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Dagny Bergitte Unsgaard Nygaard
Tydal, Sør-Trøndelag

Dagny Bergitte Nygaard was born on August 31, 1899 in Tydal, Norway. Her
parents were David Unsgaard and Berit Stuedal, and there were seven children in the family: Ingrid, Kair, Johannes, Inga, Peder, Dagny, and Ivar. Dagny's father had attended carpentry school and specialized in furniture-making,
and her mother was trained as a midwife. Dagny married Lars Nygaard and had
two children-Inger, born in Tydal, Norway, and Thelma, born in Grygla, MN.
Lars was also a carpenter and immigrated to America in 1928 to find
employment. He stayed at Ole and Ellen Aune's farm in Minnesota during the
winter and spent the summers doing carpentry in Montana in order to earn
enough money for Dagny and Inger to emigrate as well. Dagny and Inger
emigrated in September 1930, and the family spent the first winter with the

The following spring they moved to Grygla, MN and sharecropped a farm. Lars
also owned cows and sold the milk and cream. Learning the language was the
hardest thing for Dagny to adjust to, but she especially learned after Inger
began school. In Grygla, she also joined her church's Ladies Aid and was
elected secretary, which helped her improve even more. On March 1, 1942,
Lars went to the West Coast to find work in the shipyards, and Dagny and the
girls joined him on the first of April. They moved to a small farm outside
of Freeborn, WA, and Inger and Thelma attended school in Everett. While in
America, Dagny continued to cook Norwegian food including risengrynsgroet,
lutefisk, lefse, and flatbread. She also churned her own butter while living
on the farm.

Full Name: Dagny Bergitte Nygaard
Maiden Name: Dagny Bergitte Unsgaard
Father: David Unsgaard
Mother: Berit Stueda
Paternal Grandfather: Esten Jonsen Unsgaard
Paternal Grandmother: Ingri Evavold
Maternal Grandfather: Peder Stuedal
Maternal Grandmother: Kari Graae

Brothers and Sisters:
Ingrid Unsgaard
Kari Unsgaard
Johannes Unsgaard
Inga Unsgaard
Peder Rangvold Unsgaard
Ivar Johan Unsgaard
Spouse: Lars Nygaard

Inger Nygaard Carr
Thelma Nygaard Schwarz

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