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“Anders Edvin Johnson immigrated to the United States with a friend in New York City, April 1, 1889 on the S.S. Alaska. After being processed through the Castle Garden Immigrant Receiving Station, they traveled to their final destination, San Francisco. After working in California and Tacoma, in 1895 Edvin purchased a farm in the Cedardale area south of Mount Vernon. He farmed this property for 51 years.”
Submitted by SVGS board member Sharon Johnson.
The above family history quote, along with photos and genealogical data contribute to the making of historical stories of approximately 600 individuals of countless families who made up the early years and growth of Skagit County. These stories and genealogical data were submitted by descendants of sturdy pioneer’s and folks telling the story of their parents and by some, their own life story.

The project started 10 years ago this fall and was spear-headed by board members and co-chairs Hazel Rasar and Dan Royal along with a sub-committee of the Publication Committee. It is our delight to offer this momentous work for your purchase.
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