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John Olsen Hovind
Horg, Norway

Excerpted from the History of Dunn County Wisconsin, H.C. Cooper, Jr. & Co, Minneapolis, 1925, p. 475-476

John O. Hovind, a well-known farmer of the town of Menomonie, residing in Section 1, north, was born in (Horg) Norway, Feb. 10, 1860, son of Ole A. and Rocel (Mattison) Hovind. Both parents died in Norway.  John O. attended school in his native land and for some time in early manhood was in the employ of a railway construction company as mail carrier.  In 1882 he came to America to visit his brother Arndt, who was living in Menomonie. After arriving here and looking around, he concluded to stay a while and obtained employment with the Knapp, Stout & Co. Company in their lumber yards in Cedar Falls. He was so satisfied with his work in this country that he remained here, and while still working for the company formed a resolution of ultimately becoming a farmer. With this end in view, in 1889, he bought a tract of 40 acres in Section 1 north, town of Menomonie, which was close to the village of Cedar Falls, and in 1890, having been several years married, he took up his residence on it, though he continued to work for the Knapp-Stout people until they closed out their business there in 1900.  He had then been in the employ of the company for 18 years.  Before that time he had begun to develop his farm, devoting such time as he could spare to it in the evenings, and thus had built a small house and cleared some of the land.

As soon as he could give all or most of his time to it he made faster progress, and besides clearing his own land, he also cleared a considerable amount for others, in which respect (counting all he has cleared), he has a record that is probably not excelled, if equaled, by any man now living in Dunn County. to his original tract he added another, of 160 acres, which gave his farm a total area of 200 acres, 160 of which he has cleared. He has also erected a second set of buildings on his place and has kept full pace with the advancement of agriculture along modern lines.

He is a stockholder in the Hudson Road Creamery. Mr. Hovind was married Oct. 4,1884, in the city of Menomonie to Johanna Johannason, daughter of Ole and Lorine (Sovre) Johannason. Both her parents died in Norway.  Mr. and Mrs. Hovind have been the parents of six children, all now living, namely, Julia, Anna, Otto, Sever, Albert and Eckmond.  Julia is residing on the home farm. Anna, who is the wife of Roy Taylor of Menomonie, has three children, John C., Frank and Richard. Otto, who married Gertie Otto and lives in Menomonie, has three children, Loraine, Lyle and Elden. Sever married Emma Hafilder and they reside at Tramway. Albert married Sadie Harens, resides at Cedar Falls, and has two children, Neil and Irene. Eckmond also resides at Cedar Falls; he married Edna Dow and has one child, Arnold. He and Arnold work for their father on the farm. The Hovind family are members of the Norwegian Lutheran Church at North Menomonie. They occupy a good social position and have a wide circle of friends.

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