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Ingebret Eriksen Klefstad
Melhus, Norway

Excerpted from the History of Dunn County Wisconsin, H.C. Cooper, Jr. & Co, Minneapolis, 1925, p. 863

Ingebret Klefstad, a substantial farmer in the town of Sheridan, who, during many years has been building up a good place in Section 27, was born in Norway, June 4, 1859, son of Eric and Anna Klefstad. The family came to the United States in 1883 [see note] and also to Dunn County, the father renting a farm in the town of Sheridan for a while. Finally he and his son Ingebret bought 160 acres in Section 27, town of Sheridan, which was a tract of wild land. The usual pioneer log house and barn were built and the family set to work to build up a home. On this place Eric Klefstad died seven years later. His wife Anna died in 1907. They had been the parents of seven children, of whom six are now living, namely: Ingebret, Sigrid, Anna, Iver, Ole and Rande.  Sigrid is the wife of Easton Often, Anna the wife of Edward Erickson, Iver resides in Barron County, Ole in Minnesota and Rande in South Dakota. The one deceased is Sarah.

Ingebret Klefstad lived in Norway until he was 20 years old, attending school for the usual period and afterwards finding general employment.  In 1879 he came to the United States and to Dunn County, Wisconsin, locating at Cedar Falls, and working in the wood sin winter and on the drive in spring.  In the summers he worked on farms and also at times in the Mills.  After he and his father had purchased the land in Section 27, town of Sheridan, already referred to , he helped to develop it and since his father's death he has made a number of improvements.  These include the erection of a frame house of 10 rooms, also a frame barn and silo. Here he has since been engaged in general farming and dairying except for a period of three years during which he had a tenant on the place.  His herd contains 18 head of mixed cattle, and he raises a few hogs for home use.  For two years he served the town as road overseer.

Mr. Klefstad was married in the town of Sheridan in 1903 to Mattie Solen, daughter of Ole and Anna Solen, both no deceased. Mr. and Mrs. Klefstad had seven children, of whom four are living, namely, Eric, Agnes, Olena and Helen. These deceased are Ole, Anna and Odine.  The mother, Mrs. Mattie Klefstad, died in a Minneapolis hospital in 1919 after undergoing an operation.

NOTES: According to the Trondheim Emigration Protocol, the Klefstad family, residence in Melhus, emigrated from Trondheim May 3, 1882 on ship Tasso with destination Menomonie, Wisc. Members listed: Erik I. Klefstad, age 46; Ane Klefstad, age 44, Iver Klefstad, age 10, Ole Klefstad, age 6; and Randi Klefstad, age 3.  

An Ingebrigt Klefstad, married, age 40, residence Amerika, departed Trondheim May 23, 1883 for Menomonie, Wisc. on ship Tasso.

Sigrid E. Klefstad, unmarried, age 21, residence Flaa,  and Anna Klefstad, unmarried, age 19, residence Flaa both departed Trondheim June 10, 1885 for Menomonie, Wisc on ship Tasso.

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