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  Orphan Trains Booklet VF-"Orphan Trains"  
  African American and American Indian Patriots of the Revolutionary War Book R973.344 AFR Nat.Soc.DAR
  Bibliography of Genealogical & Historical Materials for Ethnic Minority Research Booklet VF-"Research" Hamilton, Darlene
  Black Courage 1775-1783 - Documentation of Black Participation in the American Revolution Book R973.31503/GRE/1984 Greene, Robert Ewell
  Black Family Research: Records of Post-Civil War Federal Agencies at the National Archives Book R929.108996/WAS Washington, Reginald
  Black Genealogy Book R929.1/BLO Blockson, Charles L.
  Black Studies: A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications Book R973.0496016/UNI Nat. Archives Trust
  Finding a Place Called Home - A Guide to African-American Genealogical & Historical Identity Book R929.108996/WOO Woodtor, Dee P.
  A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your African-American Ancestors Book R929.108996/SMI Smith & Croom
  List of Free Black Heads of Families in the First Census of the United States (1790) Book R929.108996/NEW Newman, Debra L.
  Northwest Black Pioneers - A Centennial Tribute Book R979.700496/NOR Hayes, Ralph
  Researching Black History Book    
  Seattle's Black Victorians, 1852-1900 Book R979.777/MUM Mumford, Esther Hall
  Slave Genealogy: A Research Guide with Case Studies Book R929.1/STR Streets, David H.
  Slaves I: Claiborne County, Mississippi Book R929.3762/TER/V.1 Terry, Brenda
ALABAMA, State of
  DeKalb County, Alabama Marriage Index 1836-1916 Book R929.3761/DEK Duff, Dorothy Smith
  Early Settlers of Alabama Book R929.3761/SAU Saunders, James Edmonds
  Index to Alabama Wills 1808-1870 Book R929.3761/DAU Alabama Soc.DAR
  Monroe and Conecuh Co., Alabama Marriages 1833-1880 Book R929.376125/COL Colson & Colson
  Pioneers and Residents of West Central Alabama Prior to the Civil War Book R929.3761/PET Pettit, Madge
  Revolutionary Soldiers in Alabama Book R929.3761/OWE Owens, Thomas M.
ALASKA State of
  Alaska - A Bicentennial History Book R979.8/HUN Hunt, William R.
  Alaska Finns from the Russian Period (Sitka Lutherans) Booklet shelved w/bulletins Finnish-Am.HS of the West
  Alaska Sources: A Guide to Historical Records & Information Book R979.8/BRA Bradbury, Connie M.
  Biographies of Alaska-Yukon Pioneers 1850-1950 Vol.1 Book R979.80099/FER/V.1 Ferrell, Ed
  Biographies of Alaska-Yukon Pioneers 1850-1950 Vol.2 Book R979.80099/FER/V.2 Ferrell, Ed
  Biographies of Alaska-Yukon Pioneers 1850-1950 Vol.4 Book R979.80099/FER/V.4 Ferrell, Ed
  Biographies of Alaska-Yukon Pioneers 1850-1950 Vol.5 Book R979.80099/FER/V.5 Ferrell, Ed
  The Eskimos of Bering Strait - 1650-1898 Book R979.8004/RAY Ray, Dorothy Jean
  Gastineau Channel Memories 1880-1959 Book R979.8203/GAS Pioneer Book Committee
  Gastineau Channel Memories 1880-1967, Volume II Book R979.8203/GAS/V.2 Pioneer Book Committee
  Juneau-Douglas Finns of Southeast Alaska Booklet shelved w/bulletins Finnish-Am.HS of the West
  Nome, City of the Golden Beaches Book R979.84/COL Cole, Terrence
  The State of Alaska Book R979.8/GRU Gruening, Ernest
  Trail to the Klondike Book R979.804/MCC/1997 McCune, Don
  The ABC's of German-American Migration Book R325.243097/HAL Haller, Charles R.
  About Face: The Odyssey of an American Warrior Book B/HACKWORTH Hackworth & Sherman
  Abstracts of Obituaries in the "Western Christian Advocate" 1834-1850 Book R929.377/ABS Waters;Riker;Leistner
  American & British Genealogy & Heraldry: A Selected List of Books Book R929/FIL Filby, P. William
  American Colonists in English Records: A guide to direct references in authentic records, passenger lists not in "Hotten," etc. Book R929.342/AME Sherwood, George
  American Marriage Records Before 1699 Book R929.3/CLE Clemens, William M.
  American Migrations 1765-1799 Book R929.373/COL Coldham, Peter Wilson
  The American Genealogist, Being a Catalog of Family Histories Book R016.9292/AME Whitmore, William H.
  American Nicknames Book R929.403/SHA/1955 Shankle, George E.
  American Place Names of Long Ago Book R917.3003/AME Bahn, Gilbert S.
  Ancestors From the Eastern Heartland - PA,NJ,MD,DE Book R929.374/REH Seattle Gen.Society
  The Association Oath Rolls of the British Plantations (NY, VA, etc.) A.D.1696 Book R929.373/ASS Gandy, Wallace
  A Bibliography of American County Histories Book R973.016/FIL/1985 Filby, P. William
  Bibliography of American Directories through 1860 Book R973.025/SPE Spear, Dorothea N.
  Bibliography on the Colonial Germans of North America Book R929.3748/MEY Meynen, Emil
  Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774 - 1961 Book R328.73/UNI U.S. Congess
  Building an American Pedigree: A Study in Genealogy Book R921.1/WRI Wright, Norman Edgar
  Burke's Presidential Families of the United States of America Book R923.17/BUR Montgomery-Massingberd, Hugh
  City Directories of the United States Pre-1860-1901: A Guide to the Microfilm Collection Book R973.025/CIT Research Publications
  The Colonial Clergy of the Middle Colonies New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania 1628-1776 Book R253.2/WEI Weis, Frederick L.
  Colonial Families of the Southern States of America: Families who settled prior to the Revolution Book R929.20975/HAR Hardy, Stella P.
  Complete American Armoury and Blue Book - combining 1903, 1907 and 1911-23 editions Book R929.6/MAT Matthews, John
  Descendants of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence:  
  Vol.1 - The New England States Book R973.313092/PYN/V.1 Pyne, Rev.Frederick
  Vol.2 - New York State Book R973.313092/PYN/V.2 Pyne, Rev.Frederick
  Vol.3 - New Jersey Book R973.313092/PYN/V.3 Pyne, Rev.Frederick
  Vol.4 - Pennsylvania Book R973.313092/PYN/V.4 Pyne, Rev.Frederick
  Vol.5 - Delaware and Maryland Book R973.313092/PYN/V.5 Pyne, Rev.Frederick
  Vol.6 - Virginia Book R973.313092/PYN/V.6 Pyne, Rev.Frederick
  Vol.7 - North and South Carolina and Georgia Book R973.313092/PYN/V.7 Pyne, Rev.Frederick
  The Directory of North American Railroads, Associations, Societies, Archives, Libraries, Museums and Their Collections Book R385.025/HAN Hansen, Holly T.
  Encyclopedia of American Family Names Book R929.40973 /ROB/1995 Robb & Chesler
  Everton Publisher's "Roots" Cellar - Ancestor List (15 fiche) and Submitters' List (3 fiche) Microfiche Fiche Notebook
(on file cabinet)
Everton Publishers
  Family Names of Huguenot Refugees to America Book R929.42/LAW Lawton, Mrs.James M.
  Finnish-American Historical Society of the West - Master Index of Special Publications - Volumes 5:5 thru 20:1 Booklet shelved w/bulletins Finnish-Am.HS of the West
  Genealogical and Historical Atlas of the U.S.A. Book R911.3 /KIR Kirkham, E. Kay
  Genealogies in the Library of Congress  
  Volume I - A-J Book R929.1/LIB/V.1 Kaminkow, Marion J.
  Volume II - K-Z Book R929.1/LIB/V.2 Kaminkow, Marion J.
  Supplement - 1972-1976 Book R929.1/LIB Kaminkow, Marion J.
  Supplement - 1976-1986 Book R929.1/LIB Kaminkow, Marion J.
  A Complement to Genealogies in the Lib.of Congress Book R929.1/KAM Kaminkow, Marion J.
  The German-American Diary Book R929.373/HEC Heckert, Charles W.
  Grassroots of America: A Computerized Index to the American State Papers; Land Grants & Claims (1789-1837) (#6051323 - fiche #3 only) Microfiche Fiche Notebook
(on file cabinet)
LDS Church
  Graves and Sites on the Oregon and California Trails (CA, NV, UT, OR, ID, WY, NE) Book R917.950443/GRA Brown & Duffin
  The Hereditary Register of the U.S.A. - 1972 Book R929.6/HER/1972 Hereditary Society
  The Hereditary Register of the U.S.A. - 1974 Book R929.6/HER/1974 Hereditary Society
  Hidden Phase of American History: Ireland's Part in America's Struggle for Liberty Book R973.346/OBR O'Brien, Michael J.
  Historic Inscriptions on Western Emigrant Trails Book R978/BRO Brown, Randy
  A History of the Irish Settlers in North America from the Earliest Period to the Census of 1850 Book R929.373/MCG McGee, Thomas D'Arcy
  An Index to Some of the Bibles and Family Records of the United States - Vol. II Book R929.20973/KIR/V.2 Kirkham, E. Kay
  An Index to Some of the Family Records of the Southern States Book R929.20975/KIR Kirkham, E. Kay
  Marriage Laws in the United States, 1887-1906 Book R346.73016/NOR North, S.N.D.
  Marriage Notices for the Whole United States 1785-1794 (From "MA Centinel" & "Columbian Centinel") Book R929.373/BOL Bolton, Charles K.
  New England - New York Ancestors Before 1850 - entries submitted by NE Researchers Book R929/NEW Seattle Gen. Society
  The Northwest Ordinance 1787-A Bicentennial Handbook Book R977.02/NOR Taylor, Robert M.,ed
  The Old Pike: A History of the National Road with Incidents, Accidents, and Anecdotes Thereon Book R974.8/SEA Searight, Thomas B.
  Orphan Trains Booklet VF-"Orphan Trains"  
  Passports of Southeastern Pioneers 1770-1823 (Indian Spanish & Land Passports for TN, KY, GA, MS, VA, NC, SC) Book R929.375/POT Potter, Dorothy W.
  "The Ridge Runners" (VA, WV, NC, KY, TN) Vol: II; III; V ; VI; VII; VIII; X; XII (1973-79) Bulletins shelved w/boxed newsletters  
  Scots in Georgia and the Deep South, 1735-1830 Book R929.308991/DOB Dobson, David
  Scots in Mid Atlantic States, 1783-1883 Book R929.374/DOB Dobson, David
  Scots in Mid Atlantic Colonies, 1635-1783 Book R929.308991/DOB Dobson, David
  Scots in New England, 1623-1873 Book R929.308991/DOB Dobson, David
  Scots in the American West 1783-1883 Book R929.308991/DOB Dobson, David
  Scots in the USA and Canada 1825-1875, Part One Book R929.308991/DOB/PT.1 Dobson, David
  Scots in the USA and Canada 1825-1875, Part Two Book R929.308991/DOB/PT.2 Dobson, David
  Scots in the USA and Canada 1825-1875, Part Three Book R929.308991/DOB/PT.3 Dobson, David
  Scots in the USA and Canada 1825-1875, Part Four Book R929.308991/DOB/PT.4 Dobson, David
  Scots in the USA and Canada 1825-1875, Part Five Book R929.308991/DOB/PT.5 Dobson, David
  Steele, John H., Journey From Peterborough, NH to Salisbury, NC in the months of Nov. & Dec. 1838 Book R917.3/STE Lindenbush, John, ed
  Surname Index to Sixty-Five Volumes of Colonial and Revolutionary Pedigrees Book R929.373/CRO Crowther, George R.
  Transportation and the Early Nation Book R388.0973/IND IN Hist. Society
  U.S. Catholic Ancestors - A Diocesan Research Guide Book R929.373/HUM Humling, Virginia
  U.S.Catholic Sources - A Diocesan Research Guide Book R026.28273/HUM Humling, Virginia
  United States Local Histories in the Library of Congress - A Bibliography  
  Vol. 1 - Atlantic States - Maine to New York Book R973.016/LIB/V.1 Kaminkow, Marion J.
  Vol. 2 - Atlantic States - New Jersey to Florida Book R973.016/LIB/V.2 Kaminkow, Marion J.
  Vol. 3 - Midwest - Alaska - Hawaii Book R973.016/LIB/V.3 Kaminkow, Marion J.
  Vol. 4 - The West Book R973.016/LIB/V.4 Kaminkow, Marion J.
  Vol. 5 - Supplement and Index Book R973.016/LIB/V.5 Kaminkow, Marion J.
  U.S. 40: A Roadscape of the American Experience Book R977.2/SCH Schlereth, Thomas J.
  Wagon Trains East Book R973.36/KAR Kartman, Jean
  World Conference on Records - Aug.1980 Vol.4 - North American Family and Local History Book R929.1/WOR/V.4/PT.2 LDS Church
ARIZONA, State of
  Pimeria Alta Mexican Census 1852, Pre-territorial AZ Book R929.3791/MEX/V.2 Sierras, Eugene L.
  Pioneer Names of Pima County, Arizona 1864-1912 Book R929.3791/PIO Sloan, Stanley E.
  Spain's Arizona Patriots in its 1779-1783 War with England During the American Revolution Book R973.346/HOU Granville & Hough
ARKANSAS, State of
  Arkansas Gazette Obituaries Index (1819-1879) Book R929.3767/CHI Chism, Stephen J.
  Arkansas Genealogical Society Surname Directory Book R929.3767/ARK Arkansas GS
  Arkansas Land Patents: Carroll County (granted through 30 June 1908) Book R929.3767/ALL Allen and McLane
  Cemeteries of Washington County, Arkansas Volume XI - Spring 1991 (55 small cemeteries) Book R929.50976/CEM/V.11 Northwest AR GS
  Early History of Pike County, Arkansas Book R929.3767/PIK Pike Co.Heritage Club
  History of Washington County, Arkansas Book R976.714/HIS Shiloh Museum
  Genealogy for Armenians Book R929.308991/KEZ Kezerian & Kezerian
  In Search of Your Asian Roots - Genealogical Research on Chinese Surnames Book R929.420951/CHA Chao, Sheau-Yueh J.
  Indochinese Refugees in Washington Book R362.870979/ATK Atkinson, Brice
  Atlas of the Austro-Hungarian Empire - 1892 Book R911.436/ATL
(on bottom shelf)
Thomsen's Gen.Center
  The Salzburger Expulsion Lists Book R929.34363/SAL Rohrbach, Lewis Bunker

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