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Norway March 1998 Queries

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RASMUSSEN 31 Mar 1998
I have been trying to research my maternal grandparents, but can't seem to get beyond the year of their immigration. My grandfather was JOHN ANDREW RASMUSSEN, son of RASMUS OLSEN. He was born in 1851 in Norway, and was a sailor. I have a picture of him with the town of Christiania, Norway printed on it. He immigrated in 1882, and came to DES MOINES, IOWA, with my grandmother, BERTINA, who was the daughter of PETER LUND. My grandmothers death certificate reads, place of birth, CHRISTIANSUND, NORWAY. One daughter, ANNA, was approx. 2 years, when the came to the USA.
I know that my grandparents had relatives in Wisconsin, and Illinois. One name in Wisconsin was JOSIE, and another was OLAF, I believe they were cousins. If any of this sounds familiar, please contact me. Thanks, Nancy Brousseau - Oroville, CA

PEDERSON 31 Mar 1998 - Cheryl Ranz -
I know my great-grandfather Peder PEDERSON came to America with his mother when he was 12 years old. My information from family says from Voss or Valders Norway. With such sketchy information I don't where to go next. Anyone to help? Thank you!

ØVERLIEN-SLAATMYREN 30 Mar 1998 Joyce Quall Urban
Looking for ancestors of my great-grandmother Agnette Johannesdtr., born October 4, 1848, in Nes, Hedemarken. Her parents were Kari Halvorsddtr. O/verlien and Johannes Jensen Slaatmyren. Agnette was illegitimate. A note in the church record margin says this is the mother's 2nd indiscretion and the father's first. I have been told that Slaatmyren is in Ringsaker Parish. We have been told that Agnette and her husband, Ole Kristiansen, were related. Ole was the son of Kristian Jakobsen and Berte Johannesdtr, born abt. 1808. In the Nes Bygdebok this family is on the Øgarden farm under Øverlien in 1865. The entry says that Kristian Jakobsen was not from Nes originally, but they do not know where he was from. Perhaps Agnette and Ole had the same grandparents who had sons named Jakob and Johannes?
In the bygdebok, person who might be Agnette's mother is found on two farms in Nes. One entry says that Kari was born in 1819 in Ringsaker. This Kari had two other illegimate children. One of them was a foster son in Øverlien. Later she married another person and lived in Strandsveen under Wold. My great grandfather eventually took the name Wold in the U.S. because there were other Ole Christiansens around. He had worked on Wold for seven years and felt he had a right to the name. This is made more complicated because the name here was Vold, then Wold, and two brothers took the name Woll. The connection must be in Ringsaker somewhere. Any ideas? Joyce

I am looking for information on the following:
Agnes Lillian Hansen (B. 19 Jun 1882, Norway, married George Mulford Drown 18 Jan 1911, Woonsocket, SD,USA, D. 22 Dec 1934, Forestburg, SD, USA)
Johan Henrik Hansen (B. 24 Feb 1851, Brunlanes, Larvik, Norway, married 15 Nov 1877 to Alvide Johnsen (B. 6 Jun 1856).
Erik Hansen Helgeraaen (B. 11 May 1824, Barkevik, Brunlanes, Norway, D. 1883, Brunlanes, Norway, married 21 Jan 1849 to Anne Hellene Jacobsdatter Kjendal (B. 24 Aug 1828).
Johan Anton Johsen (B. 1823, Gjerpen, Norway, married to Olava Didrikka Halvorsen (B.1813).
Jakob Olsen Kjendalen (B. 1792, married 17 Aug 1826, Eidanger, Telemark, Norway to Inger Hansdatter Odegaarden (B.1804).
If you have information, please let me know. Thank you, Sally Wiseman

OLSNES / OLSEN 29 Mar 1998 Reidar Olsnes,
I try to find information about Johannes Olsnes. May be had the first name been changed to John and surname to Olsen. He was born in Norway September 10, 1880. He immigrated to US April 19, 1902. I have received information that he was in Brooklyn, in New York? He works on a quay (?) and died at a bad luck (have a slide on the ice on a ship/on quay) about 1915. Is there someone who can help me with some information? Thank you.

OYESTAD 28 Mar 1998 Michael VanBaaren,
Oyestad, Aust Agder: I am interested in corresponding with anyone researching their genealogy in Oyestad parish, Aust Agder (Nedenes). I've been able to trace most of my lines back into the 1600's (some earlier) and my primary farms of interest are: Strommen, Helle, Kaalbjornsvik, Nedenes, Guldsmodengen, Vraengen, Nedenesvign, Loddesol, Risholt, Munkestoen, Rod, Ostensbu, Tengstveid and Lindtveid. All of my Aust Agder lines are posted on my genealogy web page at:

BJORGUM-TUNG/ASKIMDAL 28 Mar 1998 Meg Lambalot
I'm looking for connections to Johan Olsen Bjorgum and Ellen Johansdatter Tung/Askimdal. Both came to America in 1887 or 1888 from Stadsbygd, Sor-Trondelag, may have traveled together or Ellen may have followed Johan later. Also believed to have traveled with Johan's sister Ingeborg Anna. They were married in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1888 and eventually settled in Blackbrook or Clear Lake, Polk County, Wisconsin. Johan was born 07 June 1867 to Ole Olsen Denstad Bjorgum and Anne Margrethe Eriksdatter Palsen. Ellen was born 31 March 1863 to Johan Knudsen Tung and Maria Knudsdatter Askimdal. I have a good line on Anne Margrethe but know virtually nothing about Ole, and very little about Maria and Johan Knudsen.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

ROGALAND 28 Mar 1998 Michael VanBaaren,
Early Rogaland Ancestors: I've been tracing my ancestry in Rogaland fylke, Norway, for over 18 years and have most of my lines back to the 1600's, many back to the 1500's and some back to the 1100's. I am interested in corresponding with anyone who has heavy roots in the Rogaland area, and have lines in the 18th century or earlier. I have lots of information to share, and am interested in what others have been able to gather. The parishes I am mainly researching are: Sola, Madla, Randaberg, Finnoy, Rennesoy, Strand, Sjernaroy, Forsand, Gjestal, Time, Hoyland, Erfjord, Jelsa, Hjelmeland and Hetland. Some of my early lines (15th century) are in the city of Stavanger, and in the Voss, Fjelberg, Ullensvang and Stord area of Hordaland fylke. My Rogaland ancestors are listed on my genealogy home page at:

TOLLEVSON 27 Mar 1998 Dianne Moen Habing,
Looking for information on Evan Tollevson 1755 - 1835, wife's name was Brynhild Estendtr born 1730 - ?. Lived on a farm called Evensplass in Plassmoen from 1790 until his death.before 1835 the farm was called Follmoen or Plassen. I am trying to find out who Evan's parents were, where he was born, where he's buried, anything at all about where he came from. They had four children and the county that keeps coming up is Hedemark and the parish Lille Elvedals. Thank-you.

VINES 27 Mar 1998 Reidar Olsnes,
I'm seeking information about Thomas Vines and his family. His first name in Norway was Torbjørn and was changed in US to Thomas. He was born in Hardanger in the westcoast of Norway March 14, 1883 and immigrated to US March 13, 1902. May be name of his wife was Andrea. In 1959 he had this address: 3911 Penn Ave north, Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have received information about children to Thomas (from 1920 Census index in Minnesota) following: Harold, born 1907?, Ruth, born 1909?, Arthur, born 1910? and Elmer, born 1913? Is there somebody who can help me with information? Many thanks.

HANSON-NELSON 26 March 1998
I have been trying to find my Grandmother's family and was wondering if you might be able to help. Signe Amelia Hanson was born on November 1900 in Kongsvinger, NORWAY to Carl Hanson and Caroline Josephine Nelson/Hanson. They also had another child, Hilmer and possibly another daughter born over there. Can you get me in touch with someone over there? Thank you. Barb Bednarz

GJERSET 26 March 1998
I am looking for Information on the Gjerset name. My great great Grandfather and grandmother were Ole S Gjerset and Karen Marie (Edim) from the Romstad area. Any information on this name or these relatives would be great. My email adress is Thank you.

Dahl/Furuseth 25 Mar 1998 Connie Dahl A.
Surnames: Dahl/Furuseth, Looking for info on farm & family of Martin Andreassen Dahl, b.1850 to Andreas Kristoffersen Plogstad & Anne Marie Hansdtr. from Nerdalen on Honsedalen farm, Nes Parish, Akershus area. Karine Gulbrandsdtr.(Gilbert) Furuseth m.Martin 1876 in Dane Co., WI--they farmed in Worth Co, Iowa until 1946. Thanks,

KVITNES - BRANDAL 25 March 1998
I am looking for family relatives that still live in Norway. My mother and her family came to America on March 8, 1930. Her name while living in Norway was: Marie Konstanse KVITNES and when they came to America they changed it to BRANDAL (this was the town where they lived in Norway) since the immigrations couldn't understand the family name. Her parents names were: John P. Brandal (his parents were Kolben Sakariasen and Marie Johanson both of Norway) and Kaia Debora Anders (her parents were Ando Anders and Jensina Andoy both of Norway). My mom had 3 brothers and two sisters. Axel, Karl and Sig, Signe and Johanna. If anyone recognizes these names please let me know. The only other thing I know about Norway and my family is that my mother Marie was baptized on June 1, 1919 . Hareid, Ulstein is also on the certificate but I don't know if this is a town or parish. Thanks for any help you can give me. Wendy Hood

Am looking for relatives of John {Yohan} Dietrickson or Didrickson from Narvik, Norway. Emmigrated to USA 1900, also information on the relatives of Henrrietta Christianna Olsen from Varoy, Norway. They were my grandparents. They settled in Green bay Wisconsin. I am researching our family tree. Thank you. Jane Ahlborn

JOHNSEN - STANGE March 25, 1998 Don Oleson e-mail
Seeking information and descendants for Andreas Johnsen who at age 28 was at the Hammerstad farm in Stange, Hedmark in 1865 with his mother, a widow, Kirsti Christensdatter and sisters Eli and Kirsti Johnsdatter. His sisters have been traced but unable to find anything on Andreas

GABRIELSON 3/25/1998, Dawn Zuniga,
Carl Olaf Johnson, born March 21, 1890, married Marie Gabrielson. They are my great grandparents. They came from Norway, but I'm not sure when they left for America or even if they were married before they came. I know that Marie still has living family in Norway. Thank you for any help. Dawn

HELLEM March 25, 1998 Patricia Palmer
Hello! I am looking for information on my grandmother's family. Her name was Agnes Petrine Elisabeth HELLEM. born August 27,1880 in Aalesund Her father was......Iver Anders? from what i can make out on the christening records and mother Johanne Berthe Jehmindsdatter? She came to Duluth, MN abt. 1897. She married Knut Britanus OLSON who was also from Aalesund. I would appreciate any assistance, sincerely, Patricia OLSON Palmer

HOPPERSTAD 24 March 1998
I wish to research Hopperstad. Erik Johannsen Hopperstad from the Vik area who had a daughter Brita married to Ola Jonsen Orvedal. They left for America in 1876. Elaine Hamm

Searching for decendants whose ancestors lived on the Guddal farm near Sokndal, Rogaland, Norway. Would also like to hear from anyone who is familiar with this farm location. My ancestors lived on this farm since at least the late 1700's and emigrated to Coon Prairie (Westby), Wisconsin around 1877-79. They left Norway via the port of Flekkefjord. Their names include: Michaelson, Olson, Rasmussen, and Sigbjornson. Thank you!

HAUG - THORESEN 23 March 1998, Henry Thorsen,
Looking for information on the follow persons: Amunda Olivia HAUG, born 11 Oct. 1880 in Oslo, Norway. Married Ludwig Berg THORESEN in Oslo before emigrating to New York City - date unknown. Amunda's parents were Edmond HAUG and Karen OLSEN both from Oslo.

VOLK-WOLK 21 Mar 1998
I am trying to trace a person by the name of Jill Volk (Wolk) who lived on the island of Karmoy. The town's name was something like Kristin. Can you help me, please?
Mike Huxley

ELLINGSON - ERICKSON March 21, 1998 Bernice Langlois
I am looking for information about my gggrandmother Guldgjor (sp.?) Ellingson or Erickson both names are listed in the Church register, She was born in Hadeland, Norway,January 4, 1812. Was married to a man named Erick. Her son, Erick Ellingson or Erickson was born in Hadeland, Norway August 8,1839. He was married to Berta Marie Nilson who was born in Lier, Norway September 24, 1839. They had four children: Richard Edward born April 28, 1863-- my grandfather--Gunda Emilie born January 31,1870-- Ragna Marie born June 13, 1883-- Nils born April 23, 1889. The last two probably were born in Berlin, N. H. USA.
They emigrated to America around 1881. This information was gathered from Church records, Death Certificates, and city directories.

Looking for Mathenus Jacobsen Skruderbakken, known as Martin J. Soberg who came to this country at age l8 in the l800's. Skrederbakken name was on smallpox vaccination certificate. Thanks - Peggy Morgan.

EGEBERG 19 Mar 1998, Roger Egeberg,
Seeking descendants and information about Christian Egeberg, b. Mar. 1825 in Norway. He m. Thea Nelson, b. Feb. 1837 in Norway, at Eidsberg, Østfold, Norway on 22 Jun. 1860. They em. from Hønstvet Vestre farm near Skiptvet, Østfold, Norway on 29 Apr. 1872, settling near Brandon, Douglas County, Minnesota. The family initially used the surname Larson when they arrived in America, but within the first few years changed it to Egeberg, probably after one of the Egeberg farms near Hønstvet Vestre. Known children were Laura, b. 19 Apr. 1862, John Christian, b. 21 Sep. 1865, Anette (?) b. ca. 1870, Marie b. Jul. 1871, all born in Norway and Nicolina b. ca. 1874, Anton b. Jan. 1880, and (?) Lina b. Apr. 1888 all born in Minnesota. Christian d. between 1910 and 1920.

John Christian m. Rachel Johnson, b. 7 Jun. 1870 at Brandon, Douglas Co., Minnesota, 21 Sep. 1898 at Urness, Douglas County, Minnesota. Children were Clarence A., b. 12 Jul. 1899, Thea V., b. 2 Nov. 1900, Amos C., b. 12 Jun. 1903, Harry Robert, b. 19 Jun. 1905, and Joel R., b. 6 Jul. 1908. John Christian d. 22 Mar. 1846 and Rachel d. Oct. 1955.

I have been trying to find where Emelia Nilsdtr born 10 March 1853 lived in Norway. Her Farm name was probably Luguset. She came to America in 1881 and with a son Nils Eriksen. Her father's name was Nils Eriksen Luguset and her mother's name was Berit Torgersdatter. She may have lived somewhere in the general area of Trondheim as when she came over she came to Cambridge, Wisconsin and married Lars Eriksen Skar. He took the name of Hannem which we think was a farm name. His father lived on the Farm Gjorsvig who died on the Hannem farm near Tingvoll. Any information you can find would be greatly appreciated. Clifton O. Thomton

FLAA/OLSEN 19 March 1989, Don Oleson,
Looking for relatives in Flaa, Buskerud. Ole Olsen and wife, Eli, moved to Flaa from Ostre Toten in 1905. Their children were Johan Arndt, Olaf Maurits, Haken, Gustave Adolph, Emma, Emil Oskar, August, Marie Karoline and Olga. Johan Arndt married Laura Honrika Martinsen on May 20,1909 and Olaf Maurits married Kristi Aslesdatter in June 1910. Looking for any help in locating descendants of this family.

BUAN/EKLI 18 March 1998 Jolene Murphy
Looking for information on my gg-grandfather Johan Fredrickson Buan b. 1840 from Orkdalen. Came to USA in 1872. Much later (early 1880's) sent for and married Johanna Ekli from Orkdalen?. Settled in South Dakota where she died in the early 1890s. He returned to Norway, remarried to Anna Hovde and returned to South Dakota, USA circa 1900. Any information on parents, siblings, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

THOMPSON 18 March 1998, Theodore T.Thompson,
Looking for information about my great grand father Thomas Theodore Thompson. He immigrated to the United States sometime between 1800 - 1884. With him were his wife Martha and four children, Thomas Theodore II, Osmund Martin, Christ and Mary.
The only family member that I have a birth date or possible location for is Thomas Theodore II, September 20, 1865, Christiana, Norway.

I have a group picture of the children when they were in their teens and pre-teens. The photographers name on the back is, Fredrich Scheel, Christanssand.
The last known location for my g-grand parents is St. Ansgar, Iowa.

I would appreciate any and all information. Also if your surname is THOMPSON and of Norwegian ancestry, I'm interested in in hearing from you - we have common roots way back some place. THANKS, TED

Bank or Banks from Sarpsborg
Christian Anderson from Sarpsborg
Came to America around 1887. Settled in Hayward, Wisconsin
Odegaard (Odegard) Odegaarden possibly from Ringebo came to America around 1876 and settled in Sand Creek, Wisconsin
Cari or Karen Berutsen

TASKERUD 17 Mar 1998 Charlie Taskerud
Taskerud, Christiansen -- Our family name came from Taskerud Farm Ness, Norway. Other relatives in the area are possible. Would welcome any information. Thanks.

ANDERSON 17 Mar 1998

I am searching for descendents of Jens Olson Hauge, Sveio.Sunnhordland (this used to be the parish of Stord) b.1814, to Amerika 1825. father: Ola Monsson Gramshauge b. 1793; d.1883; married: Anna Jensdatter Hauge f.b 1787 d. 1844; children Jens b. 1814.Mons b. 1817; Olda b. 1820, Gabriel b. 1822. Helge b. 1832. Jens married Kari Helgedatter UdbjØe.( on Ølen) I do not know if they were married before leaving Norway but I suspect they were. I am looking for family in Norway and I am also searching family in America.

Jens and Kari lived in Primose, Dane Co, Wisconsin. Moved to Faribault Co. Emerald now Frost, Mn. They had about 12 children. They were: Helgi Olson (changed his name to?) b. abt 1852, Annie b.abt 1855, Mary b. abt 1855 (my ggrandmother), Caroline b. abt 1857, John b abt 1859, Gabriel b. abt 1863 (he became a minister and lived in Lake Mills, Ia.) Josephine b. abt 1864, all born in Wisconsin, Peter b. abt 186, Benjamin Franklin b. abt 1868, David b. abt 1870, and Cornelius b. abt 1872 all in Minnesota. I count 11, but I think one died I have not listed.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone that knows anything about this family either in Norway or in America. or Gayle Struska, 4309 Oregon Ave NO, New Hope, Mn. 55428

I am looking for my gggrandmother's family. She is Eline Embertsdatter Grinden. She had a twin sister Karoline. Her mother and father were: Embert Pederson,from the Grinden farm, and mother was Kari Olsdatter(who I believe to be from the GrØtting farm) in the Elverum parish. The children in the family were: Inger Marie, Peder, Berthe, Oline, Marthea, Eline, Karoline, and Ole.and Petronville. Inger Marie married a Strand. Her family still lives in Elverum and I am looking for them. Oline, Marthea, Eline and and Peder came to Amerika and lived in Erskine, Polk Co, Minnesota. The witness at Eline baptism were: Hans Pederson Dahl and wife. Lars Andersen Enkebakken and wife, Berthe Olsdatter GrØtting. I would be very interested in learning anything that I can about any of this family. snailmail address: Gayle Struska, 4309 Oregon Ave. No., New Hope, Mn. 55428.

DORR/LANGVEV 16 Mar 1998
I am looking for the family of Hans Anderson Dorr and Katrine Larsdatter Langvev-Dorr. I found this family in the 1865 and 1875 census on the Lerhus/Dorr farm. The children were: Anton, Lars, Ole, Rickard, Adolf, Martine and Inga. My gggrandfather, Rickard, and Ole, Adolf, and Martine emigrated to America. The Eidsvold church burned and the records with it so they tell me. Were there any Klokkers books in a location that did not burn? Anton bought a farm of his own, and Inga did marry and had a family I am told. There is (was) a Gulla Dorr living on the farm. If anyone knows of this family please write to me. At or snailmail address of Gayle Struska, 4309 Oregon Ave. NO., New Hope, Mn. 55428

HAUGE 15 Mar 1998
I am trying to find information about my great-grandfather Lars Lewis Reierson Hauge who emigrated from Bryne. He and a brother, Reinert, emigrated to Wisconsin about 1863. The farm name was Hauge and his fathers name was Reier. I do not know what name he used initially, but used Rierson after moving to Iowa. According to his obituary, Lars/Lewis spent a year in Wisconsin before settling permanently in Cambridge, Story County, Iowa. I am trying to determine where he may have spent the year in Wisconsin, and what happened to Reinert. Does Reinert have descendents in Wisconsin?

JOHNSON 15 Mar 1998
Seeking info on relatives of my grandmother, Petra Hansina Johnson, born 07/06/1882 Bobo; Norway, Parents Johannes Kristensen & Arnsine Larsdt; other daughters Amanda Hanson Helligvaer b.04/19/1874; Hilda b 06/23/1876; Anna b 02/1877 all in Bodo or Tromso, Norway. Petra emigrated to US in 1903. Thanks you for any information you can give me. Pat Schumacher

EGGEN 14 Mar 1998
I would be interested if you could find any information about:
Nils Peter Eggen who was born 11/25/1845 in Yttre Skogn, Norway to Nils Perer Eggen and Karen Martha Siverson. He married Kjerstine Sorenson who was born 7/27/45 in Aasin, Norway to Soren Sorenson and Jonetta Stokkan. They raised 11 children in the Levanger, Norway area. Some of the grand children are possible living in that area.

I am a novice at genealogy and have not had much experience in research. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. I live in Alexandria, Mn and if you would need any information from this area please contact me. M.R. Brygger -

FOSSEN - TEIGEN : 14 Mar 1998
Christen Ellingson FOSSEN, born 6 Aug 1856, Fossen, Luster, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway; married 30 May 1877, Iowa, USA to Gunhild Olsdotter TEIGEN, born 31 Jul 1859, Teigen, Myklemyr, Luster, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.
Jim Johnson

REISTAD 14 Mar 1998
Reistad, Nils Olson Looking for information on Nils Reistad, who emigrated to Wisconsin from the Trondheim area. I believe he arrived in America sometime in the 1880's. His wife's name was Martha.

NIELSEN 14 Mar 1998
Where would I find information about Peder Nielsen, an 8-year-old foster child who was living on the Stokkeboe farm in Qvansoe Sokn, Wiig Parish, Nordre Bergenhuus County in 1801?

TEIGEN - FARDAL : 14 Mar 1998
Lars Erlingson TEIGEN, born 14 Aug 1853, Teigen, Myklemyr, Luster, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway; married Maria Johannesdotter FARDAL.
Jim Johnson

Erling Eirikson TEIGEN, born 23 May 1832, Teigen, Myklemyr, Luster, Sogn, Norway; married 1853, Sogn, Norway to Sigrid Larsdotter YLVISAKER, born 23 Apr 1826, Hangarden, Ylvisaker, Sogndal, Sogn , Norway; emigrated to America 1862.
Seek exchange of genealogical data on ancestors, siblings and descendants. Jim Johnson,

Torstenson(Thompson), Andrew approx date of birth 1819? sailed from Norway approx 1839-40 settled in Wiota, Wisc.

Please list name as Tortenson(Thompson), Andrew
Tostenson(Thompson), Andrew
also as he (Andrew ) my G GFather changed his name after arrival in US. First wife (name unknown) died during passage. Married again to Eline Nilsdatter in or around Wiota, Wisc. The Jordan Lutheran Church near Wiota has plaque dated 1859 with an A. Tortenson listed as charter member, so we are not sure of the name. My mother and I are going to Norway in July of 1998 and would like to find info. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
V/R Barbara (Thompson)Chapman

ANDERSON/ANDERSEN 14 March 1998 Jennifer Anderson
I'm looking for info regarding a Louis (Lars) Anderson, born in Norway on July 4, 1846, and emigrated to Canada, in 1860. He may be the son of Andreas Pedersen and Petra Olsdr. Thanks.

UTNE 14 March 1998, Kelsey Utne,
I am looking for my Norwegian ancestors. I can get to Torbjorg Utne from Utne in the 18 hundreds. She married Lars Alusaker. If you can give me any earlier information please E-mail me. Thank you.

HALVORSEN 14 Mar 1998
Re: info on my Grandmother, Elda Mary Halvorsen -
She was born Sept 5th 1868 to Elsie Hanson and Knute Halvorsen She was the youngest of 11 children. Probably somewhere in the Konsberg area of Norway. Came to the USA at the age of 16 . Her sister came with her and they might have settled in the New Richland, MN area. Her sister married a man whose last name was Gorgen or Gorgan . The lived in Albert Lea, MN. She was married to someone with the last name of Kittleson and had one daughter, Alice from that marriage. She married my Grandfather, Hans Johnson in Blair,WI on Nov 17, 1896 . They had four children Harry, Jenny, Hjalmer, and Casper. She has descendents from the remaining 9 siblings somewhere in Norway that I would really lke to locate. Hope someone can help

THERSSEN 14 Mar. 1998 Patrick Therssen,
Looking for information on Therssen. Could the surname Therssen be of Norwegian origin? Thank you very much.

ANDERSEN-BERGER 12 Mar. 1998 Kevin F. Clark,
Looking for information on the following person -- Karen Andersen, died in
Lillestrom on Feb. 14, 1953, married name Berger. Thanks

Johnson / Nielsen , Charles Johnson,
I am searching information on my Great Great Grandfather Bernt Michel Johnson, bn 17 May 1849 in Norway, his father was; John Nielsen, mother; Karie. Bernt came to Racine, WI USA in ca. 1870. Looking for his birth place and information about his parents. Thank you in advance.

SKEIE - EIDE 13 March 1998, Steven Ogden,
I am working on my genealogy and would appreciate any help you can offer. My ancestor (Ole) immigrated to America from Norway in 1882. Below is all the information that I know about him. Please keep in mind that this information may not be 100% correct, but it is all that I have. Thank you for helping.

I would appreciate historical information about the farms SKEIE and EIDE. I would like more information about Ole’s siblings, parents and ancestors. I would like to know more information about his immigration. I would like to know more information about Ole’s wife also.
Born: April 23, 1850 in VIKEDAL Parish, SKEIE Farm, ROGALAND County, NORWAY
Married: July 27, 1875 in SAND Parish, EIDE Farm, ROGALAND County, NORWAY
Immigrated to America: 1882 (probably from Stavanger)
Took the name OLE THOMPSON EIDE after arrival in America
Died: Jan 07, 1910 in LA SALLE County, RUTLAND Township, ILLINOIS

Born: Feb 28, 1857 in SAND Parish, EIDE Farm, ROGALAND County, NORWAY
Took the name MALINDA JACOBSON EIDE after arrival in America
Died: 1945


JOHNSON 13 Mar 1998
Bernt Michel Johnson, Bn 17 May 1849, Father; John Nielsen, Mother; Karie. He came to the US in 1870. I am searching for his birth City and information about his parents. Thank you for your help.

HAVER 3/13/98 Kristin Schaefer
I am looking for information on my ancestors from Sirevag, Norway. The last name is Haver. My great grandmother's name was Dorothea Haver and I believe that she had a sister Karen and maybe a brother Olaf. Does anyone have any info about the Haver farm? thanks.

NUNMEDAL - LYNGDAL March13,1998, Jill Olson,
I am looking for information about two parrishes--Nunmedal and Lyngdal, Norway.
My great grandmother was born there in 1884. Thank you.

DOKKEN 13 Mar 1998
I am looking for this person that our family have lost.

LARS LARSEN DOKKEN born 29 mai 1859 in Nes in Hallingdal. Baptized 13 June 1858 in Nes kirke. Confirmation 7 June 1874 in Nes kirke.

In 1878 he is recorded as emigrated out of Nes to Christiania. In this year there is no records showing him going to America. But the year after in 1879 the same name, same person, same birth date is going out to America from Nordre Land. Designation Moorhead.
> >Av de Lars Larsener jeg fant, var det en som fanget interesse:
> >Lars Larsen, arb., 21 aar fra N. Land reiste med dampskibet Hero den 16.
> >mai 1879 til Morhead, Min.
> >Han har nr 34 og finnes på side 241. "Reise betalt ".
> >Moorhead ligger ved Red River på grensen mellom Minnesota og Dakota.
> >Minnesota er også nabo til Wisconsin.

This is what we got from records here. But we know more. In 1925 when his mother died here in Nes she said the two sons Lars and Knud was dead but they left behind them children in America. Another thing we know is that when a younger brother went to MN. in 1902 he stopped by his brother in Wisconsin. This is either LARS or Knut. Lars could be Lewis or Louis in English.

Knud is born 26 mai 1866 in Nes.
Parents is: Lars Larsen and Kari Nubsdatter. All are coming from Nes parish in Hallingdal.
Is there any possibility that any of you have heard or come over this two names in Wisconsin I would be very happy. Regards - Steinar

Searching for my great grandmother. Known facts are marriage certificate information in Story CNTY IA :Betsey Torsen married Aaron Anfinson in 1868. Several land documents from IA, Hamilton, CNTY, refer to his wife as Bargella. She died in 1893, as stated by his
personal records from the Veteran's home where he died in 1922. Aaron and his parents both originated in Hordaland,( Skanevik, Holmedal, Olfernes, Ytre Matre, and farm named Slattensetion Ytre Matre.( we were there in 1996 to visit the land and farms in Norway.. I have the bygdabokka from Skanevik and cannot find her given name anywhere except in Hegland, in close proximity to Matre, Ytre Matre. Can you help? Did she emmigrate to Lisbon ILL? Did they come on the same boat? Thank you for listening and any information you can offer. Regards, Clarice

MJASETH 10 Mar 1998
Colben Matthias Mjaseth b.1850, wife Andrea Antonette Underseth, b.1852. They had 11 children; Henrik b.1871-d.1909, Anna Maria b.1873, Johan b.1875, Kamma b.1877-d.1881, Anton b.1881-d.1929 B.C. Canada, Laura Sofie b.1884, Agnes Talene b.1886-d.1970, Herman Martin b.1890-d.1973, Jacob Andreas b.1893, Lief Kornelius b.1896-d.1982, Anton Mjaseth b.1881-d.1929 Came to Canada via U.S.A. about 1913-1920, Under the name Karl Jacobsen, His wife was Patrine Marie Peterson born 1876 (we do not know anything of her family). Karl Jacobsen (Anton Mjaseth) and Patrine
had 7 children Jenny b. 1905,Bergen; Einar b.1907, Bergen (my father-in-Law);Camilla b.1909; John Maurice b. 1911,Sarpsborg; Alf b.1912,Bergen; Mary b. 1915 Canada; Anne b.1918 Canada; Any help is appreciated Thank You. Cindy Jacobsen P.O. Box 4021 Williams Lake,B.C., Canada; E-mail

Looking for information on Gunder Jacobsen b. 1838 in Egersund, Rogaland, Norway. He m. Else Tollefsdtr Rodland (b. 1839 in Lille Birkeland, Rogaland, Norway). Gunder Jacobsen lived in the town of Egersund, and found them in census records. Would like info. on his ancestry. Found Else's family information in the Helleland bygdebok. Any idea how to locate Gunder Jacobsen's family? How do you find someone who lived in town instead of on a farm. Are there sources in church records or the like to help?
Their children: Jacob, Tellef J., Marte, Torvald, Sara Marie, Olava Jurina. Would also like to find out about the sisters, who remained in Norway. Who did they marry? The brothers all went to USA, along with maternal grandparents. Gunder and Else stayed in Norway, and died there. Have NO information on death dates for either. They were married June 1, 1860 in Egersund. Thanks for your help. THis is my first posting, so I am hoping to have included correct info. Thanks, Carol

HANSON 9 Mar 1998
HANSON, HANS, b. about 1796Flekkefjord, Vest Agder, Norway. He m. MARIE ELISABETH JACOBSDTR. Found him in 1823 census in Flekkefjord Kom. Hans m. on Nov. 10, 1822 in Flekkefjord. Need info on parents of both Hans and Marie Elisabeth. This is all I have on both. Thanks for any tips to aid my search. Carol e-mail:

GODESETH 9 Mar 1998, Marcus Reinertson,
Reinert Rasmussen Godeseth, Hetland Parish, Sandnes born in 1818. Sons: Anton, Adolph, Reinert, Rasmus, Jonas & Andrew. I am looking for the decendents of Anton, Adolph, Rasmus and Jonas.

HANSON 9 Mar 1998
Signe Amelia Hanson born 8 Nov 1899 in Kongsvinger, Norway was my Grandmother. She was born to Carl Hanson and Caroline Josefine Nelsen, both probably from Konsvinger, Norway.
Carl and Caroline Hanson and their two children, Hilmer and Signe moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota in the early 1900's when the children were babies. After moving to Minnesota they had four other siblings by the names of Borghild, Barney, William and Agnes.

We are hoping that with the assistance of this web site our prayers may be answered. If anyone knows of anything, even something you might think trivial, Please contact me. We do not know the Parish or farm the Hanson's were from we are sure they probably are Lutheran and were married in the State Lutheran Church in Kongsvinger.

Signe Amelia Hanson married my Grandfather, Johan Gottfrid Berggren (later changed to Bergren on his Naturalization papers in the US) on 14 Feb 1917 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They had four children, Kenneth Eugene who died as an infant, Elaine Eleanor, Joyce Caroline and my Father, Kenneth David Bergren. I an anxious to get this information as I have completed my Father's geneaology, but not his mothers He had colon cancer and we are grateful for everyday he is with us and I would like to present his family history to him on his birthday on May 24th.

Thank you for whatever you can do. Please Contact me, Barb Bednarz at

Tangen/Braaten 8 Mar 98 Connie Dahl A.
Any info about the farm & family of Ole Knutsen Tangen b.1846 at Groslandbraaten farm, Flaa , Hallingdal area. Ole's father: Knut Olsen b.1816, Mother: Guri Jonsdtr.b.1816
Ole's brother, John K. Tangen b.1843, settled in Brooten, MN & another brother, Torger b. 1852 used the surname, Braaten & remained at Groslandbraaten.
Ole's sister, Gunhild b.1849 em.1870 to Brooten, MN & m.Ole Ostvolden. Ole farmed & d.1922 in Worth Co., Iowa. Connie Dahl A. email:

ERICKSON 8 Mar 1998
Searching for ancestors and descendants:Sam or Siver Olson of Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway married Anna Larsdater Noland (1869-1904) born in Bergen, Hordlaland, daughter of Lars Erickson, perhaps, since her maiden name listed as Erickson. Immigrated to Penn, Ramsey co. ND where Anna died, leaving daughter Alma Olson. Eric Williamson toll free phone 1-888-212-2203

HANSON 8 Mar 1998
I am researching the family heritage of my Grandma who died here in the US in 1927
at the age of 27. We have absolutely no information about her because her natural father Carl Hanson of Kongsvinger disappeared and we know nothing.

Would you please post my Grandma's information request. Her name was Signe Amelia Hanson, born on 11-8-99 to Carl and Caroline (Nelsen) Hanson of Kongsvinger, Norway.
If there is anyone looking for a link here in the US to this family, please contact me at Thank you very much. Barb Bednarz

AUNE/RINDALHOLTS 8 March 1998 Ralph D. Strahan,
I am just beginning to research a line of ancestors from Norway. The couple I have are: Olaf AUNE, b. 21 Jul 1870, Norway, married Mary RINDALHOLTS, b. 7 Jun 1871, Norway. They came to America in the late 1800's and settled in St. Louis County, Minnesota. Any help would be appreciated.

NELSON 8 Mar 1998
I am interested in finding Christian B. Nelson who was born in Baerum, Norway on October 24, 1847. He died in Coleharbor, North Dakota, USA on March 9, 1935. He was married to Christine Hagberg from Sweden - they were married in Minnesota, USA.
This would be my great grandfather on my mother's side. My mother's name was Helen Christine Nelson. Bob

GUDEM/RYE 08 March 1998 Diane Parrish
Can anyone help me with my Norwegian ancestors? I would like to find more information about Ingvald Bjornson Gudem (parents not know or his place of birth) b. c 1771, m. 21 05 1796 in Aurdal parish, m. Rangdi Arnesdtr Rye, b. 03-12-1769 N. Aurdal, d. 06-02-1848 N. Aurdal. Their son Bjorn Ingvaldson Gudem was born 03-03-1805 in N. Aurdal and died 28-02-1877 in N. Aurdal. Their grandson Bjorn Bjornson Gudem, b. 06-06-1848 in N. Aurdal. He married Albertine M. Olsen Vik 09-11-1877 in Chippewa county Wisconsin. I need help in finding emigration records for Bjorn and any others of his family that sailed to the United States. Regards, Diane Parrish

SORTEBERG 8 March 1998
Sorteberg, Aal, Buskerud. SORTEBERG.
Ancestor, Haagen Tollefsen Sorteberg bought the south Sorteberg farm in 1751. Who were his parents?

RUDSVIK 3/8/98
I am looking for information about my grandfather and his family members. He was born in 1900 in Vestmarka and his name was Olaf Rudsvick. Thank you. Judith Barnes

WAGONDAHL 8 Mar 1998
do you have any records re wagondahl.I believe my great grand parents - arrived in America sometime before 1880 or 1885.any information you may have is appreciated. Jerry fox

HIKSDAL March 7, 1998 Paul Hextell
Looking for information on the following person - Hans Kristofferson Hiksdal. He lived on the Hiksdal farm within the Fjelberg parish of Aalunds Annex in the Hordlannd fylke. (formerly Søndre Bergenhuus). This is near Ølen, Norway. He died about 1900. Also looking for information on Kristi Hansdatter Veste, who was his wife. She presumably grew up nearby. Neither of these individuals emmigrated, but they had a large family. I am particularly interested in finding what farm Kristi was raised on. Also, whether this was the only marriage for both of them. Thank you much for any help you may be able to provide.

Looking for information on Anders Anderson, his wife Kari Pedersdatter, and their seven children, who emigrated from Vaaga, Gudbrandsdalen, Oppland County, to Minnesota in 1869. They lived on the Skjellom farm, an adjunct of the Sandbo farm, in Vaaga. The seven children born in Norway included Anders (b. Jan. 2, 1854), Peter (b. Oct. 1, 1855,
Ragnild (b. about 1858), Jacob (b. Dec. 26, 1859), Kari (b. about 1863), and Hans (b. in 1869). I am Bernie Shellum, aka

SKJELLOM 7 Mar 1998
Searching for information on the Skjellom farm, an adjunct of the Sandbo farm in Vaaga, Gudbrandsdalen, Oppland County, Norway. My great-grandfather, Anders Anderson and his wife and family emigated from Vaaga to Minnesota in 1869. Later, while farming in Albion, Watonwan county, they changed their surname to Shellum. Would like anything available on the history of Vaaga, the Skjellom farm, or the Anderson family. I am Bernie Shellum, aka

STRANDJORD. 7 Mar 1998
Looking for anyone with info on this farm in Nordland, Ranen parish.
Was it located close to the Fagermoen farm? Also does anyone know the orgin of the name HEITMAN? My Grandmothers name was Christine Strandford. My grandfathers name was Lars Heitman Henrickson. My g grandmother was Petrine Hagin, My g grandfather was Anders Strandjord. Christine had a brother Jon and sister Anna who immigrated, and a brother Harold and Nils, and sisters Bere and Petra who stayed. My grandparents settled in Ft Ranson, ND in the early 1900's. They were boatbuilders. Thank you - Warren Henrickson

Am looking for information on my Dedrickson realtives. I am related to Harold Dedrickson, born 1910 in Wisconsin. his parents had come from Norway around 1901.

BERG 6 Mar 1998
I found your lookup service through links from the Bergen University's website.
I'm doing family research on GABRIEL B. BERG b. 14 dec 1855 in Helleland sogn, Norway & his wife, BERTHA BERGH. The farm name where Gabriel lived was BERGE (which I located on the 1801 census, but I don't know how the people listed on the record are related). His parents are listed as BERENT BERGN & ELSIE HOVLAND. Children of Berent & Elsie are as follows:
1) ELSE b. abt 1847 d. abt 1931 in Norway m. Peder Ueland in Norway
2) JOHN b. 17 apr 1850 d. 31 dec 1943 Stanley ND m. Alma Constance Knutsen 1893 in ND
3) JULIA b. abt 1851 d. bef 1959 Spokane WA
4) SAMUEL B. "SIMON" b. 31 jul 1852 d. 21 aug 1939 Canby OR m. Gina Sandsness 1886 in MN
5) INGEBORG GURIA b. 3 oct 1858 d. 10 oct 1935 MT m. Tollef Hetland 1880 Norway
6) GABRIEL B. b. 14 dec 1859 d. 23 aug 1932 Melville MT m. Bertha Bergh 1896 Winona, MN
Gabriel & his brothers & Julia came to the US abt 1887. They lived in North Dakota then logged in Winona MN area . Gabriel & his wife lived in Tennessee for a few years then settled in Montana. Bertha, b. 10 feb 1866 came from a farm listed as OYGREID, recorded as also in Helleland Norway. She came to the US abt 1883, working in an orphanage in Winona MN. She was the 2nd of 9 children & she sent money so that her mother & siblings could come to America also. She died in Bozeman MT. Could you assist me in finding out more information on this family?
If your response is after the 25 Mar 1998, please e-mail me at the following address: Thank you for your assistance! Ranee Berg :)

Looking for ancestors and/or siblings of Johan Hagbart HENRICKSEN b. 14 April, 1854
in Drummond, Norway. Married Anna Elise HANSEN on 12 December, 1891. Lived and died in Milwaukee, WI. 3 children, Susan Eleanor, Henry George and Violet HENRICKSEN. Thank you! :)

LOKEN 6 Mar 1998
Lars Loken was born July 21, 1857 in Hemsedal, Hallingdal, Norway. He died in Worth County, Iowa on January 23, 1926. I am interested in getting information on his parents, grandparents, etc. When did he come to America, etc. Thank you for any assistance you may be able to offer. Bob Singelstad

SKAGSTAD 6 Mar 1998
Skogstad (possibly Skogsto (or a), Ingolf Sigvold; Stavanger; dob 9/11/1894
I am trying to find any information about my grandfather who imigrated to the United States in approximately 1912. Thank you. Mary Rathburn -

HERTZENBERG March 5, 1998. Rick Hertzenberg
I am looking for information on the surname Hertzenberg. I have traced back to the late 1600s in Norway, and am trying to find out if my ancestors first lived in Germany. If there are military records or other pieces of information that would help confirm this, please contact me at

GAARDER 3/4/98 - Laurie Jensen -


I have been searching (without any luck) for Norwegian family information on the following individuals:

Nils Nielsen (Neilsen, Nelson), born in Norway, in 1826, and Helena (Helene, Helina) Hammerstad? Nielsen, born in Norway, in 1830-1832). They are my gr-gr-grandparents.
Nils and Helena were married in Norway in 1856, at where I think is Stavanger, (old family records show Stanga? or Stange?).

They had two children born in Norway: Hans, in 1860, and Ludvick (Ludwig), in 1863. Four other children, Nels, Hulda, Albert and unknown, were born at Hale Township, Wisconsin, after 1865.

They emigrated from Stavanger, Norway, by railroad to Tromso, Norway, then travelled by ship to the USA, entering this country somewhere in the gulf region. They then came by railroad from there to Chicago, Illinois, (arriving July 4, 1865), and finally made their way to Hale Township, Wisconsin, where they settled and changed their last name to Nelson.

Helena had a sister (Olivea Hammerstad) who along with a brother also emigrated to America shortly after Nils and his family. The Hammerstads finally settled in the Osseo, Wisconsin, area.

I have tried numerous sources for records and have been unable to track this family back to Norwegian relatives.

I have a wealth of current family information including many photos to share with relatives in Norway, if I can ever locate some of that line.
Larry E. Nelson
Rochester MN USA

GULBRANSON-GILBERTSON 4 March 1998 Carol Engstrom,
Looking for information on the following persons --
Ole Gulbranson (changed to Gilbertson in the U.S.), born in Norway (Christiania?) on April 7,1837. His wife, Rebecca also born in Norway (Christiania?) on April 27, 1845. Son, Andrew born in Norway on Sept. 12, 1865. Family came to the US. around 1867. Ole's father's name is thought to be Gulbran, his mother's maiden name is thought to be Engevalsen. Ole had a brother named Real who also came to the U.S. (year unknown) Thank You

OLSEN 4 Mar 1998
Rolstad Farm Ullensaker, Norway
Ole Olsen son of Ole and Mari Christofferson born in June of 1864, what year did he immigrate to America? Thank you so much. Linda Everson.

REITAN 3 Mar 1998
Looking for information on Lars Reitan b. 1851 immigrated to U.S. in 1869. siblings: Ingeborg, Ragnhild, Beret, Anders, Ole. Could possibly be spelled: Reiten.
David & Sally Reitan Ford

HERMANSEN 3 March 1998 Larry E. Nelson,
Looking for information on the following person John Hermansen, b April 1, 1846, in Trondheim, Norway. Parents were Herman ? and Halfred ? If someone can help me locate that family line, I would greatly appreciate it. John died at North Prarie, Minnesota, on May 3, 1925. Larry E. Nelson - Rochester, MN

ESPESETH 3 Mar 1998
I would like to know if there is a genalogy re: ESPESETH family in Norway? If yes, who should I contact to obtain a copy of this genealogy? Do you know if there are ESPESETH descendants in France (under the rare name of ESPESSET which dates back to the XIVth or XVIth century in the south of France, Aveyron). These ESPESSET are the founders of the ESPESSET family in France and I am wondering if they could be related to ESPESETH in Norway. I also found some ESPESETH in the United States in the XIXth century and there are still ESPESETH in Illinois, Wisconsin and some in Canada (in British Columbia). I am not a genealogist but would appreciate some help to find sources re: ESPESETH genealogy in Norway. You can reach me at:
Helene Espesset, 71 Rue du Geai Bleu, Hull, (Quebec), J9A-2C7, CANADA.
Phone at the office (Department of Canadian Heritage): (819)997-7982;
Fax at the office: (819)997-8533

HANSON 3 Mar 1998
My ancestor Octavia Hanson (Hansen?) came to the U.S. approx. 1890-95. She was from Oslo (at that time called Christiania) where, according to family legend, she had once been crowned "Miss Christiania". I do not know the name of her husband, who was a glass-blower, but she came to the US with her two children, Astrid and Henrik. I don't know if anyone can help me track down their records. Thanks, Dave Hall

ORESTAD 3 Mar 1998

BERKLAND 2 Mar 1998 Ronald Berkland E Mail =
I am looking for information on Konrad Knutsen Berkland (possibly Birkeland) who was born ay Birkenes on Oct 11, 1871 and on his wife, Anna Nelson, born March 22, 1875, most likesly in Kristiansand.
They left Norway in 1906 from Kristiansand and emigrated to the United States. They were accompanied by their two sons, Haakon and Sverre ages six and three. they lived in Sheridan, Illinois, USA until their death: Konrad in 1945 and Anna in 1958. Will appreciate any information that anyone can offer. Ron Berkland

Seeking information on the following families:
KNUTSDATTER Pauline Born: April 26, 1854 in Oyer, Norway
FA: Knut Pederson Fladstylen
MO: Maria Pedersdatter
Paulines birth records are suppose to be in Oyer Parish Register 5, 1842-1857, Page 846, No. 50.
ONSUM John (Johan Olsen) Born: August 15, 1850 in Faaberg, Norway on the Sondre Jorstad Farm. Birth Records are at the Faaberg Parish Register 5, 1836-1854, Page 201, no. 140.
FA: Ole Larsen Born: 1823 in Faaberg, Norway
MO: Kari Larsen (Svendsdatter) Born: 1826 in Faaberg, Norway.
Kari's mother is Ragnild Iversdatter Born: 1800
Pauline & John were married January 23, 1875, Faaberg Parish Register 7, 1868-1878, Page 307, No. 8.
KLYVE, Brynjulv (Ben Kolve) Born: October 27, 1852 in Vossevangen, Norway
MO: Christine Chetel Born: 1828 in Voss.
ERICKSON Christine Born: January 2, 1852
FA: Erick Erickson
KLYVE, Julia Born: June 17, 1882
FA: Brynjulv Klyve
MO: Christine Erickson
This is the information that I have! Any more information about these people or even generations back would be greatly appreciated. Or even information where I can look myself. Thanks, Sue -

I am interested in the background of the Dedrickson name and family. My father's name is Harold Dedrickson ans his parents came to the USA around 1901.

BRUHJELL - PERSON Mar 2, 1998 Ruth M. Hackett
I am looking for information about Brita Arnfinsdtr. Bruhjell and Kolbein Person (born abt 1688) who were living on the Bruhjell farm, Balestrand Parish, Sogn, Norway from abt 1725 to 1754 when Kolbein died. Their children included Per Kolbeinson Bruhjell, b. 1725, who had the Sandviki place under Tue, Nils Kolbeinson Bruhjell, b. 1728, who married Unni Larsdtr. Schaaseim in 1750 and remained in the farm (my ancestors), Arnfinn Kolbeinson Bruhjell who married in 1761 a Brekke and moved to the Hanevik farm, and Anna Kolbeinsdtr. Bruhjell who married Per Knutson Oyre and lived at Fresvik. I would like to learn the names of the parents of Kolbein Person and his birthplace. Hope some descendant can help.

HALVORSON 1 Mar 1998 Scott Halvorson, Sr
Looking for info/ancestry of Halvor R. Halvorson. Born 2 Jun 1897, unknown where. Lived in North Dakota until death on 23 Jan 73. Was married to Evelyn Aasen, born 21 Feb 1901. Thanks.

OLSEN/AASEN 1 Mar 1998
Would love to make contact with any relatives - my gggfather was Jon (of Våje) Olsen born 18 Jan 1819 in Meråker parish,
Stjordal; he later lived in Vasvik, on farm Indbjor, on farm Melbu, then moved to , in Vesterålen, and farm Åsen. He was then referred to in archives as John Olsen Aasen. When his son (my ggfather, Johannes Albert Jonson) emigrated to the US and then Canada, he took the name Austring from Østring (now Austringen), a cove where they fished. Please contact Diana Austring.

AASEN 1 Mar 1998 Scott Halvorson, Sr
Looking for info about Kristian Pederson Aasen or his ancestry; born 1825 in Ulbergrodsinger, Norway around 1825. He was married to Berit Rasmudatter Ulberg, who was born in 1832. They had 9 children. Thanks.

TVINNEREIM - Nordfjord, Norway 1 Mar 1998
Looking for information on Tvinnereim Family members in Norway. Andre R Tvinnereim was born in Nordfjord, Norway in 1854. He came to the USA in 1874. He married Inger Bergeson born March 13, 1849 at Hope, Nordfjord, Norway. Inger came to the USA in the Spring of 1878. Andre and Inger married in Tulare, South Dakota, USA in 1881.

They had six children, one was Bent Andres (b Nov. 11, 1883). Bent was my Grandfather. Any information or links to Tvinnereim Family or the Skor Family from Nordfjord, Norway area would be much appreciated.

I am loking for information on Konrad Knutsen Berkland (possibly Birkeland) born in Birkenes, Aust Agder Oct 11, 1871, son of Knute Knutson. Also Anna Nelson, his wife, daughter of Nels Nelson - believed to have been born in Kristiansand - born March 22, 1875. The emigrated to the United States from Kristiansand in March of 1906.
Ronald Berkland E Mail

Looking for info on OLINE NIELSDATTER TILLESKJOR, born in Eidsberg in 1842. She was my GGGrandmother. Had two children Mina born 9/2/1862 and Johann Born 4/2/1866 befor coming to America around 1870. Thank you for any assistance. David V. Earl

GUSTAVSEN 1 Mar 1998 David I Gustavsen,
Looking for info on following -Alfred J Gustavsen & Kristina Halversen Gustavsen came to USA early 1900s with children, Inga E., Gustav Henrik, Gunda H., Karl Johan, Hedvig J.,Hilda M.,Dagny W. & Magda. Most settled in Massachusetts.Also trying to find where in Norway they came from , Oslo or Bergen. Thank You

SPERLING 1 Mar 1998
Looking for parents of Otto Nicolai Sperling born ca. 1718 in Norway. Married Else Marie Lund 1743 in Rakkestad. They had 6 children in Rakkestad with first, Johan Fredrick, born 1744. Lt. Otto Nicolai Speling was in military from 1748 to 1773. He died 1793 in Rakkestad. Probate 7 Feb. 1793.
John W. Johnson

Halvorsen/Christensen - in Gjerpen/Skien - 1 Mar 1998 Robert Halvorsen -
Seeking help to find any relatives, if any of my grandfather's brothers, names and year of birth in Skien, Herman Christensen - 1835; Christian Christensen - 1836; Carl Bøidler Christensen - 1839 - d-1866. Parents were Christen Halvorsen and Anne Marie Bøidler. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Intending to re-visit the area later this fall and would dearly like to find some long lost relatives.

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