Names and dates were taken from the tombstone markers for this cemetery which lies on the North side of the road. It is a well kept cemetery; the oldest grave or 1st burial Clara found was of Alice Ruth REEP who died 1903. Transcribed by Clara Matthias, submitted by Karyn Cooper (

LUND, Sevald 1876-1939

HAUGEN, Roy Melvin 11/30/1900-2/18/1933

HAUGEN, Dal Leroy 1924-1925

HAUGEN, Ola O. 8/24/1967-4/23/1936

HAUGEN, Annie O. 8/26/1956-2/3/1933

HAUGEN, Elef 9/10/1889-12/20/1911

PAULSON, Ragnild 1866-1958

PAULSON, Paul 1861-1938

BUSTAD, Peder M. 188?-1965

LUND, Hans 5/5/1884-9/20/1916 (born in Skjaaks Norge)

LUND, Kari N. 1886-1964

LUND, Iver I. 1878-1965

GALDE, Ole O. 8/10/1845-2/9/1914 (born in Ilom Norge)

KVALEM, Thorsten 1878-1954

KVALHEIM Sigvald 10/22/1887-6/2/1910

PAULSON, Anders 1868-1913

EVERSON, Christine 8/31/1852-4/9/1911

VAARA, Laila Genevieve 1913-1931

VAARA, Alvin Gordon 9/22/1918-1/23/1943 (Aon Cadet Army W.W.2 Air Force)

VAARA, Alma Contance 1885-1957-

VAARA, Hans G. 1890-1963

ROBERTSON, Sarah 1858-1909

ROBERTSON, Ole 1870-1939

ROBERTSON, Ronnaug 1875-1945

ROBERTSON, Olaf 1890-1960

ROBERTSON, Rasmus 1847-1928

ROBERTSON, Ronnaug 1848-1930

ROBERTSON, Emma-Wimmer 1875-1947

NORDAL, Olav K. 1867-1921

NORDAL, Kari R. 1877-1929

BRANSMO, Peter G. 1883-1958

BRANSMO, Marit H. 1887-19??

BUSTAD, Olaf 1886-1957 (Brother)

BUSTAD, Thora 7/30/1889-7/26/1969

BUSTAD, Rasmus 3/2/1882-1/20/1967

HANSON, Martin 1873-1961

REIMES, Shirley Ann 8/3/1936-11/26/1936

FALLING, Ole 1890-1940

FALLING, Amund 9/29/1888-3/27/1958

FALLING, Marit 12/19/1889-5/27/1955

VISTEN, Louis 1866-1908

VESTEN, Hannah 1865-1945

VESTEN, John 1894-1926

IMISLUND, Mathilda 1876-1911

IMISLUND, Marcus P. 1863-1931

IMISLUND, Palmer 1908-1944

IMISLUND, Allen ????-1911

IMISLUND, Allene ????-1911

HAUGEN, Theodore 1905-1968

HAUGEN, Peder 1860-1913

HAUGEN, Melvin 1906-1930

KVALEM, Margarete Haugen 1874-1964

PAULSON, Sina 1871-1940

PAULSON, Ole 1871-1903

PAULSON, Karen 1871-1903

PAULSON, Ingvald 1902-1931

REEP, Alice ruth 1903 (born & died)

BREVIK, Bertha 1901-1943

LARSON, Livo 1863-1931

LARSON, Rasmus 1855-1905

LARSON, Lewis 1882-1951

LARSON, Chris 1896-1954

LARSON, Halver 1/21/1894-9/28/1956

HEMMINGSEN, Carsten 1858-1945

HEMMINGSEN, Marie C. 1856-1943

HEMMINGSEN, Walter 1889-1964

PETERSON, Valborg 1823-1917 (born in Denmark) Grandmother

Unmarked baby grave

BUSTAD, Mrs. Thora 7/30/1889-7/26/1969-age 79yrs. (born Lom Norway )

BUSTAD, Peter M. 12/2/1888-5/20/1965-age 76yrs. (born Norway)

VAARA V.G. 4/8/1890-10/9/1963 (born Ada, Mn.)

LUND, Carrie Ann 1/7/1886-2/20/1864-age 78yrs. (born Skjaak Gudsrandsdalen, Norway)

HEMMINGSEN, Walter P. 8/3/1889-8/6/1964-age 75yrs. (born Stanwood)

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