E.D. 209

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Enumeration District 209 includes the following precincts - BASIN, BOULDER, GALENA, INDEX, MONTE CRISTO, SILVERTON and WHITE HORSE. The INDEX TABLE contains every "unique surname" in addition to all the Head of Household surnames. The INDEX TABLE was much larger than I'd anticipated, given the sparce population of this area; to speed download time, I've divided the INDEX TABLE into three sections - A through G, H through N and O through Z.

The majority of "unique individuals" appear to have been men living alone or in boarding houses associated with mining camps, logging camps or mills. Enumerated in this district were many Japanese "day laborers", who lived in large "households" - the enumerator (bless him!) tried hard to give accurate spellings of the surnames for these individuals - and I tried equally hard to figure out what he wrote down! You'll notice a LOT of "?"s after surnames in this INDEX TABLE; this indicates that you're getting my "best guess". An asterisk within the name indicates that an individual letter is illegible.

The census sheets have been transcribed into PRECINCT TABLES; clicking on the PRECINCT CODE in the FIRST column of the INDEX TABLE will take you to that precinct's data table.

One little thing to keep in mind re: PLACE OF BIRTH - I used AURIA as the code for AUSTRIA and AULIA for AUSTRALIA.

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