The Cemetery is north of Snohomish and southwest of Lake Stevens. The oldest burial listed is Florence A. Harlan 3/1/1893 Transcribed by Clara Mathias and group; submitted by Karyn Cooper.

Instructions: use your browser's search or find function to find specific surnames or other items. Following the cemetery transcriptions is a list of individuals for whom obituaries are available.

ANDRUS, Daisy 5/5/1879-11/21/1910 (wife of Nathan Carpenter)

CARPENTER, Nathan 6/5/1870-6/13/1930-age 60

PALMER, Wellington 1844-1899

PALMER, Lillie S. 1865-1898

ENGLEHART, Loa P. 1872-7/16/1936 (nee Loa Palmer)

WOODCOCK, Frank 1844-12/19/1912-age 68

HARLAN, Florence A. 12/18/1892-3/1/1893

HASKELL, Colvin 1859-3/6/1921-age 61 yrs.

HASKELL, Mary P. 1866-1944

KERNAN, Agnes 1883-11/16/1914 (nee Haskell/wife of Joseph Kernan)

JOHNSON, son 5/17/1920-5/21/1920 (son of J.& Effie Johnson)

JOHNSON, John M. 1872-1928

GREGORY, H. A. 1841-9/14/1913age 72 (Sergt. Co. E. Inf.)

GREGORY, Mary Jane 1847-11/15/1914-age 67yrs.

HAVERFIELD, Frank L. d-7/16/1926 (Ia. Sergt. 14th U.S. Cav.)

HAVERFIELD, Twins d-2/16/1910 (born & died on this date)

HAVERFIELD, Frank 1/11/1909-1/26/1909 (son of Frank Haverfield)

McGINN, Martha 1849-11/26/1909-age 70yrs.

McGINN, Robert Joseph 1848-2/19/1928-age 75yrs.

GRITTENDEN, Franklin 4/23/1837-10/28/1912

GRITTENDEN, Mary 1854-5/22/1933-age 79yrs. (wife of Franklin Grittenden)

JOHNSON, Maria 3/7/1887-4/10/1913-age 26yrs.

ILES, Clytia 10/12/1905-1/2/1910-

TUCKER, Burt 1/28/1869-8/20/1901

BARSTOW, John 11/3/1883-11/3/1941-age 58yrs. (born in Ill.)

SINNIETT, Jennie 5/22/1896-10/3/1897 (dau. Of Henry & Frances Sinniett)

SMITH, Bertha Rose 1877-1935or 7 (wife of Sylvester Smith)

SMITH, Sylvester 1859-10/9/1941-age 81 yrs.

MATTHEWS, J.M. 9/15/1906-age 57yrs. (Co. G. F Wi.)

GLADERS, Hazel May 2/2/1892-4/2/1897 (dau. Of A.& F. Gladers)

WHITE, Mary A. 5/19/1829-10/2/1906-age 77yrs. (wife of Thomas White)

McINTYRE, Deskin 1877-6/12/1947

McINTYRE, Lulu Blanche 8/7/1880-6/3/1960-age78 yrs. (born in Luane Ia.)

McINTYRE, Roy William 11/7/1902-8/28/1910-age 7yrs. (son of Deskin & LuLu)

GREGORY, Harry T. 1863-1/1/1908-age 44-7-25dys

GREGORY, Wayne L. 4/25/1900-1/29/1919-age 19yrs. (son of H.T and Jennie Gregory)

GREGORY, Charles, 1861-10/17/1942-age 81yrs.

GREGORY, Elizabeth Ellen 1871-11/30/1938-age 67 yrs (wife of Charles Gregory)

GREGORY, Claude E. 9/6/1892-10/13/1897 (son of Charles & Eliz. Gregory)

CROWE, Baby d-12/30/1915-age 11mos. (dau. Of Wm. Crowe)

CROWE, Baby d-4/14/1907-age 1yr.

CROWE, Murry d-5/23/1914-age 70 yrs.

CROWE, Mrs. Adella 8/26/1938-age 84-4mos (born in Ill.)

CROWE, Dean 1881-1938

HAMLEY, Alfred 3/5/1871-1/10/1959-age 87yrs. (born Birkshire England)

HAMLEY, Martha D. 4/23/1881-11/30/1961-age 80 yrs.

MOORE, Jessie Z. 1876-11/15/1934-age 69yrs. (wife of Dan Moore)

MOORE, Dainel E. 1873-5/4/1936-age 62yrs.

WALLACE, Baby no info.

FORSMAN, Carl I. 4/20/1911-10/20/1961 (born in Hartford, Wa.)

FORSMAN, Charles E. 1872-8/1/1945-age 71 yrs.

FORSMAN, Anna B. 1871-1961-age 86yrs.

ERICKSON, Hulda E. 1896-9/3/1963-age 66yrs.

ERICKSON, Eric 1891-3/21/1947-age 55yrs.

BECKMEYER, Arthur F. 3/25/1895-10/26/1949 (Wa. Inf. 17th Bal. Co.)

KIEHN, Frank 10/9/1891-4/19/1964-age 72yrs. (born Kenny, Mi.)

ABRAHAMSON, Ida S. 1875-8/10/1962-age 85yrs. (born in Jeppo, Finland)

ABRAHAMSON, Jacob 1/22/1873-2/5/1955-age 82yrs. (born in Kvevlax, Finland)

MINOGUE, Mary E. 1882-???? (no date on stone living 1964)

MINOGUE, Patrick H. 5/3/1880-3/16/1956-age 76yrs. (born Ballyshville, Ireland)

THOMAS, Patrick 1908-3/1/1954

BRAGG, Wayne 7/25/1893-1/4/1961-age 67yrs. (Wa. Sergt. Ho-Co-76th Inf.)

BECKMEYER, Otto 9/1/1888-9/14/1956-age 68yrs. (born Clinton, Ill)

BECKMEYER, Maybell 1892-19??

LAWSON, Martin Clarence 5/5/1897-9/15/1956- (Wa. Pvt. )

HENDERICKSON, Erick 1/1/1870-3/21/1959-age 81yrs. (born in Overmark Finland)

HENDERICKSON, Mina 1879-5/3/1954-age 75yrs.

BURKE, Robert Lee 1893-10/29/1952-age 59yrs.

BENNETT, Frank Ryden 1873-10/12/1940-age 67 yrs.

BENNETT, Charley W. 190-8/22/1944-age 43yrs.

MERRYMAN, Frank Layton 1858-9/16/1940-age 82yrs.

MERRYMAN, Mrs. Ollie 1872-6/2/1945-age 72yrs.

MOORE, William L. 1860-1940

MOORE, Pearl 1875-1/24/1942-age 61yrs.

SILVA, Mrs. Virgie E. 7/19/1867-8/30/1931-age 64 yrs. (wife of John Silva)

CUTTS, Jessie B. 1889-12/31/1925-age 36yrs.

CUTTS, Velma D. 12/29/1910-6/13/1913

CUTTS, Rosella M. 1/5/1879-12/30/1958-age 79yrs. (born in Waterford Wi.)

CUTTS, Arthur L. 9/31/1877-11/8/1959-age 82yrs. (born in Wi.)

HOGLUND, Carl 1882-3/13/1934-age 81yrs.

HOGLUND, Alma 1883-9/1964

PALMER, Gerald Arthur d-10/29/1947-age 26-2/31dys.

SANDERS, Carl Bert 1897-12/14/1927-age 29 yrs. (single)

SANDERS, Severn 6/19/1891-3/19/1945 (Sgt. 436th A.F.R.O. Const. Co. W.W.1)

GUSTAFSON, Emil 1894-6/5/1945-age 54 yrs.

GUSTAFSON, Marion 1924-4/26/1926-age 2yrs.

GUSTAFSON, Elias 7/17/1896-6/13/1958-age 61yrs. (born in Finland)

PANTING, Gertrude E. 2/12/1861-2/26/1925-age 63yrs.

NISSEN, Jens C. 1861-9/8/1930-age 68yrs.

NISSEN, Christine 1864-1/1925-age 57yrs.

BARSTOW, Zeal 1886-5/23/1938-age 52yrs. (wife of Alice Barstow)

BARSTOW, Lena 1893-5/25/1922-age 29 (wife of Zeal Barstow)

BRADLEY, Martha 1857-12/15/1926-age 67yrs.

BRADLEY, Thomas 1857-1919

BRADLEY, Abraham Lincoln 1865-1/17/1938-AGE 72yrs.

BURKE, Joseph 1860-2/26/1945--age 84yrs.

BURKE, Abby 1858-3/28/1941-age 84yrs.

IRWIN, Billie 1/19/1904-5/2/1963-age 59yrs. (husband of Mary Edith)

NEIMITZ, August d-4/21/1907

LESTER, Oglivia 11/4/1901-9/26/1903

UNDERWOOD, Benjamin 9/4/1901-age 58yrs.

BENNETT, Irene no info.

CROW, William George 3/24/1812-5/26/1901-age 89-2-2dys.

LaBROSS, Carl W. 9/13/1899-6/28/1900 (son of J.H. & H. Labross)

YOUNG, Alfred S. 1860-7/10/1943-age 82yrs.

ROSE, Charles W. 4/13/1866-3/12/1906

BODFISH, Fred 9/29/1893-1/22/1921-age 27yrs. (single)

YOUNG, Blanche 1863-6/30/1941-age 78yrs. (wife of A. Young)

JOHNSON, Benjamin F. 1/15/1862-1/13/1905

HALEY, James S. 11/17/1866-2/14/1897-age 30-e-27dys

GREGORY, Walter A. 1866-1947

GREGORY, Anna L. 6/22/1840-9/6/1909-age 68yrs. (wife of E.S. Gregory)

GREGORY, Elba S. 1837-1/8/1918-age 80-11-6dys (Corp. Co. M Ia. Cal.)

ILES, Richard 1907-11/17/1929-age 22yrs.

O'BRIEN Anna L. 6/22/1840-9/6/1909-age 68yrs.

PERFETTINI, John 6/17/1880-10/9/1953-age 73yrs. (b/Putman, Vt.)

PERFETTINI, Antoine 1846-1934

PERFETTINI, Mrs. Marslaine 6/8/1850--1/26/1930- (wife of Antoine b/NY city)

BROWN, Margaret 11/26/1845-8/12/1918-age 72 yrs.

BOOMER, Ruth D. 2/11/1897-6/8/1924-age 27yrs.

RUSSELL, Merle 1904-3/22/1946-age 41yrs.

KELSO, no info. (2 unmarked graves)

MENZIES, Christine 5/14/1914-5/21/1914-age 8dys. (dau. Of Al Menzies)

MENZIES, Alexander 1880-12/24/1938-age 58yrs. (b/Nb. Husb. Of Ida)

MENZIES, Ida Evelyn 1893-8/29/1950-age 57

MENZIES, Clark W. 5/1/1916-3/6/1953-age 36yrs. (b/Snohomish)

DORNING, Ida E. 1850-1905

DORNING, Peter H. 1845-4/25/1922-age 73yrs.

ROSSART, Gladys 10/5/1913-10/6/1913-age 1day (dau. Of John L. & Amy Rossart)

SMITH, Augusta A. 1858-12/24/1937-age 79yrs. (wife of Frank D. Smith)

SMITH, Bertha Gladys 2/28/1898-2/28/1898 (dau. Of Frank & Gusta Smith)

SMITH, Frank 1855-11/15/1929-age 74yrs.

SANDERS, Ralph 11/29/1914-12/5/1914-age 7dys.

CLARK, William A. 12/26/1853-11/24/1926-age 72yrs.

CLARK, Silas Pollard 6/26/1824-4/27/1901-age 76-10-1day

CLARK, Elizabeth Amanda 8/2/1930-12/10/1900-age 70-4/8dys.(wife of Silas Clark)

McCULLOCH, Martha 1838-5/18/1908-age 71yrs.

McCULLOCH, Lesly 2/26/1897-11/6/1897- (son of James & Katie McCulloch)

CLEMENT, Rose 1874-7/23/1937-age 63yrs

BODELL, Adaline d-1/7/1899-age 29-9-4dys (wife of William Bodell)

BODELL, Wlilliam 5/7/1897-6/15/1905

GRANT, Eunice M. 1876-4/16/1946-age 70yrs.

ANDERSON, Charles Robert 2/11/1881-2/12/1957-age 76yrs. (Wa. Pfc. Co. Inf. W.W.1)

HERBERT, Jeanette 1921-6/9/1949-age 26yrs.

GEMMER, Mary E. 7/7/1869-7/6/1958-age 89yrs.

GEMMER, Frederic 1863-10/12/1936-age 73yrs.

GEMMER, Clarence 12/17/1904-7/16/1908-age 3-7mos (son of Fredric & Mary E.)

McLEOD, Etta 12/12/1887-5/2/1910-age 22yrs. 4mos. (wife of Murdock nee O'Brien)

ABRAHAMSON, Omo E. 1896-1/30/1910-age 14yrs.

NELSON, Harley Edwards E. 1/5/1909-3/6/1961-age 52yrs. (W. Pvt. U.S.Army W.W.2)

AUSTIN, James B. 1906-7/15/1962-age 55yrs.

STEVENS, Ona Frances 9/29/1895-11/4/1960-age 65yrs. (b/Kirbyton,Ky.)

WORLUND, no info. No info.

LULLOFF, William L. 1854-10/14/1943-age 89yrs.

GUSTAFSON, John 6/4/1887-8/16/1939-age 52yrs. (single)

CLARK, Bonnie Caroline 1938-4/30/1938age 5days (dua. Of Ed. Clark)

SA____ unreadable

ROGGENEES, Mary R. 9/1927-5/1928-age 6mos.

ANDERSON, Irene 10/21/1916-10/23/1916-age 2days.

LYONS, John Glen 2/21/1925-age 1mo-10days (son of Louis Lyons)

BECKMEYER, Corvilla d-3/7/1916- (twin son of Otto & Mary Beckmeyer)

SCHEITLE, Veronika 1858-3/22/1929-age 72yrs.

PATTERSON, William 1868-3/2/1927age 59yrs.

CRANFORS, Anna Oliva 10/25/1898-3/12/1922-age 23-5-18days

ABRAHAMSON, Agda Amelia 1899-4/29/1919-age 19-9-17 (Single)

HENDRICKSON, Sam 1887-3/28/1916-age 29yrs.

HENDRICKSON, Lyda Granfors 1894-1/4/1918-age 24yrs.

WESTER, Karl 1842-5/31/1918-age 75-6-29days.

WESTER, Johanna 1854-6/6/1935-age 84yrs. (died in Seattle)

ANDRUS, Lien E. 10/18/1877-6/23/1946-age 68-8-5days.

ANDRUS, Roxie May 6/18/1883-9/5/1959-age 76yrs. (b/Valley City, Ia.)

ANDRUS, Ralph P. 5/21/1883-9/16/1907-age 24-3-26days

ANDRUS, William Alvia 4/16/1881-11/26/1897-age 16-7-10dys.

ANDRUS, Horace J. 12/7/1838-8/23/1903-AGE 64-8-16dys. (b/Marysville, NY)

ANDRUS, H.J. no info. (Co. F 9th Ia. Inf.)

PARKER, Mathilda 4/20/1848-12/29/1922-age 74-8-9dys. (wife of H.J. Andrus nee Parker)

JONES, Mary L. 5/5/1863-6/11/1920- (wife of Gilbert Jones nee Hutchinson)

JONES, Ellen L. 5/7/1888-11/6/1911-age 23yrs.

LINTON, Newton 1869-1947- (relative to Chas. Linton)

LINTON, Erastus 1822-1902 (Father)

LINTON, Olive 1832-2/5/1913-age 80-6-24days (Mother)

LINTON, Frank 1871-4/25/1933-age 62yrs. (single)

LINTON, Charles E. 1866-1945

MOORE, Bernard J. 1913-3/12/1949

CONDERMAN, John Ezra 10/14/1847-8/14/1917-age 73-10mos (Co. E. 1st Wi. Cav)

MILLS, Eunice M. 1/30/1943-10/24/1908 (wife of J.E. Conderman)

COOK, Grace 1904-1/23/1910-age 6-1-16dys.

COOK, Etta E. 1873-10/28/1933-age 60 yrs. (single)

COOK, John E. 1867-5/14/1926-age 56yrs.

SMITH, Belle 1906-3/4/1932-age 26yrs(wife of Ray H. Smith/ nee Cook/dau.of Etta)

MILLER, Charles F. 8/6/1886-1/17/1907-age 20-5-10dys. (son of U.K. & Rebecca Miller)

THOMAS, Elane 12/6/1900-1/20/1901 (dau. Of C.A. Thomas)

THOMAS, Chauncey 1856-10/24/1924-age 68dys.

WRIGHT, Robert 7/10/1847-8/8/1899-age 51-29dys.

OLNSTEAD, George L. 8/7/1870-4/7/1900-age 30yrs.

NIEMEYER, Charles Sr. 1838-2/4/1928-age 89yrs.

NIEMEYER, Mrs. Isabelle 1838-3/28/1928-age89yrs. (m/2/4/1858-Oh. Wife of Charles/nee Ream)

NIEMEYER, David H. 1872-1948

ANDERSON, Henry Julius 4/12/1887-3/3/1905 (son of John & Kate Anderson)

ROGERS, Elisha 8/15/1820-5/10/1893

ROGERS, Eula d-4/19/1903-age 12-1-29dys.

ROGERS, Ernest 1/30/1890-8/30/1896-age6-7mos.(Olderst child/J.M. & Flora Rogers)

BLATMAN, Marharet 1/8/1836-11/9/1897-age 61-10-1dys.

MOO, Mathilda 3/6/1943-age 43yrs.

MOO, Martin d-12/30/1941-age 75yrs.

MOO, Ivy 1/31/1919-age 25-6mos (wife of Martin Moo)

MOO, Emma Margaret 9/1/1898-9/18/1900-age 2yrs.-17dys (dau. Of Martin & Mathilda Moo)

BOHNALLIE, Minnie C. 12/6/1889-8/1/1961 (nee Moo)

THORNBURY, Roy 8/10/1868-3/25/1901 (husband of L.M.)

JOHNCK, Johan Didrik 1842-3/23/1915-age 73yrs.

LANDIS, Charles O. 1866-1929

LANDIS, Rosa Ella 4/26/1877-2/5/1959-age 81yrs.

SANDERS, Anna 4/11/1864-7/9/1900-age 35yrs. (wife of M. Sanders)

SANDERS, Bernhard 2/28/1902-4/28/1905 (son of M. & Anna Sanders)

SANDERS, George no info.

SWANSON, Ed. A. 1863-11/18/1925-age 62yrs.

SWANSON, Johanna 1865-1935

SWANSON, d-1922

HATCH, Joseph B. 1863-5/13/1939-age 68yrs (single)

HATCH, Nathan Benjamin 1865-1/13/1940-age 70 yrs.

LUND, Arnid 6/1/1897-6/28/1939-age 42yrs. (died in Hartford)

ANDERSON, Andrew 3/19/1885-12/7/1958-age 74yrs. (b/ in Finland)

ANDERSON, Sophia 1884-9/22/1962-age 78yrs.

ANDERSON, Donald Brent 8/1948-8/1948 (son of Oscar Anderson)

ANDERSON, Godfrey d-8/16/1948-age 66yrs

MARTINSON, Mrs. Maria 8/25/1857-2/23/1940-age 82yrs.

MARTINSON, Erick 12/11/1857-1/25/1940-age 82 yrs.

SHURLUND, Oscar 1867-12/27/1943-age 76yrs.

SHURLUND, Irene Victoria 1862-7/28/1953-age 91yrs.

McCULLOCH, Aurelia May 1877-1/2/1945-age 67yrs.

McCULLOCH, William Norman 3/17/1871-4/16/1959-age 88yrs.

HAGQUIST, Charles 187?-5/28/1947-age 67yrs.

HOLMQUIST, Ida M. 11/24/1886-10/10/1960-age 73yrs.

HISEY, Joseph Milton 7/20/1878-9/5/1956-age 78 (b/Waynesville Oh.)

HISEY, Pearl E. 12/21/1888-19??

HALSTINE OR Holstine, Joseph O. 12/18/1904-2/17/1960-age 55yrs. (b/Mo)

CARLSON, Walter H. 4/24/1910-11/11/1960-age 50yrs. (b/Wa. d/Mt)

CARLSON, Ruth Edna 8/22/1916-5/16/1930-age 13yrs. (dau. Of Henry Carlson)

CARLSON, Lila 8/13/9/29/1959-age 74yrs. (b/Norway)

CARLSON, Henry 1876-3/20/1948

RICE, Egbert G. 1865-12/15/1942-age 77yrs. (Co. F 1st Wa. Inf. Sp. Amer. War)

RICE, Frankie Irene 1880-12/11/1944-age 64yrs. (wife of Egbert)

ROGGENSEES, John Adolph 11/7/1887-6/30/1950-age 63yrs. (U.S. Navy Wa.)

LEMON, James omar 9/27/1884-6/1/1957-age 72yrs. (b/Peru Ind.)

BARSTOW, Mrs. Essie Irene 12/20/1893-3/16/1958-age 64yrs. (died Castle Rock Wa.)

LARSON, Rev. Ole 12/22/1884-8/30/1958-age 73yrs. (b/Dalarna Sweden)

LARSON, Eva Leah 1889-19??

CUTTS, Alice A. 1858-7/12/1928-age 69yrs.

CUTTS, Harvey L. 1882-1925

CUTTS, Frank D. 3/6/1854-11/6/1901

BUNN, Sarah G. 1/2/1825-5/2/1904 (wife of D. Bunn)

COX, Samuel 1848-10/11/1925-age 78yrs.

COX, Emma 1851-2/20/1923-age 77yrs.

COX, Hugo O. 1871-1948

COX, Iva L. 1882-19??

MILLER, Carrie S. 4/15/1858-10/31/1896- (wife of C.B. Miller)

SQUIRE, Arthur L. 9/24/1914-5/31/1941-age 26yrs. (b/Castle Rock/Single)

SQUIRE, Earl E. 1910-9/8/1935-age 25yrs. (son of Wm. Squire/Single)

SQUIRE, Arthur Wilson 1875-1/28/1953-age 77yrs.

CLARK, Charles F. 3/17/1924-8/3/1944 (W.W.2 Wa.)

MOCK, Matilda A. 10/31/1906-8/13/1960-age 53yrs. (died in Arlington)

SWEDBERG, John 1880-????

SWEDBERG, Mollie 1875-1953

MILLS, Gertie Marie Mrs. 1893-8/24/1944-age 51yrs (wife of Charles Mills)

MILLS, Charles W. 1/16-1892-3/2/1961-age 69yrs. (Wa. Pvt. Co. E. 62nd Inf. W.W.1)

THOMAS, Nelson Grant 1868-12/7/1935-age 67yrs (husb. Of Hannah)

THOMAS, Hannah 6/24/1881-3/21/1957-age 76yrs. (b/Springfield, Mo.)

BURROWS, Lester G. d-11/1936-age 43yrs. (Nb.Pvt. 620th Field Sig Bn. Wife Martha)

REYNOLDS, Mrs. Rosa B. 1871-3/12/1936-age 64yrs. (wife of W.C.)

CONGER, William J. 1871-3/9/1947

CONGER, Laura G. 1869-5/10/1936-age 67yrs. (wife of Wm. J. b/England)

CAVANAUGH, Bessie M. 1879-1946

HALFORD, Julia 1857-5/17/1936-age 68yrs. (m/1874 to W. S. Halford)

HALFORD, William F. 1856-3/25/1939age 83yrs. (Father)

LINDSTROM, Guslaf 1882-5/1/1937-age 54yrs. (husb. Of Johanna)

LINDSTROM, Johanna 1881-9/1/1945-age 64yrs.

RUX, Otto Robert 1/4/1892-2/12/196?-age 68yrs. (b/Hilaire, Mn.)

JOHNSON, Minnie 2/3/1889-6/28/1962-age 73yrs. (b/Finland wife of John)

JOHNSON, John 11/11/1885-5/23/1964-age 78yrs. (b/Korsnas, Finland)

YOUNG, Doc A.H. d-1/9/1963

NELSON, Harley Ed. E. 1/5/1909-3/6/1961 (W. U.S. Army W.W.2 b/Snohomish)

GRANFORS, Charles 8/21/1847-12/20/1924 (Single)

GRANFORS, Dora 3/30/1891-6/25/1953-age 62yrs. (b/Mi)

GRANFORS, John Leonard 6/22/1900-7/24/1940-age 40yrs.

BARSTOW, Samuel 1855-1916-age 61yrs.

BARSTOW, Viola 1860-8/13/1917-age 37yrs.

BARSTOW, Roy 1897-6/25/1924-age 27yrs.

BARSTOW, Roxy Beatrice d-1/23/1917 (stillborn)

WILSON, William D-12/3/1929-age 22yrs. (single)

YOUNG, Alfred d-1/9/1963

McGINN, Miss Ruth d-3/9/1928-19yrs. (b/Oakville)

CARPENTER, Nathan d-6/13/1930-60yrs.

STRIBLING, Infant d-7/2/1906-1yr-6mos. (died in Hartford, Wa.)

JOHNSTON, Claude d-10/7/1907-age 19yrs.

THOMAS, Infant 8/15/abt-1906-07

BAKER, Leon d-2/28/1909-age 35yrs. (single)

CRAFT, baby d-7/5/1909-age 15dys.

GREGORY, Anna d-9/8/1909-age 68yrs.

NEWSON, Walter d-9/10/1909 (single)

ELDER, Mrs. Rose d-11/28/1909-age 35yrs.

LANDIS, Rebecca d-9/19/1910-age 53yrs. (died in Everett0

ANDERSON, Llilly Elizabeth 2/14/1889-6/6/1911-age 22yrs. (single)

RANES, William E. d-7/12/1911-age 4mos.

SEBRING, Infant d-1/19/1912 (premature)

EKMAN, Verner Jole d-9/14/1912-age 2-7-28dys. (son of Andrew Ekman)

BUSCH, Helena d-6/1/1913-age 39yrs.

WORLAND, Osher D-10/11/1913-age 28 dys. (son of E. Worland)

DICKINSON, Claud d-1/24/1914-age 6mos-5dys

RIEF, Elma d-6/9/1914-age 6-4-26dys.

SCHILDBERG, Ravelia d-1/19/1915-age 3-8-4dys.

PALMER, Loa Frances d-2/26/1915-age 5-11-9

ROFF, George Manley d-3/16/1915-age 68yrs 9-6days

VAN HENERT ??could be Van d-4/28/1915

SWANSON, Nels d-7/16/1915-age 36-6/15dys.

KEMMONS, baby d-8/27/1915 (stillborn)

KEMMONS, baby d-6/17/1916-age 1hr.

VANCE, John d-11/16/1915-age 70yrs.

NELSON, Mary A. d-11/29/1915-age 19yrs. (wife of L.P. Nelson)

HALLDIN, Albin d-9/12/1916-age 3mos.

JOHNSTON, Lucy d-1/15/1917-age 59yrs. (wife of Leroy Johnston)

GOODWIN, William d-7/28/1917-age 33yrs. (single)

BERRY, James Robert d-4/3/1918-age 9dys.

ROGERS, Henry Hiram d-7/25/1918-age 67yrs.

DEWEY, George Henry d-11/12/1918-age 25-2-23dys.

HANSCOM, Morris d-1/4/1919-age 68yrs. (divorced)

WATSON, Cecile d-3/7/1919-age 31yrs.

GREGORY, James B. d-9/3/1919-age 44yrs.

LUTHER, John d-5/10/1920-age 51yrs.

JONES, Mrs. Mary d-6/10/1920-age 52yrs. (wife of Gilbert M. Jones)

MULANAX, Jack Roy d-9/3/1920-age 2days

RICHARDS, Albert d-9/30/1921-age 16dys

HANSON, Anna d-9/30/1921-age47yrs.

THOMAS, Burt 3/3/1922-age 57-11-20dys. (husband of Daisy Thomas)

WHITE, infant d-7/25/1922-age 2 1/2 dys. (son of Frank White)

HALLDIN, Johan d-12/15/1922-age 12yrs. (son of John Lalldin)

VANCE, Mary d-1/29/1923-age 80yrs. (wife of John Vance)

SUIRT, William Ernest d-4/29/1923 (stillborn)

ERICKSON, Martin d-8/25/1923-age 51-1-13dys.

SORRELL, Ella d-7/4/1924-age 74yrs.

SCHLIGH, Eliza A. d-11/5/1924-age 67yrs.

PHILLLIPS, William Harvey d-4/17/1938-age unclear maybe 72yrs or 22yrs (b/Ky.)

FLORENCE, Andrew James d-10/28/1932-age 67yrs. (m-Martha Noble in Me)

BANNISTER, Mary Adella d-4/6/1933-age 60yrs. (3rd person married in Arlington)

BOOMER, Lillie d-9/22/1933-age 55yrs. (wife of John Boomer)

BOOMER, John d-12/19/1936-age 61yrs. (b/Wi.)

MORTON, Carrie Newson d-11/18/1933

SANDERS, Mons d-2/17/1934-age 70yrs.

THOMAS, Mrs. Chancy d-8/11/1934

STRIBLING, Jessie Ralph d-9/21/1934 (stillborn)

STRIBLING, Alida 11/15/1934-age 25days

STEVENSON, Mary or Susan E. d-12/13/1934 (nee Schoonover wife of Charles F.)

HARKELVOD Earl Joseph d-9/8/1935-age 50yrs. (?Harkelrode/ family in Pa./ Single)

RIDDLE, Emmit D. d-10/6/1936-age 83yrs.

ERICKSON, Donald d-10/29/1936-age 3yrs.

CHRISTENSON, Matt d-1/22/1937-age 86yrs.

NORLUND, Emanuel d-9/1/1937-age 67yrs.

NELSON, Mrs. Lilllian 11/8/1937-age 38yrs. (wife of Laurits)

SMITH, Augusta d-12/24/1937-age 79yrs.

CUTTS, Roy d-1/17/1925-age 42-11-9days

ECKMAN, Aruthur d-3/23/1925-age 26yrs. (single)

WORLUND, Maria d-10/10/1925-age 49yrs.

LUNDQUIST, Helen Worlund d-7/10/1937-age 33yrs. (wife of Fred )

McGINN, Hugh d-8/16/1925-age 40-8mos

NYBURG, Henry d-12/17/1925-age 36yrs

BAKER, George d-3/22/1926-age 78yrs. (Delbert Baker signed the Death)

DAVIS, Arthur d-4/24/1926-age 19-3-17 (single Albert Davis signed Death)

DUBB, Martha d-5/10/1926-age 61yrs.

ELDERS, William S. d-4/10/1928-age 63yrs (single)

PALMER, Sylvia d-10/6/1928-age 41yrs.

SANDERS, Charles d-1/22/1929-age 63yrs.

TANNER, John d-2/1/1929-age 76yrs (single)

NIEMEYER, Ellen d-5/21/1929-age 64yrs

THOMAS, Milfred Howard d-6/29-1931-age 32yrs. (son of Daisy Thomas Single)

PARSON, Wilma d-9/16/1931-age 3dys (infant dau. Carl Parson)

FAVUER, Dale George d-7/19/1932-age 21yrs. (single)

COOK, Bell

SMITH, D-3/5/1932

MORTON, Lovander 2/8/1915-age 67yrs.

HOLMES, Edward 3/12/1915-age 47yrs.

RICHARDS, Hattie Elizabeth d-5/21/1915-age 61yrs.

NORDIN, baby d-8/2/1915-age 4days

BROW, Geroge H. d-10/28/1915-age 65yrs.

ROGERS, Mary M. d-11/27/1915-age 58yrs.

POFF, Mary d-12/26/1915-age 80 yrs.

HARLAN, W.A. d-3/1/1916-age 52yrs.

MADDEN, Lawrence Sr. d-9/8/1917-age 82yrs.

HENDRICKSON, Fredolf d-1/8/1918-age 9days

HARCUS, infant d-1/30/1918-age 5dys. (infant of C.R. Harcus)

BOOMER, Mary H. d-4/28/1918-age 67yrs.

KELLOGG, Milo Martin d-6/12/1918-age 15yrs.

NELSON, John d-12/5/1918-age 33yrs.

WATSON, Norma Rosell d-2/27/1919-age 15yrs.

BARRON, Walter d-3/21/1919-age 41yrs.

ROGERS, A?B d-9/7/1919-age 54yrs.

MARKS, Ellen Althen d-10/19/1919-age 7mos 6days

JOHNSON, baby Jack d-5/21/1920-age 4days

JOHNSON, Aron d-4/20/1921-age 54yrs.

ELDER, Lea d-8/5/1920-age 20yrs. (dau. Of William Elder)

CADWOLDER, Kelly d-12/16/1920-age 59yrs

RIDDLE, Lois d-8/12/1921-age 26-3-20 days

STRIBLING, Rebecca Jane d-1/24/1922-age 89yrs. (Wife of J.B. Stribling)

MILLER, Rebecca d-8/11/1922-age 54 (U.K.)

RIDDLE, Alice d-2/15/1923-age 49yrs. ( wife of D.E. Riddle)

ISACSON, Thelma d-5/22/1923-age 3yrs.

WIESE, William d-3/6/1925-age 82yrs.

KELSO, Thomas d-7/25/1925-age 1mos.

BAKER, Eva d-7/1/1925-age 40yrs. (wife of Delbert Baker)

CLOKE, Harold d-4/15/1926-age 17yrs. (single)

HENDRICKSON, George d-10/17/1926-age 22yrs (single)

FAVUER, Grace d-5/4/1927-age 14yrs. (dau. Of A.E. Favuer)

McGINN, Ruth Christy d-3/9/1928-age 19yrs. (single)

JOHNSON, Jack M. d-10/18/1928-age 56yrs.

SINNET, Henry d-2/7/1929-age 64-6-20days

CAMPBELL, Mrs. Ida Mae 1866-11/11/1930- 64yrs. (husb. Of Eli)

CONGER, John Stephen d-9/30/1938-age 63yrs. (single died in Oregon)

CROWE, Michael B. d-11/16/1938-age 56yrs. (b/Ia.)

PLAMER, Clayburn d-8/25/1939-age 69yrs. (b/OH. Clyde Palmer signed Death)

PANTING, Harry d-9/24/1939-age 67yrs. (husb. Of Addie b/England)

MILLER, Able Bryan d-3/13/1940-age 42yrs.

HOCHENSEN, Matthias d-1/11/1941-age 82yrs.

BARSTOW, Alvia d-8/31/1941-age 53yrs. (Owen Barstow signed Death0

KELSO, Infant d-1/10/1943 (stillborn Russel Kelso signed the Death)

LOWEING, Thomas d-1/9/1944-age 78yrs.

WATSON, William d-3/18/1945-age 38yrs.

BRON, Thornton d-8/21/1906-age 2yrs.

SORGENFRIE Henry Peter d-7/29/1906-age 15yrs.

STRIBLING, J.B. d-8/19/1906-age 85yrs.

NUSOM, John d-9/10/1906-age 73yrs.

FANNING, William J. d-11/16/1907-age 54yrs.

WESTERHALD, 7/18/1906-age 45yrs.

McNEAL, infant d-1/29/1908- (infant dau. Of Walter McNeal)

WIESE, Fred d-9/15/1908-age 65-7-14dys.

COUNDERMAN, Eunice 1/30/1843-10/24/1908-age66yrs.(wife John Ezra Conermann nee Mills)

NENISOM, Lucinda d-7/31/1909-age 80 yrs.

MEYERS, Fred d-9/9/1909-age 43yrs.

MATHEWS, Rose 1858-10/17/1909-age 51yrs

RIDALL, John d-12/16/190+

McNAIR, Estelle d-4/24/1910-age 26yrs.

ESTES, Charles M. d-8/2/1910-age 76-2-14dys.

LANE, Roy d-9/5/1910-age 14yrs.

SPIETH, Barbara d-8/1/1911-age 25-7-29dys.

RICHARDS, Susian 12/3/1862-2/3/1912-age 60yrs.

CRITTENDEN, Franklin d-10/28/1912-age 75

ROGERS, Mrs. Abigal A. d-1/19/1913-age 79yrs.

CUTTS, Thelma d-6/14/1913-age 2-5-15dys.

BEST, Earl 4/3/1903-10/28/1913-age 9yrs. (son of Harry Best)

BURGET, Clarence d-3/20/1914-age 1-7-24dys.

MORTON, Sarahrona Katherine D-10/24/1932-age 62yrs (wife of George)

BARTSOW, Warren d-8/2/1932--age 79-5-21dys.

SMEDBERG, Christine d-7/28/1933-age 68yrs. (wife of John Smedberg.)

DURHAM, Earl d-2/6/1934-age 7yrs. (son of L.M. Durham)

BANNISTER, Wallace d-2/25/1934-age 307rs.

MINOGUE, Owen d-1934 (stillborn)

PERFENTINE, Antine d-9/12/1934-age 86yrs.

GREGORY, Artaresto 1848-10/14/1934-age 86yrs.

JOHNSON, Leo Roy d-11/15/1934-age 80yrs.

CRITTEND, Willliam d-12/13/1934-age 74yrs.

HANSON, Harry Oliver d-4/15/1935-age26yrs (single)

CRITTEND, Katherine d-7/14/1935-age 71yrs.

DEWEY, Mrs. Louise d-10/3/1936-age 62yrs. (Benj. Dewey signed Death)

STEVENS, Charles F. d-10/23/1936--age 75yrs.

WOLFORD, Clinton d-5/31/1937-age 80yrs. (b/NY single)

BAKER, Miss Bertha d-10/7/1937-age 21yrs. (dau. Of Adelbert Baker)

BAKER, Adelbert d-11/27/1937-age 61yrs.

SWAIN, Samuel W. d-4/19/1938-age 70yrs. (b/Canada)

MORTON, George W. d-9/5/1938-age 79yrs.

SORGENFRIE, Jeppe Peter d-10/14/1938-age 81 (single)

LOFGREN, John B. d-1/4/1939-age 82yrs.

WORLUND, Marjory Jean D-9/14/1939-age 5yrs. (dau. Of Everet Worlund)

PHILLIPS, Mrs. Carrie d-4/1/1940-age 70yrs.

BANNESTOR, Charles d-5/7/1941-age 33yrs.

HOCKENSEN, Martha d-1/25/1942-age 86yrs.

McGRINN, Patrich d-10/13/1942-age 63yrs.

NIEMEYER, Charles Jr. d-5/25/1943-age 81yrs.

HATCH, Anne Rachle d-7/11/1943-age 76yrs.

WALLAS, James Lee d-9/13/1943-age 2mos (Linsey Wallis believed the Father)

HACKEL, Mary d-4/15/1944-age 78yrs.

LINTON, Charles d-1/12/1945-age 79yrs.

STEVENSON, George Perry d-7/3/1945-age 87yrs.

CARLSON, Charles d-8/31/1945-age 61yrs.

SORGRNFREI, Hans Henry d-6/18/1946-age 85yrs.

ROGERS, Henry C. d-8/17/1946-age 65yrs

SORGRNFREI, Anna D. d-7/6/1949-age 80 yrs.

KELSO, Margaret Elizabeth d-10/2/1951-age 20yrs. (dau. Of Russell Kelso)

SWEDEBERG, Lillian Mae d-4/14/1953-age 77yrs.

CAVONAUGH, Bessie d-5/22/1946-age 67yrs.

HELSON or Nelson, Augusta d-5/15/1948-age 77yrs.

LULLOFF, Anna d-4/25/1919-age 89yrs.

RICE, Phyllis Ann d-1/31/1951-age 4mos

EASTERLY, Alan Irwin d-1/19/1953-1mos16dys

BLACKBURN, Mary Elizabeth d-3/21/1953-age 96yrs.

VANHORN, Effie d-9/14/1953-age 66yrs.

MATSON, William E. d-1/27/1954-age 88yrs

MINAGUE, Fred Arnold 2/6/1938-3/16/1956-age 18yrs. (b/Everett, Wa.)

McGINN, Catherine 7/22/1882-4/7/1957-age 74yrs.

MENZIES, Clark W. 1916-3/6/1953-age 36yrs.

ESPESETH, Sam 2/7/1882-5/3/1960-age 7? (b/Bergen, Norway0

McFARLAND, Louise Ann 5/31/1914-6/2/1960-age 46yrs.

JONES, Gilbert M. 5/16/1864-1/14/1961-age 96yrs. (b/Wolcott NY)

BONNALIE, Minnie C. 12/6/1889-8/1/1961-age 72yrs.

PATTERSON, Crystal 3/27/1909-4/28/1962-age 53yrs.

GRANGER, Jesse John 6/6/1943-6/2/1962 (son of Jesse Granger)

STRIBLILNG, James Henderson 4/4/1862-8/1/1961-age 98yrs.

STRIBLING, Cora Mae d-9/18/1962-age 82yrs.

PERRINE, Alfred B. d-11/7/1963-age 45yrs.

CONDERMAN, L. 4/1871/7/27/1959-age 88yrs.

BRAG, Wayne 7/25/1893-1/4/1961-age 67yrs.

SUBERT, Joseph d-5/13/1962-age78yrs.

DAWLING, Daisy d-10/18/1963-age 85yrs.

OVERTON, Mary Jo. D-6/20/1964-age 72yrs. (wife of Paul Overton)

VANHORN, Harry d-4/11/1964-age 79yrs.

ROGGENSEES, John Adolph 11/7/1887-6/30/1950-age 63yrs (b/Nb.)

BONNALIE, Minnie A. 12/6/1889-8/1/1961 (nee Moo)

VANHORN, Effie d-9/14/1953-age 66yrs.

WATSON, William d-1/27/1954-age 85yrs. (leaves no relatives known)

VonMATTER, Wallter Scott 11/30/1869-2/1954-age 84yrs (b/Pa.)

HENDERSON, Victor d-1/27/1955-age 77yrs.

SAWYER, Eli H. 11/9/1865-9/9/1956 (b/Washington, Ks)

CARPENTER, Mrs. Vera Mae 3/7/1902-10/3/1956-age 54yrs. (b/Springport, Ind)

RICE, Phyllis Ann 1949-1/31/1951 (dau. Of Grant Rice)

CRITENDEN, Franklin 4/23/1837-10/28/1912

LANE, William R. 2/1/1896-9/4/1910 (son of John L. Lane & Ada Fields)

McINTYRE, Roy 11/8/1902-8/28/1910 (son of Deskin Mcintyre & Tula MCCullock)

McCULLOCK, Martha 7/21/1837-5/18/1908 (b/Vt.)

RAINES, William 3/2/1911-7/12/1911 (son of Robert Raines & Gertrude Landers)

BARSTON, James 5/20/1912-5/27/1912 (son of John Barston & Essie Summers)

FULMER, Hannah J. 12/14/1844-1/28/1953- (b/Lancashier, Eng. )

GUSTADSON, Gust 3/3/1871-1/17/1953-81yrs (b/Jeppo, Finland)

MONOGUE, Patrick Thomas 3/29/1908-3/1/1954-age 45yrs. (b/Liverpool, Eng. )

LANDERS, Mrs. Rosa Ella 4/26/1877-2/5/1959-age 81yrs. (b/Benson, Vt)

McCULLOCH, William Norman 3/17/1871-4/16/1959-age 88yrs. (b/Luane, Ia.)

ENDERMANN, George 4/16/1871-7/1959-age 88yrs. (b/S.D.)

BANNISTER, Charles Oliver 12/25/1907-5/6/1941-age 33yrs. (b/Arlington, Wa.)

CRITTENDEN, Mrs. W.H. 4/8/1864-7/14/1935-age 72yrs (b/Wi)

ERICKSON, Donald Ernest d-10/29/1936-age 3yrs. (son of Sam Erickson)

DEWEY, Mrs. Louis 2/2/1874-10/2/1936-age 62yrs. (b/Wi.)

WORLUND, Emanuel d-9/1/1937-age 67yrs.

CONGER, John Stephen d-9/30/1938-age 64yrs.

MILLS, Charles W. 1/16/1892-3/2/1961-age 69yrs (b/Slylva, N.C.)

STRIBLING, Mrs. Cora Mae 9/6/1880-9/18/1962-age 82yrs. (b/Millbrook, Mi)

STRIBLING, James Henderson d-8/2/1961-age 99yrs.

TOBEY, W.P. d-2/26/1939-age 68yrs. (b/Ill.)

HATCH, Bert d-5/13/1939-age 68yrs.

STEVENSON, George Ed. 1/28/1888-10/5/1971-age 83yrs. (b/Ks. Husb. Of Minnie)

STEVENSON, Mrs. Susan E. d-12/16/1934-age 65yrs. (b/Ill. Wife of Geo. Ed nee Schoonover)

RICE, Egbert Grant 6/13/1865-12/12/1942

RICE, Frankie Irene 7/4/1880-12/11/1942 (wife of Egbert G. nee Conderman)

CRITTENDEN, Mrs. Elizabeth d-5/22/1933-age 79yrs. (wife of Frank Crittenden)

SINNETT, Frances palmer d-12/31/1935-age 69yrs.


For information, contact Karyn Cooper at

ANDERSON, Oscar S. 10/11/1907-5/22/1966 (husb of Martha Anderson)

LANDERS, Royal T. 12/24/1906-12/25/1966-age 60yrs.

BURDICK, Mary Elizabeth 2/8/1890-9/27/1972-age 82yrs. (nee Hobson)

BRETT, Effie 4/4/1887-4/17/1966-age 79yrs. (wife of Donald nee Haskell)

ROBERTSON, Jeanett d-5/3/1978-age 87yrs.

BEAT, Ida Z. 10/31/1890-12/31/1964-age 74yrs. (b/Hoffman, Ill )

VANBORN, Harry 7/18/1893-2/24/1966-age 72yrs. (b/Stockham, Nb. Wife of Harvey)

JOHNSON, John 8/24/1886-7/8/1964-age 77yrs. (b/Carterville, Mo.)

BARROW, Nellie Edith 1885-5/23/1964-age 78yrs. (b/Vasa, Finland)

SHURUND, Dewey D. 9/25/1900-1/6/1967-age 66yrs. (b/Snohomish, Wa.)

WALLACE, James Lindsey d-1/22/1967-age 52yrs. (husb. Of Jean b/Ark)

HUSSEY, Ruth E. 4/17/1901-6/27/1967-age 66yrs. (wife of Robert b/Kimmer, Wy.)

FRY, Lottie Opel 1/23/1895-8/5/1967-age72yrs. (b/Machias, Wa.)

HAMBLIN, Omeda G. 9/3/1892-7/13/1967-age 74yrs. (b/Grand Rapids,Wi. nee Van Natter)

MINOGUE, Mary E. 10/8/1882-11/10/1972-age 90yrs. (b/Manchester,Eng. )

SHIREY, Ruby M. 2/8/1909-2/25/1974-age 65yrs. (wife of George b/Ia)

CROWELL, Eleanor N. 10/1/1912-11/14/1973-age 61yrs. (wife of Guy B. b/Portland,Or.)

MILLER, Fred K. 12/23/1894-7/26/1967-age 72yrs. (b/Germany husb.of Nancy)

O'BRIEN, Richard J. (Dick) 12/12/1887-1/25/1968-age 80yrs. (b/Cheboygan, Mi. husb of Ruth M.)

KEEHN, Dr. Arnold Frederick 2/28/1896-1/2/1968-age 71yrs. (b/Mn. W.W.1 Navy)

BYERS, Ernest 3/5/1888-9/30/1969-age 81yrs. (husb of Llucy b/Keosauquia, Ia)

CROWE, Jack Rex 3/2/1887-3/26/1974-age 87yrs. (husb of Eva b/Ia.)

BROWNELL, Albert Finch 1/2/1902-11/2/1976 (b/Salem, Or)

SANDERS, A. Benhart 6/24/1906-9/21/1969-age 63yrs. (b/Snohomish,Wa. )

NELSON, Laurits P. 12/14/1884-3/29/1969-age 84yrs. (b/Copenhagen, Denmark)

TULL, Earl P. 8/9/1895-12/21/1968-age 73yrs. (b/Des Moines,Ia. Husb. of Hazel)

BEAT, Harvey Lester 10/6/1890-10/26/1968-age 78yrs. (b/Stockhom, Nb.)

CLAPP, Cecil L. 3/7/1909-9/3/1974-age 65yrs. (b/Raymond S.D. husb. of Lois)

RIETZ, Beulah H. 6/9/1887-9/16/1974-age 87yrs. (b/St. Johns, Mi)

GREGORY, Carl H. 6/11/1897-9/21/1968-age 71yrs. (b/Hartford, Wa.)

MENZIES, Jon Al 10/16/1953-8/1/1968-age 14yrs. (son of Alex Menzies)

BAILEY, Carrie 8/25/1883-2/13/1970-age 86yrs. (b/Huron,NY )

MOO, Martin "Sunny" 10/19/1901-11/28/1969- (b/Machias, Wa. Pioneer resident)

GRANGER, Esther 3/20/1888-4/27/1976-age 88yrs. (wife of Jesse b/Omaha, Nb.)

COOK, Daniel U. d-10/18/1975-age 82yrs. (husb of Cora )

REIDT, John 8/31/1895-2/18/1970-age 74yrs (member of Amer.Legion 181)

PIKE, Betty Ann 4/10/1928-4/14/1970-age 42yrs. (b/Beulah, N.D. wife of Malcom)

CRABTREE, Linnie E. 3/24/1896-10/4/1976-age 80yrs. (b/Lanark, Ark. Nee Sindle)

O'BRIEN, Ruth M. 11/26/1896-6/4/1971-age 82yrs. (b/Alemeda, Ca.)

MIL, Robert J. 10/22/1895-1970-age 74yrs. (b/Winona, Mn.)

MADSEN, Aage 8/9/1893-5/26/1970-age 76yrs. (b/Sjelland, Denmark husb of Pearl)

JOHNSON, Minnie 2/3/1889-1962-age 73yrs. (b/Finland wife of John)

STEVENSON, George Ed 1/28/1888-10/5/1971-age 83yrs. (b/Ks. husb of Minnie0

PALMER, Clyde R. 4/29/1919-10/5/1971-age 52yrs. (husb of Madge b/Everett,Wa.)

STRIBLING, Cora Mae d-9/18/1962-age 82yrs.

OTTO, Agatha A. 11/23/1889-7/20/1973-age 83yrs. (b/Chicago, Il. )

IRWIN, Billie 1/19/1904-5/21/1963-age 59yrs. (b/Billings, Mt. Husb of Mary Edith)

SEHORN, Myrtle 3/30/1886-7/5/1971-age 85yrs. (Pioneer of Sno. wife of Owen)

MENZIES, Louis C. 9/10/1912-1/5/1971 (b/Ok. nee Cromwell)

OWENS, Owen O. 4/1916-10/31/1970-age 54yrs. (b/Silverton, Wa. husb of Elaine Marg.)

MILLS, Darrell A. 7/6/1906-12/13/1973-age 67yrs. (b/Pa. W.W.2 husb of Belle)

BURKE, Hattie 11/17/1888-1/20/1972-age 83yrs. (b/Langdon N.D. wife of Robert L.)

KRUTZ, Pearl M. 1/12/1926-10/22/1971-age 45yrs. (wife of Keith(Jake) b/Everett, Wa.)

HOGLUND, Alma Irene 10/15/1883-6/17/1972-age 88ys. (b/Finland )

PORTER, Marian E. 4/26/1939-5/4/1972-age 33yrs.(w/of Robt.E. b/Medford,Or nee Arthur)

BAILEY, Guy E. d-7/30/1973-age 55yrs. (husb. of Diana)

WITHROW, Everett Raymond 9/15/1895-2/7/1973 (husb of Evelyn b/Wayne Co.,Il. W.W.1)

FEEK, Herman 11/1/1902-10/19/1972-age 69yrs. (b/Germany W.W.2 )

JONES, Lenore 6/22/1907-5/14/1974-age 66yrs. (b/Mn. Wife of Luther nee Stadin)

COOK, Frank E. 4/8/1912-1/7/1974 (husb. of Ella Lynn W.W.2)

SWEDBERT, John Peter 9/4/1880-3/15/1973-age 92yrs. (b/Anoka, Mn. husb of Myra)

SHIPLEY, Lester Irwin 4/15/1899-10/8/1974-age 75yrs. (b/New Lisbon, Wi. husb of Agnes)

HUNT, Pardon Brown Sr. 7/28/1901-8/14/1973-age 72yrs. (b/Portland, Or. Husb. of Mary)

IRWIN, Edith Mary 8/15/1903-5/26/1975-age 71yrs. (b/Gotton, Or. )

CROWELL, Guy B. 12/23/1908-2/21/1975-age 66yrs. (b/SanFrancisco W.W.2 )

HAVERFIELD, Edward James 3/6/1911-2/6/1974 (b/Hartford, Wa. husb of Majorie Ann )

PALMER, Burnie A. 8/15/1903-5/26/1975-age 71yrs. (b/Gotton, Or. )

OVERTON, Paul 10/10/1895-1/26/1976-age 80yrs. (b/Chillicothe, Mo. W.W.1 )

OWENS, Lucky Elton 12/25/1900-7/27/1975-age 74yrs. (b/Granite Falls, Wa. )

HOLCOMB, John F. 10/26/1894-3/13/1977-age 82 yrs. (b/Hot Springs, Ark. W.W.1 )

HAVERFIELD, Robena A. 5/11/1888-11/6/1976-age 88yrs. (b/Ontario, Can. Nee Scott)

SKEANS, William Andrew 5/8/1903-4/10/1977 (b/Silverbend,Tx )

PALMER, Burnie A. d-5/30/1977-age 27yrs. (died in accident)

MOO, Mabel Besse 11/24/1902-11/8/1977-age 74yrs. (b/Grand Rapids, Mn. nee Jorgenson)

ROGGENSEES, John 5/24/1916-11/6/1978-age 62ys. (Army W.W.2)

SHIPLEY, Agnes 3/31/1895-10/15/1978-age 83yrs.(b/Ovsette, Norway nee Kanekeberg)

HENDRICKSON, Marten Alblert 5/4/1896-9/24/1978 (b/Maxmo, Kemo, Finland )

BECKMEYER, Maybell 11/5/1892-9/27/1980-age 87yrs. (b/Portland,Or. Wife of Otto)

ABRAHAMSON, John Olaf 12/13/1897-12/12/1978 (b/Hibbing, Mn. )

CLAPP, Lois R. 7/16/1911-10/15/1978-age 67yrs. (b/Heaton, N.D. wife of Cecil nee Prang)

HARRISON, James (Jim) 2/25/1934-7/10/1979-age 45yrs.(b/Cottage Grove,Or. Kor/VN War wife Rose)

SEHORN, Owen 1/23/1885-10/27/1978-age 93yrs. (b/Ia. )

ERGLER, Leonora d-10/19/1980-age 68yrs.

GUSTAFSON, Julia Irene 6/9/1905-10/1/1980-age 75yrs. (b/Mi. wife of Elias)

PITTMAN, Edna Holzerland 10/12/1923-9/29/1980-age 57yrs. (b/Havre, Mt. Nee Kiehn)

GEMMER, Edson H. 12/13/1920-7/30/1980-age 59yrs. (husb.of L.Nadine b/Machias,Wa)

McCULLOCH, Emory Ray 7/3/1905-7/23/1980-age 75yrs. (b/Alcester,S.D. )

MARSHALL, Lillian Carlson 2/12/1912-9/1979-67yrs. (b/ Everett, Wa.)

JONES, Andrew 11/1893-8/25/1979-age 85yrs. (b/Wolcott, NY W.W.1 )

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