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   The table below is a reconstruction of a document found at the National Archives Alaska Pacific Region facility in Seattle, WA.
   The original document is presumed to be accurate although it is somewhat incomplete in information as is reflected below.
   Anecdotal Information:              
   It is believed that Barbara Smith served as Postmaster until the closing of the Tiger Post Office in 1975 at which time she was
   transferred to Cusick where she served until her passing.           
             ~ Lee Stark, President Tiger Historical Center          
Pend Oreille, Washington
Tiger Postmasters                                                                                                                         Established:
Postmaster Nominated Confirmed Recess or Acting Commission Signed and Mailed Assumed Charge Cause and Date
of Vacancy
Remarks Editor's Notes
 Emanuel F. Yoder         January 16, 1906     4+ years
 Mrs. Flora Cross   July 18, 1910   August 30, 1910 September 6, 1910 Optimal Retired Mar 31, 1943   33 years
 Frank Edington     Acting Postmaster
April 15, 1943
        1+ year
 Frank Edington   June 24, 1943   July 17, 1943 April 1, 1943 Resigned    
 Mrs. Barbara Smith     June 17, 1944   June 10, 1944     30 years
 Mrs. Barbara Smith   May 26, 1945   June 29, 1945 July 11, 1945      
   TIGER POSTMASTERS              
        Orginal Doc: Federal Microfilm - M841  
   The "Editor's Notes" are provided by John Nordstrand   View Original Document N/A
   Information in () are possible alternative interpretations          
   Original Document Courtesy -   Transcription of Orginal Document by -    
   National Archives Alaska Pacific Region - Seattle, WA Tiger Historical Center Board Director John Nordstrand