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Ole Klefstad

Ole was born in Norway on 1-6-1864 and came to America with his mother, Anna Klefstad when he was only seven years of age. The came to Benson, Minnesota, traveling by river and rail. They then came by ox team to Chippewa County in Minnesota, locating there in 1871. Mrs. Klefstad filed claim in Tunsberg
County in Chippewa County, but did not prove it up, as was required.

Ole was educated in the local schools and worked on the farm in early years.
In 1881, he became interested with his mother and aunt, Mary Klefstad, in the
purchase of eighty acres of railroad land in the township. They lived on the
land until 1867, when Ole sold out his interest for $800.

With that money, he purchased over 120 acres of land, also in Tunsberg Twp.,
and continued to make additional purchases of land, and by the time this book
was published (1916), he was well engaged in general farming and stock
raising. He was marked a very successful man of business. He was politically,
socially and spiritually minded, giving his attention to all three as a good
citizen of Chippewa County.

Ole built a log house and worked his way to a very comfortable way of life.
He was a fine example of what one can do by the application of energy,
industry, and thrift.
Minnesota was indebted to the remarkable progress that Ole and others like
him had made during the previous thirty to forty years.

Ole married Anna Teigen, born in Tunsberg Twp., in 1876. She was the daughter of Ole Teigen, another early pioneer. They had Alma 1895, August 1896, Hilda 1899, Harris 1903, Marion, 1907, and William 1915.

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