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Newsletter Article Formatting Guide

HOW to format your article for publication in the So King News

If you wish to print this guide it should fit on a single sheet if you set all the margins in your browser to 0.5" or less.
This setting us usually found in the menu under File > Page Setup...


Steps to prepare articles for submission to newsletter

  1. Download and install the program "Pure Text" on your computer. The web page address for doing this is below.

    What PureText Will and Will Not Do

    PureText only removes rich formatting from text. This includes the font face, font style (bold, italics, etc.), font color, paragraph styles (left/right/center aligned), margins, character spacing, bullets, subscript, superscript, tables, charts, pictures, embedded objects, etc. However, it does not modify the actual text. It will not remove or fix new-lines, carriage returns, tabs, or other white-space. It will not fix word-wrap or clean up your paragraphs. If you copy the source code of a web page to the clipboard, it is not going to remove all the HTML tags. If you copy text from an actual web page (not the source of the page), it will remove the formatting.

  2. Pure Text will show up in the windows taskbar in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Make sure large documents are broken down into individual articles by category or subject matter. Copy your article to the windows clipboard then click on the PT in the windows taskbar. (Bottom right corner of the screen.) It will convert your article to pure text. (See above for what Pure Text will and will not do)
  4. Paste your clipboard contents back into MS Word.
  5. Click on the show paragraph marker. ¶ (Looks like a backward capital P) In Word, make sure the font type and size are as follows: Type is Times New Roman and the size is 11. To do this go to the edit menu and choose select all, then change your font settings to Times New Roman 11.
  6. Make sure your article is single spaced with no indents. If there are double spaces etc., you can do a search and replace to make your article single spaced. That function is in the edit menu under replace.
  7. You will need to underline any web page or email address in your document.
  8. If you are typing in word from scratch, you can turn off the feature which automatically creates hypertext links with web page and email address as follows: To turn off hyperlink creation in MS Word do the following: Click on the tools menu Click on autocorrect options Click the tab "auto format" as you type Under Replace as you type deselect "internet and network paths with hyperlinks"
  9. Do NOT separate paragraphs in your document with a blank line. A single carriage return at the end of a paragraph is all that is needed. Space between paragraphs will be added by the editor.
  10. Proofread your document looking closely at person names for spelling and at dates to make sure they are correct.
  11. Run MS word spelling and grammar check on the entire article. Select tools menu and choose spelling and grammar check.
  12. Save your article as an MS word file with the .doc extension.
  13. Send me an email (plain text) and attach the article file to this email as an attachment. Multiple articles are submitted as individual attachments. Explain any unusual circumstances concerning the article in the email not the attachment.
  14. If you have any problems in accomplishing this, you can reach me at (425) 228-8238. We monitor our phone so you will need to go through the answering machine. Please give us time to pick up the phone. (30 seconds at least)
  15. If I discover problems with your article, I will notify you about changes that need to be made for proper submission.
  16. Remember this is a learning experience for all of us. With time we can make this work and it will allow your current newsletter editor to do a better job. It will also allow for a smoother transition for the next newsletter editor.

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