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Thorvald Thorson  
Mosvik, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway

Excerpted from "Dunn County (Wisconsin) History", by the Dunn County Historical Society, Dallas: Taylor Publishing Co, abt 1980, p. 360.

Thorvald Thorson (1848-1920) was the son of Thore and Andrea (Nakstad) Hesthaven, Mosvik, Norway. Thorvald married Hannah Norby (1863-1952) and lived on Tainter Street in North Menomonie before moving to a farm in the Town of Sherman. They had four children: Laura, Hulda, Alfred, and Edna.

 Thorvald's brother Anton (1851-1903) joined him in Menomonie in 1887 and in 1889 married Julia Strand, also from Mosvik. They had children: Axel, Arthur, Inga, and Vigdis.

(There is more information on the family.)

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