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Gunder Ingebrichtsen Hovind
Øvre Størdalen, Norway

From the History of Dunn County Wisconsin, Comp. F. Curtiss-Wedge, et al. Minneapolis: H.C. Cooper, Jr. & Co. 1925. p. 462

Gunder I. Hovind, whose active career in agriculture and other occupations in Dunn County has covered a period of 40 years or more, was born in Norway, Sept. 20, 1862, son of Ingebricht and Ingebord Hovind. He remained in his native land until he was about 21 years of old and then emigrated to the United States, landing at Philadelphia in 1881. In the following year he came west to Menomonie, Wis., and for two summers thereafter worked in the lath mills at Cedar Falls for the Knapp, Stout & Co. Company.  In December 1883, Mr. Hovind returned to Norway but came back to America in March of the following year and worked at lumbering on the Flambeau and Chippewa rivers.  He then learned the carpenter's trade and was employed at it by Erick Fonas, a contractor in North Menomonie.  In 1894 and 1895 he served as a police officer there, spending the next few years at his trade.  

It was in 1900 that Mr. Hovind began farming, buying a 50-acre tract of land in Section 16, town of Menomonie.  It was stump land, the clearing of which involved considerable labor, but he proceeded energetically with the work, and his farm today shows what he has accomplished. He has 30 acres cleared and a good set of buildings.  He also owns a small sawmill and does some custom sawing for his neighbors. Aside from this, he is engaged in general farming and dairying and is now more prosperous than at any other time in his career.  Mr. Hovind was married June 10, 1889, to Mattie Lien, and of this union three children have been born: Inga, Now Mrs. Olof Strand of the town of Menomonie; Mabel, of Menomonie; and Egburg, residing at home with her parents.

Note: Gunder I. Hovind emigrated from Trondheim on June 16, 1881, unmarried, age 20, residence: Øvre Størdalen, on the ship Tasso.

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