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Adolph Peterson
Trondhjem, Norway

From the History of Dunn County Wisconsin, Comp. F. Curtiss-Wedge, et al. Minneapolis: H.C. Cooper, Jr. & Co. 1925. p. 529-530

Adolph Peterson, who more than a half century ago, started a farm in the town of Dunn, which he developed, and which is now in possession of his son Robert, was born in Trondhjem, Norway, July 18, 1845. For some years as a youth, he was engaged in the fishing industry, but in 1865, at the age of about 20 years, he came to the United States to better his fortunes. Locating in Menomonie, Wis., he entered the employ of Knapp, Stout & Co., for whom he worked until 1872. It was in that year that he turned farmer, buying 80 acres in Section 19, town of Dunn.  In June, 1871, he married Julia Christopherson, who was born in the town of Dunn, and they settled on the tract of wild land which he had bought. The first buildings he erected were a log house and log barn, and with that beginning he and his wife bent their energies toward building up a good farm home. It was hard pioneer work but gradual progress was made, and Mr. Peterson continued to clear and cultivate his land and improve his buildings during the rest of his active career.

In 1920 he retired, selling the farm to his son Robert, and he and his wife taking up their residence in Menomonie, where he died on Nov. 25, 1921. His wife is still living in that city. They were the parents of ten children, as follows: Mary, now Mrs. Lawrence Klingerberg of Meridean, Dunn county; Ole, of Tioga, N.D.; Albert, of Woodville, Pierce Co, Wis.; Peter O., a farmer in the town of Dunn; George A., of Menomonie; Else, now Mrs. S. Christy of Chicago; Alice, wife of Anton Jacobson of the town of Red Cedar, Dunn county; Walter, of Chicago; Clara, who is Mrs.. Paul Klatt of Menomonie; and Robert, proprietor of the home farm.

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