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Most of us can not claim that we have lived our life in one location with only one nationality as our heritage. Our backgrounds are varied and our ancestors moved around. This page was intended to be a primer for people beginning their Genealogy or if you prefer, Family History venture. As web pages were explored, it became obvious that some of the links had better tutorials then could be offered on this page. 20 of the most common country maps and websites have been included for your perusal. By no means is this list exhaustive or inclusive. If you have a link that you think is more interesting and/or informative for a country, please e-mail that information to Contact Us or to the Webmaster. In exploring these links, you are cautioned to be careful if you decide to share your family information. Enjoy this page and let us know what you think on our Guestbook page.

Many of the PDF files you run across allege that you have to use Adobe PDF viewer. One that I like better and it is free is PDF-XChange PDF Viewer.

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