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Instructions for searching the Emigrants from Trondheim database (Norwegian version).   By Margit Bakke

Example: You are searching for Petra Stavset who left Norway in 1882.

  1. Type in 1882 in the blank box.

  2. To the left of the blank box you typed information into, are two pull-down menus. Click on the one that says Posttype and hold your mouse on there till you see many variables, go to År and let go.

  3. Next go to the next pull down box to the right of it and hold your mouse on it and click, let go at inneheld.

  4. Then click on Søk. A new page will come up and it will tell you that 6,689 people left in 1882.

  5. Click on the number 6689 in the box, then click on Finn postane on the bottom.

  6. You will get a new page again. Now type in Petr in the blank box. 

  7. In the left drop-down box, click on it till you get to fornavn, then let go.  Click søk.

  8. You will get a new page with all the first names that start with Petr

  9. Click on Petra at the top and hold your shift key down at the same time scrolling down and highlighting all the names. (you never know what name they used or how they spelled it in the records).

  10. Then click on Finn Postane. You will get a new page!

  11. Now type in St* (do not forget the little asterick), do nothing with the middle box and in the left box, click on it until a menu comes up and scroll down to etternavn and let go.

  12. Then click on Søk (Seek) and you will get a new page!  On it you will find three names, Stavset, Strinden and Størset. Click on Stavset and hit finn postane. You will get a new page with one name on!  Petra Stavset.

  13. Click on the blue number on the far left and you will get a new page that will show other people leaving at the same time from Norway.

English version of the Trondheim Emigration list:


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