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Computer Users Group


When: Third Tuesday of each month - 6:30 to 8:30 PM

Where: See the SKCGS Activities & Events page.

Group Coordinators:

Dave Liesse

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21 January 2014

21 September 2010 ~ Link

17 August 2010


17 November 2009

Creating a Web Site

20 October 2009

Creating Web Pages with Genealogy Software

The process of creating web pages with various genealogy software programs will be demonstrated.

  • Definitions & Glossary
    acronyms and terms that may be encountered in the process of developing web pages and your own web site.

17 February 2009

Optical Character Recognition

OCR is the process of converting text in printed matter (books, magazines) or image files (JPG or Tiff or…) into text, like MS Word documents. Printed matter must first be scanned. Using word processing software the text can be formatted, edited, and inserted into genealogical software programs. Our members Guy Moellendorf and Kay Davis will demonstrate several OCR methods and also describe how to scan text in a foreign language.

18 November 2008

Let's Get Sirius

21 October 2008


16 September 2008

Let's explore websites…

19 August 2008

Message Boards & Mailing Lists

15 July 2008

Search Engines

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