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My grandfather, Olaf m. Vinje, was the youngest person to be made a sea captain at 26y/o. He went on an expedition looking for Roland Amundsen on or about 1943. The French government supplied him with a ship to go to the arctic or Antarctic!! He lost that ship to an iceberg later on, I have photos of this. My grandfather received the French medal of honor for his efforts in this expedition. I would like more info, if possible. He married my grandmother who was Solveig Nybeon (may be misspelled) from Volda. They lived with three children mostly in Alesund,after they were married. However my grandfather was out to sea many years. During the war he was considered an enemy of the third reich, Hitler wanted him dead. So he did not see his wife or children for four years. I think he was running supplies to the allies and for the underground. He moved the family to Brooklyn,NY some time around 1949-50. I would to find more info about his expeditions there must have been records kept somewhere. Contact: Joyce Vinje


For the past several years, I have been researching my family genealogy. I have hit a data roadblock to their native country because I do not have any records of their farm name, if any; Parish name and county of residence. The following information is the extent of my data:

My maternal Gr. Gr. Grandparents; ANTON HANSON b. 1857 in Oslo, d. 1914 in Fargo, ND; CARRIE (Karen) JOHNSON b. 6/30/1855 in Kongsvinger, d. 1938 in Fargo, ND. They came to the US approximately 1888 and settled in Fargo. Their children were:

TILLIE HANSON b. 1881 in Oslo, d. ? Spokane, Wa
CYNTHIA HANSON b. 1/10/1884 in Olso, d. 8/21/1969 in Spokane, Wa. (my gr.mthr)
ANDREW HANSON b. 7/14/1886 in Kongsvinger, d. 6/3/1960 in Fargo, ND
CHARLES (Carl) HANSON b. 12/27/1888 in ?, d. 3/19/1951 in Fargo
JOHN HANSON b. 12/19/1889 in Fargo, d. 12/24/1974 in Cedar Rapids, IA.
HANS HANSON b. 12/16/1896 in Fargo, d. 5/12/1982 in Spokane, Wa.
ALFRED HANSON b. ?, d. ?
OLAF HANSON b. ? in Oslo, d. ? in Fargo
I would appreciate receiving and will acknowledge any information offered by the readers of this Internet page. Contact: Jack Welch


I am trying to check out my fathers roots. His name was John Borreson, born in Stavanger, Norway in 1888.Can you give some advice on how to begin. thank you, Bea Abel. Contact: Jim Abel


Seeking descendants of Johannes THOMASSEN (b 7 Jun 1839 Ostre Toten, Oppland) and Randine Torgersdtr. (b 31 Dec 1838 Ringsaker, Hedmark), md 30 Mar 1864 Ringsaker. Children (all with surname THOMASSEN): Teodor, b 14 Sep 1864; Ole Sigvardt, b 14 Jun 1867; Petter, b 21 Apr 1870; Martin, b 29 Sep 1873; and Johannes, b 13 Aug 1876. Petter Thomassen lived in Oslo in 1945; his wife died in 1944. A Johannes Thomassen family lived in Raufoss, Oppland, as late as 1952.Contact: Dee Anna Grimsrud


I am looking for any records of one HARALD (or Harold) MOLVIG, a sea captain or sailor from Norway who ended up in in the South Pacific (Samoa and Fiji) at around 1880 - 1900. Help appreciated. Contact: James T. Molvig


Ramus Erdale born 1700's Norway married to someone with the last name Lezleg from Germany. Came by boat to the US. I am looking for records of that family before the 1700's for personal purposes. Also Kris Erickson born 1600's in Norway married to Karie Gravely would also like records of this family before the 1600's. Contact: Nathan Strom


Does anyone have any ideas how I would go about finding information on the aprents of my ggrandmother, RAKEL ANDREA SIGURDSDATTER, b. 1825 in Kristiansand, Vest-Agder. Norway. She was the illegitimate daughter of ANNE ANDERSDATTER and SIGURD OLSEN, a soldier. All it says on her birth record is her parents names, and that her father was a soldier, and that she was illegitimate, as disclosed by her mother. Can anyone give me any clues as to how to find her parents in Norway? Do not have her mothers parents names nor her fathers parents names, also there was no record of her parents getting married (I checked for 3 years after her birth in Kristiansand). Any help will be much appreciated. Happy Hunting!!! Barbara Boardman, Montgomery, AL. Contact: Barbara Boardman


Seeking information on Lars E. Larson and wife Lina Andrea ERICKSON. Lars b. 22 Nov 1830 in Skein, Norway. Lina b. ????. They married in 1861 in Norway. Arriving in America Lars changed his last name to MOBERG. When Lars & Lina left Norway in the 1960's, they had 3 small sons. All 3 sons contracted measles aboard ship and died and were buried at sea. Lars & Linda lived in Boone, Iowa. Lina died there in 1876, Lars then moved to Rock County, MN and in 1884 married Seneva Hansen, in 1904 married Tobina Anderson. Also searching Trondheim for: Solem, Sjolien, Brekstad, Reksterberg, Dyrendal, Tombling, Thorsteinson, Knutsdater, and Larsdater. Thank you for any help. Contact: Shirley Solem


I am seeking information on the parents and children of Nils Carl Guttormsen and Anne Dorthea Paulsdatter married in 1845 in Skedsmo Parish, Akershus, Norway. They had two sons, Carl Johan and Petter Emil, both of who used the surname Guttormsen. Petter emigrated with his family to America; he was my great--grandfather. Carl remained in Norway (although he lived and worked in Russia in the alter 1800's); he had three sons, Osvald Emil, Thoralf, and Karl. The parents of Carl Johan and Petter Emil were Guttorm Olsen and Dise Knudsdatter. I know nothing more of them although I suspect they lived in Akershus, probably in the vicinity of Skedsmo. Any information on these individuals would be greatly appreciated. Contact: Judy Anne Knotts


I am looking for information on Ole and Ingrid Isaksen/Isaacson and their children. The only children I have found are Anton Olsen, Christina Olsen, Isak Olsen, and Gunnar Olsen. Anton was the only son to immigrate to the United States, and am looking for the rest of the children. The children of these children did migrate to the United States. Christina married a Simon Sorenson. Simon Sorenson came to the US with his chidlren and intended on going back to get his wife, but died in the US. If you have any information, don't hesitate to E-mail. I am willing to share any of the information I have collected. Contact: TR Lund


I am looking for the father of JOHN ARNOLD WESLEY AMBEAU (AMBO) A two dots MB 0 two dots. He was born in Demoine Iowa in 1892. His father had recently emmigrated from Norway. Possible name of him or relations are Knut Aambo, Andrew K. Ambo, two dots. Family remembers that the name Ambo comes from the name of the hill behind the house. Thank you.
Contact: Judy and Kevin Amboe


I am looking for ancestors of my greatgrandparents, Hans & Inga Marie Pederson who moved to USA (SE Minnesota) in 1886 from Nannestand Parish, Akershus County, Norway. They did have at least 2 children at time of move to USA and children's names were Peter Christain Pederson and Karoine Pederson. Thanks for any help or guidance you can give me. Contact: Jim and Jackie Pederson


Am seeking information about my grandfather Hans Hansen Ericksen who changed his surname to "Hoel" upon emigrating to USA in 1905. Born to Hans Hansen Holsie and Gusta Henrika Amundsdatter at Milli on March 24, 1883 in the town of Eidsvold, County of Agershus, Norway. I believe the farm name is "Hoel". This information was gained from the Eidsvold Church Book in what appears to be a birth certificate. The census of this region for year 1801 lists several persons with the name Hans Hansen Ericksen from the farms "Hoel Nedred, Hoel Vaestre and Hoel Ovre." Would like to determine if these referenced individuals are my ancestors. Any information would be gratefully appreciated. Thank You. Contact: Tim Hoel


Researching Halsan farm Tjotta Parish, Ancestors, named above and descendants. Contact: Kevin Haddenham


Nils Olsen b. abt 1800 m. abt 1820 Mari Gulbrandsdatter. In 1824 he lived at Ulve, Ringsakers, Prestegjeld, Norway. Child b. there Gulbrand Nilsen b. 2 Feb 1842, m. at Ringsaker, Hedemarken, Norway, 22 Apr 1851 to Anne Eriksdatter. Searching for parents of Nils Olsen, Mari Gulbrandsdatter, and Anne Eriksdatter. Gulbrand Nilsen a.k.a. Giblert Nelson came to Ettrick, Trempleau, Wisconsin, in 1860 with his family. He enlisted in Co. H. 51st Regiment of the Wisconsin Infantry Vol., in 1865. He died at Voga Brookings, S.D., 17 Mar 1902. Contact: Roger French


I would like information regarding Herbert Johann Friedrich Skjold. He was born on February 23, 1880 in Oslo. His mother's name was Hilga. I am attempting to find out who his father may have been. Contact: Donald W. Skjold


Jorginus Nilsen (Nielsen) b. 10 Sept. 1858 (Torset)Leksvik) Mosvik, Ytteroy, N. Trondleg - M. 30 Nov 1882, Leksvik, Kobberod, N. Trondelag - Norway to Mette Jorgine Olausdatter, b. 16 Nov. 1858, Bjornor, Roan, S. Trondelag, Norway. Need more info on his parents - Niels Nielsen B. 1807 & Kristine Kristofersdatr. B. 1815 (Trosaet farm in Mosviken, N. Trondelag, Norway. Contact: Deanna Skelton


Seeking information on Bjorn TRELSTAD who emmigrated to MN from Norway, His wife was Ragnhild ?, do not know where she was born, assume she died in USA. Dau. Bergita Trelstad b.28 Oct 1877 in Zumbrota, MN. 5/17/97 K. Hansen


Seeking information on Camilla Torresdatter mother of: Hans b. abt. 1900, Sigfred Monrad, b 03 Oct 1901, and Ernst Hansen, all born in Haugesund, Norway. She married Nils Johannes Hansen. 5/17/97 Carolee Booth Hansen


Hi, my wife, Kari Lawrence, is doing research on her family in Norway. The surnames are AGA and OVE/OWE. Her mother was born and raised in Norway. 13 May 1997 LOU COY


Doing Research on Kraft Family... Four Brothers born Eidskog, Norway, came across border into Sweden at Eda Glass Works and all became Master Glass Blowers.. Neme was Topp-Nilsson and got Kraft added at Eda Glass Works.. Great Grand Father Olaf (Ole) Nilsson-Kraft youngest one born 1847. Married and came to usa in 1887.. Wife Selma Antonia Kjellman-Kraft died enroute and buried at sea. Arrived New York with Daughter Elen Dagmor and Sons Albert Franz Napoleon and Richard Kristen Isidor. Daughter got separated from family and not heard of again. Son Richard Kristen is alos no records... Need Help on location of family of these.... Thnaks.... Dick Kraft Randallstown, Md.... USA... 2/17-1997 - Dick Kraft


I am looking for information on the Torger OLESON family from Florida Twsp., Yellow Medicine Co., MN. Family immigrated from NORWAY (where?) in 1870. Census records show that Torger was born in 1830, and wife Agnetta born in 1831. Children were: Ida (married a STANESBY), Nettie (married Ed WINNOR also from NORWAY and my great Grandmother), Ole, Louisa, Johanna, John and Issac (who was only child born in US - Iowa 1872). All children used surname TORGERSON and many ended up in the So. California area after 1920's. One sister married a M.S. NELSON of Canby MN. I would like to find other decendents of the Torger OLESON family and learn where in NORWAY they came from. Thanks. 15 Feb 1997 Dev Cook


Searching for info on 2nd great Grandfather and family from SIGDAL, NORWAY. Tron ANDERSEN Finnerud and Christi GAUTESDTR Djupendal came to America in 1860 with children: Anders Thronsen VINNOR who became Lutheran Minister, Ingeborg Thronsdtr WINNOR, Gunner Tronson WINNOR, Trond Tronsen WINNOR, Alse (Edward) WINNOR, and Marie WINNOR. Family was in Spring Prairie, Wisconsin and Osage, Iowa. Would be interested in sharing info on this family and its ancestors and decendents and learning of any family still in NORWAY. Thanks. (Address and reply to lost! If interested in this name, please post your own query to the queries page! Thanks! Diana)


I am interested in finding information on Ole KUNTSEN and his wife Haldis ELLEFSDATTER of Hols Kirke. They had at lease two children. Both went to America at the age of 9 and 12. Oldest died at sea. Knudt OLSON born 30 May 1835 Hols Kirke. Possibly other family members. 15 Feb. 1997 Ron Sykes


My Name Is Paul Iverson My grandparents came from norway. My grandfather's Name was John Iverson Dratvik He was born Nov 7,1872 in norway His Parents names were Iver Dratvik father and Ingeborg Dratvik mother My grandmothers Name was Emma E. Ennerson Born Aug 20,1877 in Winnasheck,Iowa. her mother and father were from Norway. There names were: Jonas Ennerson and Marie A. Olson. Mon, Feb 17, 1997 4:43 AM CST From: PAIVER - Paul Iverson


I am searching for DILLEVIG surnames. In particular, Arthur Olav Dillevig who was born in Norway (date unknown). He married an Evelyn (lastname unknown). The Dilevig's I am researching came to Broward County Florida to settle. All their children (Debbie, Ingrid, Michael Olav, and Stephanie) appear to have all been born in Florida. Please help, I have come to a dead end and can't seem to find a way out! Thank you. Mar 29, 1997 Robyn Brooks


I am looking for an Oscar Egdahl or Osmod Egedahl. Born in 1862 near or in Oslo, Norway. He left Norway when he was 8 to be a cabin boy. He landed in New York Harbor when he was 25. I am also looking for information on his wife Sarah Olson who was born 7 Sep 1870 in Bergen, Norway. They married in Wisconsin. I am looking for any information on their parents or siblings. Thanks!! 18 Feb 1997 Jean Franks


Looking for the background to the name Skead believed from Norway, migrated to Scotland, possibly Skeads now living near Voss Norway. Sat, Mar 1, 1997 5:01 PM CST Margaret Ann O'Leary


Seeking siblings and ancestors of Jens Kristofferson HAUGLAND, b. 28 Apr 1823 in Kvinnesherad, Hordaland, Norway; m. 9 Jul 1850 in Kvinn Parish Church to Kristi Arnesdatter ASK, b. 4 May 1825, Kvinnesherad, Hordaland. They emigrated to US on 15 Apr 1878. What were circumstances at that time which would make a family want to emigrate? Thanks. Mon, Feb 17, 1997 11:13 PM CST M. Hougland


Anders & Margrethe (Torstensdtr) Jacobsen of Hegra, Norway. Their third son was born at Hegra on April 13, 1884 and baptized at Hegra at Ovre Stjordal Parish. His name was Anders Jacobsen. Family emmigrated to South Dakota ca 1884 to the area of Dell Rapids. This third son moved to Canada at age 17 and went by Andrew Jacobson. Would like info on any of his brothers and sisters. Older brothers were John and Peter. Also seeking info on relatives in Norway. Thu, Feb 13, 1997 10:07 PM CST Dick&Sheryl Blaikie


Hans Olson, born in Hemsedal, Hallingdal, Norway on April 2, 1811.He was the father of Ole H.Hansen born April 2, 1849. Married Jorand Olsdatter January 7, 1877 in Valdres, Norway. They were both born in Hemsedal, Hallingdal, Norway. They worked on a Ulnes farm so adopted the Ulnes farm name on entering the U.S.

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