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HOLTE 31 Oct 1997 Doug Holte
Holte is also the farm name, located near Stange, Bygde Hedenmarken. Before coming to the US my great great grandfather's name was August Anderson.

Looking for information on these descendants: PEDERSEN / NERBY / HANSEN / SIMONSEN / ANDERSEN OR DATTER Peder Simonsen birth 1826 or his father Simon, Agnete Andersdatter 1823, August Pedersen 1845, Peder Pedersen 1853, Christian Pedersen 1856, Johan Pedersen 1860, Karen Pedersdatter Nov. 22 1863, Hans Pedersen Sept 12 1952, Ryine Pedersdatter 1849, Simon Pedersen 1847. Please send info to

SUSEGG 30 Oct 1997 Leroy Nelson
I am looking for information to add to my findings. OLE JEREMIASEN SUSEGG (1843 to 1928) married to ANE KRISTINE RASMUSDATTER STOEN (1843 to April 4, 1973) and LOUISE JAKOBSDATTER SELLI (February 24, 1852 to 1948). They lived in Steinkjer area. Also looking for any information about my grandfather. His name is NICOLY AMANDUS NILSEN (August 30 1978 to November 16, 1933) he was from Svolvaer and met my grandmother MARIANE SUSEGG (September 23, 1871 to July 10, 1949) in Trondheim. They came to the United States by way of Canada in the early 1900. I have complete information on the family of Nicoly and Mariane as they both died in California.

KVALSRINGEN/KINDSHAUGEN 30 Oct 1997 Joyce Quall Urban
Looking for descendants of Arnt Pedersen or Arnt Pedersen Kvalsringen and Elise Toresdtr. of Kindshaugen. Arnt was born December 9, 1864 in Kval-eie, Saksumdal, Faaberg, Norway. The 1900 census shows children Borghild Arntsdatter, b. 1894 and Teodor Arntsen, b. 1894 on the farm. Arnt is the brother of my grandfather Peter or Peder Pedersen Quall, who went to visit Arnt in 1927.

Looking to confirm birth of siblings of my grandfather. He went by the name Louis Nordle in the USA but it has been suggested he was born Ludvig IVERSEN, born June 2,1885 according to Buskerud parish of Lier, Tranby church records. Parents purported to be Lars IVERSEN and Annette LARSDATTER. Any info on them would also be helpful. Would church records confirm any of the following:
Brothers and sisters were:
Lars (died as a young child)
Louise NORDAHL b. 1/5/1893 d.7/14/1976 Bergen Norway
Peder NORDAHL b. 6/1881 d. 1960 NY, USA
Gina NORDAHL b. d. USA
Ingvald IVERSEN b. 1877 d. 1965 Drammen, Norway
Anna b. d. Norway
Louis b. 6/2/1886 d.3/13/1950 NH,USA
His Naturalization records state he "Emigrated from Christiana Norway on & Oct 1903 and arrived Port of New York 17 Oct 1903 on the ship CYSNRIO". Could this be confirmed by someone in the "Oslo Emigrantprotokoller"?

JOHNSON/FIXTA 29 Oct. 291997 Kathy Dishaw
I am trying to find some history on my great grandfather John J. Johnson. The only information I have is that he was born Oct. 17, 1861 in Sor-Trondelag,Norway. I do not know when he immigrated to the US. He married Hansena Petranella Fixta who was born in Sweden July 25,1871. They were married in 1887. Johnson is such a common name it has been hard to find any information. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You,
Kathy Dishaw

I am trying to tie my ancestor to Princess Cecelia (Sverri Sigrudsson's sister) My ancestor is Niri Ingebretson Rodningen Bakke b. 1741, d. 1805 is a 7 gr grandson to Princess Cecelia. Oral history says he married Anne Halvorsdatter Herbjornsrud b. 1744, d. 1810. Anne's father was Halvor Kittlesson Herbjornsrud (b. 1708, d. 1788) and her mother was Christine Jensdatter Skogen (b. 1707, d. 1744). Christine's father was Jens Hansson Reine aand her mother was Ingeborg Trolldalen Skogen. Then oral history says that Ingeborg's grandfather was a famous man named Hans Reine. The Herbjornsrud side also goes back to Hans Reine. They are descended through Ingi Baardsson Reine or Skulli Baardsson Reine. How do you find the descendency of royal people? Also who is Hans Reine and am I spelling his name correctly? Does anyone have any genealogy on these people? The rest of my family are from Buskerud Norway, Eftelot sogn. Please write to cguida @ or Chris Guida
RR 2 Box 126
Hawley, MN USA 56549

JUNEAU CO, WI NORWEGIANS 27 Oct 1997 Jackie Hufschmid
I am researching MANY Norwegians from Juneau Co. and would like to share info. Some of the surnames are: Anderson, Balgord, Benson, Bordalen, Gullickson, Halverson, Hansen, Hoff, Jacobson, Johnson, Knutson, Larson, Lee, Nelson, Ormson, Quamme, Temte and Tveit.

Looking for information on the following persons-- Sanger (Sandel) Bartelson(Bertelson) Born 10 October 1870. Gertrude (Gorte) Martha Erickson Born13 November 1871. She came to America in 1892. Gertrude's sister Kari Erickson (Fosslakkens) she died in 1934 Kval, Norway. Any information or help to lead me in the right direction would be appreciated. Thank You Very Much. Leslie

RIMSE/MATSON 26 Oct 1997 Don Sherwood
My grandfather left Norway when he was about sixteen and came to the U.S.A. He then changed his name to Ed Matson. His given name (as far as we can tell) was Edwin Gimse.His birthdate is April 26 1871. We have been told that the Gimse's lived around Bergen. Any help will be a blessing. Thank You.

BAH/BECK 24 Oct 1997
I would like to gather information regarding my fathers family history.. I believe that his Grandfather name was Bah when he came to the united states it was change to Beck.. I was told that he ran away from Norway because of the type of punishment that he was given by cleaning his fathers stables. He settled in Minnesota as far as I know he was an only child as my father was. if you have information on the family name it would be nice. I don't know what village he was from. If I can find out I will let you know. Thank-you

RAKNES 24 Oct 1997 David Brown"
Searching for parents of Baard Olson Raknes born 1880 in Hamre Norway.

KRISTIANSEN 23 Oct 1997 Elaine Odishaw
My Grandfather was Aage Kristiansen. Immigrated to Canada in the late 1920's. He returned to Norway to serve in WWII. Returned to Canada in 1945.
He and My Grandmother, Edel Arneson divorced and he returned to Norway. We are currently looking for him or information on him. We know he lived in Oslo and worked at the power plant there until he retired. He married his brother's widow and may have more family there. He was born in January of 1910 in Norway. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

KJOSTAD 23 Oct. 1997 Nancy (Kjostad) Imm,
Looking for living descendants (names, addresses, telephone, and e-mail) of the following persons (children of Jorgen Olsen KJOSTAD b. 30 Sept. 1835 Loten, d. 19 Sept. 1878 Finberg, m. 1862 Karen Dyresdatter OMMANG (or TOFSRUD) b. 6 Aug. 1834 Tofsfud, d. 20 June 1915 Finberg):
I.Jens Jorgensen Detlof FINBERG, born 30 Sept. 1866, went to USA in 1888 but lived again at Finberg farm to help mother in 1891, and lived there till he died.
II.Regine Jorgensdatter FINBERG (or KJOSTAD), born 1862, Loten, Hedmark, married Clement OSTBY stationmaster at Tynset, children:
1. Clement Ostby, married Magna, children:
a. Odd Ostby
b. Randi Ostby
c. Signe Ostby
2. Karen Ostby
3. Jorgen Ostby
4. Ragnild Ostby
Rolf Ostby (don't know his relationship) a baker at Roreksg. 33, Tynset?, Fluberg? (Randsfjord) tel. 28130 (?)
III.Marie Elisabet Jorgensdatter FINBERG (or KJOSTAD), b. 16 March, 1872 Vang, Hedmark , married 31 Dec. 1899 Erik Gudbrandsen TANDBERG from Sondreland, gbr. on Setton, Fluberg. Children:
1. Gudrand Tandberg, b. 18 Dec. 1900, married 1927 Alfhild Solberg, children:
a. Kristen Marie Tandberg, b. 16 May, 1928
b. Marit Tandberg, b. 6 Feb., 1932, m. 1952 Odd HOLLAND, Septongard, Dokka,
c. Minnie (?) Tandberg
I am the granddaughter of Ole Jorgensen KJOSTAD, b. 11 Jan. 1864 on Finberg, Vang, Hedmark, immigrated to USA in 1881, and married 1904 Rachel Enoksen from Stavanger in St. Paul, Minnesota.
If anybody had information to share or can help me find these people, I would appreciate it very much.

SJOLANDER 23 Oct. 1997 Peter Sjolander,
Looking for information on the following persons...
Born in Loiten, Norway on May 26,1851. C. A. Sjolander came to the United States with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Eric Sjolander, when he was fourteen years old. C. A. stands for Carl August or Charles August. --
Peter Sjolander 1518 West Ave. Fullerton, Ca. 92833-3945

HENRIKSEN 20 Oct 1997
My surname is Henrickson(originally Henriksen) My Grandfather is from somewhere in Nordland and was a boat builder. My grandmother name was Christine Strandfjord. My grandfathers first name was Lars. They came to the U.S. in the early 1900's and settled in Ft Ransom, ND. Christine had a sister Anne and a brother Jon. That all I know, except in my grandfather's records the name Heitmann appears. I've tried to figure out where this name originates, but to no avail.Any suggestions? Warren Lars Henrickson

Bøydler-Boydler-Bøidler-Boidler 20 Oct 1997
Seeking information on Bøydler-Boydler-Bøidler-Boidler family that lived in Osebakken, Porsgrunn Kommune in the late 1700's to 1800's, with the latest death noted in 1932. Is there such a thing as a death certificate I could acquire to find the parents of this man, Hans Petter Bøydler? I'm trying to find a connection between his family and the family of Anne Bøydler who married my great-grandfather. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

FRIDERICHSEN 19 Oct 97 Bart R. Heimsness
I am looking for information on Lars Friderichsen b. 1753 Hejmsnes or Heimsens farm, Trondheim County, Kolvereid Parish. Looking for his parents and siblings. His wife was Berith Ingebrightsdtr b. 1756. Marriage date unknown. Thank you for your assisatnce, Bart R. Heimsness, USA North Carolina

Farm name Nerby or Neerby ... Area: Vardal/ Halden /Holden
Looking for info on Hans Pedersen (Nerby) brother of Karen John and Peder Pedersen And son of Peder Sinauosen (Simenson) Pedersen and wife Agnete Andersdatter. Email to

DYRLAND 10/19/97 Laura Velasquez
I am searching for information on Ole Andreas Dyrland born before 1873 in Norway but not sure where. He married Dorthea Helene Risdahl and had the following children: Laura (b. May 1873 in Iowa), John, Amalia, Carl, Alexander and Realf (b. April 1888 in Decorah, Iowa). I descend from Laura (married Daniel Beiningen).

NORDMARK 18 Oct 1997
Hello, I am looking for information on Nordmark families in Norway. My grandfather Ingolf Nordmark was born May 3 1901 at Egersund, Norway to Mr & Mrs. Osten Nordmark. Ingolf had two brothers remaining in Norway. I would like any information on these people and even farther back if possible. I am new to the internet, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Note, Ingolf may have been born in Helleland. Sincerely , Kimberly Nordmark e-mail address is

DANIELSON 17 Oct. 1997 Ronald E. Peterson
My Great Grandmother Jennie Maria Danielson, the daughter of a Norwegian sea captain, was born in Norway, May 13th, 1861, and at the age of four migrated with her parents to America. There was a brother G.F. Danielson mentioned. This is all the information I have, and would appreciate any information on my great grandmother and her family. Thank You.

STENE + 17 Oct 1997
Looking for Glurbansen, Anton, Annette, John, Anna Stene; Johan Thoresen, Maria, Jensine, Nichkolina, Anna Gulbransen, immigrated to New York in April 1882. Johan Stene died Ronheim around 1900, looking for birth date, death date, siblings, parents etc.
Maria Thoresen born September 7, 1873, Immigrated to New York in October of 1905. Katherine Stene, born March 5, 1893 Ronheim? Olga Stene, born June 29, 1895 born Ronheim?

I am searching for information on/about the Lybekk/Lybek/Lybak farm in Norway. It was located near Dokka in Land, Norway. Vest Torpa is a regional name in the area as well. My grandfather and his father took the name Lybek from this farm where they worked. I welcome any information at all. Tusen takk! Susi Lyback-Dahl

KNOLD Oct. 16, 1997, Pam Knold
Looking for any KNOLD relatives from Ørje, Norway.
Petter Iversen Grislingaas. Knold b. 10-2-1816
Anne Marie Svensdatter. Herrød b. 1821; Father- Svend Olsen. Herrød, Mother: Anne Nielsdatter
1. Iver Petersen Knold b. 6-11-1847 in Øymark, Norway d. 6-25-1927
w1 Anne Marie Petersdatter b. 11-20-1833 In Hollesby, Norway d. 5-25-1910
w2 Karoline Joanne Lena Thorsdatter. Lintoe b 2-11-1859 Øymark. d. 1-6-1881
2. Caroline Sophie Pettersdatter Knold
Johan Jensen Buer b 2-20-1846 d 1885
3. Hilleborg Marie Pettersdatter Knold b 12-6-1850
Gunnerius Iversen Spekkebo b 10-12-1838 d. 2-1902
4. Anne Dorothea Pettersdatter Knold b. 4-23-1853 d. 10-6-1937
Niels Iversen Jahren b 9-22-1837 d. 1-27-1900
5. Olaves Pettersen Knold b 5-6-1855 d. 6-26-1921
Marta Maria Olsdatter b 12-11-1858 d 1-8-1906
6. Maren Elisabeth Pettersdatter Knold b 3-9-1942 d. 5-8-1945
Nils Kristian Volen b 5-31-1854 d. 11-16-1942
7. Svend Pettersen Knold. Herrød b. 2-24-1859
Jorgine Amalie Moen b. 9-29-1870
8. Christian Pettersen Knold b 12-17-1863 d. 1890
9. Thea Augusta Pettersdatter Knold b 3-22-1865 d. 1880
Thank you for your help. Pam Knold

HAGENSEN 15 Oct 1997
My name is Elise Hagensen.
Looking for Hagensen roots in Norway. My great-grandfather's name was John Lyman Hagensen.

FOSSEL 14 Oct 1997
Great Grandfather was Lars Fossel, Born April 23 1835 in Norway, emigrated to the US and settled in Elliot Illinois and died 2/11/1899. He was Married to Sarah Johansdotter Helgeland. She was born October 7, 1841 in Sandeid Norway and died 10/28/1926. Her father was Johan Helgeland (mother Josie?). They had 6 children: John, William, Ed, Carrie, George and Henry. Thanks for any information. Scott G. Fossel

RECIPES WANTED 14 Oct 1997 Diane (Jevnager) Ballard
I am interested in getting Norwegian recipes for sweets, treats and desserts from the late 1800s (or older) and early 1900s. (maybe even a cook book?). Thanks.

looking for info on wiken (viken)
olaus viken slekt of sunnfjord.

I am looking for information on Michael Norman/Kaspora Carlson. They lived in Oslo Norway till ca 1900. They move to Seattle WA. They had two children that I know of #1 Sigurd S. Norman #2 Sofie. Sigurd was b 25 July 1885 Oslo. I really don't know anything about his parents except their names which I got off Sigrud 's Cit. papers.

I am also looking for the family of Dagne Christensen, her parents were Karl Christensen and Elise Eck. They were from Sevelvick Jarsberg Norway. Dagne came to US ca 1910 to live with her sister and husband. I really do appreciate any help you can give me. Mona

WESTBY 13 Oct 1997
I am trying to find information on family in the Trysil area, with the surname Westby. Also, possibly with the surname Vestby. I am also looking for information on family with the surname Bersvensen which was the surname prior to the family taking the name Aasmo, after the family farm. Their farm was situated way in northern Norway, I don't have the name of the town. If anyone can help me out, even a bit, I'd appreciate it! Kirsten Adler

SKIEN/WICK 13 Oct 1997
I am currently looking for a woman named Inger Lillevig nee Skien she was married in 1901 to Gjert Lillevig-Vig-Vik-Wick who was a chauffeur in Bergen. her children were Rolf (Ralph) Wick d: 1971, Hans (Howard) Wick, Inger Wick d:1944, Gjert (Gary) Wick, Fanny Wick .... married and has a son Egil in or near Bergan. Trying to find Inger Skien it was said that a family tree was made on her side of the family that goes to the 1600's I am looking for any information on Skien, Lillevik, Fusa area.
Also looking for Anna Johannesdotter married to Johannes Kristofferson Tvedt-Åkre from the farm Åkre, called Buskastykket.
Looking for Eva Andersen (1988-89 in Loddenfjord) brother Eric , Mother Gert Andersen. recently married Morten! Please lost touch figure in the Bergen area!

TASKERUD 13 Oct 1997 Charlie Taskerud
Taskerud, Hobrenna, Ingeberg, Sor Holo, Rinsaker, Nor. 1845
My great grandfather Johannes Christianson Taskerud born July 19 1845, came to America in or around 1866. I am looking for relatives in Norway who might have a connection with this name and the farms. I can provide additional information if needed. Thank you, Charlie Taskerud

SIGNLI/NERVIK 12 Oct 1997 Geri Peterson
Looking for info. on this family living at Sognli under the farm Nervik in 1865 census of Orkdal Christen Hanspetersen, age 40, born in Orkdal Gjertru Olsdtr., age 40, born in Hemne Parish Hansine Christensdtr., age 12 born in Orkdal. Anders Christensen, age 2 born in Orkdal. Would like to know if any other children existed, and how to find out who parents of Christen and Gjertru were.

SKJETNE 12 Oct 1997, Geri Peterson
Looking for info. on the following family: Skjetne. Lovisa Kristine Skjetne born about 1880 in Trondheim to Ole & ? Skjetne. She was supposedly born 4th of 7 daughters. Possibly might have been born in the parish of Levangerskogn.

I am searching for information on the father of my 2nd great grandmother, Kari Evensdatter STAVERLØKKEN, b. 1823 in Soknedal and d. 1911. Kari married in 1847 to Arnt Mensen SKAARVOLD, a cotter on Skåvoll in Støren. According to the Soknedal bygdebøker, Kari was the illegitimate daughter of Gjertru Henriksdotter Staverløkk (b. 1800 and d. 1835) and Even Jensen AARHAUG. I have not been able to find any other information about Even Jensen Aarhaug. Would welcome any info. Thanks! Linda

HOFSOREN 12 Oct 1997, Geri Peterson
Looking for info. on this location in Norway -- "Parish register of Orkdal 1854-1869 shows that Anders Christensen, the son of Christen Hanspetersen and wife Gjertrud Olsdtr. living at Hofsoren, was born 15 Dec 1864 and baptized Feb. 19, 1865." Where is Hofsoren? Later the family lived at Sognli? Are these two locations close together? I seem
unable to find them on maps. Any info. would be appreciated.

Still searching for information on my Great-grandparents: Lar Erick LARSON & Lina Andrea ERICKSON. They married in Norway in 1861. Lars was born in Skien, Norway 22 Nov 1830. They came to the U.S.A. in about 1868/69. Lars changed his name to MOBERG (don't know why). What was the normal port of embarkation when leaving Skien for the US? Any information will be most welcome.

HAFELL 12 Oct 1997
I am researching a Norwegian Name, Hafell. I believe that it originally came from Venezuella. Can you help? Kevin Wall

SAKSVIK FARM 11 Oct 1997 Per Saxvik
Would like to find the history of the Saksvik (Upper) farm in Malvik, Norway, and present living decendants of Kristian Eriksen Saksvik and Hanna Kristensdatter (my grandparents) who had the farm late 1800, early 1900.
Per Saxvik
British Columbia, Canada

My Norwegian surname is ECKREM. I have been told by relatives that it was changed from SARTRE to ECKREM upon coming to the U.S. -John Eckrem

JORSTAD 11 Oct 1997
My great-grandfather's name was John Jorstad. He was born in 1859 in Norway. I was told that he came from a place called "Jorstad." He immigrated to America in the 1880s. Kari Baker

GUNDERSEN 10 Oct 1997 Jack Thompson
Seek info on ancestors of Niels GUNDERSEN b. 1767 Høgedal, Aust Agder. Married Amborg Thomasdatter 1806. She was from Alve in Tromøy area. Niels parents may have been Gunder Nielsen and Inger Evendatter. Niels and Amborg had son named Thomas.

I am seeking information on the Hertzenberg family that lived in New Richmond, Wisconsin during the 40's, 50's and 60's. Also, I am looking for information on Karl Hertzenberg, who sailed from Norway in 1882 and resided in Wisconsin. Please send information to

John Olsen born in Luster -i-sogn married Anna, unknown, moved to Guvag. early 1800's. One of their sons was Ove Bernhardt Johnson who married Alette Hermansen late 1800's. Kerry & John Ovesen

My name is Charles A. Wilcox and I'm looking for info on my Norwegian Ancestry. My Great grandfathers name was Thor Pedersen Bredal and he was born 4/21/1872 in Oslo, Norway. His Mother was Karen Margrethe Charlotte Bredal and His dad Peder Thorsen Dilling. I've have some info on them but I'm looking for more. I have very little on my Great Great Grandmother Karen. If you can give me any info it will be greatly appreciated. I believe Bredal was also the name of a family estate. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you. My email is

HANSEN 11 Oct 1997
Searching for info re my mother Esther Hannah HANSEN dtr. of Hahhah LERCHE HANSEN. Family (Mother at least) ran gasoline station in Christiania (Oslo) 1920s. She probably was born there abt 1900 and had several siblings Knut, Bjorn, and girls also. Esther emigrated to Boston, Mass. about 1920 and worked for ? family member or friend of who paid for passage.She died at my birth. Presently I have cousins living at KIRKEV 49 A 0368 Oslo who I have written with no response. Phone 47 22 69 53 05 which I have not called as yet. Will appreciate info. George A. Jones


TRAEDAHL/WALLE/MANDAHL 8 Oct 1997 Jeff Rasmussen
GF: Rasin Rasmussen DOB: 8-1-1890
GGF: Rasmus Aanensen
GGM:Gustava Aanesen

GM: Gustava Sofia Rasmussen DOB: 3-14-1886
GGF: Severen Johnsen (sp)
GGM: Gurina Johnson (sp)

I need dates of birth and other family memebers beyone GM:/GF: Daughters of Rasin aging and can give no more information. There are direct relatives left in Norway on both sides. Thanks in advance, Jeff Rasmussen

VOLDA 8 Oct 1997
We are looking for information re "Volda" on Surnames--Fremmerlid Háskjold. My (Joan) mother and family came to Canada from Volda around 1929 and I know I still have relatives living in the area.Can you help Please? Joan & Ernie Hedberg, Mission, British Columbia Canada

DYRNESS 8 Oct 1997
DYRNESS in the 1900's went to the area of New Rockford/Bremen, North Dakota.

TORGERSON/OLSEN 8 Oct 1997 Les Chisholm
Looking for information on my GG Grandparents Ole Torgerson B. 24 Oct 1823 (Norway) and Aslaug Olson/Olsen B. 16 Jun 1844. Ole and Aslaug were married in Nov 1859 . They emigrated to the US around the 1875-1880 time frame to the Albert Lea area of Minnesota. It is said that they came from the Telemarken area of Norway and may have gone by the name of Overby in Norway. Any information on this couple would be greatly appreciated. Les Chisholm, Lacey, WA

RASMUSSEN/RASIN 8 Oct 1997 Jeff Rasmussen

GF: Rasin A. Rasmussen
DOB: 8-1-1890

GGF: Rasmus Aanensen Traedahl
GGM: Gustava Aanensen

GM: Gustava Sofia Rasmussen
DOB: 3-27-1880
Svelvik, Norway

GGF: Severin Johnsen (sp)?
GGM: Gurina Johnsen(sp)?

Please any information. Daughters of Rasin are very old and can't supply much more information. Thanks in advance.

WIE 8 Oct 1997
I would like get some help in researching the Wie family. My ex husband is from Bergen Norway his name is Torgeir Wie. and I am trying to research his ancestors for our son Sten Martin Wie. Thank you very much - Dianna L. Wie

LANDMARK 7 Oct 1997
I am researching descendants of the Landmark families from Norway, Sweden and Denmark - please refer to my HomePage:

Looking for FLATEN and HUSSET. Amund Flaten born 1819 in Valarus, Norway. Married Johanna Jerneby Husset, who was born Feb.12, 1826. They had five children when they left Norway in the spring of 1856 in a sailboat bound for America. Settled in Black Earth, Wisc. They had 12 children. Marcy Ugstad

FLATEN/HUSSET 7 Oct 1997 Marcy Ugstad
Looking for information on Amund FLATEN born 1819 in Valdarus, Norway. He married Johanna Jerneby HUSSET who was born Feb.12,1826. They had five children when they left Norway in the spring of 1856 in a sailboat bound for America. They settled in Black Earth, Wisconsin where they farmed for 26 years. They had 12 children. Amund died Jan.21, 1890 and Johanna died July 3, 1898. Any information, please contact me.

MOEN, KOLOMOEN, GRAUPE, TEIGE October 7, 1997 Mr. Lynn Moen
Seeking information on family names: MOEN, KOLOMOEN, GRAUPE, TEIGE, etc. from Sjoa, Gudbrandsdalen.

Also seeking information on these family names: RANDEN, BRENDEN, BREINNA, HAUGSTAD, KORSTAD, OYEN/OIEN, BJOLSTAD, FJERDINGRENEIE, STEINSTUEN, etc. from Hedalen etc.
Lynn Moen 1302 Avenue G North, Saskatoon, SK S7L 2A7 Canada
Ph. (306) 652-1461; Fax. (306) 652-1489

SCHANCHE 7 Oct 1997

HANSEN/LOSDAHL 6 Oct 1997 Jack Knott,
Looking for information on Hans Hansen and wife Bertha Losdahl, presumably from Nesheim farm, in Hardanger, Ulvik or Granvin parish we think. Had son named Nils Hansen, b. Aug.21, 1848. Family emigrated to LaCrosse, WI farm 1852 or 1855. Nils later married Caroline Semmingsen, whose father Semming Halsteinsen emigrated about same time to Rushford, MN farm area. Nils and Caroline moved to Lanesboro, MN raising seven daughters and both died there, in 1915, and in 1928 (Nils Hansen Nesheim). Having tough time verifying farm data and any family info. Thanks for any help on the above. Jack

GRYTNESS 6 Oct. 1997 Michael Grytness,
Looking for information on Grytness surname in Norway. Thanks.

LIND 6 Oct 1997 - John Kostick
Looking for information on The LIND family in Kristiansund, More og Romsdal. Anders LIND was born about 1801 in Kristiansund. He married Karen Caroline (family name unknown). Anders and Karen had the following known children: 1.) Mina Andersdotter LIND born 1829 in Kristiansund. 2.) Magnuis Andersson LIND born 1841 in Kristiansund. 3.) Hansine Caroline Andersdotter LIND born 1847 in Kristiansund; died Dec. 31 1932 Kristiansund. She married Iver Iverson SOLEM.

WINSNES(S) 4 Oct 1997
Jens Winsnes(s) immigrated in 1898, settling in North Dakota USA. Surname in Norway was Winsnes, however, when Jens immigrated it was written as Winsness. He was from Trondheim area. My name is Jim Winsness, grandson of Jens, email is Looking for relatives.

LOMHEIM 4 Oct 1997
Hello from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I was wondering if anyone could help me with the meaning of my last name. That being "LOMHEIM" . I believe My grandfather was from Norway. birthdate 1900-1910? His name was "John Henry Lomheim" and His father's name was "Knute Christopher Lomheim". Any information on these people or my last name would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your valuable time. Mike Lomheim

Any information on Frederich Stockfleth von Krogh Magnus born in 1820 died in 1888. His occupation in Norwegian was Skibsbygmester. He married Ingeborg Osmundatter in 1842. They had 9 children : 1_Anne Marie Cathrine Magnus 1842, she married Tarald Madsen Ornes in 1860 they had 3 children (Kari Ornes Ingborg Ornes and Tarald Ornes) but he passed on and she remarried Vigleik Ingebrethsen in 1868. They had 11 children (Martha, Anna, Birgitte, Ingebreth, Marie Antonette, Fredrik and Johannes). 2_ Cecilie 1846 she married Jens Andersen they had 5 children (Martha , Ingborg, Anders, Anna, and Fredrik).3 Anna Marie 1849 she married Gudleik Ingebrethsen and they had 4 children (Martha, Ingeborg, Ingebreth,and Fredrik). 4_ Johannes Cruetz Magnus 1852 he married Silla Alette and they had 5 kids(Johan Fredrik Hansen Baade Magnus 1892, Audun 1994, Ingolf 1896 Ingeborg 1898, Ole 1900). 5_ Ingborg1855 married Lars Johannesen Sagen and they had 5 kids (Johannes Sigurd Johannesen Sagen 1876, Fredrik Stockfleth von Krogh Magnus Sagen1879 and another Fredrik Stockfleth in 1881, Sigrid 1884, Inga 1886). 6_ Anne Dorthea 1858 married Ivar Pedersen and they had 6 kids(Elias Pedersen 1876 Fredrik Stockfleth von Krogh Magnus Pedersen 1877, Adelaide 1881, Signy1884, Iva 1891 Ingrborg 1898). 7_ Hanna Adriane 1861 married Johannes Johannesen Sagen they had 8 kids ( Johannes Sigurd Sagen 1886 Fredrik Stockfleth von Krogh Magnus Sagen 1889, Ingeborg 1890, Freidar 1894 Gudrun 1896,Bergliot 1899 Hakon 1901, Frithjof 1904). 8_ Caroline 1864 she married Johannes Cruetz Magnus in 1882 they lived in New York had 10 kids (Morten 1882 Ingeborg1889, Fredrik 1891, Henry 1893, Sverre 1894 Igeborg 1996, Britha 1898 Anna 1901 Osmund 1904 Eyvind 1906). 9_ Osmund 1868 married Tillie and they had 5 kids Floyd 1900 Fredrik 1901 Ingolf 1903, Mildred 1905 Ora 1908 Florence 1911.

RUDE 3 Oct 1997
I am looking for any information that might be out there on how to find out about a surname of Rude. I know that my husbands family are from Norway and he is only a third generation US citizen. If you have any info please pass it on. Thank-you. Jill Rude

HANSEN 3 Oct 1997 Denise Kneifel
I am looking for information on my great-grandmother, HILDA HANSEN, her brother is EMIL HANSEN. They are from Norway, I don't know where,but Hilda married ? WESTER and had 3 daughters one which is my grandmother Ruth Wester b. 17-June-1903 in Chicago, IL. The names of the other daughters are, May and June. Thank you for any information anyone can give me. Denise Kneifel

Omlie (farm), Tanum (Parish) -- Hans Hansen born 1769 married Pernille Sorensdtr born 1780 their son Hans born 1807 married Andrea Tjostolsdatter Klotterud on November 6, 1829 Hans & Andrea came to the US about 1854. He died before reaching there new home in Ephraim, Door County, WI. Any information regarding the Hansen family would be greatly appreciated. Have most of the US information & would gladly exchange.

PECK/HILTON 2 Oct 1997 Michael A. Peck
Looking for information on the Peck surname in Norway. According to family tradition, my G-Grandfather, Orrin Hilton Peck, immigrated to Minnesota from Norway. All I have seen indicates the Peck name is not Norwegian, but I've been told that there are Hiltons in Norway. Maybe it's possible his father married a Hilton and he carried his mother's maiden name as his middle name? Any suggestions would help. Thanks.

We are looking for a family named Gulbrandson from the Hadeland area. Mons Gulbrandson-birth.8 /25/1833 Hadeland, Norway -- Father Gulbrand ? b.? d.? -- Mother Mari Hansen ? b.? d? We would info on Mons Parents if possible. Also Mons and Amalia [amelia?] had 10 children. they had two whom died sometime before 1876-77 when they came over to America. 1.boy-b? d? 2.boy-b.? d? 3. ALMA B. ?/?/ 1872 3. May [Mary?]
b.?/?/1868? 4. Emma b.?/?/1866 5. Signe b.?/?/1875 6. Sara b. 8/?/18747. Oswald b.4/24/1877 (We aren't sure if he was born in Norway or the U.S.) If someone could help we sure be grateful. We'll be waiting to hear. THANK YOU ALL!! JULIE A SEELEY

GLADSO 2 Oct 1997 Helen Haugland Pratti
Looking for help in finding relatives of my bestamor Elen Martha Antonsen Gladso born 03/09/1865 to Anton Tobias Andreassen and Anna Martha Petersdtr. Elen married Nicolai Marthin Haugland in Askoy, Bergen in 1884. Reports are that Elen's siblings came to the US but I've yet to find any relatives. Is there any family out there??

MANSIKA 2 0ct 1997 Neil Blom
JOHAN MANSIKA 1820? Kafjord, Finnmark, Norway Married Sophia Johane Mikkelder Meta. Had at least one child John Henry Johansen, b. 3 Nov 1855 . Maybe daughter Sarana. Migrated 1874 Houghton or Keweenaw county Michigan. Johan was a shoemaker. Hoping. Neil Blom Grand Blanc Mich.

Theodore Swanberg/Svanberg was born Feb 13, 1957, in Throndhem/Trondheim, Norway. He may have had a name other than Swanberg at birth. His parents were Semond Semondsen and Mary Pettendater.

Theodore married a Norwegian and they had a son, Bernhard in Sweden (b. June 1885). Theodore left LERBÄCK, ÖREBRO, Sweden and emigrated from KRONOBERG to BOSTON on 1891-04-17.

Son, Bernhard Swanberg may have emigrated in 1889. Bernh:a Swanberg may have returned to Sweden and then came back to the US on 1907-08-23. I would like to know the name of the parish that Theodore Swanberg was born in. Thank you, Kathy

HANSON/OLSON 1 Oct 1997 Mary Brodersen
Searching for Hans HANSON b. 1835 Norway. To USA by 1865, where he and family
were in Wisconsin before settling in Round Lake, MN in 1870. Married to Gestine/Jenny OLSON. They had 11 children that reached adulthood. The families later moved to Idaho where they homesteaded in Idaho County. Can share family group sheets. Any clues appreciated.

BAASGARD 1 Oct. 1997 Howard J. Holen,
Looking for information on the following persons-- Sven Thorson Baasgard, born in Fyrisdal, Telemarken on Aug. 8, 1802. Thor Svendson Baasgard, born in Upper Telemarken on Apr. 4, 1839. Both came to the US. in 1848. Sven's wife is thought to be either Sigrid Mandt or Signe Saavesdatter. Thank You

BIRKELAND/HANSON 1 Oct 1997 Mary Brodersen
Searching for relatives of Ole BIRKELAND b. Nov, 1860, Norway. Came to USA with 2 sisters. They settled in Round Lake, Minnesota. One of the sisters married a Mr. Handeland. Ole married Helen HANSON Oct 26, 1888. They later moved to Idaho County Idaho to homestead.

SATRUM 1 Oct 1997 Mary Brodersen
Looking for relatives of Mary and Isabelle SATRUM, sisters from Norway. These ladies lived in Palouse, Washington, USA from 1890 to 1910.
Mary SATRUM b. Oct 25, 1864 Norway; m. Ole HANSON May 31, 1896 in Palouse, WA. They later moved to Idaho to homestead and raise family.
Isabelle SATRUM b. 1877 Norway, married R.W. LLOYD ca. 1890s. They lived in Elberton, WA. He worked as a bookkeeper and may have pastored several churches. He died ca. 1910. Isabelle then married Mr. Charles DICKEY. They lived in Oregon and Ferdinand, Idaho until her death in 1932.
The SATRUM sisters brought a niece to the states: Ada WARDHAM. She married Mr. THOMAS and they lived in Fredonia, Kansas. They had two sons, Ralph and Richard. Any information is helpful. Can share family group sheets.


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