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Lars Nygaard
Tydal, Sør-Trøndelag


Lars Nygaard was born on July 17, 1901 in Tydal, Norway to Thomas Langmyr and Karena Nygaard. Lars was born on his mother's place, which is why he received her maiden name. He had five siblings: Einar, Inga, Henning,
Torvald, and Tordis. Thomas was a carpenter, and the family lived on the
same farm. Lars went to school in Tydal for eight years, after which he was
confirmed and began working for his father. When he was 27 years old, he
decided to immigrate to America. Einar, who had mined in Butte, Montana
during the mid-1920s, advised him to do so. Before he left, Lars married
Dagny Unsgaard, who was also from Tydal and two years older than him. Lars
left Norway in November 1928, and it took nine days to reach Ellis Island.

From there, he took the train to Middle River, Minnesota, where Karl
Sagavold, the husband of Lars' mother's cousin, met him. Lars stayed with
them until April and then went to Kevin, Montana, where his relatives in
Minnesota had arranged carpentry work for him. After two years, Lars had
earned enough money to send for Dagny and his daughter Inger, who was born
several months after he left Norway. At this time, there was no more work
for him in Montana, and he took his family to Minnesota and farmed for
several years. In Minnesota, his second daughter, Thelma, was born. When
World War II started, Lars moved his family to Stanwood, WA, where his
father's cousin, Tom Helmer, and Henning lived. In Stanwood, Lars found work
in the shipyards. After living with Tom for one year, Lars bought a house in
Freeborn, WA, where the family resided until 1963. During this time, Lars
continued to do carpentry work, and built house in Alaska as well as
Washington. Lars is a member of Freeborn Lutheran Church, where he helped
build the parsonage and has served on the council. He has returned to Norway
in 1952 and 1965 and still speaks Norwegian at home sometimes.

Full Name: Lars Thomas Nygaard
Father: Thomas Lars Langmyr
Mother: Karena Nygaard
Paternal Grandfather: Lars Langmyr
Paternal Grandmother: Ingeborg Aaslian
Maternal Grandfather: Einar Erikson Nygaard
Maternal Grandmother: Berit Bakken

Brothers and Sisters:
Einar Nygaard
Inga Kuraas
Henning Nygaard
Torvald Nygaard (died in infancy)
Tordia Nygaard
Spouse: Dagny Bergitte Unsgaard
Inger Nygaard Carr
Thelma Nygaard Schwarz

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