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GAARDER 31 Jan 1998
I am trying to find information on my great-grandparents, who came from Toten, Norway. Their names: Andreas Gaarder, and his wife, Berte Hamberg Gaarder. Their daughter, Mina Gaarder married Gunerius Melby, who came from Verdal, Norway. Any help would be appreciated. Andreas Gaarder was born about 1827, and Berte Hamberg was born about 1830. Mina Gaarder was born on October 20, 1857 at Toten. Thank you for any help you can give! Laurie Melby Jensen E-mail address:

SHELLUM 31 Jan 1998
My name is Bernie Shellum. My great-grandfather, Anders Shellum, was born in Vaaga, Gudbrundsdalen, on July 23, 1829. My great-grandmother, Kari Pedersdatter, was born on June 19, 1830, also in Gudbrundsdalen. Both migrated to Minnesota. I don't know if the name has been anglicized. My online address is:

BECK/BEKK 2 Feb.1998 Connie Dahl A.:
Looking for info about Lars Olsen Beck b.Dec. 1847 at Botne, Vestfold, Norway on the VestreBekk farm. Lars & his twin bro. Tom/Tollef O. Beck em. to MN & SD about 1867. Lars m. Gunhild Chester in Windham, MN & d. 1895 Estelline, SD. Tom O. Beck d.1931 in MN. Thanks for any info, Connie

LAVOLD 31 Jan 1998 Stanley Barden
Looking for information on the following person - Berent S. LAVOLD, born 1860 at Flekkeford. Emigrated to USA via Quebec Canada about 1860. Any LAVOLD information.

ESP 31 Jan 1998 Stanley Barden
Looking for information on the following persons -- Olav Torgersen ESP, born 1874 at Byneset Sor-Trondelag. He emigrated to USA about 1895. Jon Torgerson ESP, born 1865 near Byneset. Emigrated to USA about 1884.

SKARE/RUGLAND 30 Jan 1998 LeEarl Rugland
I am looking for information about Kristoffer Reidarsen Skare and Astrid Helgesdatter Rugland. Kristoffer was born about 1715 and married Astrid Helgesdatter Rugland born 1714. When they married, Kristoffer took on the Rugland name. I would like any information about Kristoffer's father and mother and Astrid's father and mother. I think that they lived in an area that was called Eggedal, Norway. I guess it was a small community in the larger province of Sigdal located about 90 miles from Oslo. Any information on this would be great. I have my ancestor's traced back to that point. I would like your help to go further. Thanks

REED 30 Jan 1998
'Christopherson/Reed'--I am looking for info related to a Carl A. Reed b-1/24/1875 and his father 'Christopherson' b-? on Rodoy Island. The name Reed may be a farm name. Possibly moved to Rodoy from Sogn & Fjordane prior to 1860. Carl believed to have moved to Oslo sometime prior to 1904 where he subsequently emigrated to the USA. Harry Reed

SANDERS 29 Jan. 1997 Robert K. Lewis,
Looking for information on the following persons -- Olaff Niels Sanders, born in Aker, Christiana on Feb. 15, 1851, whose parents were Olsen Sanders and Bertha Nilson. Thank you.

BJERKE 29 Jan 1998
I am looking for information on the following people and their descendents.
* Niels Simenson Bjerke b. 1731 Norway Married Aug. 1786 Ostre Toten Norway to Marte Pedersdatter Gaarder (Marte was Niels 3rd wife.) known children were Berte Nielsdatter and Niels Nielson. Niels second wife was Inge Olsdtr Myhren. Niels and his family lived in Oppland on the farm Toten Bjerke Ostre.
* Niels Nielson Bjerke b. 1790 Ostre Toten, Norway d. 1875 married 1810 to Eli Jensdatter Noklebye. Known children - Niels, Marie, Johannes, Christian, Christian, and Even.
* Niels Nielson Bjerke b. 1813 Ostre Toten Norway d. 1884 Ostrander Minn. married 1884 Ostre Toten Norway (Kolbu Church) to Kjerstine Larsdatr Olsen. known children - Johanna, Lauritz, Helen, Christiania, Nils, Lars, Nils, Petronelle, Karoline, Even, Johan, and Clara. Of these children only Clara was born in the United States. The family is believed to have emigrated to the United States in 1864 after selling his farm Nigarden Vestre Bjerke to Hans Augdahl.
Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so very much for your time and help. Sincerely, Jcblashill

Elias Anderssen Kvaernsjoli 29 Jan 1998
I am looking for information on my grandfather who took the name Elias Vanvick when he came to the United States about 1890. I believe the county in Norway was Sor-Trondelag and the surname would be Kvaernsjoli or Anderssen Kvaernsjoli. He was born in 1865 or 1866. My E-Mail address and my name is Robert A. DeLap. I reside in Midland, MI.

BECKMAN 29 Jan 1998
Mons Beckman. His son Gustav Henrik Monsson Beckman married Caisa Sophia Blankstrom on 01.04.1865 in Vadso, Norway. Looking for wife and ancestors of Mons Beckman. Martti Kajorinne

HALLING 29 Jan 1998
My mother's family name is HALLING. Is there any recent investigation about this name in Norway or Sweden? Please mail me if so at Thanks - Dirk Breedveld

Anderson, Andrew- born 1834 listed on ships reg as from Christiana(Oslo)- wife Sensie(Sarah) Larson born 1838-son Hans born 1860-listed on Obit- as confirmed in the the Norway Lutheran Church in Oslo.Cannot find any additional info. on Great grandparents

NYGAARD 28 Jan. 1998 Desiree Smith Email:
I am looking for the ancestors of my husband's grandmother. She came to the U.S. in 1913. Her name was Hjordis Ranveig NYGAARD, born 4 Jan. 1898 in Stamsund. Her parents were Johan Nygaard (maybe born in Tromso) and Elise Hanson (born in Stamsund). Her father owned a bakery and cafe in Stamsund. Any information on Hjordis' siblings, parents, grandparents, etc. would be most appreciated. Thank you.

BJERKE 28 Jan 1998
I am looking for information on the farm Nigarden Vestre Bjerke, I believe it is in the district of Toten. Niels Nielson Bjerke sold this farm in April of 1864 to Hans Augdahl. Niels had purchased the farm from his father-in-law Lars Olsen in 1842. I would appreciate any information on the above mentioned farm as well as any owners. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and help Sincerely

I am looking for information on Logarden Ostre Bjerke. This land was onced owned by Johannes Nielson Bjerke. I would appreciate any information you could provide on the farm, and or Johannes Nielson Bjerke and his descendents. Thanks so very much for your time and help Sincerely

Looking for:
Descendents of Andreas Schützer, born in 1842 in Värmland. Andreas and his wife Stina Andersson and there children moved from Sweden to Norway. One of their daughters, Anna Sofia (1872-1936) was my father's mother. There were several other children– Johan Fredrik Schützer, Beda Schützer and Emma Schützer. Anna Sofia came to Chicago in the late 1880s, but it's not clear if other members of the family also came to America. I suspect the parents and other children moved to San Francisco. In fact, I have the death certificate for Walter Schützer (9/3/1911-1/3/1954) who died in San Francisco. He is listed as the son of John Schützer (born in Sweden) and Josephine Lear (born in Norway). The wife is listed as Carol M. Schützer. A death notice lists two daughters, Carol and Diane. Siblings are listed as Alf Schützer, Mrs. Jerry Scanlon, Henry M. Schützer, Mrs. Ralph M. Sheaf and Mrs. C. W. Lowith. He was buried from the Porter-Morrison Funeral home and put to rest in the Holy Cross Cemetery. Al Henderson UPDATED 3//31/01

BUTLER/MJELDE... 28 Jan 1998
My Name is Steve Guy. I would like info on the names Butler, Mjelde and a name I'm uncertain as to the correct spelling but it is pronounced BOOT-IL-SON.

How would I find information on earlier relatives of:
1. Nils O. Hunstad born in Ringerike, Norway on April 21,1854
His father was: Ole Evensen Hunstad who took his name from Gaarden Hundstad the area in which they lived in Hole Ringerike, a farming community near Honefoss which is about 30 miles west of Oslo.
Also, would like information on Nils O. Hunstad's wife's family:
2. Marte Sohol born in Ringerike, Norway on Nov. 14, 1860

HANSEN/OLSEN 01-27-98 Daniel Briddle,
I am searching for information on my grand parents from Norway. Please write if you have any info on Oscar Hansen or Borghild Otilde Olsen. Oscar was born on 04-15-1895 in Drammen, Norway. Parents of Oscar: Christian Hansen and Dora (Last name unknown). Sister: Anna. Married Borghild Otilde Olsen on 12-19-17. Borghild was born 12-17-1898. Her nickname was “Bess”. Borghild is from Oslo. Parents of Borghild: Oscar Olsen and Maren (last name unknown).
Oscar and Borhild came to New York in 1913. Oscar Hansen had a sister: Anna. Also looking for any info on Sig Nielsen, last known address: Porsgrunnsveien 13, Skein, Norway.

BUNE 26 Jan 1998
I'm looking for farther information about Biorn Bune, Earl of Sogne, who about 800 A.D. married Belang daughter of Skaan-syvar-stelmi.
(Source of this information is
Genealogy of Homer Beers James Adjunct Professor of Physics )
-- Was Biorn name and Bune surname or father (mother) name ? Also of interest is the meaning of word "Bune" or "Buna" ? Thank you for any reference or info,
Andris Bune E-mail
P.S. I'm of Baltic origin myself (Latvia)

'm not too sure if the name Jensen-Bratten is a Parish, farm or town but when the family migrated to Moosejaw, Saskatchewan Canada in the early 1930's-50's. Any help would be appreciated.
Darren Yngvar Jensen
1660 Fraser Avenue
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada V3B-1M9. or

HAUG 25 Jan 1998, Henry Thorsen,
Looking for information on the following person:
Amunda Olivia Haug, born 11 Oct. 1880, Oslo, Norway. Married Ludwig Berg Thoresen in Oslo. Both came to US (New York) circa 1898. Have much information on them living in the US. Need to know about her parents: Edmond Haug and Karen Olsen both of Oslo. Thank you. Henry Thorsen - San Diego, CA

SAVRE/RUUD 25 Jan 1998, Michelle Savre-Hansen, Michelle Savre 
Looking for information for Knut Erichsen Svenkerud Savre/Sevre/Saevre, born 1778, married to Astri Hallgrimsdtr Ruud and died in 1864. Both Knut and Astri were from Naess Parish in Buskerud. Thank you!

BREKKEN/VOLDEN January 24, 1998; Ron Volden;
Searching for ancestors of Marit Olsdatter, b. July 19, 1874, at Vaga, Oppland Fylke. Farm name is unknown, but her brother Andrew (b. November 9, 1881) took the last name "Brekken" when he came to America.
Marit married Andrew Iverson Volden in the 1890's, had two children (Annie and Ole), and left Norway with the children in 1907 to join her husband who had left for Minnesota in 1904. (He travelled to America as Anders Iverson Damstuen.)
Also-------for those in Norway who might be looking for relatives who emigrated to Minnesota, I have the centennial edition (1976) of the history of Becker County, Minnesota, and would be happy to look up any names you might be researching.

NILSEN 24 Jan 998 Mable McRae, mablem@shaw .ca
Looking for information on Petter Nilsen - Petter(Peter) NILSEN b 1834 Oremark (O with slash)Ostfold,Nry Parents unknown. m. Nov. 24 1855 - Else Marie Oremark. Else Marie, b 1834 Ringebu, Oppland, Nry. her parents - Ivor Guldbrandsen Segalstad & Berit Engebretsdr Myre. On a christening record for a dtr. Kristene it give the parents names as Peter Nilsen Floevig & Else Iversdtr. (would Floevig be a farm). They may have immigrated to Rice County/Beltrami Counties of MN about 1881. Thank you for your time.

Looking for Peter Arntsen from Trondheim, or his son John A. Tomseth, born Aug. 8, 1867. Emigrated to Minnesota. Any help would be great. Thanks, Carrie Tomseth

OLSON/OMMUNDSON 24 Jan 1998 Reynold Amundson
Trying to locate when my Grandfather came to this country on what ship and where he landed. His name upon entry was Johan Olson, Changed to Johan Ommundson, Then to John Amundson. My name is Reynold Amundson. He was born in 12-1-1887 in Norway. Thanks

HAVER 24 Jan 1998
Locating Andrea Haver from Haver parrish or farm not sure.Who her parents were and when she left Norway.Born 1-1-1888.

SIMONSON 23 Jan. 1998
Seeking information on Fred Simonson, b. Christiana, Norway. Married, 1886, Anna Anderson, b. 12 Dec 1863, Varmland, Sweden, d. 19 Apr 1918, Upsala, Morrison County, Minnesota, USA.

EISLAND/MJAVATN January 23 1998, Tor M Stendal,
Looking for information about Nils Olaus Torson Eiesland (1842-1918), settled near Winchester, Wisc, his friend Olav Gunnarson Mjåvatn (Meland) (born 1840), Søren Risøy (born 1825), his hildren Olav (born 1852), Reinert Johan (born 1853), Andreas (born 1855) Ida Regine (born 1858) and Martin (born 1860). I believe Olav Mjåvatn went to see his uncle Dirik Mjåvatn who may have settled in Crawford County and changed name second name to White. Nils Olaus setled on Norwegian Peninsula close to Winchester, Wisc.. Thank You.

SAND 23 Jan 1998
Ole Erickson Sand - Born 2/4/1875 Brimi sondre- Sandnasteigen in Lom parish. Mother Marie Mortensdaughter Dovre parish 1849.

TOMSETH 23 Jan 1998
I am stuck on my family's geneology. Looking for info on John A. Tomseth born in Trondheim, norway on Aug. 8, 1867. He is the son of Peter Arntsen. Can you help me? Thank you, C. Tomseth

STANALAND 22 Jan 1998
I'm looking for info on the Stanaland lineage. Our American history is well documented back to the mid 1600's and arrival in Georgia and South Carolina but no one sure of anything before that. We've always assumed it was Norwegian, but have also heard Danish, Russian, Finnish, Latvian and Estonian. It's most likely the family migrated through England or Scotland on the way to the "New World"
Eric Stanaland
Austin, TX
Also, I know it's uncommon in Scandanavian lineages but would like to know if there is a crest or coat of arms for Stanaland.

Lude 22 Jan 1998
Stefan Martin Lude, born 1845, Bergen, Norway, married Mattie Gunderson, also born in Norway, location unknown. Searching for parents information. Glenn Tuley

HOLTER/OIEN 22 Jan 1998
I'm interested in the names HOLTER and you have anything on them? In our travels we have come across these names in England and Germany as well as Norway. What is the actual derivation?

HARLAND 21 Jan 1998 L.M. Harland
I am looking for the surname "Harland" which in early times from Norway to England came and from there to Holland (surrounding of Amsterdam) Perhaps also directly to Holland in the neighbourhood of Amsterdam. If you have information please send it to

HALAAND/EGGU 21 January 1998 Amy Pang
I am looking for information on the following persons: Else Halaand, 4524 Vigmostad Norway and Eva Mage Eggu, 3417 Egge, Norway. They are relatives of Sam Halland from Hadaland who travelled to Fargo, North Dakota between 1875 and 1880. He eventually married Anna Gulbrandsen who was born on May 25, 1864 who was sent from Norway to be his bride. Thanks you very much! Amy

OSTEVIK 21 Jan 1998
Looking for info on Ostevik Family from Molde. Robert w Petersen, Thank you

EVENSON/TRONDSEN Jan 20, 1998 Isabel Evenson Wagner
Looking for information about grandparents, Anthon Julius Evenson and Olava Trondsen of Helset, Stange, Hedmark, Norway. They emigrated In Nov. 1887. I know nothing of either family except Anthons father was Even Ericksen (per death cert.)

Looking for ancestors with NORWEGIAN background--
1. Descendents of Andreas Schützer, born in 1842 in Värmland. Andreas and his wife Stina Andersson and there children moved from Sweden to NORWAY. One of their daughters, Anna Sofia (1872-1936) was my father's mother. There were several other children– Johan Fredrik Schützer, Beda Schützer and Emma Schützer. Anna Sofia came to Chicago in the late 1880s, but it's not clear if other members of the family also came to America. I suspect the parents and other children moved to San Francisco. In fact, I have the death certificate for Walter Schützer (9/3/1911-1/3/1954) who died in San Francisco. He is listed as the son of John Schützer (born in Sweden) and Josephine Lear (born in NORWAY). The wife is listed as Carol M. Schützer. A death notice lists two daughters, Carol and Diane. Siblings are listed as Alf Schützer, Mrs. Jerry Scanlon, Henry M. Schützer, Mrs. Ralph M. Sheaf and Mrs. C. W. Lowith. He was buried from the Porter-Morrison Funeral home and put to rest in the Holy Cross Cemetery.

2. Ancestors of Fredrik Hindersson and Maria Greta Brattlund, my father's grandparents and the parents of Gustaf Albert Fredriksson Hindersson, my grandfather, and Fredrika Albertina Hindersson, my grandfather's older sister. These people also lived in Värmland. Family lore has it that my grandfather had a younger brother who considered himself a NORWEGIAN and later moved to San Francisco. There is, however, no mention of him in church records. My grandfather changed his name to Henderson, but the brother may have retained the family name or changed it to Fredriksson. It's believe he moved to San Francisco in 1906, arriving there just before the great quake. Thank you for your kind consideration, Al Henderson

AUENSEN 19 January 1998 Peggy Auenson Veeder
I am looking for information on the following person:
Cornelise (Cornelius) Auensen born ca 1843. Supposedly came to America with a brother when young boys as stow-a-ways. They were made cabin boys and upon reaching Barataria Bay, Louisiana...they jumped ship. Cornelise remained in Louisiana, whereas his brother moved North. Cornelise married Marie Ophelia Falgout. Many thanks...

HEIA 18 Jan 1998
Looking for any information on the olsen family who lived on Heia farm near Lillistrom on or about 1905 My Grandfather's name was Arne Gunerious Olsen-Heia. His Father Was Named Andrew. My grandfather returned to Norway to Visit in 1946. Something happened then and the family has not contacted us in years. I'm new at genealogy and would appriciate any help

HALVORSON/HELLEM 18 january, 1998. davin halvorson.
am looking for information on origins of halvor halvorson (hellem). born 24 march, 1827. telemark. he emigrated to u.s. in 1845.

OLESON, 18 JAN 1998 Lori Tweeton
Looking for information on OLEY (OLE) OLESON, presumably from Trondjem, Norway. It is known he immigrated to the Decorah, Iowa area prior to enlisting in the 9th Cavalry during the civil war in 1836. He was born in about 1837. It is believed his parents were NELS and MARGARET OLESON. He married ELEN MARTHA OLESDATTR in 1867 in Hubbard County, Minnesota. They moved to the Pelican Rapids, Minnesota area prior to 1879. They also changed their surname to Ness prior to that date. Any information on the OLESONs would be appreciated. Lori Tweeton at

LAGRAN 18 Jan. 1998 N.Lagran
Am looking for information on my grandfather and his ancestors. At this time I have very little information. His name was Andrew Martin Lagran, born April 25, 1880, in Trondheim, Norway. His mother died when he was very young, father lived to old age, quite possibly in Norway. His only known siblings are a sister, Anna Gerstad, and a brother John.
Andrew Martin Lagran was raised and educated in Norway, and served in the Norwegian army. He immigrated to Canada in 1911, and homesteaded in the Richmound, Saskatchewan district. He married the former Gudrun Helge in Moose Jaw, Sask., on Oct. 26, 1926. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

WILLIAMSON 17 Jan 1998
I am searching for the father of Wilhelmina Marie Williamson. He was the Capt. of his own boat from Norway, which he sold for a covered wagon, animals, and supplies. WMW married Alfred Lambourne and lived in Salt Lake City, Utah 1860 - 1890 era. Thanks for any info about Norway resources. Fran Higgins < >

BECK 1/17/98 Mary Lou Johnson
Looking for information on Lars C. Beck. Exact location of birthplace in Norway unknown. Wife's name was Mary Engebretsen. Married in Norway. They had two sons in Norway; Conrad Beck and Emil Beck. The family moved to the U.S. around 1892 to the area of Elgin, Illinois. They then moved to Norway, Iowa. A daughter , my mother, was then born in Elgin Illinois on January 12, 1894; Louise Beck.
Would most like to know the birthplace of Lars and Mary Beck in Norway and any information about their relatives in Norway.

OLSEN 17 Jan 1998
My Surnames include:
Jacob Peter OLSEN, b. 17 Nov 1814 in Vestre Aker, Oslo, Norway
Ellen/Eli OLSDATTER (Monsen), b. 13 Mar 1821 in Ovale, Vestre Slidre, Oslo, Norway
Frederick August OLSEN, b. Oct 10, 1849 in Pilestraedetes S...(?), Christiania, Oslo, Norway
Thanks so much for your service.
My name is Lorrie Blake. My e-mail address is

HANSEN 17 Jan 1998
I am searching for info on my paternal grandfather. his name was Julius Ditmar Hansen. he passed away in 1941 or 1942 in Astoria, Oregon. thank you for any help you can offer.
my name is Patrice Hansen Gunckel my email is

Oksnes/Lofoten 17 Jan 1998
Sofie Antonette Taraldsen married 1889 to Carl Bertin Ingerigt Nilsen Haugland. Helen Pratti

NIELSON 17 Jan 1998
Sande Parish, Vestfold. A NIELSON, b. 1841 SELVIG/SELVIK. Janet Nielson Jilote

HERRUD/ANDERSON 16 Jan 1998 Richard H. Houghton
-- Looking for any information on families of Andrew Earl (Erling?) HERRUD, b. 8 April 1870 in Kristiana (Oslo); m. in Kristiana, 15 Ocotber 1896, Hilda Wilhelmina ANDERSON, b. 5 July 1876 in Bergen, Hordaland Prov. Family emigrated to US around 1901.

THRONSEN 16 Jan 1998 - J. Norvill Jones
Seek information on Jens Thronsen (Tronsen?) who immigrated to US with his wife, Maria Gundersdotter, in 1862. Both born in Heolden, Norway, he on 26 Oct1830 and she on 22Apr 1829. Lived in Stockholm, Pepin County, Wisconsin and buried there. One daughter, Anna Maria Thronsen (Tronsen), was born in Stockholm, WI on 5 Dec 1870 and married Otto Warnlof who had immigrated from Sweden. Anna and Otto soon moved to St. Paul, MN and lived the remainder of their lives there. Will appreciate any information on any of the above. Thanks.

DAHL 15 Jan 1998
Please list my inquiry: Martin Andreas Dahl b.1850 on Degerdalen farm, Nes Parish, Akershus area, Norway. thanks, Connie Dahl

WINGER/THRONSEN 15 Jan 1998 Jon Baxter,
Christoffer Syvert Winger Born 1835 Eiker, Baskerud was the son of Syvert Thronsen of Gausdal, Opland and Kristine Christoffersen of Winneas. He married Anna Marie Fredrika Salvesen born 1841 of Christiansand, Vest Agder. Her parents were Salve Salvesen of Skoje Farm, Holme, Vest Agder and Jacabine Olsen. C.S. Winger later emmigrated to Utah.

I am looking for information on the parents of:
Ingeborg Pedersdatr Taraldsaeter -- (Parents Peder and Lingovald (sp?)) who lived in Hornindal. Ingeborg was born in 1866 and emigrated to the US in 1882 via Bergen.

Anders Peder Iversen Melheim -- Parents Iver and Lisa -may have been Lingovald above- Melheim. Anders Peder was born in 1870 and emigrated to the US in 1888 from Hornindal via Bergen.
Anders Peder was Ingeborg's half brother.
Is there a bygdebok which may serve as a reference for me?

GRAVVIK January 14, 1997--Louella M Hunger--
Looking for information on Gustav Gravvik who immigrated to US. His name was Larsson before he bought the Gravvik farm at which time he took that name. I do not know the date of emigration. I was told he came from Trondheim, not far from Borsa.

ERICKSON 14 Jan 1998
I need help to find my Norwegian ancestry , Here is what I have. my name is Paul Robert Erickson (born in U.S.) my father is Robert Oliver Erickson (born in U.S.) brother: William Erling Erickson (born U.S.) their father : Erling Jonas Erickson (born Oslo, Norway) bro. Oscar Erickson (Oslo)
mother : Margaret Burke (U.S.) Erling's father : Jonas Erickson (Nor) '' mother: Hilma Kalin (Nor)
Jonas and Hilma Erling & Oscar immigrated to U.S. between 1915 -aprox 1925 to avoid the draft Jonas changed name from Erickson to Ericksen (this spelling may be on ships logs) but the true spelling was restored in time. Erickson is the spelling on church or Parrish records of birth or christening in Norway . Oliver Erickson may be Jonas's father or perhaps his brother I'm not sure, father is most likely. I heard stories that some records were destroyed by fire but Erling returned to Norway and was able to gather information from church records (I don't know where this info is however). Please see what you can do to find my ancestry. I think church records may be the most promising You can contact me at E-Mail, My address (above) or phone/fax : 540 786 0774. thank you for your help, I'm lost otherwise with so few clues.Sincerely, Paul R. Erickson 10730 Cobblestone Dr., Spotsylvania, VA. U.S.A. 22553

DAHL 15 Jan 1998
looking for : Martin Andreas Dahl, b.1850, fr. Akershus, Degerdalen farm, Nes Parish. Thanks, Connie D.

Looking to find background on Arneberg or Rindahl family. Primarily looking for Arneberg, (Olav, or Olaf.) Fyresdal Telemarken, Norway. He was honored by Winston Churchill & King Olav of Norway. He Is my great great grandfather and led the Norwegian underground during WWII against the German hard water plant (info is more for my
mother). Hope you can find something. DON RINDAHL
Phone: 916-852-3154
Fax: 916-852-0206

COOK January 13, 1998
I would like to find info. on the Cook surname. The names I have at this point of the family members who came to the USA from Norway are, John Cook and Theodore Cook. They were brothers and children at this time. They settled in Chicago with their parents whose names I don't have at this time. At a later date brother Edward, my grandfather was born.

SEHLIN 12 Jan 1998
Seeking information on parents, especially the father of my grandfather John Alfred or Alfred John Sehlin (later americanized to Saleen),born June 11, 1897 in Holmavik, Norway. Mother was supposedly adopted by a Swedish family, named Anna Olivia Peterson. At some point in his early childhood, moved to Ostersund, Sweden.

THOMPSON 11 Jan 1998
Looking for information on Lars Louie Anderson Thompson who was born in Josvanger Sogn, Norway June 17,1860. His parents were Andrew Thompson and Synnive Sophia T. Kjorlog Thompson. He immigrated to Vernon County, Wisconsin.
Also, looking for information on his wife was Ingebor Lorenze Laura Thompson who was born in Nordfjordt, Norway October 4, 1865. Her parents were Peter and Lingovald Torelseth (or Taraldseth). She immigrated to Warren, MN and then Vernon County, Wisconsin.

FLEM 11 Jan 1998 Karl Flem
I am looking for information on my grandfather who immigrated to America at the turn of the century. I believe his original name was also Karl Flem but when he came to America he changed it to Charles Flem. Thank you.

LYNG 11. January 1998, Kirsti Lyng Huse, e-mail:
I am looking for information regarding my great grandfather Oluf Lyng, d.o.b. 1865 in Trondelag, Norway. He emigrated to the US approx. 1890. Thank you. Kirsti Lyng Huse

EKKER/FORMO 10 Jan 1998
Johhannes Ingebrigtsen Ekker bought the Formo farm in 1824 or 1825, from his cousin Bertel Larsen Formo, b. circa 1770. Johannes's parents were Maria Olsdatter Ekker, b. 1755 and Ingebrigt Pederson Oye (1750 - 1815). I am interested in tracing forward Johannes Ingebrigtsen's progeny. Researcher:

JOHNSON 10 January 1997 Andrew J. Graff, MSW,
Looking for family information on the following persons - Lorens Johnson and his wife Caroline Johnson, residents of either Oslo or Bergen Norway in the 1880's. Lorens Johnson was born in 1857 and Caroline (Haga or Haza not sure of spelling) 1851. They had three children Ole born 1881, Laura born April 1888 or 1889, and Karen Born ?, they emigrated to the United States sometime in the late to early 1890's or 1900's and resided in Chicago, Illinois.

HOVDA 9 Jan 1998 Lisa Brassfield
Born 1838 Thomas Pedar Hovda, died 1929; Married Guro Andersdatter Alne
Farm name Kvamme- in Vikybygd, Norway
Farmer- Samson Kvamme
son- Andres (samsonsen) Kvamme
married Gurro G. Alne in 1780
they had 5 children
Pedar Knutsen Alne
if you have any imformation it would be greatly appre. Thank you, Lisa

SLETTEN 9 Jan 1998
I am looking for some information on my grandfather Ole Sletten born? came to U.S. first and then Moved to Canada in about 1905 or 1906. Would like any info on his family dating as far back as I can go and also on my grandmother Anne. I believe her last name was Lokken. I would appreciate any info as to parents, brothers, sisters etc. as I am doing a family tree. Thank you.

looking for ancestors of -Anders Larssen (later Høsøien or Høsøyen when he moved on to that farm) (His father was Lars Galaaen). -Elen Jonsdatter Hoyem, from Byneset in Trondheim. They had daughter Albertine Høsøien(1884-1967).
Elen Jonsdatter Hoyem became a widow in 1894 and remarried with Fredrik Fredriksen Moen (later Høsøien or Høsøyen, when Fredrik Fredriksen took farm name)

BÆKMAN or BÄCKMAN, Gustaf Henrik, born 21.05.1840, Vadsø, Norway, died 11.07.1899. Married Kaisa Sofia Blankström, born 01.05.1841, Ylitornio, Finland. They moved from Vadsø (Vessisari), to Sodankylä, Finland between 1870 and 1874 then in 1884, they moved to Kemijärvi. Looking for parents of BÆKMAN or BÄCKMAN, Gustaf Henrik

Anna JOHNSON, was born May 14, 1883, in Dokka, Norway. Her Mother was Karoline HANSDATTER, and her father may have been Johannes JOHANNESEN. A brother of Anna's, Even(Edward) Helmer JOHANNESEN's birth record shows he was born in 1872 in LAND to the same parents. Karoline immigrated to Iowa, USA in 1885 with the children, changing all their names to JOHNSON. Karoline is thought to have come from the SVEEN farm. Would appreciate any help in finding information, records on this family. Dee Naughton

SVEEN 9 Jan 1998
I am looking for information on a SVEEN farm that was located in the Dokka, Norway area-c.1850. I believe my GGrandmother, Karoline HANSDATTER, lived at this farm sometime before she immigrated to the USA in 1885. Dee Naughton

HASFJORD January 8.98 Lorraine Forseth
Looking for information on Anhard Egelund Hasfjord. Born September 1874 at Vikna, Norway. Moved to Willmar, Minnesota in 1893, then to Consul, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1910.

SKAGGS 8 Jan 1998
Am trying to track the roots of the English surname SKAGGS. Believe it to be rooted in Norway, Denmark or Iceland. Alternate spellings may be SKAGGI, SKAGI or SKEGG. It may mean shaker or brandisher or beard in one or more of these languages. Can anyone provide me with any clues? Any reply will be greatly appreciated!
John Henry Skaggs
Powell, Tennessee, USA

I am looking for the family of Hans KJENERVOG/ KUNURVAAG, father of kornelius Hansen, born June 28, 1861, married Gina Jakobson, April 22, 1893. Gina was the daughter of Jakob Aase and Louise Dorthea Mikelson. Kornelius, Gina and their children came to Chicago from Edgersund, Norway. He was a conductor on the train in Chicago. Then settled near Wisconsin Rapids, WI. Kornelius Had two brothers, Reinhard, Who came to the U.S. and had no children, and Ludvic who stayed in Norway. Penny Hansen Seidel

MYHRE 06 Jan. 1998 Ann Rousseau, e-mail at
Looking for information about my great-grandfather Ole K. Myhre and great- grandmother Anna O. Ole immigrated to U.S. in 1890. He was from the Hallingdahl, Norway area and had four brothers and three sister. I know very little about their roots except that they are buried in Tacoma, WA. and died in 1934 and 1936. Any help from Norway would be greatly appreciated. Ann

RANDBY 6 Jan 1998
Seeking information on living relatives of Trygve Randby, born 1905 somewhere in the Lake Mjosa area of Norway. Perhaps around Gjovik, Toten or Lillehammar. Had four brothers Reidar, Olav, Alfred and Einar. Also three sisters, Borghild, Ragnhild and Helena. All the brothers immigrated to the USA, but the sisters remained in Norway. Their father's name was Gustav and mother's name I sadly have forgotten. I believe I have two cousins, one of whom has the first name of Per also. I also thought I heard the name Randby on the closing day of the Olympics in Lillehammar in 1996 with regards to carrying the torch to Nagano, Japan by dog sled.

TORSTENSEN January 5, 1998 Sylvia Hildebrandt
Looking for relatives and information of Peder Torstensen b. Aug 7, 1807 in Restad-Gutu, Faaberg parish, and Ronnaug Olesdatter b. Sept 16, 1807 in Rindal, Saxumdalen. They lived in Faaberg on the farm Gutu. Together they had 10 children, 4 of who came to the US that I know of. Pernille Pedersdatter b. June 18, 1834, Ole Pedersen b. May 2, 1837, Bernt and Tobias Pedersen b. Aug 8, 1839, Tobias took the name Guthu when he came to US, another Bernt Pedersen b. May 14, 1842, Simen Pedersen b. Dec 12, 1845, Simen also took the name Guthu when he came to US, Mathias Pedersen b. Feb 11, 1848, Pauline Pedersdatter b. Jan 26, 1851, Johanne Pedersdatter b. Aug 30, 1853 and Ronnoug Pedersdatter b. March 11, 1856. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

STRANJORD 5 Jan 1998
I am researching the STRANJORD farm in NORDLANDS, parish of RANEN, sub-parish MOE. Looking for info on my Strandford relatives as well as the name HENRICKSON. My name is Warren Henrickson. If you know anything or if I can help, I'm at music@olypen (work) Thanks!

BROTTUM 4 Jan 1998 Roy Tinis
I would like to hear from anyone who can trace their roots back, or is doing research on their families from Brottum, Norway. I am trying to locate relatives all over the world from this area. Thank You

LUKKASON 4 Jan 1998
I am looking for info on the surname Lukkason, Luckason, Lucasen, Luccasen...This is my great grandfather..first name Andrus and he was born I think in Ringerike in about 1830 to 1840.
Don Lukkason
2565 Bauman Ave
Omaha, NE 68112

HAUGSE 4 Jan 1998
Looking for information regarding any of the HAUGSE'S of the Hardenger fjoden area. The farm was gifted to Lon Larsson I. Bleie (1789-1849) in 1824 when he married Marita Helgesdtr. Reisteter (1796-1850). Children: Lars Hauso nf., Guro, Sigrid, Helge, Jon, Lars d.y., Ingebjorg. I am Katie Haugse great granddaughter of Lars d.y. Haugse who moved to the US in 1859. My email address is Thank you for any guidance you can provide!!!! Katie

TJELLE January 4, 1998 Gwen Email address:
Looking for information on the Tjelle Farm in the early 1700's to the early 1800's. Parish of Skaaneviksoga in Hordaland county. My gggrandfather Abraham Larson Tjelle and family lived on this farm. Abraham Tjelle's father was Lars Skaalnes.

ANDRESEN 4 Jan 1998 D. Andresen Shotwell
I am very proud of my Norwegian heritage and would like to learn more about my family. My current search is for my paternal grandfather's line. His name was NIKOLAI ANDRESEN (middle name possibly Henry). He was born Sept 15, 1891 supposedly in Oslo. He was married 3/25/1917 in Oslo to AAGOT ELFRIEDA JOHANSEN. His mother's name was HANNAH HANSEN (no other information known). He had two brothers, ERLING and ARTHUR and a sister RAGNHILD. Erling had three sons, JOHN, NILS and EINAR ANDRESEN. I have a picture of his father and mother with Erling and Nikolai, but don't even know his father's first name. Any help with this family would be greatly appreciated.

I am looking for relatives of Birgit Grotnes, born 1851, one of 6 sisters, who married Halvor Hansen Haugen, born Jan. 25, l841. Birgit was the only sister to stay in Norway, the rest all immigrated to the USA. Other married names I have are: FINMARK at Paus Vie, Statelle, Norway. Bjork MOLVIK of of Rygge, Norway. Olav HAUGEN and Aslak JUVLAND of 3880 Dalen in Telemark, Norway. Arne NILSEN of Orelund 7, Sandefjord, Norway. Torlief Johansen born Mar. 26, l931. Arne HEIMDAL. born Jan. 12, l937
Sharon Stevens

SVENDSBOE 4 Jan 1998
Looking for any relatives or records of Svendsboe. From the Drammen, Stavanger area. Eric Swendsboe Thanks.

HELLESVIK 3 Dec 1997
Hellesvik on the island of Froya. Looking for any history of this farm from 1800 earlier. Ole Olesen

JOHANSON 2 Jan 1998 Karen Johnson
I am looking for information on the following people:
JOHANSON, George b. Feb. 27, 1864 Trondheim, Norway
His parents, Martin and Martha JOHANSON, also born in Norway.
I am looking for any information that would enable further research in Norway. Thanks for any help you can give me.

LAUMB 2 Jan 1998
I am looking for any information about my great grandfather, the following is information I know about him: Farm or Parish: Nonstad; County: N/A; Surname: Laumb; Researcher/E-mail: Connie Taylor, Thank you for allowing me to list this information.

VEGSUNDVAAG 1 Jan 1998 Xana Vegsundvaag, El
Desperately looking for any information on the Vegsundvaag family ancestry in the U.S., as well as in Norway. Tusen Takk.

WOLD/HANSEN Jan. 1, 1998 Keith J. Hanson
Looking for information on the following person, Olianna Charlotta Wold. She was borned in Tjotta, Norway on June 16, 1880. We believe the farm name was Laedk0. We would like to know her parents and grandparents names, birthdates, places, any marriages, and date of death.
If at all possible, could we get the same kind of information on Cornelius Hanson. He was born in Norway on May 13, 1863, but we do not know what city or town.

Looking for additional information on my great grandparents. Anne Mathea Pedersdtr was born 19 September 1846 at NJOS in Biri. Her family moved to FLIKKESAUG in Toten. It was here that she married Ole Christian Pederson THUNE and in 1869, they came to Minnesota. Other farm names include TOLLEFSRUD, BLILI, and TOMTER. Would be nice to learn more. Please contact me at the following:
Thank you, Glen

I am researching my family back to Norway I have there surnames there as being Visland, Wisland being the farm name from around Tonstad in Vest Agar. I also have the names Rotegaard, Halvors and Havarsgaard and they were from around Nes Hallingdal an hour or so away from Oslo I think but I am not sure. Thank you very much

JOHNSON 1 Jan 1998 Ted Cash
JOHNSON, Anna Karine, b. 20 May 1867 in Nordland, Norway. I know that she moved to Sioux City, Iowa about 1888. She married Rasmus Mortensen from Denmark -- their first child was born 2 Jun 1891.
I am looking for any information that would enable further research in Norway. Thanks for any help you can give me.

JOHANSEN January 1 Descendants of Daniel Johansen I
I need death dates on these ancestors and am not sure how to get them. I'd also like to know who they married, etc. They are all from Romsdal(county) Sundal (parish) Øksendal (subparish) Børset (farm) any information would be appreciated.
DANIEL JOHANSEN I was born 1753. He married MARET LARSDTR. Daniel Johansen I and his wife Marit lived on the farm from 1786 to 1815.

JOHAN DANIELSON, b. 1787; d. 1840.

JOHAN DANIELSON was born 1787, and died 1840. He married BRIT NILSDATTER 1815, daughter of NILS JOHANSEN. Johan Danielson and Brit Nilsdatter had nine children. They lived on the farm from 1815 to 1840. Children of JOHAN DANIELSON and BRIT NILSDATTER are:
JOHAN JOHANSEN I, b. March 17, 1815; d. July 22, 1882.
MARIT JOHANSEN, b. 1818; d. 1843. Marit never married.
NILS JOHANSEN, b. 1824; d. 1850. Nils never married.
SYNNOVE JOHANSEN, b. 1827. Synnove was a farm wife.
BRIT JOHANSEN, b. 1829; d. 1871.
SIGRID JOHANSEN, b. 1830. Died at home in 1830, never married.

JOHAN JOHANSEN I (JOHAN2 DANIELSON, DANIEL1 JOHANSEN I) was born March 17, 1815, and died July 22, 1882. He met (1) MARIT ANDERDATTER FURU, daughter of ANDERS JAKOBSEN and BRIT TORESDATTER. He married (2) MARIT
OLDSDATTER 1840. Johan Johansen I lived on the family farm from 1841 to 1876. He died in the summer of 1882 from pneumonia. The summer of 1876 Johan Johansen turned over the farm to his son, Johan Johansen II for about 475 spdlr (Norwegian money).

CHRISTENSEN/DOLSON 1 Jan 1998, Terry Gardiner,
Ole Johan Christensen, born 12 Dec 1856 in Kristiansand, Norway sailed to Galveston, Texas USA between 1876 & 1885. Benjamin Dolson, born 3 Mar 1834 in Kristiansand, Norway. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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