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Ole Wollum (father) and Eddie B. Wollum (son)
Trondhjem, Norway

Eddie B. Wollum, a young and progressive farmer of the town of Rock Creek, was born on the farm he now owns, consisting of 100 acres in Section 20. His parents were Ole and Lena (Thoreson) Wollum.  The father, born in Norway, near Trondhjem, in 1859, came to America in the early eighties, and settled in Dunn County, Wisconsin.  In the town of Peru in 1893, me married Lena Thoreson, who had been born in that town in 1865. 


Soon after his marriage, Ole Wollum bought 100 acres of land in Section 20, town of Rock Creek, the chief improvements being a poor set of buildings. With this for a starting-point, he set out to develop a good farm.  He had before him a long and arduous task, and not merely that, it meant also a considerable degree of self-denial for some years to come; but he and his wife were equal to the demands upon their industry and endurance.  They denied themselves all luxuries and most of the comforts of life, being content to get along for a while with the bare necessities, and in due time they had their reward in finding themselves the owners of a good farm and in comfortable circumstances.

Mrs. Lena Wollum was not destined, however, to enjoy for many years the fruits of their joint labors, as she died on the farm on Dec. 28, 1910, at the comparatively early age of 45 years.  Her husband survived her less than nine years, dying Sept. 11, 1919, at the age of 60. 

To this worthy couple were born eight children, all of whom have reflected credit on them for their up-bringing. These are as follows: Gena M., born July 19, 1894, is now Mrs. Selmer Lund of New Auburn, Wis.  Minnie R., born Nov. 4, 1895, is Mrs. George Cramer of New Auburn and the mother of two children, Alton and Luverne.

Eddie B., born Feb. 11, 1897, is the present owner of the home farm.  Olga O., born Nov. 20, 1898, is housekeeper for her brother on the farm.  Ida G., born March 10, 1900, is Mrs. Elmer Langert of Mondovi, Buffalo County. Josie O., born June 22, 1902, is now Mrs. Edwin Sperstad of Rock Creek.  Berthen E., born May 12, 1904, married Signa Garlie and they live in the town of Rock Creek.  Severina T., born Sept. 5, 1906, is now Mrs. Geo Schulner of Caryville.

Eddie B. Wollum as a boy attended Distict School No. 3 inthe town of Rock Creek and grew to manhood on the home farm assisting his father in its development.  Thus he acquired the knowledge and skill of a good practical farmer.  After the death of his father in 1919 he purchased the home farm as it stood, embracing the 100 acres in section 20.  He has continued to make improvements, adding a good silo to the buildings, and is successfully engaged both in diversified crop farming, his main crops being hay and corn, with some small grain, and in dairying, to which latter branch of his business he gives particular attention.  He has a good herd of grade Guernsey cattle, keeps Duroc Jersey hogs, and other farm stock, including horses and poultry.  He is a stockholder in the Meridean Cooperative Creamery, and as a man and a citizen has gained a reputation for reliability and intelligent cooperation with his neighbors in things concerning the general good of the community that make!
 him a valued citizen.  He is an active worker in the Lutheran Church in Rock Creek, and in the Young Peoples' Society connected with it.

Extracted from the History of Dunn County, Wisconsin (1925), p. 935-936.

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