In 1861 E.C. Ferguson created a census of legal voters of Snohomish County. The list is incomplete (it seems to list only those person who lived in the vicinity of Cadville, or Snohomish City). In 1876 the Northern Star printed a census of 1861 containing different names (probably people living near Mukilteo and Tulalip). The following is a combination of the two lists. Note there are not Caucasian women in the county at the time (not that they could vote then, anyway!).

Alexander, JohnCarpenter  
Allen, GeorgeFarmer  
Atkinson, GeorgeSailorEngland 
Beachman, HenryFarmer  
Bott, J.Farmer  
Brigham, D.Carpenter  
Cady, E.T.Machinist  
Cherouse, C.PriestFrance 
Cochrane, John FarmerChautauqua Co. NY31
Davis, A. Farmer  
DeShaw, J.B. FarmerCanada 30
Dixon, F. BlacksmithOhio 
Dolan, Francis Cabinet Maker  
Doyle, Patrick FarmerIreland 
Ewell, P.H.Shingleweaver Philadelphia, MO 
Ferguson, E.C. Carpenter  
Fisher, F. Farmer  
Fowler, J.D.MerchantNew York 
Frost, M.H.MerchantNew York 
Hawkins, WilliamFarmer  
Harvey, JohnFarmer  
Hayes, James Blacksmith  
Howe, Samuel Farmer  
Jasper, E. FarmerHolstein 
Johnson, AndrewFarmerSweden29
Kelsey, George Farmer  
King, WilliamFishermanNew York 
Langewald, F. Peter FarmerFrance 
McClurg, H.Farmer  
McDonald, WilliamShoemakerKentucky35
Morgan, H.D.Indian Agent  
Nelson, N. Fisherman  
Pollard, William Sailor  
Pope, W.H.Interpreter  
Riley, J.C. FarmerBaltimore, MD27
Rouse, George Farmer  
Saunders, GeorgeCarpenter  
Stilwell, Chas. M.Cooper Philadelphia, PA 
Short, Charles Farmer  
Tebolt, Joseph FarmerMontreal, Canada 35
Thompson, CharlesFarmer  
Walker, George Farmer  
Wilson, JacobFarmer  
Woods, Salem A.Farmer Chautauqua Co. NY25
Young, BenjaminFarmer   

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