Glimpses in Pioneer Life on Puget Sound

Rev. A. Atwood's "Glimpses in Pioneer Life on Puget Sound", published in 1903 by the Denny-Coryell Company of Seattle, is a history of the Methodist-Episcopal Church in the area. Rev. Atwood provides "mini-sketches" of each church community, listing the pastors who served and the names of important members.

While this resource doesn't "fit" into the BIOGRAPHY PROJECT's goal of abstracting "biographical sketches" published in "local histories", it still "names NAMES", and may well put a particular individual into a given locality at a given time.


G. L. CUDDY, in speaking of the beginning of our work here, says: "In 1893, by invitation of Mr. BLAIR, I arranged for preaching every two weeks at Haller on Saturday evening, and at Arlington on Sabbath morning. These were the first services held by our church at those points. We occupied the school house at Haller, and at Arlington the Odd Fellows' hall. Later we were invited to hold our services in the Free Methodist church. An incident occurred at Arlington which is perhaps worthy of note. One Sunday morning a largely attended baseball game was in progress in front of the hall. The door was purposely kept open so that I could have a good view of the players and an unobstructed channel of communication for my voice to reach the crowd on the ball grounds. I asked the people to lift their hearts to God for His blessing upon the message, and please excuse me for exercising an extraordinary amount of lung power. I blew the gospel trumpet so loudly that in a little while the game was abandoned and the crowd dispersed. Many came into the meeting and gave respectful attention to the preaching of God's word." Brother CUDDY was our pasto at Sedro and was seeking to establish our work at these points. He did what should be done by all our pastors under similar conditions. This relation with Sedro continued until 1895, when it was attached to Marysville. The church was erected in 1898, under the leadership and pastorate of G. W. FRAME. It was dedicated June 5th, 1898, by Rev. H. D. Brown. The lots were donated by Mr. T. N. HALLER. At the Conference of 1898, Isaac DILLON, D.D., was appointed to the pastorate of the charge. John BRETTS, 1899-1900. the parsonage was built during his term of service. G. D. DIMMICK, 1901-02.

Names of official members: Sunday School Superintendent - B. S. LAW. Class Leader - Robert MAXWELL. Stewards - Charles McALLEY, Emma CLEARY, Angie GRANT, Lucy COE. Trustees - Robert CHRISTIE, Thomas PANGBOME, B. LAW. Ladies' Aid Society - President, Mrs. GRANT; Vice President, Mrs. CLEARY; Secretary, Mrs. McALLEY; Treasurer, Mrs. PERSUN.


This place is situated a few miles east of Stanwood. The first minister to visit the place and preach to the people was E. SHOGREN. Andrew FARRELL, pastor of the Swedish M. E. church in Seattle, established regular preaching here, and organized a class in 1883. Later it was attached to Skagit Circuit. In 1890, during the pastorate of August PETERSON, two actes of land were donated for church purposes by August ANDERSON, and a commodious church building was erected thereon. A parsonage was built in 1892, under the leadership of the pastor, C. J. JOHNSON. The place became an independent charge (station) in 1890. The following brethren have served as pastors: E. SHOGREN, Andrew FARRELL, L. DAHLGREN, O. E. OLANDER, August PETERSON, C. J. JOHNSON, John JOHNSON, J. A. ANDERSON and Emanual JOHNSON.

Officers: Sunday School Superintendent - N. G. CARLSON. Trustees - M. HOGLUND, John OLSON and Andrew CARLSON. Stewards - Frank PETERSON and Mrs. M. HOGLUND.


Our Swedish work was begun here by C. V. ABRAHAMSON, pasto of the Swedish M. E. church in Everett, in January, 1903. Soon thereafter, the Presiding Elder, John Ovall, visited the place and held a several days' meeting and organized a class. The following pesons were elected trustees: John WORDENBERG, C. V. ABRAHAMSON and ----- ROSENQUIST.


A class of five members was organized here March 26th, 1893 by Peter ELLEFSEN, pastor. A lot, 50 x 100, corner Rockefeller and Everett Avenues, was donated by the Everett Land Company, on condition that a church should be built thereon costing not less than $1500. A building costing $1600 was erected that year and was dedicated by C. J. LARSON, Presiding Elder. This church has a present membership of 32 persons.


The first preaching service in Everett was held in the real estate office of Messrs. Walter and Robert SWALWELL, by A. H. MARSH, pastor of the M. E. church at Marysville in 1891. A class of nine members was organized as the result of this beginning. A hall costing $800, in which to hold preaching services and Sunday school was built. In May, 1892, B. B. EVANS assumed charge as pastor. He remained about three months, and was succeeded by Horace WILLISTON, who served the church for the Conference years of 1892 and 1893. During this time the society was incorporated and organized for efficient service. Messrs. G. W. SWALWELL and John SPENCER, prominent laymen in this charge, rendered effective service in establishing our work in Everett. E. V. CLAYPOOL, 1894; F. F. DRAKE, 1895-97. During this time, the membership was greatly strengthened in numbers and efficiency. The fourteenth session of the Puget Sound Conference was held in this city, beginning September 2nd, 1897, Bishop Foss, presiding: W. S. HARRINGTON was elected secretary. I. R. LOVEJOY, 1898 to 1902. In 1900, lots were purchased on the corner of Broadway and Wall Streets, for $1700. The company of whom the purchase was made donated $500 of this amount. The lots are centrally located, and occupy a commanding position in this rapidly growing city. The present edifice was commenced in November, 1900, with a subscription of $4500. A donation of $500 was made by the Board of Church Extension. When completed, this building will be a model of beauty and convenience. It is 65 by 96 feet, with basement under the entire structure, and will cost, when finished, about $13,000. Messrs. A. F. HEIDE, the architect, and R. B. WILLIAMS, superintendent of construction, have rendered efficient service in the erection of the church. During the present pastoate, the society has more than doubled, and the outlook is hopeful. These achievements, however, as the pastor well says, "Should not lead to the sin of boastfulness, or the peril of indolence, but rather to thankfulness and renewed zeal."

The spacious lecture room of this church was opened for worship September 1st, 1901. em. M. Randall, pastor of First Church, Seattle, preached the opening serma\on and did excellent service in raising the funds necessary to meet present needs, $1000 being subscribed. a. B. CHAPIN, 1902.

The official members: Local Preachers - Fred SOPOR, A. ROBERTSON, J. S. PARKINS. Sunday School Superintendent - A. H. SHERWOOD. Epworth League President - Miss Evelyn SPENCER. Stewards - James REQUA, John LARSEN, W. W. MILLER, Leston KIRK, Robert CARY, Walter SWALWELL, L. H. SEELY, Mrs. M. J. DARLING, Mrs. Adah PAUP, Mrs. Clara CRIPPIN. Trustees - A. FOLSOM, H. S. WRIGHT, C. W. MILEY, W. W. BLACK, E. J. PITTMAN, M. M. SMITH, W. G. BICKELHAUPT, W. F. SWALWELL, F. M. SOPOR. Ladies' Aid Society and Pasto's Union - President: Mrs. Effie J. SWALWELL, Vice President: Mrs. Anna SCHOFIELD; Secretary: Mrs. Catharine MILEY; Treasurer: Mrs. Hattie DENNY.


John Johnson, Presiding Elder of the Swedish District, organized our work among the Swedish Methodists of this city in 1902.

Names of Officers - Mrs E. A. OLSON, Sunday School Superintendent. Trustees and Stewards - E. A. OLSON, S. E. EDWARDS, Gust LUNDGREN and Anna ABRAHAMSON.


Our work there was begun in the 80's. In 1887, it was a part of the Snohomish circuit, of which A. J. McNAMEE was pastor. The name of Marysville as a charge appears first in the minutes of 1890. the following item is from the report of W. H. Drake, Persiding Elder, to the Conference of 1891: "Brother John FLINN was appointed to Marysville last Conference, but was changed to Slaughter and Brother W. C. HOCKETT was assigned to the place. He has erected a church, the value of which is about $3000." The preliminary arrangements for this work were made in March, 1891. The edifice was completed in the summer of that year, and was dedicated in August, 1891, by Rev. H. D. Brown. The society was incorporated and the transfer of lots made at a period subsequent to the erection of the church. The articles of incorporation bear date January 28th, 1892, and the transfer of the lots was made March 14th, 1892. The consideration in the instrument was $1, and was made by E. I. CHESNEY and wife to J. L. JOHNSON, El. L. CHESNEY, E. J. ANDERSON and Mattie CHESNEY, trustees, and to their sucvcessors in office, in trust for the Methodist Episcopal church. The lots are lovated on the north-west corner of State and Third Streets.

The following persons wee the first members of this church: Lestella BEDFORD, F. L. CHESNEY and wife, Maria LADD, Mrs. E. MUNSON, Annie and Mary MUNSON, Edwin NORUM, Mary E. PEASE, Alice and Vesta PEASE, Nellie ROBBINS and Rose STEVENS.

Names of pastors: A. H. MARSH, 1891; J. W. PATTERSON, 1892-93; C. E. CUNNINGHAM, 1894; Marysville and Arlington: G. W. FRAME, 1895-97; G. D. DIMMICK, 1898-1900. An indebtedness of over $1000 was raised during the years of Brother D's pastorate. It required heroic effort on the part of the pastor and toil and sacrifice on the part of the people to meet these obligations.

August 1st, 1901, was amemorable day in the history of this debt-burdened church. It witnessed the burning of the mortgage papers under the leadership of W. S. HARRINGTON, Presiding Elder of the district. They signalized their debt-paying victory by building a parsonage and finishing it free of debt. G. A. LANSON, 1901; L. J. COVINGTON 1902.

Names of officers: Mrs. M. E. PEASE - Class Leader. W. R. PEASE - Sunday School Superintendent. E. H. BLAIR, President Epworth League. Stewards - Mrs. E. BEAMAN, Miss Vesta PEASE, Charles TEEPLE, Mrs. Ida TEEPLE. Trustees - C. L. BEAMAN, James DenPREE, John GEORGE. Ladies' Aid Society - Mrs. N. M. COVINGTON, President; Miss Mabel STEELE, Secretary; Mrs. Maggie MORGAN, Treasurer.


At Cherry Valley, A. J. McNAMEE began our work in 1886, and built a small church that year.

SULTAN - In the report of W. H. rake, Presiding Elder of Seattle Distro\ict, for the year 1891, he says: "At Sultan City we have a membership of twenty-five. They are building a church. This appointment is under the diection of our pasto at Snohomish." The land on which the church was built at this point was donated by Joshua MUMMY.

MONROE - The church at Monroe was built under the pastoate of O. L. DOANE, in 1894, and was dedicated by T. B. Ford, Presiding Elder of the D\Seattle Distict, in 1895.

WALLACE - Our work here was bugun under the leadership of T. L. DYER. He erevted the church in 1900, and it was dedicated in September of that year by W. S. Harrington, Presiding Elder of the Whatcom District. The balance of indebtedness was raised on the day of dedication. Mrs. Julia GOULD, Mr. J. M. LANGENSTEIN and Mr. Frank Black of Seattle rendered valuabel assistance in the erection of this church. The lot, 100 by 100 feet, was donated by Mr. J. J. LANGENSTEIN.

GOLD BAR - At Gold Bar, Index and Skykomish our work was begun by T. L. DYER in 1800. He reports tha he had to tavel fifty-one miles to reach all points of the circuit. a part of this distance had to be made on foot. The most notable advance on teh charge during the pastorate of Brother DYER was at Wallace, where themembeship was doubled and the amounts raised for the support of the work wee increased about 500 per cent.

The names of pastors of this circuit, in addition to those already named are: A. E. CURTIS, 1892; J. W. PATTERSON, 1896-97; T. L. DYER, 1898-99; A. H. MARSH, 1900; R. M. SCHOONMAKER, 1901-02.

Names of official members: Class Leaders - Monroe: Frank OWEN, Cherry Valley: Mrs. A. E. LEYDE. Sunday School Superintendents - Monroe: Jennie M. SAWYER; Cherry Valley: Mrs. A. E. LEYDE. Stewards - Monroe: Mrs. A. HAYES, Mrs. C. MURDOCK, Mrs. BOUNSALL, Mrs. A. AUSTIN, George HAYES, Je. E. COUNTRYMAN; Cherry Valley: Kitty LEYDE, Carrie EVANSON, Ella BENHAM, Nellie BOREN, Louis GETTY. Trustees - Monroe: Andrew BRAATIN, R. O. BALL, Julie DICKENSON; Cherry Valley: Daniel McKAY, A. E. LEYDE, D. F. CLAYTON. Ladies' Aid Society - Monroe: President, Mrs. M. BOUNSALL; Cherry Valley: President, Mrs. BENHAM.

Rm. M. SHCOONMAKER, the pastor, reports that a neat seven-room parsonage is now being built (November 15, 1901) at Monroe.

Sultan was detached from this charge and put in with Wallace at the beginning of the present Conference year. Wallace circuit appears in the list of appointments of 1900, but was not supplied until near the close of the year, when Henry HARPST, a member of the Central New York Conference, was appointed as a supply. Under his leadership, a parsonage was built. The name of hte charge as it appears in the minutes of 1901-02, is: "Wallace and Sulten, J. A. NUTTER, supply." The appointments of the charge are Wallace, Sultan and Gold Bar.

The names of official members, in addition to those already given are: Wallace: Hiram BUSE, J. A. BEEBE - Class Leaders. F. E. LEWIS - Sunday School Superintendent. H. FANCHER - President Epworth League. Stewards - Mrs. E. M. BUTLER, Mrs. I. ROGERS, Mrs. M. LEWIS, Mrs. E. McLAIN. Trustees - W. PAHL, O. D. REEVES, T. OWENS, Mrs. L. REEVES, Mrs. E. SPARLIN. Ladies' Aid Society - Mrs. LEWIS, President; Mrs. BITTOROFF, Vice President; Mrs. I. LEWIS, Secretary; Mrs. Mary NUTTER, Treasurer. Other offices whose names have not been given: T. J. ATWOOD and John MILLS.


Snohomish appears first in the Conference records of 1883, and was left to b supplied. D. G. LeSOURD secured the services of W. H. JOHNSON as a supply. He went to the charge soon after Conference, and entered upon his work. He organized a calss of twenty persons, and held preaching services in a private house near the old court house. He also maintained appointments at a school house two and one-fhalf miles up the river and at Lowell, six miles below. A subscription was taken amounting to $600 in behalf of a chuch building enterprise. A donation of $250 and a loan of $250 was secured from the Board of Church Extension. A lot 60 feet by 128 feet on the corner of Third and C Streets was purchased of William WHITFIELD, for $125. Hs price was $150, but he said "I will donate $25 to the curch in this transaction." C. DERRICK, 1884. He remained for a short time only, and the services of H. B. POTTER (supply) were secured. He went forward with the work already begun. The church was dedicated July 26th, 1885. J. N. Denison preached the dedicatory sermon from Psalms 144:15. Several hundred dollars were raised onthe day of dedication. Mr. John S. WHITE was the master builder. He did excellent work in the construction and finish of the building. The trustees deserve special mention because of the interest they took in this work. Their names were J. S. WHITE, I. N. MUDGET, D. F. SEXTON and Robert PARKER. Geogge R. OSBORN, 1885; J. W. DOBBS, 1896; B. Ff. BROOKS, 1887-88. Obilgations against the church amounting to $600 were paid during his pastorate. C. F. TEETOR, supply, 1889; G. H. FEESE, 1890-91. These years wee marked by a good degree of interest in all the departments of church work. F. E. DRAKE, 1892. This year a parsonage was erected. It is of good size and finish and cost $1400. D. G. LeSOURD, 1893-04. The largest ingathering of probationers in the history of this church occurred during the two years of this pastorate. a. J. HANSON, 1895-96. a good degree of revival interest prevailed which resulted in a number of conversions and accessions to the church. A considerable reduction was made in the indebtedness against the church and parsonage property. R. Z. FAHS, 1897-99. During this period an indebtedness of $500 against the church was cancelled. Edward McEVERS, 1900. This year a mortgage of $595 was paid off and the propety of the church freed from debt. G. A. SHEAFE, 1901-02.

Names of official members: Local Preachers - A. B. TOWNE, W. B. CLOUGH. Exhorte - W. A. KIKENDALL. Sunday School Superintendent - Brother TOWNE. Class Leaders - D. F. SEXTON, G. A. CROXFORD. Epworth League President - John CHANDLER. Stewards - Ella WINEGARD, Laura HUTCHINS, Mary WOODRUFF, I. J. WHEELER, Harriet DEAN, Minnie AMES, Mrs. W. O. DOLSON. Trustees - H. C. PETIT, H. EVANS, W. T. DAVIS, C. N. WOODRUFF, Ch. H. AMES, C. W. GORHAM, W, O. DODSON. Ladies' Aid Society - Mrs. Stella SCHROEDER, President; Mrs. Linnie RHODES, Secretary; Mrs. WINEGARD, Treasurer.


A church was erected here in 1892 under the leadership of the pastor, C. A. PRIESING. These churches were closed for some time, and no pastors were sent to them. When the times improved and the people in large numbers began to come in, the appointment was renewed. The circuit embraces Fairhaven, Snohomish and Everett. The latter place has recently been added. Lots have been secured upon which it is intended to build a church in the near future. J. SCHWIERTLICH is the present pastor.

H. F. LANGE is the present Presiding Elder who has the oversight of the German work in the Puget Sound country. Names of Pastors - O. HEGGEN, O. O. TWEDE, C. L. LARSON.


Brother F. H. HANCOCK and his wife were the first Methodists in this reagon. They had preaching at their house a few times as early as 1877, by C. DERRICK. The first regular preaching service, however, was held at the school house near Stanwood, by B. F. VanDEVENTER, in 1881 and 1882. This place at that time was one of the appointments of Skagit Circuit. 1882, Stanwood and Florence, A. ATWOOD; 1884 to 1889, supplied from Skagit Circuit; 1889, M. C. VanTYNE. F. H. HANCOCK and D. O. PEARSON and their families have rendered valuable service in behalf of our work in this place.

W. H. Drake, Presiding Elder of the Seattle District, in his report of 1890, says: "There are few charges in Methodism that can present a record equal to this one. Stanwood, at the beginning of last year, had two members. The increase in membership has been about 1500 per cent. We had no property except a church but now $5000 would be a conservative estimate of the value of ou property. I secured a single man as a supply, supposing it would be impossible for them to support a married man. Three months had not passed before my single man was married and comfortable housed in a neat and commodious parsonage. Within eight months they were worshiping in a beautiful church, 30 by 60 feet in size, finished in modern style, with a corner spire eighty feet high. M. C. VanTYNE, the pastor, has been very successful. A good wife, a fine parsonage and a beautiful church - and all in one year."

The lots originally selected and upon which F. H. HANCOCK and John BRYGGER had each paid $25, were exchanged for the present lots, 100 by 120 feet in size, on the corner of Pearson and Oliver Streets. Mr. W. R. STOCKBRIDGE had succeeded Mr. Henry OLIVER in the ownership of the land now occupied as the townsite, and with him the exchange was made. 1890-94, J. W. WHITE.

The church was dedicated July 27th, 1890, by D. G. LeSourd, Presiding Elder, assisted by Rev. C. McDermoth. The day was stormy - unusually so for that season of the year. There were not over forty persons present at the morning or evening services, but $1400 were subscribed on this occasion. J. J. PATTERSON, 1892-93; C. E. CUNNINGHAM, 1894-95; G. D. DIMICK, 1896; C. a. WILLIAMS, 1897-99; R. M. SCHOONMAKER, 1900; John BRETTS, 1901; E. B. REESE, 1902. Florence, about two and one-half miles abovce Stanwood, on the Stillaguamish River, is a preaching appointment of this charge.

Official members: Sunday School Superintendent - Mrs. Rachel REESE. Presedent Epworth League - Mr. Fred PEARSON. Stewards - Mrs. Maria MARVIN, Mrs. Eva DIMICK, Mrs. D. J. JOLCOMB, Mrs Inga MILLER. Tustees - F. H. HANCOCK, Earnest DIMICK. Ladies' Aid Society - Mrs. Miller, President; Mrs. RANSOME, Secretary; Mrs. DURGIN, Treasurer.


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