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Sivert Anderson
Trondhjem, Norway

Extracted from "A History of The People of Norman County Minnesota" (1976).

Sivert Anderson was born near Trondhjem, Norway on January 5, 1865. He

was one of 6 children born in his family. There are no known relatives
on his side left in Norway. His brother, Carl, came to this country in
1886 and first lived in Granite Falls, Minnesota and later went to
Fargo, ND. He induced his brother, Sivert Anderson, to come to this new
land. He left Norway in 1888.

He married Anna Helena Mikkelson,  f. February 2,1869 on the island of

Solund, Sogne Fjord, Bergen, Norway on October 27, 1895. She was
orphaned and raised by an aunt at the age of 8.
(There is more in the book)

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