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Daniel Hofflund
Tingvold, Trondhjem stift, Norway

From History of the Scandinavians and Successful Scandinavians in the United States, comp. by O.N. Nelson, 1897. p. 376

Hofflund, Daniel, deputy county clerk - Superior (Wis.) - born 18 April, 1950 in Tingvold, Trondhjem stift, Norway.  His father is a clergyman in the state church, and on both of his parents' side several of his ancestors were clergymen. He graduated from a Latin school in Trondhjem in 1869, then entered the University of Norway, Kristiania, but did not remain long as he became engaged in a machine shop in Trondhjem.  In 1872 he emigrated to America, coming to Redwing, Minn., where he remained until 1888, engaged as a music teacher most of the time, as well as being a railroad clerk for four years.  

In 1888 he settled in Duluth, where he worked for the auditor's office for a short time. Since he has resided in Superior, at first being deputy county clerk for two years; was then elected clerk of court, serving two years; and since 1894 has again been deputy county clerk.  Hofflund is a Republican, and a member of the Swedish Augustana church, having been trustee of his home congregation for several years, as well as being the regular organist.  In 1875 he was married to Kristina Englund, of Vasa, a Swedish lady; they have two daughters.


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