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Blount County, Tennessee

George Wells Catharine Yearout 17 Sep 1828 Blount
Henry Wells Elizabeth Greer 02 Apr 1848 Blount
John G. Wells Myram E. Rorex 07 Nov 1861 Blount
James H. Sherrell M. J. C. T. Wells 21 Aug 1862 Blount
Mary Wells John Morton 03 Oct 1820 Blount
Mary C. Wells George I. Hunter 29 Jul 1841 Blount
Nancy C. Wells William L. Hutton 23 Dec 1858 Blount
Peggy C. Wells James C. McCallan 07 Feb 1843 Blount
Serena J. Wells Richard Amerine 30 Jan 1851 Blount
S. M. Wells Nancy A. Headrick 10 Oct 1854
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Almost all the original marriage books are available on microfilm at The Tennessee State Library and Archives in Nashville. The * following the county means that the source material included additional information of sufficient importance that the researcher is urged to obtain a copy. The B following the name is for black.

The first date is when the license was issued, the second in parentheses is the date the marriage was solemnized.

Source: Early East Tennessee Marriages (Vol. 1), West Tennessee Marriages (Vol. 1) and Early Middle Tennessee Marriages (Vol. 1) by Bryon & Barbara Sistler, Nashville, TN 1987 - 1989

Provided by Sherron Tuter - Tulsa, Oklahoma

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