Hardin County, Kentucky
Marriage Bonds

Surname Given Surname Given Date
Wells Ann Ragland Gideon 1818
WellsCharles F.Kirkendall Elizabeth 28 Aug 1810
WellsEdwardBozorth Hetty09 Feb 1802
Surety: Samuel Goldsmith. No return by minister
WellsElizabeth SkaggsRichard11 Apr 1811
Surety: Samuel Wells. married by Lewis Wells
WellsJohn HudspethPolly 21 Oct 1800
dau of George Hudspeth. Surety: Joel Hudspeth, m: by B. Clifton
WellsJohn CarsonPolly 13 Oct 1808
Polly wrote the consent for herself. Surety: Philip Wells and Peter Woley
WellsJohn WilliamsAnna 20 Mar 1812
Surety: Lewis Wells. Consent for herself signed by Anna Williams and also by her mother Candace Williams. Married by Lewis Wells
WellsLevisey GardnerJohn 13 Jan 1819
Surety: Thomas Wells, consent for bride signed by father Lewis Wells. Witn. Wm. Gardner, Jr. & Thomas Wells
WellsLewis ScottPeggy 21 Oct 1822
Sureties: Laban C. Howel & Mary Scott
WellsLewis ColeNancy 10 Jan 1824
WellsMargaret Keys, Jr.John02 Apr 1818
Surety: Lewis Wells
WellsNancy PearmanWm 10 Mar 1818
Surety: Benj. Clark. Benj. Clark made an oath he had raised Nancy Wells from infant
WellsPhilip ButlerMary 12 May 1812
dau of Elizabeth Butler. Surety: William Kessinger. Consent filed by bond. Witn: Abel Butler. Married by by Lewis Wells
WellsPhilip WooleyNancy 16 Oct 1800
dau of Peter Wooley. Surety Peter Wooley. Married by Ben Linn.
WellsSarah ButlerNathan 22 Nov 1810
Surety: Lewis Wells, bond dated 14 Nov 1810, m: by Lewis Wells
WellsSarah HarrisEdward 27 Aug 1821
Daughter of Abraham Wells deceased. The said Sarah Wells making oath she is 21 years of age. Edward also made oath 21 years - surety: Moses Thomas
WellsThomas CaswellElizabeth 02 Jul 1817
Sureties: Robert Miller & Lewis Wells. Consent for bride by father John Caswell. Witn: Lewis Wells and John Caswell, Jr.
WellsWilliam KissingerPolly 10 Mar 1817
Lewis Wells bondsman.

Source: Wells Family Research Bulletin.

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