This cemetery is located north of Granite Falls on the Jorden Road, passing the Granite Fall Cemetery on the left, going north towards Arlington. It is about 1 1/2 mi. from the Riverside Club House. There were 40 grave in all marked but was told the cemetery is all filled up so many were not marked. The oldest burial is Jonas Engstrom b 1910-d 1911. The last one of marked graves was Ingeborg. Johnson d-10/20/1963. Transcribed by Clara Matthias, submitted by Karyn Cooper (

_______, Charles J. d-10/14/193? Age 76yrs. 8m.16dys.

WISE, Leslie S. 8/12/1890-3/12/1962

LUNDBERG, Charles A. 1862-1934

LUNDBERG, Sophia 1871-1939

LUNDBERG, George Oscar 6/14/1890-9/16/1945 (Wa. Pvt. U.S. Marine Corp. W.W.1)

LUNDBERG, Charles 1899-1953

2 more graves on the Lundberg (unreadable on Martker)

OBERG, Jacob E. 1872-1954

OBERG, Ralph Edwin 7/12/1930-5/20/1951 (Wa. F. a U.S. Navy)

OBERG, Annie 3/24/1890-5/2/1956-age 66yrs.

ENGSTROM, Axel Sr. 1879-1926

ENGSTROM, S. Jonas 1910-1911

ENGSTROM, Bernhard 1916-1924

WICK, Gunnelie 1861-1949

WICK, Oluf 1861-1942

WICK, Emil no info.

WICK, Johnnie I. 1901-1918

WICK, Norman H. 1896-1912

EVANS, Peter d-1913 (Twin infants)

EVANS, Kris d-1913

EVANS, Donald d-1917 (baby)

EVANS, Lyle E. d-1932 (baby)

EVANS, Vernon C. 1921-1940

SATHER, Vivian L. d-1936 (baby)

SATHER, Dennis E. 1937-1941

2 unmarked graves

_________ Betty no info.

LUND, Hans Sr. 1/4/1859-11/8/1935-age 80 yrs.

LUND, Martha 10/6/1878-1/14/1917

Marker no name or dates

BERKSTAD, Sigrid 1884-1928

RISE, Oline 1861-1945

RISE, Ole E. 1857-1926

LeDUC, Duane Eugene 7/21/1924-10/20/1938

JOHNSON, Ingeborg 3/27/1870-10/20/1963-age 93yrs.

JOHNSON, Samuel J. 186?-1936

ERICKSON, Adolph B. 12/16/1893-7/10/1951 (Wa. Pvt. 166th Depot W.W.1)

CLAPP, Ray E. 1892-1944

CLAPP, Oliver A. 1921-6/16/1941-age 18yrs.

JOHNSON, Charles d-10/14/1935-age 76yrs.

BURT, Anna d-11/27/1935

LUNDBERG, Robert 3/20/1905-3/6/1959-age 53yrs.

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