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(Abstract from 1926 History of Snohomish County, Vol II, pg 517)

Born Calais, Washington Co, Maine Nov 1867, son of Alex MORRISON and Sophia DAY; to Warm Beach, general store 1920

Married 17 Sept 1886 to Annie C. HATTON, born Pembroke, Maine, dau of Charles HATTON (b Taunton, ME, d WA 1917) and Eliza CUNNINGHAM (b Belfast, ME, d ME)


  • Raymond (partner with father in store) mar, 1 ch Raymond, Jr.
  • Mrs. Alice BRETT (of Portland, OR) 1 ch William
  • Mrs. Edna TUTTLE (of Oakland, CA)
  • Arnold (at home)



(Abstract from 1926 History of Snohomish County, Vol II, pg 754)

Born Canaan ME 28 Feb 1833, died 5 Jun 1871; son of Orin GOODRIDGE (b Canaan, died ME in 1902, at age 93) and Lydia THURSTON (b ME; died at age 73); grandson of Samuel GOODRIDGE (Rev. War); 1853 to CA; 1864 logging near Stanwood: farmer, director of School District No. 3 for 20 years.

Married (1) 1861 to Polly, "daughter of a medicine man"; died Oct 1871


  • Sirus (deceased)
  • Mrs Lydia Locke (resides Seattle)
  • Child who died in infancy
  • Llewellyn, born Florence 5 Jun 1871; mar 23 Sep 1891 to Emma SMITH (b Utsaladdy, dau of William H. and Katie SMITH); ch: Edward W. (b Florence 28 Dec 1892, mar, 2 ch: Llewellyn b 13 Mar 1924 and Laverne, b 2 Nov 1925; Mrs Edith ROSAN (b 3 Apr 1898, lives in San Francisco; Gardner L., b 25 May 1900, mar, ch: Llwewellyn, b 1 May 1921 and Kathleen, b 15 Apr 1923.

Married (2) 1879 to Jennie, native of the Skagit River country

  • Orin, "with interests in mines at Roosevelt, ID"
  • Mrs. Mary HUSBY
  • Ira
  • (deceased child)


(Abstract from 1926 History of Snohomish County, Vol II, pg 645)

Born 1886, Springfield, ME; son of L. W. TRASK and Jennie LINDSAY; graduated from Colby College 1909, and Johns Hopkins in 1913; to Everett in 1923

Married 10 Oct 1916 to June HUGHES (dau of Capt. C. B. HUGHES of Gray's Harbor)


  • Leo Stewart, Jr.


(Abstract from 1926 History of Snohomish County, Vol II, pg 254)

Born 1869 St. Albans, son of Charles H. (merchant, d 1892) and Emma H. SKINNER (at age 84, living in Everett); family to Snohomish 23 Aug 1891

Married Oct 1908 to Leta E. YOUNG of Auburn, WA


  • Charles F.


(Abstract from 1926 History of Snohomish County, Vol II, pg 436)

Born 7 May 1871, son of Thomas PELKY and Mary MONTREG; came to Seattle in 1893, and Everett in 1894; millwright and farmer

Married 1901 to Josephine GRAFF (born White River, WA, dau of Moose GRAFF)


  • Fred
  • Arthur
  • Paul

ARTHUR C. KNIGHT (Abstract from 1926 History of Snohomish County, Vol II, pg 650)

Born Monson, 11 Apr 1862, son of Amos KNIGHT and Lois HALL (ch: Susan Caroline, Peleg W., John Henry and Arthur C., deceased, Dora May, Lois H. and William, deceased); died 29 Apr 1926

Married (1) 1915 to Clara A. PAUL (b Maine, d Oct 1916

Married (2) 27 Sep 1919 to Mrs Minnie CUPHERS (b Germany, dau of Rudolph ROWE and Minnie DENHOFF)


(Abstract from 1926 History of Snohomish County, Vol II, pg 604)

Born 10 Sep 1864 Bradley, ME, son of Eugene LENFEST and Mary U. BLACKMAN; civil engineer, to Snohomish in 1888; County Surveyor in 1890, County Engineer from 1904 to 1908

Married 1891 to Sylvia FERGUSON, dau of Emory C. FERGUSON (b NY, "Father of Snohomish") and Gertrude MORGAN

(Read the complete 1926 biography of ELMER LENFEST)


(Abstract from 1926 History of Snohomish County, Vol II, pg 52)

Born 16 Dec 1825, Auburn, ME; son of H. G. KINGSLEY and N. E. WEBB; to Seattle 1904, farmer; to Everett 1917

Married 1906 to Edith TEROLLER, b Holland MI


  • Ernest Lester
  • Kenneth
  • Reta


(Abstract from 1926 History of Snohomish County, Vol II, pg 277)

Born 25 Nov 1885, son of Frank N. and Ida May JELLISON (both residents of Monroe since 1922); came to Seattle 1909; bookkeeper and accountant

Married 1907 to Edith HARPER of Portland ME


  • Francis W.
  • Fred


(Abstract from 1926 History of Snohomish County, Vol II, pg 225)

Born 1876, son of J. D. GIBBS and Mary Louise WATERHOUSE (both b ME); at 19 years to Baker OR; to Everett in 1900

Married 1914 in Everett, to Mattie WEBBER (born St Stephens, NB, dau of Thomas WEBBER and Elizabeth DUNSMORE (family to West Coast in 1906)


  • James Thomas, age 10


(Abstract from 1926 History of Snohomish County, Vol II, pg 392)

Born Aroostook Co 1871, son of William FISHER and Mary Ann MURPHY; came to SnoCo in 1894; farmer; married Dec 1894 to Rose YORK, b ME, dau of S. A. YORK and Hannah M. ALLEY (family to SnoCo in 1889


  • William (in Spokane, mar, 1 ch, Laverne)
  • Arthur (in Norwalk Ca, mar, 1 son, Donald)
  • Abraham (at home)
  • Laura (at home)
  • Frank
  • Harry (living with parents)
  • Rosa May (living with parents)


(Abstract from 1926 History of Snohomish County, Vol II, pg 77)

Born 1863 Aroostook Co; son of Henry P. COCHRAN and Addie H. KEATON; family to Gray's Harbor abt 1888; to Snohomish 1901; partner with brother W. A. COCHRAN in Snohomish Hardware Co; living in CA in 1926

Married (1) 1887 to Laura CAMPBELL (d 1893)


  • Alta, deceased, wife of Arthur A. JOHNSON of Snohomish
  • Ralph C.

Married (2) Retta BAKER (of Montesano)


  • Lyall B (in Denver, CO)
  • Neil M.


(Abstract from 1926 History of Snohomish County, Vol II, pg 58)

Born Bradley, Penobscot Co 4 Jan 1847; to Seattle Nov 1872; to SnoCo 1874; logging business with 2 brothers at Blackman's Lake; first mayor of Snohomish; 1907 to Wenatchee; d 1 Jun 1921

Married 1870, Bradley, ME to Ella E. KNAPP (b Bradley)


  • Clifford A (b Snohomish 1884, d 1920; mar Maude MORGAN, 3 ch 1 died in infancy, Beverley and Barbara of Wenatchee)
  • Eunice L (mar Dr. Wm S. FORD; lives Wenatchee; one child, Phyllis


(Abstract from 1926 History of Snohomish County, Vol II, pg 93)

Born 23 Nov 1865 Penobscot County; son of George V BLACKMAN and Frances A. EDDY (both b ME; father lumberman, to MI in 1874, to Oakland, CA in 1876, to WA about 1890); arrived Snohomish 12 Dec 1885; grocer, logger; 1896 Postmaster at Snohomish

Married 6 Oct 1887 to Adeliza "Bud" ELWELL (dau of John ELWELL and Eliza CROSBY; died 2 Jul 1925) Adopted child, Katherine (d 1917 at age 13)


(Abstract from 1926 History of Snohomish County, Vol II, pg 555)

Born Portland, Maine 23 May 182?, son of Benjamin WALKER and Sarah VEASY (both b MAINE); worked in paper mill in Natick, MA until 27 years old, then to CA gold diggings; three years placer mining in ElDorado County, CA; to Puget Sound in 1855; filed homestead in SnoCo in 1861; died 1909 at age 86.

Married Betsy DYER ("of the friendly Pilchuck tribe"); died 1921.


  • Anson
  • Igar
  • Leonard
  • Hulda
  • Mahala
  • Edward
  • Effie


(Abstract from 1926 History of Snohomish County, Vol II, pg 272)

Born Dover 14 Nov 1858, son of David ANDERSON (d ME) and Sara E. HASSEL (d WA); in 1878 came to OR, then to Seattle, and Skagit Co; returned to ME in 1882, and back to WA in 1884, locating in SnoCo; homestead near Granite Falls

Married (1) Eva ANDRUS (dau of H. J. ANDRUS of Machias, WA); died 1905


  • Jennie (mar Walter GLOVER of Marysville;
  • Elva, mar Don LIMING of Seattle;
  • David H.

Married (2) Elizabeth TOOGOOD (dau of Parley TOOGOOD) d 1909

Married (3) 25 Nov 1913 Mrs. Emma COOK (dau of William CASSSELS and Susan PEDIPICE)


(Abstract from 1926 History of Snohomish County, Vol II, pg 555)

Born Augusta, Maine; went to sea at age 14, then to Snohomish County; died 1890.

Married 1872 to Mary (born Chimacum Valley in 1853, died 1895)

Children: (only one given)

  • Sarah, b on Quimby homestead near Everett; married at Everett in September, 1900 to Fred Smith (born Port Discovery, Jefferson County; to SnoCo at age 16; died in October 1912 at age 44); children: Gracie (d at age 11), Ralph, Hattie (wife of Edward WALKER and mother of one child, Helen Louise) and Katherine.


(Abstract from 1926 History of Snohomish County, Vol II, pg 546)

Born Dennisville, Maine; came west in 1856; went to the Caribou mines in BC during the gold rush of 1856; to SnoCo where he homesteaded 160 acres, also a premption and timber claim; part of land was where the city of Everett is now located, then known as Blackman's Point; died at Warm Beach about 1880

Married Peggy ("native of Puget Sound country")


  • George W. PRESTON, born Blackman's Point 11 December 1864; lumberman and farmer; married 1895 to Nettie ANDERSON, born Whidbey Island, daughter of David W (b PA) and Lance (b Skagit County) ANDERSON (ch: Frank ANDERSON, deceased: Mrs Elizabeth GALLAGHER; John ANDERSON, deceased; Nettie); children: dau Mrs. Lucile WOODWORTH, mother of two childrn, Merrill Alice, b 10 Dec 1921 and Roberta May, b 4 Jan 1923
  • Martha, deceased
  • Mrs. Leah PHILLIPS
  • I. J.


(Abstract from 1926 History of Snohomish County, Vol II, pg 165)

Born 1838 in Maine. Father veteran of Civil War. Ae 15 to MN. To CA around Cape Horn. Back to MN abt 1871. To SnoCo in 1875. Lumber business. Died 1900.

Married Catherine SMITH (b Maine; d after 1926).


  • Mrs. Florence KNAPP, deceased
  • Mrs. Gertrude WARNER, deceased, mother of one child, Lorena, also deceased
  • Mrs. Minnie B. EVANS of Snohomish, four children: Charles, Frankie, Catherine, Margaret
  • Mrs. Lillian M. BUSBY, lives Gold Bar, two children, La Vallie, William, (d at age 24, Feb, 1926)
  • Albert, deceased
  • Junius, deceased
  • Clyde, deceased
  • Charles, deceased.


(Abstract from 1926 History of Snohomish County, Vol II, pg 181)

Born Columbia, ME 30 April 1837; died Lowell 14 June 1909. Son of John D. SMITH (b ME, d 1845) and Louisa BARNEY (b Lubec, ME, d IA at age 78, of "Scotch" descent, father a veteran of War of 1812). Both parents members of "prominent pioneer families" of Washington County, ME. Went to sea at age 14. In 1858, at age 21, to Port Gamble, worked in logging camps; in 1862 to mines in Caribou; Fall of 1862, logging outfit on Brown's Bay, north of Edmonds; Summer of 1863 to Lowell; 1865 mining in ID, then back to Lowell; 1870 log chute in Lowell, also store; 1874 hotel at Lowell; 1889 sawmill at Lowell.

Married 5 June 1869 in San Francisco to Margaret B. GETCHELL (born Marshfield, ME, d 6 Oct 1909 in Lowell at age 69), dau of George Stillman GETCHELL (b Machias, ME, family from VT, d ME at age 85, farmer) and Taphenea LONGFELLOW (b Machias, cousin of Henry Wadsworth LONGFELLOW, d at age 83). Margaret B. GETCHELL to CA at age 29.


  • Lowell B. SMITH,  b Lowell 5 Apr 1877; sea captain; mar Charlotte BAKER (daughter of "Seattle pioneers", d 2 years after marriage)
  • John D. SMITH,  b 11 May 1879; associated with Everett Pulp and Paper in Lowell; m Lillian BURKE of Snohomish, 1 child, Eugene
  • Phene L.,  UW grad., teacher; mar 1911 John M. BUCKLEY (b PA, to SnoCo 1903); 1 ch, Margaret
  • Cyrus W. SMITH,  b 11 Apr 1883, died in infancy


(Abstract from 1926 History of Snohomish County, Vol II, pg 477)

Born Danforth, ME; married Almira DEERING, also born in Danforth; to SnoCo in 1874, followed by family one year later. Died 1907.


  • Nettie married (1) B. H. MORGAN; (2) name not given, living in Wenatchee
  • Addie BOYD, of Boston, 1 child
  • Joseph Bunker FOSS, born 4 June 1872, Washington County, ME; married 9 March 1892 to Ruby RUSSELL, born IL, dau of Frank B. RUSSELL (b AR, to Snohomish in 1887, homesteaded in Wolf's Creek Valley, died 1919) and Joanna JOHNSON (b VA, died 1882); four children: Stena, m Arthur FRALICK of Snohomish, 1 daughter; Earl, in Snohomish, married, 1 daughter; Helen, married Milo LONG of Blackman Lake, 1 child; Myrtle, at home.
  • Fred Leroy FOSS of British Columbia, married, 1 child
  • May married T.E. HEADLEY of Everett, 5 children
  • Forrest FOSS living near Snohomish, 5 children
  • Myrtle FOSS died at age 19 


(Abstract from 1926 History of Snohomish County, Vol II, pg 510)

Born 8 Sepember 1836, Aetna, Maine; descendent of Joseph LANCASTER; died 2 June 1916;  1862 to CA, 1863 to Port Gamble; logger; organizer of First National Bank of Snohomish

Married Clinton, Maine 1856 to Christina STEWART


  • George Edgar STINSON, to SnoCo abt 1875, lumberman; d 1895
  • Charlotte, b Clinton, ME, came west in 1882; mar James COLE; children: Edna, b Snohomish, mar 14 Nov 1916 to Raymond R. STEVENS (b OH, at age 4 to Whitman County, 1900 to SnoCo) d 22 Feb 1926


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