M through O

MACK David G. farmer Snohomish 3
MACK John H. (ng) Snohomish 3
MAJOR George W. farmer Florence 1
MAJORS William farmer Florence 1
MALTBY Robert farmer Yew 2
MANGELES William farmer Snohomish 3
MANLEY George W. farmer Lowell 2
MANN George A. farmer Sultan City 3
MARKEN John farmer Haller City 1
MARLIN John F. farmer Florence 1
MARLIN William A. farmer Florence 1
MARTINS Alexander farmer Stanwood 1
MASTERSON A. R. farmer Florence 1
MATTERAN O. S. (ng) Stanwood 1
MAY Edward L. laborer Woodinville 2
McALLISTER Andrew farmer Snohomish 3
McARDLE John farmer Stanwood 1
McBETH David farmer Wallace 3
McCALLISTER Lewis farmer Lowell 2
McCALLUM Donald farmer Snohomish 3
McCARTHY G. G. farmer Stanwood 1
McCAULEY M. F. farmer Haller City 1
McCAULEY Michael farmer Snohomish 3
McCLURG Henry farmer Monroe 3
McCLURG William farmer Monroe 3
McDERMOTT Patrick farmer Monroe 3
McDONALD David farmer Arlington 1
McDONALD John farmer Snohomish 3
McDONALD Richard H. farmer Snohomish 3
McDONALD Richard H., Jr. (ng) Snohomish 3
McEWAN Peter farmer Trafton 1
McEWAN Thomas farmer Trafton 1
McFADDEN O. B. farmer Stillaguamish 1
McFARLAND James farmer Norman 1
McFARLAND John farmer Machias 3
McGRATH W. E. (ng) Marysville 1
McGREGOR John farmer Edmonds 2
McGREGOR Lizzie (ng) Mukilteo 2
McGUINNESS James farmer Florence 1
McGUIRE James farmer Oso 1
McKENZIE C. P. farmer Arlington 1
McKILLIGAN Daniel farmer Haller City 1
McKILLIGAN Hector farmer Haller City 1
McLAIN A. G. farmer Woodinville 2
McLAIN J. L. farmer Woodinville 2
McLEAN John laborer Monroe 3
McLEOD Roderick laborer Marysville 1
McMARTIN Peter farmer Haller City 1
McMILLAN Donald farmer Oso 1
McMULLEN Matthew farmer Arlington 1
McNALLY Dennis farmer Trafton 1
McNEIL John farmer Valata
McPHEE William farmer Haller City 1
McPHERSON B. F. farmer Monroe 3
McSHANE A. J. farmer Monroe 3
McSORLEY Matthew farmer Hartford 2
MEADOR George H. farmer Yew 2
MEANS Joseph F. farmer Mukilteo 2
MEE John farmer Monroe 3
MERCEREAU Joseph farmer Snohomish 3
MESSNER Fred E. (ng) Granite Falls 1
MESSNER Louis A. (ng) Granite Falls 1
MEYER Christ farmer Arlington 1
MEYER John J. farmer Arlington 1
MICKELSON A. B. farmer Cedarhome 1
MILLEN William (ng) Granite Falls 1
MILLER Carrie S. (ng) Machias 3
MILLER E. M. (ng) Monroe 3
MILLER Emily P. (ng) Machias 3
MILLER F. P. farmer Haller City 1
MILLER Guy, Dr. (ng) Granite Falls 1
MILLER Peter (ng) Cedarhome 1
MINER U. S. farmer Oso 1
MINK S. C. (ng) Hartford 2
MITTELSTEADT William (ng) Snohomish 3
MOCK M. D. (ng) Haller City 1
MOEBIUS Julius rancher Hartford 2
MOEBIUS Oswald rancher Granite Falls 1
MOFFATT J. N. (ng) Sultan City 3
MONAGHAN Joseph (ng) Getchell 3
MONSEY John farmer Hartford 2
MONTAGUE John farmer Oso 1
MONTGOMERY David farmer Snohomish 3
MONTY Hiram farmer Trafton 1
MOORE Charles E. farmer Oso 1
MOORE George farmer Trafton 1
MOORE Ida E. (ng) Haller City 1
MOORE Orville school teacher Snohomish 3
MOORE William B. farmer Stanwood 1
MORELAND Robert F. farmer Monroe 3
MORGAN J. E. farmer Yew 2
MORGANS Morgan farmer Snohomish 3
MORRIS C. E. saloon Getchell 3
MORRIS Isaac farmer Snohomish 3
MORRIS J. W. (ng) Haller City 1
MORRISON Donald farmer Edmonds 2
MORSE Edward (ng) Snohomish 3
MORSE Eldridge gardener Snohomish 3
MORSE W. R. farmer Hartford 2
MORTENSEN Halvor M. farmer Bothell 2
MORTENSEN Martin C. farmer Bothell 2
MORTON Charles L. farmer Bothell 2
MOSSFORD Jesse farmer Stillaguamish 1
MOXLEY George (ng) Wallace 3
MUCK Thomas J. (ng) Snohomish 3
MUEHLEISEN Lewis W. (ng) Edmonds 2
MUELLER Henry (ng) Haller City 1
MUENCH Adolph (ng) Snohomish 3
MULLEN B. farmer Haller City 1
MULLER Henry farmer Oso 1
MUNSON Charles farmer Florence 1
MUNSON David farmer Florence 1
MUNSON Mathias (ng) Cedarhome 1
MURDOCK Albert saloon Getchell 3
MURPHY Michael farmer Marysville 1
MURPHY William farmer Haller City 1
MURRAY Patrick farmer Monroe 3
MYRON George farmer Florence 1
NAAS Peter J. farmer Florence 1
NADEAU Peter farmer Dean 3
NAIRN Perry farmer Yew 2
NEAR W. E. shingle mill Wallace 3
NEELEY F. B. farmer Florence 1
NEIDERPRUME C. (ng) Darrington 1
NEIDERPRUME Matthew (ng) Darrington 1
NEIMEYER Charles, Jr. farmer Machias 3
NELSON Alexander (ng) Snohomish 3
NELSON Charles J. farmer Cedarhome 1
NELSON Gilbert farmer Marysville 1
NELSON Matthew laborer Marysville 1
NESARY Margaret A. (ng) Bothell 2
NEWMAN James rancher Getchell 3
NEWSOM John (ng) Machias 3
NEWSOM S. S. (ng) Machias 3
NICKLASON Gust (ng) Cedarhome 1
NILSON Knut rancher Cedarhome 1
NIXON John C. farmer Sultan City 3
NOBLE Charles (ng) Granite Falls 1
NORDBY Hans A. farmer Haller City 1
NORDWELL John (ng) Haller City 1
NORUM Edwin rancher Marysville 1
NOYES George H. (ng) Everett 2
NYFSJORDEN Ole E. farmer Arlington 1
O'CONNELL Simon O. (ng) Arlington 1
O'CONNER James (ng) Edmonds 2
O'DONNELL Edward J. farmer Hartford 2
O'NEAL Charles farmer Snohomish 3
O'NEIL J. E. farmer Oso 1
OBER Frank W. (ng) Edmonds 2
OHLSEN Thies farmer Monroe 3
OLIVER W. F. physician and farmer Wana 1
OLMSTEAD George L. (ng) Machias 3
OLSBACK Andrew farmer Stanwood 1
OLSEN Chris P. farmer Haller City 1
OLSEN Claus (ng) Stillaguamish 1
OLSEN Gunder farmer Florence 1
OLSEN Hans farmer Stillaguamish 1
OLSON Engbert farmer Stanwood 1
OLSON John farmer Cedarhome 1
OLSON Nils farmer Woodinville 2
ONSUM Hans A. farmer Haller City 1
OSTRAND John farmer Haller City 1
OSTRANDER C. W. (ng) Marysville 1
OTTERSON Gundar farmer Stanwood 1
PAGINNY Eli farmer Oso 1

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