copyright may result in legal action for injunction, damages or both.

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