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Arnt Mitlyng
Horg, Norway

Extracted from the History of Dunn County Wisconsin, Comp. F. Curtiss-Wedge, et al. Minneapolis: H.C. Cooper, Jr. & Co. 1925. p. 697-698

Arnt Mitlyng, proprietor of one of the finest farms in the town of Lucas, which town he served as assessor for 20 years was born in Norway, Feb. 1, 1854, son of Anders and Matret Mitlyng, the mother's maiden name also having been Mitlyng.  After his wife's death, which occurred in 1887, Anders Mitlyng came to the United States and spent his remaining years residing with his children. These children were: Arnt, the subject of this sketch; Holver, who built up a farm on the Hudson Road, which he operated until his death in 1922; Anna, who is Mrs. Martin Fladoes of Menomonie; Sarah, who is Mrs. Ole Walseth of Menomonie; Louis, deceased, and John, of North Menomonie.  Arnt Mitlyng acquired a common school education in Norway, where he subsequently did railroad work and also worked in the woods at lumbering. In 1877, at the age of 23, he came to America direct to Menomonie, to which place his brothers and sisters had preceded him, and obtained employment of the T.B. Wilson farm.  Afterwards he spent about seven years working in sawmills and was also for one summer in Minneapolis, but returned to Dunn County again and during the following two years was employed in the Kelly brick yard at Menomonie. On Nov 13, 1886, he was married at North Menomonie to Mary Oas, who was born in Norway, Jan. 17, 1866, daughter of Knute and Mary (Lackley) Oas. The father had come to American in 1882, being followed by the rest of the family in 1884, and they lived in and about Menomonie for some time.

Early in 1887, or not long after his marriage, Mr. Mitlyng began to look around for a good farm home, but not being satisfied with anything he saw that was procurable, he decided to begin at the beginning and build one for himself. Accordingly he bought 80 acres of wild land in Sections 26 and 35 in the town of Lucas and erected a set of log buildings, which was the beginning of his present farm. Making improvements as he was able, he advanced steadily along the road of success and prosperity, he and his family living in the little log house until 1906,when they moved into a fine frame one which he had erected. From time to time he has put up other buildings, including a fine barn and silo, and has added 80 acres more to his farm. He has about 70 acres cleared and today has one of the bet developed farms in the town of Lucas, well stocked with grade Holstein cattle.  Mr. Mitlyng is a stockholder in the new Hudson Road Creamery. He has evidently served the town of Lucas three years as supervisor and served his 20th year as town assessor in 1924. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mitlyng are the parents of five children, as follows: Axel, born Sept. 18, 1887, is assisting his father on the home farm. Carl, born April 15,1889, and who is a farmer in the town of Lucas, married Julia Husby, and has three children, Carlton, Ruth and Arnt J. Marie, born Jan. 3, 1894, is residing in Minneapolis, Minn.  Ida, born Aug. 17. 1896,is attending the University of Minnesota. Louis, born Jan. 8, 1901, is at home.  The family are members of the Norwegian Lutheran Church in Menomonie.

NOTE: Anders Mitlyng emigrated June 1, 1887 from Horrig, Norway to Menomonie, Wis.

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