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Maps of Hungary

 Links to Online Maps for the Kingdom of Hungary
and the Republic of Hungary (modern)

I have tried to include here all the map sites, with a brief description of each,  that I have collected in my bookmarks.  If you know of sites not included which you feel should be added, please e-mail me with the URL.  Occasionally, some of these sites will not "come up."  This does not mean they are no longer there, or that the link is incorrect, but, that the server on which they are located is temporarily down or the page is temporarily unavailable due to upgrades, etc.  In addition, many of the maps located at some of the webpages are quite large and require time to download, so be a little patient.  Since I use these map sites frequently, I will try to keep the links updated as soon as possible.

To reach any of these sites, you can click on the image or the URL address.

The Kingdom of Hungary
Individual county (megye) maps for the 64 counties of "Old Hungary"
1910--Osztrák-Magyar Monarchia vármegyéi
These large, beautiful county maps are divided into districts (járás) and depict almost every village, settlement, puszta, etc   They range in years from 1904-1927, with most of them being pre WWI.  There are two different sets of maps, both reachable from the Index page.  The first set, in the left hand column are all similar to the map of Ung megye seen here, while the second set, located in the right hand column are commonly referred to as the Gönczy maps.
Magyarország Térképeken
Similar to above and Gönczy maps.  Circa 1900.
Magyarország Térképeken
The webmaster of this site dates these maps around 1800.  They are beautiful drawings and include names of villages before they were changed, as well as images depicting noteworthy landmarks.
The Republic of Hungary
Full Size Map
Very large map of modern day Hungary outlining the current counties and depicting most of the larger cities.
Note--slow to download
Counties and Regions
Index site to the nineteen counties of modern day Hungary.  Each map appears to contain most, but not all, of the villages and settlements within the county.  Nice. 
Road Map
This interactive map contains an alphabetical list of all the 3127 villages and cities of Hungary.  Find the name of the village you are seeking, click on it, and the site will pinpoint it for you.  This is an experimental site and is still somewhat slow to download but well worth the wait.
Microsoft Expedia Interactive Place/Name Search
Map Quest Interactive Place/Name Search
Historical and Statistical Maps of Hungary
Hungarian Maps and Coats of Arms
Here you will find quite a list of several maps related to the Kingdom of Hungary and its history.  There is also a link to a site containing all the Coats of Arms for the 64 counties.
Other Maps Related to Hungarian Genealogical Research
Zakarpatska Oblast (Ukraine) Map Server
This is a large, interactive map covering the region which once included parts of the old Hungarian megyes of Ung, Bereg, Zemplén, and Ugocsa.  Language is Ukrainian.




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