This cemetery is located 12 miles north east of Arlington and 1/2 mile east of Oso. How many graves are there is unknown; there are 30 marked graves. The oldest or the 1st burial we found was that of Izri Vancil 4/15/1888 and the 2nd was John Sandberg 4/25/1888; the last burial of marked graves was Fred Kamm 6/14/1935. Transcribed by Clara Matthias, submitted by Karyn Cooper (ELVY12345@aol.com).

HOLLINGWORTH, Mary J. 10/1/1840-8/28/1905 (wife of Ira Hollingworth)

HOLLINGWORTH, Ora A. d-1/27/1901-age 5yrs.2-18dys.

KERN, Ottie A. 4/1878-5/26/1906(son of Mr. J.W. Kern)

KERN, Carl no info.

BOLCOM, Nellie 6/22/1904-6/23/1904-age 1 day

JOHNSON, Lisa 2/28/1830-9/15/1898

SANDBERG, Carl A. 6/28/1894-1/5/1895

VANCIL, Amelia 5/29/1808-12/3/1891

DOWNIE, Eva 7/31/1899-12/20/1902

BRAZELTON, Harvey 1873-1890

BRAZELTON, no infor. No info.(Lanty Co. G4th Wi. Cav)

McGILLIVARY, Duncan no info.(Weller Funeral Home Arl.)

KAMM, Fred A. 4/15/1911-6/14/1935

KAMM, Edward E. 1885-1912

WHEELER, Sarah M. 3/9/1847-12/16/1912

Marker no name or dates

PARKER, Addie M. d-10/22/1896-age 27yrs. (wife of T.B. Parker)

HOLLINGWORTH, Roy I. D-9/17-1903-age 10yrs.-4-17dys.

BALGOM, Norman W. 9/18/1905-1/29/1906

BALGOM, Hollice 1/28/1902-4/17/1902

SANDBERG, Charles 8/22/1857-1/21/1909

SANDBERG, John A. 9/21/1859-4/25/1888

VANCIL, Izri B. 3/7/1847-4/15/1888

BRAZELTON, Annie 1868-1902

BRAZELTON, Elizabeth 1836-1896

JONES, Sarah A. 1827-1912

PALLEN, James K. 2/22/1844-5/4/1928 (Wa. Co. B Cav.)

ALLEN, Mrs. T.C. 1844-1932

ALLEN, Walter H. 7/9/1888-4/15/1908 (son of J.K. & T.C. Allen)

ALLEN, Sidney L. 1/3/1894-9/29/1906 (Son of Mr. & Mrs. J.K. Allen)

T.D. LillisJohn Sandberg
A stranger (Suicide)Chas Sandberg
Sidney AllenCarl Sandberg
Sarah JonesLars Johnson
Baby Hayden? Barzelton ? Barzelton
Baby Beamen? Barzelton
Mrs. Lucas? Brazelton
Nellie BowmanWalter Allen
Duncan McgillivryTexas Allen
George BradnerJ.K.P. Allen
Ernest BradnerOtis Kern
Maud PratherGladys and Roy Hollingworth
Baby twins PratherIra Holllingworth
Baby BalcomElenora Aldridge
Baby BalcomLillie Wheeler
Baby BalcomAnna Thompson
Ruby DownieGracie Wheeler Patrick
Billy DownieBaby Patrick
Izri VancilCarl Wheeler
Mother VancilJesse Wheeler
Baby HillisCarl Wheeler
Ethel PratherSarah Wheeler
Frank PratherBob Wheeler
Luke PratherFloyd Wheeler
A young Mother named AllenIra Hollingworth
Baby AllenSarah Hollingsworth
Mr. RoseAddie Parker
Fred KammBaby Blacker
Ed. KammNellie Blacker
Ella KammBaby Beamen

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