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Washburn High School
Directory of Graduates
1891 - 1956
Transcribed by
Donna Bell Cross


At the time when committee chairmen for Washburn's 1956 Homecoming celebration were being chosen, Ranger L. E. Brackett was named to head the Alumni committee. It was his idea to stage a huge Alumni banquet as part of the Homecoming celebration. He immediately selected the following as members of his committee: Robert M. Spears, Miss Ethelyn Stock, Miss Janet Anderson, Superintendent of Schools LeRoy C. Bishop, Ernest H. Holman and George Malinoski.

This group undertook the job of securing addresses of all the graduates of Washburn High School so that invitations could be sent out to the graduates inviting them to attend the banquet and the Homecoming celebration.

When this task was finished, several people suggested that a directory be printed listing the names and addresses of all graduates of Washburn High School. This book is the result of that idea.

We are grateful to the advertisers whose financial help made this directory possible and to all those who helped secure addresses.


CLASS OF 1891 Fern Leonard (Meehan) (Unknown) CLASS OF 1892 Maggie Nelson (Deceased) Lizzie Haner (Deceased) Ernest Holgren (Deceased) Flora Babtie (Shaw) (Unknown) Jessie Lamb (Randall) (Deceased) CLASS OF 1893 Lydia Prudhomme (Tyrell) (Deceased) Edith Lamb (Oscar) (Unknown) Cora Bates (Deceased) Henry Prudhomme (Deceased) CLASS OF 1894 Mary Waegerle (Deceased) CLASS OF 1895 Petra Ellington (Bestler), Tacoma 7, Wash. Laura Irish (Jones) (Deceased) S.A. Oscar (Deceased) Margaret Sweet (Hull) (Deceased) Susie Lathrop, Chicago 37, Ill. Bessie Lathrop, Chicago 37, Ill. CLASS OF 1896 Minnie Oscar (Webster, B. O.) Petersburg, Florida Mable Smith (Oscar) (Deceased) Etta Francis (Dougherty) (Unknown) Viola Bruce (Lamb), Billings, Montana Ysobel Gifford (McGiffin) (Deceased) Ruth Gifford, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Hanna Schafhouser (Russel) (Unknown) Eva Morris, Milwaukee 3, Wis. Bell Nesvold (Rhubaum) (Deceased) Peter Bestler (Deceased) CLASS OF 1897 Roy Hull (Deceased) Florence Robinson (Oscar) (Deceased) CLASS OF 1898 Myrtle Hulbert (Hazehuhn), Drummond, Wisconsin Edith Smith (McClatchie), Oak Lawn, Illinois Elsie Gautschi, Trempeleau Co. Hospital, Whitehall, Wisconsin Clarence Oscar (Deceased) Lizzie LeMunyon (Bell ) (Deceased) Cora Martin (Stenehjem) (Unknown) Anna Gasman (H.G. Van Onna), Perris, Calif. Dora Kearns (Ballard), Springville, New York. Minnie Anderson, Ashland, Wisconsin Mayme Kelly (Adams) (Unknown) CLASS OF 1899 Henry Oscar (Deceased) Nelly Kelly (Hanson) (Unknown) Merton Rice (Unknown) Daniel Daly (Deceased) Margaret Feldhausen (Jones) (Unknown) Jennie Anderson (Johnson) (Unknown) Bertram Gibson, Portland, Oregon Gertrude Mathews (Deceased) Mable Gibson (Page), Fruitport, Michigan CLASS OF 1900 John Packard (Deceased) Frank Smith (Deceased) Allen Butterfield, Ashland, Wisconsin Edward Starr (Deceased) Ethel Leighton, (Anderson, Chas.), Minnesota. Herschel Adams (Unknown) Ethel Hull (Brown) (Deceased) Iva Adams (Unknown) Mary Murphy (Deceased) Ethel McBeath (Deceased) Gwendolyn Fenton (Marboe, Chas.) Daytona Beach, Florida Julia Bartness, Washburn, Wisconsin. Marion Gifford (Deceased) Frank E. Yates, Amery, Wisconsin Adelbert Holmes (Deceased) CLASS OF 1901 Ewing McBeath, New York, N.Y. Emily Schafhauser (Mahar) Portland, Oregon Cora Caruthers (William) (Deceased) Hattie Miller (Davis, Geo. F.), Merchantville, New Jersey Charles Anderson (Unknown) Mata Bestler (Holt) (Deceased) Nettie Summerfield (Campbell), Home, Eugene, Oregon CLASS OF 1902 Hattie Duffy (Deceased) Leila Gifford (Deceased) Ray Hulbert (Neeley), Ashland, Wisconsin Nellie Murphy (Hadley, Elln D.), Danville, Indiana Hattie Rummel (Smith) (Unknown) Mary Redmond (Fischer) (Unknown) CLASS OF 1903 Eva Axelberg (Oscar), Washburn, Wisconsin Kitty Daly (Calstad) (Deceased) Evangeline Giesert (Deceased) James Fluke, Algoma, Wisconsin Frieda Zeidler (Fluck, James), Algoma, Wisconsin Mathilda Swain (Hacker), Superior, Wisconsin Effie Sweezy (Palm, Oscar), Modesto, California Winnifred Holmes (Jacobs) (Unknown) Henrietta Murphy, (Grote, Peter), San Rafael, Calif. Lena Tetzner (Wachsmuth, Henry), Bayfield, Wisconsin CLASS OF 1904 Victor Johnson, Seattle 2, Wash. Alfred Froseth (Deceased) Albert Aune (Deceased) Philip Sheridan (Deceased) Ada Mortenson, Los Angeles 5, California Bertha Hull (Himelberger), Tacoma, Wash. Mary Schafhauser (Deceased) Charles McIlrath (Deceased) CLASS OF 1905 Henry Hochdanner (Deceased) Guy Warden (Deceased) James Murphy, Washburn, Wisconsin Lyla Wiley (Warden, Guy), Los Angeles, California Jennie Anderson (Lamoreaux), Iron Mountain, Michigan. Elsie Dow (Walker), West Linn, Oregon Ida Tetzner (Deceased) Ethel Bean (Kennedy, Campbell), Seattle, Washington Oscar Runkle (Unknown) Ellen DuShane (Elsner, Edgar E.), St. Paul, Minnesota Cecil Lowry (Milstead) (Deceased) CLASS OF 1906 Maud Ewer c/o Public Schools, Couer d'Alene, Idaho Henrietta Duffy (Melstrand), Portland, Oregon Alice Greenwood (Rockwood), Superior, Wis. Lester Gesell, San Jose, California Gussie Kearns (Gesell, Lester), San Jose, California Oscar Hovind, Portland 2, Oregon Minnie Kinney (Searle, Rollie), Portland, Oregon Hannah Lowe, (Robb, Dr. G. L.), Albia, Iowa Pearl Lea Quee (Winkler, Wm.), Everett, Washington George Reuter (Deceased) Margaret Maher (Racheleau), Rudolph, Wisconsin Agnes Runkle (Spankman) (Unknown) Grace Swain, Superior, Wisconsin Jessie Sheridan (Anderson, R. W.), , St. Paul, Minn. Rhoda Thoreson (Fossum, Art), Washburn, Wisconsin Hjalmar Frostman, Oulu, Wisconsin Bert Smith (Unknown) Clara Lundmark (Gibson) (Deceased) Lillian Mortenson (McDonald), Leandro, California CLASS OF 1907 Victoria Musolf (Warn), Duluth, Minnesota Laura Haugen (Jensen, Nick), Minneapolis, Minn. Sena Bartness (Froseth, Ashland, Wis. Julia Sylte (Criswell), Washburn, Wisconsin Ingwald Sylte, Euclid 17, Ohio Ethel Lapsley (Poins, Fred), Elma, Washington Marion Bell (Wilhelm), Washburn, Wisconsin Irene Walsh (Unknown) Minnie Kinstler (Berquist), Grand Blanc, Michigan Mable Caruthers (Thorpe) (Deceased) Hazel Geisert, Washburn, Wisconsin Sigurd Egge, Hibbing, Minnesota Anna Jacobs, Washburn, Wisconsin Ephrosine Franzeen, Richardville, New York Mary Erickson (Evanstad) (Deceased) Clara Peterson (Nord, Henry), Buhl, Minnesota CLASS OF 1908 Florence Clausen (Oistad, Elmer), St. Paul, Minn. Anna Cooklar (Manning, J. D.), Washburn, Wisconsin Walter A. Duffy, Fairbanks, Alaska Clarissa Johnson (Deceased) Meta Fluck (Wescott, C.O.) (Deceased) Stella Morey (Nystrom) (Deceased) Nellie Pallage (Landraint) (Deceased) Ragna Stockstad (Hanson, Hi), Bayfield, Wisconsin Clifford O. Wescott, Seattle, Washington Della Nevers, Washburn, Wisconsin Lafe Reuter (Deceased) Inga Holte (Summerfield), Trego, Wisconsin Mable Kinney (Cook, James), Charlotte, N. Carolina Robert McDonald, Canada Christ Aune, Mt. Olive, Alabama CLASS OF 1909 Ida Haugen, , Chicago, Illinois Edna Estabrook (Deceased) Volgar Palm (Deceased) Remson Bell, Stockton, California Jerusha Johnson, Bremerton, Washington Elvira Lowe, Washburn, Wisconsin Elmer N. Oistad, St. Paul 5, Minnesota Otto T. Olson, Vancouver 13, B. C., Canada Delia Overby, c/o State Hospital-Crippled Children, Elizabethtown, Penn. Alma Palm (Lowry), Washburn, Wisconsin Fern Sweezy (Siilerman), Modesto, California Irma Gautschi (Ethridge, Jeff) (Deceased) Grace Barney, Superior, Wisconsin Mary O'Sullivan (Deceased) CLASS OF 1910 Carrie Alvord, Chevy Chase, D.C. Miriam Alvord (Koehler), Chevy Chase, D.C. Margaret Caruthers (Deceased) Rose Cease (Argyle, Wm.), Scarsdale, N.Y. Florence Branstrom (Anderson, I.A.), South Milwaukee, Wis. Carl Frostman, Hazel Park, Mich. Opal Frost (Deceased) Martha Hagen (Deceased) Magdaline Johnson, (Lindstrom, Carl), Richland, Wash. Charlotte Kinney, , Portland, Oregon Fern Smith (Deceased) Genevieve Willey, Long Beach, California Arnold Moore (Deceased) William Cavanaugh (Deceased) Elizabeth Cooklar (Deceased) Ruth Fox (Hudson, Oliver), Tampa, Florida Margit Hirsch (Christofferson, Carl) Washburn, Wisconsin Marie Peterson, Washburn, Wisconsin Olive Severson, c/o Oscar Wegsteen, DuPont, Washington Minnie Taraldson (Potts) Penns Grove, New Jersey Clara Lofstrom (Deceased) CLASS OF 1911 Anna Anderson (Rhody, Fred), R.F.D., Bayfield, Wisconsin Theodora Axleberg (Anderson), Washburn, Wisconsin Mary Brunner (Deceased) Austin Carson, South Gate, California Bertha Corning (Simpson, W.F.), St. John's, Quebec, Canada Grace Greenwood (Olson, E.W.), Washburn, Wisconsin Alma Haugen (Clark, H.), Cleveland, Ohio Elmer W. Olson, Washburn, Wisconsin Vivian Paulson, c/o Olson & Verhusen Clothing, Madison, Wisconsin Edna Ungrodt (Lehse, F. Walter). Jacksonville, Florida Julia Stevens (Plant), Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Frances Bell (Deceased) Muriel Estabrook (Minckler, Henry), Winlock, Washington Anna Funstad (Walker, Vic), Superior, Wisconsin Olga Froseth (Perley), Muskegon Heights, Mich. George Haglund, c/o DuPont Co., Seneca, Illinois Ida Hanson (Swanson, A. E.), Washburn, Wisconsin Chester Kinney (Deceased) Ruth Raarup, Reed City Hospital, Reed City, Michigan Melissa Sheridan (Estabrook, Clyde), c/o North Wis. Agency, Rhinelander, Wisconsin Florence Cooklar (Kirkendale), West Seattle, Washington Agnes Duffy (Unknown) Helen Ryan (Maloney), Bayfield, Wis. Bertha Ryan (Unknown) George C. Watters (Deceased) CLASS OF 1912 Fred Christianson, Oakland 8, California Ferris Johnson, Vancouver, B. C. Canada Walter Holmquist, Birmingham, Alabama Rober Mahar, Waupaca, Wis Mamie Monahan (McClung), Swedesboro, New Jersey Isadore Haglund (Deceased) Egnard Albrechtson, Antioch, California Issac Anderson, South Milwaukee, Wis. Theodore Rude, Mount Holly, New Jersey Ethel Doucette (McManners), Racine, Wis. Isabella Johnston, Frorer, Jim), c/o Atlas Powder Co., Wilmington, Delaware Fredericca Johnston (Marshington) (Unknown) Fern Perley, Santa Monica, California Mable Bolin (Thoreson, Oscar), Seattle 9, Wash. Lillian O'Sullivan, Washburn, Wis. Lydia Johnson (Gilstead) (Deceased) Minnie Lindstrom, Superior, Wis. Ellsworth Alvord, Washington, D.C. CLASS OF 1913 Horace Frost (Deceased) Esther Berge (Anderson, Levi), Washburn, Wis. Thomas Sheridan, Portland 19, Oregon Ralph Warden, Carney's Point, New Jersey Alf Olson, Minneapolis, Minnesota Arthur Peterson, Havertown, Pa. Lula Thompson (Parnell, Leon), Menlo, Washington Louise Myhre (Love), Brookfield, Illinois Alma Nelson, Cleveland Heights 18, Ohio Mae Love (Deceased) Ruth Wieman, El Centro, California Robert Downs, Hotel Francis Drake, Minneapolis, Minnesota Ann Torbol (Deceased) Laura Miller (Duval). International Falls, Minnesota Gladys Thoreson, Washburn, Wis. Harold Hovde, R.F.D., Portage, Wis. Mae Chatten (Unknown) Thea Swanby (Lougee, H.F.), Lynwood, Calif. John Caruthers (Deceased) Jeannette Love (Deceased) Harriet Finley, Washburn, Wis. Bess Thompson (Hill) (Unknown) Myrle Lien (Tolhurst, Wm.) Berkeley, Calif. Ida Erickson (Deceased) Roes Ambly (Palm, Carl), Washburn, Wis. CLASS OF 1914 Myrtle Haugen (Lowrie, C.), So. Minneapolis, Minnesota Mary Hanson (Biss), Mason, Wisconsin Esther Swanson (Maurer, H.A.), Milwaukee, Wisconsin Harry Anderson, Fargo, North Dakota Probert Axelbert, South Bend, Indiana Adeline Cooklar (Corrigan), Milwaukee 7, Wis. Charles Frost, Pitman, N.J. Mabel Halvorson, Plaza Hotel, Milwaukee, Wis. Henry Johnston (Deceased) Margaret Jacobs (Hufford) (Deceased) Arthur E. Nelson (Deceased) Florence Olson (Deceased) Owen Paulson, Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin Eva Rolla (Dahl, Henry), Duluth, Minnesota Lula Williamson (Leith, George), Snyder 21, New York Ida Erickson (Unknon) Naomi Coates (Kitts, Jack), c/o DuPont Co., Gibbstown, N.J. Ruth Johnson, (Gardner, Max), Augusta, Georgia Herbert Bell, Cut Bank, Montana Jens Albrechtson, Ilion, New York Hazel Bryan (Gulick, George), Wauwatosa, Wis. Helmer Christianson, Hammond, Indiana Melius Sylte, Tampa, Florida Leah Olson (Hoskins) Hammond, Indiana Ielah Thompson (Beckman, Arthur), Vermillion, R.F.D. 3, Alberta, Canada Inga Wollum (Albrechtson, E. V.), Antioch, Calif. CLASS OF 1915 Frances Sheridan, Baxter-Williams Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota Ruth Miller (Buck), Ypsilanti, Michigan Henry Harrington, Muskegon, Michigan Ella Stienert (Deceased) Esther Olson (Carson), Jacksonville, Fla. Harry L. Robinson, DuPont, Washington Evelly Downs (Tomasek), St. Paul 5, Minn. Mary Wieman (Deceased) Victor Peterson, Bloomfield, N.J. Bernard Myhre (Deceased Frances Morgan (Knaack), Milwaukee 13, Wisconsin Harry E. Sagen, Waukegan, Illinois Oscar Swanson (Deceased) Elmer Erickson, Bremerton, Washington Bess Buzard (Benson) (Deceased) Carl M. Anderson (Deceased) Susan Brunner (Deceased) Selmer (Sam) Johnson, San Francisco, Calif. Clairibel Stevens (Wilke), Milwaukee 17, Wis. Hary Soshea, Fort Wayne, Indiana Alma Swanby (Rogers) (Deceased) Cecil Roevig (Hefferman, Pat), Rock Falls, Wisconsin Esther Hanson (Summerfield), Washburn, Wis. CLASS OF 1916 Charlotte Anderson (Robinson. H. L.), DuPont, Washington Anne Branstrom (Glanville, M. R.), Postale No. 14, c/o Atlas Const. Co., Casablanca,. French Morocco Frances Berge (Tessman, Wm.), Chicago, Ill Helen Collingwood (Barry), Arlington 6, Va. Doris Cameron (Anderson) (Deceased) George Frostman (Deceased ) Ellen Johnson (Blais, O. R,), Muskogee, Okla. Ruth Johnson (Gardiner, Max L.), Augusta, Georgia Florence Kinney (Deceased) Phyllis Lien (Schmidt, Peter), Buffalo 7, NY Ester Martinson (Amo), Ironwood, Michigan Nellie Martinson ( Hanson), Minneapolis 4, Minnesota Nan Miller (Poutre), Ferndale 20, Michigan May Miller (Kjallenberg), Granada Hills, Calif. Forence Tetzner (Young ) (Deceased) Edgar Roy (Unknown) Vina Veno (DeMoully, Leo), St. Petersburg, Florida Ruth White (Deceased) Hazel Williamson (Spitzer, Carl), Buffalo, NEW York Marion Olson, Portland, Oregon Margaret Daly (Zolzak), Minneapolis, Minn. CLASS of 1917 Dwight Benton, Standard Oil Building, 910 So. Michigan Ave., Chicago, Illinois Peter Hanson, Duluth, Minn. Ester Halverson, Lief Hirsch), Washburn, Wis. Helga Hansen (Fay Partolo), Rapid City, So. Dakota Mable Hagen (Allen Odegard) R.F.D., Washburn, Wis. Anna Johnson (Emory Jones) Cornucopia, Wis. Florence Kurschner (Roy Schlough), Ridgeland, Wis. Anna Peterson (Ziemer) Iron River, Wis. Inga Moland (J. LaFlamme), Pico, Calif. Earl Ross, Washburn, Wis. Agnes Rude (George Tormoen) Duluth, Minn. Alma Wold (Richard Larson) Rockford, Ill. Phyllis Goedeke (Deceased). Anna Erickson (Johnson) Norfolk, Va. Rosanna Swanby (Bjorklund), Minneapolis, Minn. Melvina Nygren (Mathison) Duluth, Minn. Regina Brunner (W. R. Bradford), Pontiac, Mich. Clarissa Dahl (Fresacher), Ashland, Wis. Laura Johnson (E. E. Samuelson) Ellensburg, Wash. Mary Felix (Tura) Madison, Wis. Joseph Froncek, c/o U.S. Radiator Corp., 439 N. Plankington Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. Thomas Tranmal (Deceased) Bernard O'Sullivan, R.F. D., Washburn, Wis. Helmer Borgren, W. Duluth, Minn. Evelyn Leighton (Schliker) (Deceased) Hazel French (Heule) Columbia Heights, Minn. Lucille Smith (George Haglund) c/o DuPont Co., Seneca, Ill. Luella Olson (O'Sullivan) Milwaukee, Wis. Catherine Beer (L.O. Paris), Seattle, Wash. Lloyd Olson (Deceased) Henry Cosgrove, Jackson, Mich Grace Morgan (Unknown) Marion Segal (Jerry Levine) Minneapolis, Minn. Elizabeth MacRae (Wallace MacIver) Milwaukee, Wis. Agnes Ellison (E. Jolly), Denver 7, Colorado CLASS OF 1918 Esther Ford (Mrs. Luther Stingley), Covington, Kentucky Ora Hanson (Berquist) (Deceased) Mary Howell (Mrs. H. B. Curry) Washburn, Wis. Alfred Johnson, c/o Miss Jerusha Johnson, Bremerton, Wash Inga Olsen (H. H. Smith) San Antonio 10, Texas Cornelius O'Sullivan, Milwaukee, Wis. Isabelle Stevenson (Unknown) Sena Scamfer (Mrs. E. G. White) Hibbing, Minn. Opal Thoreson (Mrs. DeRoy Fortier) Washburn, Wis. Thora Anderson, Neenah, Wis. Agnes Berg (Mrs. Andrew Samuelson) Port Wing, Wis. Helen Kinney (Mrs. Ed. Weist) Chicago, Ill. Myrtle Sneen (Mrs. John Kelly) Ashland, Wis. Paul Ungrodt, Ypsilant, Mich. Hazel Thoreson (Mrs. Varve Searing) Ashland, Wis. Marie Lien, Anderson, Ind. Alf Anderson, Washburn, Wis. Kenneth Carson, South Gate, Calif. Clara Faulk (Mrs. Nels Gustafson) R.F.D. 3, Wayzata, Minn. Helen Paulson (Mrs. Jack Miesen) St. Paul, Minn. Ann Williamson (Mrs. Chas. Mansfield), Route D-1, Akron, N.Y. Esther Blexrude (Mrs. Mike Carlson) Newburgh, N.Y. Delia Hanson, Minneapolis, Minn. Elsie Johnson (Mrs. Ronnie Briggs) St. Louis Park, Minn. Agnes Myhre, Washburn, Wis. Olga Pearson, Washburn, Wis. Inez Urquhart (Mrs. Wm. Thornton) Ashland, Wis. Ann Manning, (Mrs. S.P. Tomaso), Oak Park, Ill. Nan Buzard (Deceased) George Calder (Deceased) George Axelberg, South Bend, Ind. Clayton Robinson, Clinton, Iowa Marjorie Bryan (Deceased) Enard Anderson, Washburn, Wis. Terrance Arseneau, Washburn, Wis. Ruth Cowing (Elmer East) Duluth, Minn. Henry Lamoreaux, Bemidji, Minn. Myrtle Bartness (Mrs. Ken Howell) R.F.D., Washburn, Wis. Roy Taberman, , Milwaukee 8, Wis. Julian Johnson (Deceased) Esther Finnegan (Mrs. Harold Haight) Minneapolis, Minn. CLASS OF 1919 Earl Arseneau, Duluth, Minn. Ella Berquist (Deceased) Ina Bogenrief (Uldrick Frostman) Wausau, Wis. Grace Cease (Deceased) Charles W. Gierzak, Maumee, Ohio Florence Goedeke (Kimball, Almon) Duluth, Minn. Rudolph Hanson, Durand, Wis. Minnie Hove, Ten Sleep, Wyoming Olena Hove (Lien) (Deceased). Grace Jacobs, St. Paul, Minn. Gladys Larson, Chicago 39, Illinois Harold Larson, Minneapolis, Minn. Grace Maxcy (Montague), Greenwich, Conn. Ruth Mason (Knauf, A. E.), Janesville, Wis. Marie Raarup (L.L. Prescott, Minneapolis, Minn. Edvin Sagen, R.F. D. Washburn, Wis. Hilda Steel (Andy Gidlof), Toppenish, Wash. Irene Soshea (Gorrie) (Deceased) Saima Silverberg (Newton), Cocoa, Florida Evadell Snyder (A.R, Willey), Washburn, Wis. Stanley Koenig, Sheboygan Falls, Wis. Cameron Vickery, Flint 7, Mich. CLASS OF 1920 Arthur Adolphson, Wentworth, Wis. Florence Bell (Roger Foltz), Lockport, N. Y. Hazel Bergman (Mrs. Elmer Bodin), Washburn, Wis. Nathan Buzard, Washburn, Wis. Agnes Bodin (Deceased) Evar Bolin, Aiken So. Carolina Grace Branstrom, (Mrs. Ed Bullard), South Milwaukee, Wis. Esther Christianson (Mrs. Ernest Haasch), Wauwatosa, Wis. Chester Cooklar, Chicago, Ill. Irene Cosgrove, Chicago, Ill. Joseph DeMars, Washburn, Wis. Ray DeMars, Wauwatosa 13, Wis. Irene Felix (Quillan), Highland Park, Ill. Delia Hagen (Mrs. Walter G. Olson), Superior, Wis. Richard Hering, Seattle, Wash. Lena Holt (Deceased) William Joanis, Macon, Ga. Olga Johnson (Steen), Washburn, Wis. Geneva Kinney, (Mrs. Geneva Berge), Portland, Oregon Christine Larson, (Unknown) Hazel Larson (Mrs. J. D. Webster), Miami, Florida Lyman Larson, Milwaukee, Wis. Ethel Leighton (Floyd R. Sutton), Flint, Mich. Florence Manning (Mrs. A. P. Kneafsey), Ottumwa, Iowa Bernice Mark (Mrs. Julius Fieges), Racine, Wis. John D. Maxcy (Deceased) Harry Moland, Washburn, Wis. Ingvald Moland, West Allis, Wis. George Morgan (Deceased) Nora Myhre, Muskegon, Mich. Florence Nelson (Deceased) Irene Newharth (Pallage ) (Deceased) Elliott Oscar, Insurance Building, Madison, Wis. Agnes Olson Chicago 51, Ill. Lilly Peterson (Mrs. Walter Larson), Ashland, Wis. Edmund Reno, Chicago 51, Ill. Iva Sand (Voight, Ben C.) Downers Grove,Ill. Mildred Smith (Unknown) Celia Skow (Mrs. Hersey Hanson), Park Ridge, Ill. Felix E. Stienert Houston 5, texas Adelia Stone (Mrs. Peter Hanson), Washburn, Wis. Ruth Summerton (Johansen, Ed), Detroit 27, Mich. Carrie Swanby (Mrs. D.M. Carson), Lynwood, Calif Victor Swanson, Metuchen, N.J. Rose Torbol (Graves), San Francisco, Calif. Alma Trempe (Mrs. Arthur Anderson), Eugene, Oregon Ina Welty (Mrs. A. O. Follett), Madison, Wis. Eva Westgate, R.F.D., Washburn, Wis. Arvaline Ziehlsdorff, H. J. Schmiege), Madison, Wis. Edward Wick, Detroit 27, Mich. CLASS OF 1921 Astrid Ruth Albrechtson (Mrs. Ruth Albrechtson Mangels), Los Angeles 41, Calif. Myrtle Anderson (Manning), Burlington, Wis. Grace Arntsen (Holm), Chippewa Falls, Wis. Viola Arseneau (Saunders), Minneapolis, Minn. Juel Blexrude, Nashville 6, Tenn. Clarence Bolin, Washburn, Wis. Helen "Pat" Buzard (Tom Murray), Ashland, Wis. Olive Dilree (Deceased) Hertha Dittbrenner (Sanger), Washburn, Wis. Eva Erickson (McIver), (Deceased) Rugna Johnson, East Chicago, Indiana Ruth Kinney, Portland, Oregon Elna Koenig (Skaug), Washburn, Wis. Lillian Larson (Roy A. Calder), South Milwaukee, Wis. Adra Lien, Kiel, Wis. Aileen Haglund (Mrs. Burton Henderson), St. Louis Park, Minn. Gladys Haugen (George Jacobson), Brill, Wis. Ruth Howell (Harold Schult), Idaho Falls, Idaho Clara Johnson (Mrs. Clifford Bernard) Portage, Wis. Aurora "Dolly" Johnson (R. J. Prittie), Ashland, Wis. Laird Lampson, Duluth 3 Minn. Lloyd Love, San Bernadino, Calif. Dwight Manning, Burlington, Wis. Olive Miller (James Logar), Granada Hill, Calif. Mable Moor (Day), Madison, Wis. Robert Morris, c/o Highway Dept., Eau Claire, Wis. Helen Olson, Chicago 51, Ill. Inar Olson, Kansas City, Mo. Edwin Pearson, Washburn, Wis. Delbert Ross, Milwaukee 15, Wis. Vera Thompson (Mrs. E. G. Ellison), Ashland, Wis. Lilian Thoreson (Simmons) (Deceased) Henry Tranmal, Phoenix, Arizona Mildred Ulven (Follis), Brule, Wis. Max Warden, Fairfield, Conn. Lucille Segal (Mrs. Everett Smith), New York, N.Y., Summer Address, Store Creek, Georgetown, Conn. Eva Shoresman (Mrs. P. O. Eldred), San Franciisco, Calif. Elsie Silverberg (Mrs. D. J. Thor), Rochester, Mich. Edith Sneen (Carl Uline) (Deceased) Pearl Stauffer (Harry Braun), Shell Lake, Wis. Carl Wedin, Washburn, Wis. Wilma Wick (Ledin) (Deceased) Lyla Olson (Doucette), Racine, Wis. Alvin Barry, Washburn, Wis. Curtis Wieman (Deceased) Gertrude Westlund (Mrs. Chester Peterson), Washburn, Wis. CLASS OF 1922 Ellen Gagne (Mrs. A. L. Fell), Chicago, Ill. Donald Kinney, LaCrosse, Wis. Alty McCulloch (Mrs. Fred Ledin), Washburn, Wis. Oscar Hagen, West Allis 14, Wis. Winifred Beck (Mrs. D. Elwell), South Minneapolis, Minn. Gordon P. Fraser, Washington 2, D. C. Irma Stienhert (Mrs. H. W. McCulloch), Spooner, Wis. Grace Anderson (Mrs. L. K. Patterson), Ashland, Wis. Margaret Manning, (Mrs. Bob Hayward), Milwaukee, Wis. Helen D. Johnson (Mrs. Calvin Root), Vulcan, Mich. Esther Jodell (Mrs. Esther Worele), Brule, Wis. Beatrice McCulloch (Mrs. Henry Johnson), Superior, Wis. Odin Johnson, 515 Community Nat'l Bank Bldg., Pontiac 14, Mich. Opal Blexrude (Mrs. Henry Larson), Washburn, Wis. Charles M. Sheridan, Washburn, Wis. Norman R. Smith, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Elizabeth Hawkes, Washburn, Wis. Gertrude Carson (Mrs. Harry Boettcher, San Bernadino, Calif. Walter Morgan (Deceased) Ivadell McDonald, Washburn, Wis. Ernest Soshea, Denver, Colo. Violet Hoaglund, c/o Middle River Sanitorium, Hawthorne, Wis. William Haglund, Morris, Ill. Alyce Peterson (Mrs. Paul Ungrodt), Ypsilanti, Mich. Tim Manning, Palos Heights, Ill. Ruth Iverson (Deceased) Leslie Geisert (Deceased) Ruth Anderson, Chippewa Falls, Wis. Julius S. Carlson (Deceased) Irene DeMars (Mrs. Harold Stump), Oak Park, Ill. Hugo Dittbrenner (Deceased) Helen Iverson (Mrs. Helen Kelly), Superior, Wis. Vera Olson (Deceased) Marie Talvitie (Deceased) Gertrude Potter (Mrs. Edwin Johnson), Alexandria, Va. CLASS OF 1923 Ervin Beck, Houston, Texas George Carson (Deceased) Jack Cease, , Houston 17, Texas Oscar Dahl, Washburn, Wis. Henry C. Hanson, Milwaukee 14, Wis. Robert Hawkes (Deceased) Hector Johnson (Unknown) Keith Lamoreaux, Downey, Calif. Norval Moland (Deceased) William Morris, DePere, Wis. Allen Shoresman, Winnetka, Ill. Mathew Talvitie, Detroit 27, Mich. Sigurd Tranmal, Rochester, N.Y. Joseph Trombly, Washburn, Wis. Frank Urquhart, Cudahy, Wis. Hugo Ungrodt, Washburn, Wis. Walter Ziehlsdorff (Deceased) Myrtle Areseneau (Mrs. G. V. Haven), Coon Rapids, Minn. Edna Carlson (Mrs. E. P. Ellenberger), Highland Park, Ill. Fannie Buzard (Mrs. S. G. Baker), Wilmington, Del. Mabel Dagsgard, Kenosha, Wis. Bertha Dahlbeck (Unknoen) Edna Faulk (Sterling), Los Angeles, 24, Calif. Catherine Jacobs, Washburn, Wis. Bertha Daigle (Mason), Milwaukee, Wis. Adeline Johnson (Jones), Cornucopia, Wis. Mable Jones (Evanow), Cornucopia, Wis. Leonie Koeing (Frels) (Deceased) Ryda Morgan (Deceased) Rose Newharth (Mrs. Sam Luoma), Chicago, Ill Ruth Olson (Mrs. John Roy), Lansing, Mich. Elizabeth Talvitie, Detroit 27, Mich. Nora Thoreson (Mrs. Lloyd Vienneau), R.F.D., Washburn, Wis. Leona Trempe, Duluth, Minn. Arthemise Trempe (Mrs. Walter Luck), Duluth, Minn. Myrtle Schultheis (Mrs. S. Gagliano), Milwaukee, Wis. Jennie Maunu (Michaelis), Portland 1, Oregon. CLASS OF 1924 Martin L. Anderson (Deceased) Juel C. Berg, Ashland, Wis. Marvin Calder, Detroit 19, Mich. William T. Hanson, South Milwaukee, Wis. Clarence J. Holman, Lakewood 7, Ohio Melvin C. Johnson, Washburn, Wis. Myron V. Kurschner, Mundelein, Ill. Louis J. Komborski, Roseville, Mich. Glenn L. Larson, Chicago 39, Ill. William G. Malcheski, Washburn, Wis. Leonard T. Nelson, Lincoln, Nebraska Martin Nelson, Washburn, Wis. Anthony G. Niemcek, Detroit 6, Mich. Ingvald L. Olson, Chicago, Ill. Ben Peterson, Seaford, Delaware John G. Page, Kinston, North Carolina Charles L. Rummel, Tacoma, Wash. Alvin Ross, Seattle 16, Wash. Paul L. Robinson, Washburn, Wis. William J. Soshea, Park Ridge, Ill. Herbert Ungrodt, Green Bay, Wis. Olga M. Anderson (Mrs. Aime Morin), Dayton, Minn. Alice Anderson (Mrs. Keehn), Washington, D.C. Evelyn Beaulieu (Mrs. M.J. Seaman), Kalamazoo, Mich. Mabel Bratley (Mrs. Norval Moland), Washburn, Wis. Jeannette Beck (Deceased) Emma Bender, Washburn, Wis. Loretta Brady (Unknown) Henrietta Cordts (Mrs. E. J. LaLonde), Ashland, Wis. Julia Ecklund (Mrs. Herman Kettner), Duluth, Minn. Helen Fox (Mrs. Walter Krull), Washington, D.C. Meryl Gray (Mrs. Gerald Smith), Battle Creek, Mich. Ella Green (Mrs. James Ceciliani), Tracy Calif. Jean Harrington (Mrs. Ken Priest), Richland, Wash. Carrie Larson (W.O. Scarfelt), Milwaukee, Wis. Ann Larson (Mrs. Glenn Johnson), LaCrosse, Wis. Ruth Lindstom (Mrs. Ed Berquist), Washburn, Wis. Grace Manning (Nordin), Washburn, Wis. Vera Pirnie (Mrs. Arthur Johnson), Duluth, Minn. June Rummel (Mr. Wm. Haglund), Morris, Ill. Delia Sneen (Mrs. Clarence Kelly), Council Bluffs, Iowa Grace Swanby (Mrs. Fred Hoefling), Compton, Calif. Astrid Westlund (Mrs. Lowell Parish), Rockford, Ill. CLASS OF 1925 Anna Anderson (Unknown) Harold Anderson, Washburn, Wis. Olivia Anderson, Flint, Mich. Ruth Barnhart (Mrs. Walt Farrely), Wilmington, Del. Amelia Berquist (Mrs. Lawrence Haugen), R.F.D., Washburn, Wis. Roy Brunett (Deceased) Raymond Dahl, Milwaukee 9, Wis. Lyla Dagsgard (Mrs. C.R. Johnson), Ashland, Wis. Arno Dittbrenner, Balsam Lake, Wis. Anne Froncek (Unknown) Leo A. Gagne, Washburn, Wis. Beryl Getty, Milwaukee, Wis. Ernest H. Holman, Washburn, Wis. Ernest K. Haugen, Milwaukee, Wis. Melvin Hanson, Milwaukee 14, Wis. Hannum A. Holman, Washburn, Wis. Loretta Joanis (Mrs. Harold Anderson), Washburn, Wis. Harold W. Johnson, Minneapolis, Minn. Helen Johnson (Barclay), Waltham, Mass. Alice Kinney (Mrs. John Howell), Washburn, Wis. Fred J. Lamoreaux (Deceased) Leone Love (Coggin), Milwaukee 10, Wis. Laura McCulloch (Windall), Ashland, Wis. LeRoy Miller, Minneapolis, Minn. Leonard E. Mitchell, Palatine, Ill. Naomi Nelson, Washington 7, D.C. Anthony J. Oberts, Detroit 28, Mich. Donald D. Potter, Superior, Wis. Robert C. Rogahn, Chicago, Ill. Julia Reiten (Mrs. Ralph Grimsrude), Superior, Wis. Clifford Ross, Biwabik, Minn. Alice Stone (Mrs. Ed Reiten), Washburn, Wis. Roy Sanger (Deceased) Francis Stauffer (Mrs. Jim Ivy), Rice Lake, Wis. Amy Thoreson (Mrs. Jack Hall), Eagle River, Wis. Marie Wick (Mrs. Lee Barras), Flint 5, Mich. Chester Wroblewski, Milwaukee, Wis. CLASS OF 1926 Thomas Axelberg, San Pablo, Calif. Alma Carstrom (Johnson), R.F.D., Washburn, Wis. E. F. Dittbrenner, Washburn, Wis. Melvin Charbonneau, Superior, Wis. Leland McManus, Boardman, Ohio Henry Lizotte, Washburn, Wis. Raymond Kinney, Robbinsdale, Minn. Monroe Hanson, Eau Clair, Wis. Nora Pearson, Washburn, Wis. Rudolph Lysager, Ojai, Calif. William Robinson, Washburn, Wis. Eva Nelson (Mrs. Herbert Heubsch), Wikenberg, Arizona Edith McDonald (Mrs. Stanley Hale), Milwaukee, Wis. Margaret Schultz (Mrs. E. Walden), Glen Ellyn, Ill. Florence Bourgo (Jacobsen), Burlington, Wis. Margaret Fraser (Mrs. B. D. Puckett), Richland, Wash. Alice DeMars (Mrs. Mike Kewley), Marshalltown, Iowa Elsie Carlson (Mrs. A. J. Backus), Milwaukee 8, Wis. Alice Lizotte (Betker), Wauwatosa 13, Wis. John P. Johnson, Ironwood, Mich. Vernon Kinney, Minneapolis, Minn. Earl McDonald, Washburn, Wis. Anne Theriault (Unger), Milwaukee, Wis. Florence Robey (Mrs. George Poehlman), Milwaukee 10, Wis. Bernice Schultheis (Damerow), Arlington Heights, Ill. Marie Maunu (Windsor), Alohe, Oregon Lilly Leino (Mrs. Chris Meltesen), Tomah, Wis. Bernice Schultz (Mrs. D. J. Finn), South, Minneapolis, Minn. Jean Burdick (Mrs. Hannum Holman), Washburn, Wis. Faye Hensley (Deceased) Leone Smith (Deceased) Naomi Swanson (Mrs. Theron Cook),R.F.D., Washburn, Wis. Henning C. Westlund, Chicago, Ill. Orland Swanson, Sheboygan Falls, Wis. Viola Gauger (Mrs. John DuBay), Long Beach 5, Calif. CLASS OF 1927 Norma Anderson (Mrs. Roy Haugen), Wilmar, Minn. Clifford Bourgeois, El Cajon, Calif. George Bratley, Washburn, Wis. Ivadell Bruness (Moe), Minneapolis, Minn. Clarence Bruness (Deceased) Donald Calder, Royal Oak, Mich. Harold Carlson, Washburn, Wis. Oliver Erickson, Washburn, Wis. Glo Estabrook (Deceased) Helen Fletcher (Deceased) Florence Gierzak (Mrs. Clem Bratkowski), Chicago, Ill. Helen Howell (Mrs. Leonard Nelson), Lincoln 8, Nebraska Ida Karow (Deceased) Leo Lamoreaux (Deceased) Cora McCullough (Mrs. Henry Belanger), Bayfield, Wis. Leonard Larson, Washburn, Wis. Arthur Maxcy, Dallas, Texas Victoria Niemcek (Mrs. T. Bell), Milford, Mich. Harriet Paulson, Madison, Wis. Geneva Pearson, Milwaukee, Wis. Alice Sanger (Mrs. John Rodkewich), Washburn, Wis. Vance Sprague, State College, Pa. Lothar Stone, Ashland, Wis. Olga Tranmal (Mrs. Ed Tast), Washburn, Wis. Irene Ungrodt (Mrs. Otto Leverenz), Marshfield, Wis. Einar Larson, Benton Harbor, Mich. Lynn Peavey, Kansas City, Mo. Wilfred Anderson, Elmwood Park, Ill. Louise Dittbrenner (Sorenson) (Deceased) Floyd R. Holman, Minneapolis, Minn. Robert Lord, Eau Claire, Wis. Arthur Pedersen, Washburn, Wis. Ruth Peterson (Mrs. Fred Lund), Superior, Wis. Frances Froncek (Unknown) George Branstrom (Deceased) Adah Soshea (Mrs. Floyd R. Holman),Minneapolis, Minn. Ruth Welton (Mrs. Corby Klassen), Cedarburg, Wis. Glenn Doyle, Dearborn, Mich. Clarence Newharth (Deceased) Irene Johnson (Mrs. Max Mazsick), San Pedro, Calif. CLASS OF 1928 Eileen Anderson (Mrs. Belton F. Gustafson), Ashland Wis. Florence Anderson, Washington 11, D. C. Henry Anderson (Deceased) William Anderson, Washburn, Wis. Doris Barnhart (Mrs. Vern Wicklund), St. Paul 6, Minn. Milton Barnhart, LaFayette, Calif. Alice Brown (Unknown) Ethel Butterfield (Deceased) Hilma Dahl (Mrs. C. E. Glasson), Ashland, Wis. Wilfred Durkin (Unknown) Francis Felix Peloquin, Milwaukee, Wis. James S. Fisk, Washburn, Wis. Elizabeth Fraser (Mrs. Morris Leonard), Kansas City, Mo. Oscar Greene, Chico, Calif. Louise Homan (Mrs. Harry Hooper), Chicago 32, Ill. Alvin Hove, Washburn, Wis. Joseph Harnois, Washburn, Wis. Inga Jackson (Mrs. Carl G. Wedin), Washburn, Wis. William Johnson, Hammond, Indiana Nellie Kinney (Mrs. Joe Ollsen), Port Angeles, Wash. Paul Kinney, Concord, Calif. Leo Kurschner, Minneapolis, Minn. Lilly Larson (Mrs. Elmer O. Anderson),Washburn, Wis. Anna Malinoski (Mrs. Wm. F. Halstead), Los Angeles 57, Calif. Evelyn Nelson, New Richmond, Wis. Eva Roberts (Mrs. Alex Hinson), Dallas, Texas Glenn Olson (Deceased) Earl Pedersen, Washburn, Wis. Lillian Rave (Mrs. Walter J. Anderson), Ashland, Wis. Ruth Stone (Mrs. Norman Olson), Crystal Lake, Ill. Ethelyn Stock, Washburn, Wis. Lillian Silverberg, Berkley, Mich. Hazel Swanson (Deceased) Sedohr Swanson (Mrs. John VanRoosenbeek), Milwaukee, Wis. Armourita Tetzner (Mrs. Elmer Esswein), Boyceville, Wis. George Urquhart, St. Cloud, Minn. Glenn Westerlund, Duluth, Minn. CLASS OF 1929 Prudence Sprague (Mrs. R. H. Blancett), Bukkeeball Evey 32, Rungstead, Kyst, Denmark Anna Wick, Washburn Wis. Lorraine Trempe (Mrs. Henry Besser), Duluth, Minn. Ruby Stauffer (Mrs. Art Rondeau), Washburn, Wis. Elizabeth McDonald (Unknown) Viola Rave (Mrs. A. Grage), Washburn, Wis. Lorraine Wilske (Garvey), Forest Park, Ill. Esther Thoreson (Mrs. L. Claus), Chicago 41, Ill. Pauline Ziehlsdorff (Mrs. Rusch), Madison, Wis. H. Katherine Johnson (Mrs. Lawrence Carlston), Ashland, Wis. Genevieve Malcheski (Mrs. Martin Heyne) Ashland, Wis. Goldie Berg (Peterson) (Deceased) Cecelia Wroblewski (Mrs. Hmielewski), Ashland, Wis. Leora Beaulieu (Mrs. Harry Strom), Ashland, Wis. Josephine Malinoski (Mrs. Charles M. Sheridan) Washburn, Wis. Ethelwyn Lund, Chicago, Ill. Helen Newharth (Mrs. Wes Shaeffer) (Unknown) Eleanore Morris (Mrs. R. W. Westerlund), Washburn, Wis. Lillian Simoneau (Mrs. Sam McGibbon), Seattle 6, Wash. Amanda Roy (Mrs. Forrest Huntsinger), Ashland, Wis. Venette Holzer (Mrs. Norman Nelson), Washburn, Wis. Amelia Frostman (Mrs. Helgi Lausti), Harlingen, Texas Doris Miller, St. Paul, Minn. Carl Rude, Quincy, Florida Cary Fisk, Richland, Wash. John Doyle, Silver Spring, Maryland John Howell, Washburn, Wis. Alvin Nelson, Clinton, Iowa Clifford Lindgren (Deceased) Marion Kjarvick (Deceased) Francis H. Frechette, Washburn, Wis. Cecil Vieno, Duluth, Minn. Theron C. Robinson, Milwaukee, Wis. CLASS OF 1930 John Regner, Pontiac, Mich. Nora Rhody (Mr. F. K. Allen), New York, N.Y. William Swiston, Sacramento, Calif. Evelyn Torkelson (Mrs. R. D. Sharratt), Greenleaf, Idaho Agnes Westlund, (Mrs. Jack Miller), Chicago 49, Ill. Esther Wieman (Mrs. Bryan Armstrong), Van Nuys, Calif. Charles Clark (Unknown) Earl Hochdanner, Williamsville, N.Y. Fern Murphy (Mrs. Leo Gagne), Washburn, Wis. Myron Barry, Ashland, Wis. Esther Bissell (Mrs. Bernard Fralka), Ashland, Wis. Edna Christofferson (Mrs. W. O. Lippert), Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. Ethel Finstad (Mrs. Joseph Hoyne), Milwaukee 16, Wis. Louis Gregoire, Morris, Illinois Eleanor Heinonen, Herbster, Wis. Eleanor Holman (Mrs. Henry Bratley), Washburn, Wis. William Holman, Morris, Illinois Harold Larson, Chicago, Ill. Rodney Lindgren, Madison, Wis. Evelyn Lund (Mrs. Charles Woodbury) Las Gates, Calif. Gladys Lysager (Mrs. Richard Fahrig), Joplin, Mo. Levi Lysager, Placerville, Calif. Keith Markham, Sandston, Virginia Mercedes McManus (Mrs. LeRoy Splitt), Mundelein, Ill. Verna Moody (Deceased) Catherine Morris (Unknown) Ione Newhouse (Kast), St. Cloud, Minn. Stance Niemcek, Livonia, Mich. Lorraine Olson (Mrs. William Johnson), Ashland, Wis. Phyllis Olson (Mrs. John Stark) Ashland, Wis. Helen Porter (Mrs. Carl Bayer, Warren, Wis. CLASS OF 1931 Veronica Smolen (Mrs. Ernest Bergman), Washburn, Wis. Lillian Bratley (Mrs. Philip Cleary), Washburn, Wis. Albert Dhaene (Unknown) Alexander Fraser, Temple City, Calif. Ruth Mesner (Mrs. Axel Hagstrom), Washburn, Wis. Laurayne Olsen (Mrs. Paul Hegstrom), Berwyn, Ill. Irene Holman, Washburn, Wis. Joseph H. Homan, Chillicothe, Ohio Robert A. Howell, Denver 20, Colorado Sidney Berg Butler, Wis. Lillian Iverson, Washburn, Wis. Robert S. Johnson, Washburn, Wis. Leona Malcheski (Mrs. Clem Menard), Milwaukee, Wis. Robert O. Johnson (Deceased) Clyde Miller (Unknown) Chester Morris, Richland, Wash. Margaret Morris, Minneapolis, Minn. Mary Malinoski (Mrs. John Rapin), Detroit 6, Mich. Robert McDonald (Deceased) Willis Arntsen (Mrs. Arthur Pedersen), Washburn, Wis. Emma Larson (Mrs. Ed. Pearson), Washburn, Wis. Arthur Renaud, San Gabriel, Calif. Elma Louko (Mrs. John Sosin), Chicago, Ill. Robert Spears, Washburn, Wis. Gertrude Pedersen (Mrs. Robert Spears), Washburn, Wis. Albin Trempe, Cleveland Heights 12, Ohio Irene Legacy (Mrs. Irene De Phillips), Teanedk, New Jersey Ernest Ziehlsdorff, Prairie du Sac, Wis. Lorna McCulloch (Belanger), Ashland, Wis. Verna Swanson (Bloomquist), Ashland, Wis. CLASS OF 1932 Ruben Anderson, Toledo, Ohio Joyce Bartness (Mrs. Leonard Larson), Washburn, Wis. Clare W. Bodin, R.F.D., Washburn, Wis. Jane Brubaker (Ballinger), Westfield, N.J. Clara Eliason (Deceased ) Norval Embertson, Washburn, Wis. John Finstad (Deceased) Jack Holman, Milwaukee, Wis. Kenneth Hochdanner, Buffalo, N.Y. Walter Johnson, R.F.D., Washburn, Wis. Willard Johnson, Richland, Wash. Dorothy Lindgren (Mrs. Edward Anderson), Madison, Wis. Adelaide Lund (Mrs. Robert Torkelson), Joliet, Ill. Bernard Malcheski, Mound, Minn. Jadie Manning (Deceased) Ethel Mason (Mrs. Thomas E. Watson), Milwaukee, Wis. Eva Murray (Ness) Bremerton, Wash. David Oberts, R.F.D. 1, Randolph, Wis. Winifred Peavey (Mrs. E.F. Dittbrenner), Washburn, Wis. Edith Porter (Mrs. Hans Hanson), Lydon Station, Wis. Mabel Rhody (Mrs. John Brock), Murfreesboro, Tenn. Eleanore Schultz (Mrs. Al. Funk), Richland, Wash. Raymond Schultz, Washburn, Wis. June Tetzner (Sampson) R.F.D., Washburn, Wis. Robert Torkelson, Joliet, Ill. Ace Wilske, Ashland, Wis. Francis Veno (Overseas) (Unknown) CLASS OF 1933 Walter Moe, Washburn, Wis. John Brubaker, Fort Worth, Texas Vera Holman (Mrs. Harold Asbach), Ashland, Wis. Arlin Jackson (Mrs. Walter Foley), Waukesha, Wis. Clyde Porter, Washburn, Wis. Aaron Kimball, Lansing, Mich. Edward Smolen, Washburn, Wis. Margaret Moe (Mrs. Clem Bach), Glen Ellyn, Ill. John Wilhelm, Sturges Commons, Westport, Conn. Lois Peterson (John Arnsten), Washburn, Wis. Donald Fraser, Kansas City, Mo. Ernest Westlund, Antioch, Ill. William Lund, Washburn, Wis. Erland Nelson, Fairfax, Wilmington 3, Del. June Stauffer (Mrs. Robert S. Johnson), Washburn, Wis. Robert Olson, Iron Mountain, Mich. Irene Olsen (Mrs. Walter Storrs), Kenmore 23, N.Y. Thelma Arntsen (Mrs. Elmer Dagsgard), Washburn, Wis. Valeria Niemcek (Mrs. Bob Binkley), Temple City, Calif. Chester Sanger, Washburn, Wis. Louise Schultheis, E. Lansing, Mich. Dorothy Doucette (Mrs. Charles Guski), Washburn, Wis. George Waters, c/o Mrs. Robt. Schmitt, Gibbstown, N.J. John Wickstrom, Richland, Wash. John Axley, Silver Spring, Md. Orville Bachand, Berkley 9, Calif. Izetta Gauger (Mrs. John Gonek), Phoenix, Arizona Adelaide Wolfe (Bourgeois) (Deceased) Mae Tomlinson (Mrs. Joe Smith), St. Paul, Minn. Verna Tomlinson (Mrs. Floyd Rondeau) Phoenix, Arizona Bernadine Wiedmark (Stauffacher), Milwaukee, Wis. Loretta Regner (Unknown) CLASS OF 1934 Ethel Jacobson (Mrs. Wayne Sitter), Elmhurst, Ill. Allen Torkelson, Washburn, Wis. Edwin Embertson, Three Lakes, Wis. Patricia Tetzner (Mrs. John Bachand), Washburn, Wis. Jack Welton, Washburn, Wis. John Ross, Milwaukee, Wis. Arvilla Nelson (Mrs. Edwin Foltz), Washburn, Wis. George Schultz, Washburn Wis. George Malinoski, Washburn, Wis. Robert Joanis, LaCrosse, Wis. Ruth McDonald (Mrs. William Pristash), Washburn, Wis. Cleo Robinson (Mrs. David Grant), Richland, Wash. Edward A. Anderson, Madison, Wis. Iris Phillips (Mrs. John Underwood), West Allis, Wis. Betty Lindstrom (Mrs. Emmett Maider), Atherton, Calif. June Olsen (Mrs. A. W. Bickell), Cynwryd, Pa. Charles Morris, Dallas, Texas Glenn Holman, Washburn, Wis. Robert Arseneau, Florrisant, Mo. Carl Swiston, Fullerton, Calif. Dorothy Schultz (Mashburn), Richland, Wash. Ruth Hanson (Mrs. Louis Guski), Washburn, Wis. Evelyn Berg (Mrs. Harley Ellingson), Beloit, Wis. Ferris Olsen (Mrs. Montgomery Montague), Chattanooga, Tenn. Herbert Westin, Washburn, Wis. William Rave, Washburn, Wis. Esther Eliason (Mrs. Julian Nelson), Washburn, Wis. Blanch Simoneau (Mrs. Arnold Jacobson), Meridian, Idaho Grace Peterson (Mrs. Lacy Taylor), Washburn, Wis. Myrtle Eliason (Mrs. Douglas Gonia), Superior, Wis. Edward Wolfe, Tacoma, Wash. Phillip Lindgren, Ashland, Wis. Norman Pedersen, Ashland, Wis. Thomas Anderson Wersell, Minneapolis 4, Minn. Emily Kimball (Bruss), Cedarburg, Wis. Frank Watters, Aiken, South Carolina Robert Forbes, San Jose 26, Calif. Carl Larson, Chicago, Ill. Vene Legacy, Teaneck, N. J. ElDon Robinson, Wilmington 5, Del. Robert Schultheis, Arlington Heights, Ill. Jack Simoneau, San Diego 5, Calif. Stance Smolen, Richland, Wash. Ernest Swanson, Washburn, Wis. Edward Swanson, Eau Claire, Wis. Lorraine Swanson (Mrs. Lorraine E. Johnson), Sacramento 18, Calif. Ruth Wilhelm (Mrs. Thomas Lindley), Jeffersonville, Indiana Dorothy Williamson (Mrs. Harold Harnois), Brainerd, Minn. Donald Watters (Deceased) Llewellyn Beaulieu (Deceased) Donald Anderson (Deceased) CLASS OF 1936 Irene Jacobson (Minter), Villa Park, Ill. Jack Joanis, Stevens Point, Wis. Theodore Torkelson, Chicago, Ill. Lois Doucette (Mrs. Palmer Mathews), Chicago 19, Ill. Myrtle Porter, (Mrs. Amor Sonju), Pine River, Wis. Ann Malccheski (Mrs. Oscar Niemi), Washburn, Wis. Richard Nelson, Kenosha, Wis. James Kile, Oshkosh, Wis. Tharis Bartness, Wood, Wis. Elaine Schultz (Mrs. Carl Thoreson), Kankakee, Ill. Carl Thoreson, Kankakee, Ill. Herbert Borgren, Barksdale, Wis. Lawrence Daigle, Ashland, Wis. Robert Hochdanner, New Kensington, Pa Kathlyn Joanis (Mrs. J. C. Gildersleeve), Whittier, Calif. Lois Newman (Mrs. Jack Moon), Tacoma 99, Wash. Robert Lindgren, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. Pershing Kurschner, Washburn, Wis. Eugene Patzer, Ashland, Wis. Robert Lindsey, Washburn, Wis. Isabelle Vizanko (Mrs. Harold Moe), Washburn, Wis. Milton Burdick, Woodruff, Wis. Margaret Morris (Mrs. Harvey Sprotte), Milwaukee, Wis. Roy Paulson, Ashland, Wis. John Durkin, Mellen, Wis. Glenn Moe, South Milwaukee, Wis. Ruth Paulson (Mrs. Henry Johnson), Bayfield, Wis. Joseph Guski, Ashland, Wis. Violet Sanger (Mrs. Ray Johnson, Superior, Wis. Dorothy Morris, Washburn, Wis. Robert Bryan, Chattanooga, Tenn. Eleanor Morris, Minneapolis, Minn. Roland Nelson, Danville, Ill. Milton Brown (Unknown) Arden Alfogren (Unknown) Nan Markham (Mrs. A. Drafz), Green Bay, Wis. Ruth Nelson (Mrs. Donald Lappenga), Holland, Mich. Howard Fluck, Seattle, Wash. Martin Frasl, c/o John Frasl, DuPont, Wash. Wendell Johnson, Racine, Wis. Dorothy Frostman (Unknown) Marie Zinski (Jarvis), Chicago 47, Ill. CLASS OF 1937 Alice Wickstrom (Statham), Miami, Florida Robert Garberg, Fond du Lac, Wis. Dorothy Kinstler (Mrs. Arthur Jacobsen), Oshkosh, Wis. Faythe Soper (Mrs. Leo Litowitz), Seattle 88, Wash. Arnold Lehto, Plymouth, Mich. Howard Hale, Midland, Texas Maxine Lindstrom (Mrs. Charles Wilhelm), Minneapolis 16, Minn. Charles Wilhelm, Minneapolis 16, Minn. Eunice Pallage (Mrs. Robert B. Vernham), Denver, Colorado Verne M. Kaliher, Eau Claire, Wis. Clifford Schultheis, Washburn, Wis. Joyce Newhouse (Mrs. George Mager, Jr.) Washburn, Wis. John Morris, Appleton, Wis. Delbert Wuennecke, c/o Northern Electric, Ashland, Wis. Bernice Mager (Mrs. Alex Begin), Washburn, Wis. Thomas K. Peterson, Washburn, Wis. Kenneth Joanis, Kenosha, Wis. Betty Morris (Mrs. Archie McAllen), West, Ashland, Wis. Robert Thompson, St. Paul 4, Minn. Dan Welty (Deceased) Harvey Rhody, Milwaukee, Wis. Marie Bachand (Mrs. Harold Carlson), Washburn, Wis. Dan Corning, Washburn, Wis. Arnold Day, Augusta, Ga. Lorraine Day ( Kroes), Grand Rapids, Mich. Martin Mesner, Sterling, Alaska John Goodwin, Covina, Calif. June Holman (Mrs. Ben Rossi), Oroville, Calif. Lois Kasmarek (Mrs. Lawrence Gunderson) Janesville, Wis. Florence Tetzner (Mrs. Verne Lamoreaux),Washburn, Wis. Eugene Hochdanner, New Kensington Pa. Theodore Westin, Terre Haute, Ind. Raymond Mayette, Superior, Wis. Virginia Lindblad, (Mrs. Richard Moran), Arlington, Va. CLASS OF 1938 Kathleen Cudmore (Mrs. Thos. K. Peterson, Jr.), Washburn, Wis. Robert Danielson, Sacramento, Calif. Ronald Bergman, Washburn, Wis. Alice Frostman (Lahte), Iron River, Wis. Earnest Jacobson, Chicago 51, Ill. Josephine Burlager (Kam), Minneapolis, Minn. Clayton Bourgo, Van Nuys, Calif. Margeruite Johnson, Gary, Indiana Russel Murray (Unknown) Donald Vizanko, St. Paul, Minn. Walter Bourgeois, El Cajon, Calif. Lucille Bergman (Palm), Kimberly, Wis. Beverly Robinson (Mrs. Laurence Kaliher), Menomonie, Wis. Eldor Bartness, Washburn, Wis. Rose Pellizze, (Mrs. Neland Rosinsky), Madison, Wis. William Palm, Menasha, Wis. Alfred Bratley, Milwaukee 16, Wis. Clara Zinski (Bennett), Chicago, Ill. Harriet Christiansen (Castle), Aurora, Minn. Donald MacDonald, Washburn, Wis. Lorraine Moe (Couture), Madison 5, Wis. Phillip Lindsey, Barksdale, Wis. Alice Hare (Mrs. Clayton Kurschner), Washburn, Wis. Edward Le Roy Stock, Washburn, Wis. Bernard Cousineau, Mundelien, Ill. Bernard Smolen, Holland, Mich. Esther Wroblewski (Lund), Ashland, Wis. Elsie Larson (Dryer), Milwaukee 6, Wis. Clayton Kurschner, Washburn, Wis. Arline Welton (Simonian), San Leandro, Calif. Elizabeth Brubaker (Zoerb), Cleveland 24, Ohio Robert Begin, Denver, Colorado Frances Anderson (Knight), Cedar Grove, Wis. Robert Olson, Richland, Wash. James Coulthurst, Wilmette, Ill. Kathryn Bodin (Lee) Deceased) Glenn Naselius, Chicago 13, Ill. Leonard Anderson, Louisville, Kentucky Alvida Westlund (Rush), Amarrillo, Texas Albin Carlson, Minneapolis, Minn. CLASS OF 1939 Rosalie Thompson, St. Paul, Minn. John Swanson (Deceased) Helen Mortenson, Milwaukee, Wis. Lorraine Tourville (Mrs. Jack Kull), Niles 31, Ill. Virginia Simoneau (Mrs. Robert Wangerin), Webster Grove 19, Mo. Victoria Zukowski(Mrs. C. Herzberg), Chicago 34, Ill Truth Carlson (Mrs. Harold Walcott), Wallkili, N.Y. Virginia Shultheis (Mrs. W. J. Geiger), Stevens Point, Wis. Janet Anderson (Mrs. R. Felch), Wenonah, N.J. Charles Holman, Oroville, Calif. George Anderson, Milwaukee 13, Wis. Leonard Jacobson, Chicago 18, Ill. Gladys Watters (Mrs. W. Allen), Birmingham, N.J. Marjorie Patzer (Mrs. E. Thoderson), Racine, Wis. June Welty (Mrs. W. Hites), North Augusta, South Carolina Betty Koski (Mrs. James Morris), Fort Worth, Texas James E. Morris, Fort Worth, Texas Jack Johnson, Milwaukee, Wis. Myron Gauger, Mobile, Alabama Helen Cuty ( Mrs. P. Meyerson), Arlington,Virginia Robert Newman, Norwood, Mass. Marie Goslin (Mrs. A. J. Fraser), West Covina, Calif. Geraldine Mitchell (Mrs. Richard Olson), Benoit, Wis. Lorraine Doucette (Mrs. Ray Nabozny), Ashland, Wis. Lloyd Gilstead, Winthrop Harbor, Ill. Florence Peterson (Mrs. James McIlwain), New Castle, Del. Dorothy Gierzak (Mrs. J.B. Hibben), Chicago 26, Ill. Dorothy Lindblad (Mrs. A. Jacobsen), Washburn, Wis. Bernard Legacy, New York 40, N.Y. Melvin Smith, Holly, Michigan Harry Homan, 3381 Tec. Training Sqdn., Kessler Air Field Base, Biloxi, Miss. Gerald S. Kile 72 Bomb Wing, 72 F.M.S., APO 845 (Puerto Rico), New York N.Y. Ellen Kainu (Mrs. John Lemo), Washburn, Wis. Mary Guski (mrs. Harold Flones), Washburn, Wis. Robert Beaulieu, So., Minneapolis, Minn. John Oie, Minneapolis, Minn. June Cotty (Mrs. John Olson), Washburn, Wis. George Johnson, Washburn, Wis. Raymond Lindquist, Memphis, Tenn. Roger Bodin, Washburn, Wis. Louis Justice, Washburn, Wis. Vernon Holman, Cudahy, Wis. Eugene Stauffer, Washburn, Wis. Monroe Swanson, Washburn, Wis. Clarence Schultz, Washburn, Wis. Carlton Moe (Deceased) Charles Burke, Washburn, Wis. Roland Wolf, Washburn, Wis. Rae Idell Hanson (Mrs. Albin Carlson ), Minneapolis, Minn. CLASS OF 1940 Lois Tetzner, Milwaukee 11. Wis. Bernice Faulk (Mrs. Geo. Cebula), Rhinelander, Wis. Eileen Musser (Mrs. K. C. Johnson), Ashland, Wis. Delores Burlager (Mrs. Curtis Freeman), 2nd Headquarters, B2 65th Infantry, APO 851, New York, N.Y. Robert Thoreson, Washburn, Wis. Clayton Love, A 3c, 3463 Student Sqt., Box J2, Francis E. Warren A.F.B., Wyo. Frank Guski, Roselle, Ill. George Joanis, Nashville, Illinois Brian Rude, Oklahoma City 9, Okla. Melvin Moe, Washburn, Wis. Leo Oberts, Kenai, Alaska Joseph Swiston, Washburn, Wis. Joyce Swanson (Mrs. Chas. Rice, Jr.) Worcester, Mass. Evelyn Embertson (Mrs. Clifford Bayliss), Ashland, Wis. Doris Peterson Cizek), Worth, Ill. Bernice Bartness (Mrs. Harold Klemmer), Menomonee Falls, Wis. Barbara Kasmarek (Mrs. Donald Vizanko), St. Paul, Minn. Earl Gilstead, Staff Sgt., Headquarters TTAF, Box 160, A.C. Gulfport, Miss. Pearl Christianson (Garvin), Ashland, Wis. Esther Peterson (Mrs. Roy Selvig), New Richmond, Wis. Jack Beaulieu, Highland, Indiana Keith Naselius, Chicago, Ill. Eugene Thomas, Nashotah, Wis. Ellen McLean (Mrs. Ed. Petermichle), Chicago 47, Ill. Henry Malinoski, Ardmore Air Force Base, Ardmore, Okla. Francis Santala, Waupun, Wis. Martin Borgren, Fond du Lac, Wis. Nellmary Peavey (Deceased) Ken Geisert, Flint 7, Mich. Don Beaulieu (Deceased) Norman Mattson, Greenland, Det. 5, 6th Air Pstlon, Apo 858, New York, N.Y. Henry Bomey (Deceased) Carl Moe (Deceased) CLASS OF 1941 Arthur Anderson, Rockford, Ill. Betty Lou Anderson (Mrs. Brenton Rupple), Milwaukee, Wis. Marjorie Anderson (Mrs. Morris Stack), Washburn, Wis. Clifford Bodin, Minneapolis, Minn. Margaret Carter (Mrs. Harold Schneidevien), Salt Lake City, Utah Philip Christianson, Fresno, Calif. Harvey DeMars, Jr., Washburn, Wis. Kathleen DeMars (Mrs. Robert Lindgren), Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. Robert Frostman, Glenview, Ill. Marjorie Goselin (Mrs. Milo Munson), Ashland, Wis. Richard Holman, Washburn, Wis. Alice Iverson (Mrs. Henry Meade), Irvington, Calif. Bernard Jackson, Washburn, Wis. Donald Joanis, Minneapolis, Minn. Esther Johnson (Mrs. Ray Devine), Washburn, Wis. Pauline Kavajecz (Mrs. Fred Rothenbueler), Milwaukee, Wis. Mary Lamoreaux (Mrs. Donald MacDonald), Washburn, Wis. Lillian Lampella, Washburn, Wis. Lynette Larson (Mrs. Wm. Corrinne), Capitol Heights, Washington 27, D.C. Robert Laurion, Detroit, Mich. Carl Ledin, Ashland, Wis. Leo Lehto, Beverly Hills, Calif. Robert Lorenzen, South San Gabriel, Calif. Bernard Love, Auburn, Wash. William Lowe, St. Paul 6, Minn. Orin C. Lund, Moses Lake, Wash. Betty Mager (Mrs. Eugene Kainu), Washburn, Wis. Shirley Moe, Washburn, Wis. Thomas Morris, Madison, Wis. Arthur Oberts, Rockford, Ill. Raymond Niemcek, San Fernando, Calif. Donald Palm c/o John Pucin, North Chicago, Ill Elliott Peterson, Washburn, Wis. Lyle Peterson, Portland 6, Oregon Roberta Pratt (Alston), Santa Ana, Calif. Marguerite Randall (Mrs. Jack Bernard), Fort Plain, N.Y. Melvin Robinson, c/o H. L. Robinson, Du Pont, Wash. Ervin Ross, Washburn, Wis. Alvin Santala, Tomahawk, Wis. Robert Rude, Milwaukee 4, Wis. Rodney Sarver, Washburn, Wis. Charles Schultz (Unknown) Elizabeth Schutrop (Mrs. Donald Benson), Minneapolis, Minn. Ardys Swenson (Mrs. Rex Karney), Rockford, Ill. Stanley Swiston, Van Nuys, Calif. Donald Thoreson, Baton Rouge, La. Clyde Tolliver, Groton, N.Y. Elizabeth Watters (Mrs. Robert Schmitt), Gibbstown, N.J. Grace Wroblewski (Mrs. Eugene Stauffer), Washburn, Wis. Leonard Wuennecke (Unknown) Marjorie Wilhelm, Casper, Wyoming. CLASS OF 1942 Gloria Swanby (Mrs. John Maitland), Bayfield, Wis. Richard Bodin, Washburn, Wis. Marlys Lowe (Mrs. Phillip Lindsey) Barksdale, Wis. Donald Faulk, Richland, Wash. David Smolen, Minot, North Dakota Clyde Peterson, West Allis 14, Wis. Jean Flonnes (Mrs. Steve Sorenson), Washburn, Wis. Ruth Lehto (Mrs. S. J. Gittler), Beverly Hills, Calif. Alta Ruth Gustafson (Mrs. Alfred Bratley), Milwaukee, Wis. Katherine Danielson (Mrs. Gene Siemeck), Oaklawn, Ill. Rosalie Hodek (Hudson), Hickman Mills, Mo. Harriet Kiran (Mrs. Harvey Rhody), Milwaukee, Wis. Shirley Hanson (Mrs. Robert Bierbaum), Minneapolis 9, Minn. William Watters, Gibbstown, N.J. Elmer Kainu, Washburn, Wis. Raymond Laurion, Barksdale, Wis. Dorothy Stefinski (Mrs. Harold Peterson), Washburn, Wis. Ruth Jackson (Mrs. Peter Achtabolski), Chicago, Ill Joseph Schultz, Neenah, Wis. Donald Johnson, Washburn, Wis. James Pellizzi, Kenosha, Wis. Grace Corning (Mrs. Leonard Wangen), Ashland, Wis. Margaret Bush (Mrs. Urban Gass), Washburn, Wis. Ruth Pallage (Fisher), Washburn, Wis. Bernadette Vizanko (Mrs. William Garland), Flint, Mich. Madeline Stone (Mrs. Leslie Dix) Algoma, Wis. Robert Matttson, Washburn, Wis. James Larson, South Gate, Calif. Doris Smith, (Kurtz), Chicago, Ill. John Lowry (Deceased) Barbara Gierczic (Mrs. Rodger Bellart), Milwaukee, Wis. Edna Pallage (Mrs. Robert Malotte), Milwaukee, Wis. Arthur Cuty, Roseda, Calif. Dorothy Cudmore (Mrs. Rodney Sarver), Washburn, Wis. CLASS OF 1943 Delores Robert (Mrs. J. Jasper), Chippewa Falls, Wis. Maxine Renstrom (Mrs. T. Johnson), Oak Park, Mich. Ralph Bodin, Tipton, Kansas Lucille Wroblewski (R. Sandreas), El Paso, Texas LaVerne Ross (Mrs. W. Olson), Rochelle, Ill. Lorraine Enquist (Mrs. G. Lindahl), Ashland, Wis. Richard P. Gierczic, S.S. Almeria Lykes, Lykes Bros. S.S. Co., New Orleans, La. Dorothy Pearson (Mrs. D. Cook), Minneapolis, Minn. Lawrence Wick, Makoti, North Dakota Richard W. Larson, Aberdeen, Maryland June Barness (Mrs. Juel Olson), Washburn, Wis. Eugene Kainu, Washburn, Wis. Michael Oberts, Sterling, Alaska Kenneth Nelson, Milwaukee, Wis. Beverly Johnson (Mrs. A. Castaldo), Chicago 14, Ill. Chester Root, Topeka, Kansas Lee Joanis, Marseilles, Ill. Audrey Swanson (Mrs. G. Johnson), Ashland, Wis. Marlys Cudmore (Mrs. J. Adrianson), Ashland, Wis. Annabelle Coulthurst (Mrs. G. Franklin), Ashland, Wis. Betty Day (Mrs. V. Ceatta), Akron, Ohio Elizabeth Pellizzi (Mrs. H. W. Berndt), Woodland Park, Colorado Marion Wilhelm, Mexico, D. F. Eileen Lehto, Canora Park, Calif. Ruth Anderson (Mrs. R. Jensen), LaCrosse, Wis. Joan Holvenstot (Mrs. W. VanOrnum), Marengo, Wis. Harlan Young, Martinsburg, West Virginia James Swensen (Deceased) Robert Smith, Sioux Falls, South Dakota William Joanis, Milwaukee, Wis. Kenneth Laurion, LaCrosse, Wis. Kenneth Morris, Chicago, Ill. Betty Lindblad (Mrs. C. Pellegrino), Kenosha, Wis. CLASS OF 1944 Beatrice Harvey (Mrs. Bernard Kelly), Milwaukee, Wis. James Hare, c/o Clarence M. Hare, Louviers, Colorado Gladys Olson (Mrs. Charles Fisher), Ashland, Wis. Evadene Larson (Mrs. Steve Hauke), Milwaukee, Wis. Duane Faulk, Richland, Wash. Kenneth Root, Donna, Texas Ruth Niskanen (Mrs. Donald Hipsley), Bellvue Hill,Sydney, Australia Ray Niskanen, Denver, Colorado Phyllis Cuty (Mrs. Harry Gourley), Fargo, North Dakota Mary Lou Hanson (Mrs. Douglas Gregory), Lynwood, Calif. Eleanor Carlson (Mrs. Charles Pratt), Ashland, Wis. Katherine Bruce (Mrs. Bradford Connery), Midland, Texas Mary Homan (Mrs. Edward LeRoy Stock), Washburn, Wis. Leo Justice, Washburn, Wis. Shirley Score (Mrs. Donald Johnson), Washburn, Wis. Shirley Kiran (Mrs. Lauren Marlowe) Santa Cruz, Calif. Kathleen Meehan (Mrs. William Morby), Spokane, Wash. Robert Smolen, Washburn, Wis. Harry Randall, Burke, Virginia Dorothy Bourgo (Mrs. John Malinoski), Pacoina, Calif. Gloria Larson (Mrs. Richard Lindstrom), Washburn, Wis. Shirley Musser (Mrs. James Larson), South Gate, Calif. Iris Frechette (Mrs. Emil Amich), Milwaukee, Wis. Barbara Bednarski (Mrs. J. G. Krug), Washington 17, D.C. Doris Nolander (Mrs. Walter Karker, Jr.), Eau Claire, Wis. Gladys Stefinski, (Larson), Washburn, Wis. Donald Geisert, Duluth, Minn. Kenneth Howell, Lone Rock, Wis. Betty Frostman (Mrs. E. H. Haney), Decatur, Georgia Helen Gustafson (Mrs. D. B. Knnack), Milwaukee 17, Wis. CLASS OF 1945 Barbara Lindquist (Mrs.James Peterson), Berkeley, Calif. Jacqueline Chappa (Mrs. Merlin Hansen), Minocqua, Wis. Doris Anderson (Mrs. William A. Domann), Menomonee Falls, Wis. Doris Potvin (Mrs. Henry Malinoski), Ardmore Air Force Base, Oklahoma Dorothy Gierzak (Mrs. Andrew Volak), Washburn, Wis. Shirley Wickstrom (Mrs. Walter Pufall), Ashland, Wis. Helen Ruth Hanson, Washburn, Wis. Delores Gidloff (Mrs. Glenn Johnson), Selah, Washington Betty Newman (Mrs. Art Kapfhammer), West Allis, Wis. Roland Geisert, Cadott, Wis. Delores Laurion (Janicek) Ashland, Wis. Dorothy Johnson (Mrs. Kenneth Johnson), Traverse City, Mich. Shirley Nelson (Mrs. Wm. Zinske), Aurora, Minn. Dorothy Steen (Mrs. Laurence Wachsmuth), Bayfield, Wis. Arlene Hanson (Mrs. Jack Peterson), Washburn, Wis. Floyd Bourgo, Marseilles, Ill. Evelyn Eskola (Mrs. Gerald Koski), Hazel Park, Mich. Robert Johnson, Washburn, Wis. Ann Swanson (Mrs. Alex Uhlving), Hinsdale, Ill. June Flowers (Mrs. Jack Auley), Tacoma, Wash. Paul Arnson, Eveleth, Minn. Robert Arnsten, Washburn, Wis. Wayne Lowe, Washburn, Wis. James Burlager, Minneapolis, Minn. Andrew Gidloff, Jr., Woodland, Calif. Marjorie Naselius (Deceased) CLASS OF 1946 Robert B. Anderson, Dayton, Ohio Ralph Anderson, Oconomowoc,Wis. Janice Cuty (Mrs. William W. Stickney), Arlington 1, Va. Jack Peterson, Washburn, Wis. Evelyn Morris (Mrs. George Anderson), Wauwatosa, Wis. Carmen Koski (Mrs. Norman Bartelt), Chicago 47, Ill. Lois Stefinske (Mrs. Robert Howard) Shawano, Wis. Dorothy Smith (Mrs. Arne Lindquist), Bayfield, Wis. Lucille Cordts (Labno), Chicago,Ill. Jerry Doucette, Washburn, Wis. Donald Frostman (Deceased) Walter Karker, Jr., Eau Claire, Wis. James Swanson, Duluth, Minn. Glenn Cook, New Brighton, Minn. Ricahrd Lindstrom, Washburn,Wis. Clifford Fletcher, Ashland, Wis. Marceline Bartness (Mrs. Martin Borgren), Fond du Lac, Wis. James Cudmore, Richland, Washington Lois Thoreson (Mrs. Ken Geisert), Flint, Mich. Walter Gierzak, Jr., Washburn, Wis. Charles Smith, Lakeview, Oregon Ruth Burlager (Mrs. John Foley), Duluth, Minn. Theodore Lindsey, Washburn, Wis. Darrell Carlson, Washburn, Wis. James Johnson, Washburn, Wis. Inez Nelson (Mrs. Louis Zifko), Gary, Indiana James Mattson, Madison, Wis. CLASS OF 1947 Lawrence Bergman, St. Paul 14, Minn. Donald Mattson, Milwaukee 2, Wis. George Lowe, Washburn, Wis. Florence Wroblewski (Mrs. Ed Graca, Jr.), Cleveland, Ohio David Meehan, Washburn, Wis. Barbara Larson (Mrs. Hugh Hultman), Ashland, Wis. James C. Strom, R.A. 327 c r Co., Brks. 13, Box 13, APO 63, San Francisco, Calif. Robert Scamfer, Washburn, Wis. Arlene Vizanko (Mrs. John Dianish), San Bruno, Calif. Patricia Frechette (Mrs. Frank Prekop), Milwaukee, Wis. Louis Malinoski, Washburn, Wisconsin Dorothy Bednarski (Mrs. Richard Kolinski), Stevens Point, Wis. Kenneth Flones, Oshkosh, Wis. Glenn Bodin, Washburn, Wis. Donna Walker (Mrs. Robert Day), Washburn, Wis. Connie Christianson, Fresno, Calif. William Johnson, Flint, Mich. Elizabeth Ungrodt (Mrs. R. E. Nyberg), Hayward, Wis. Patricia Summerfield, Minneapolis, Minn. William Schindler, Madison 4, Wis. Charlotte Howell (Weber), Bayfield, Wis. Esther Vienneau (Rannow), Colby, Wis. Bonnie Beaulieu (Mrs. Charles Coffey), Milwaukee, Wis. Doris Jackson (Shovick), Bayfield, Wis. Nancy Van Stone (Mrs. Robert Macnamara), St.Paul, Minn. Richard R. Holvenstot, Chula Vista, Calif. Phyllis Bourgo (Mrs. Ken Nelson) Milwaukee, Wis. Leslie Geisert, Ashland, Wis. Joan Hoppenyan (Mrs. Glenn Cook), New Brighton, Minn. Arthur Larson, Minneapolis, Minn. Robert Jackson, Two Harbors, Minn. CLASS OF 1948 Audrey Arnson (Mrs. A. R. Madsen) Saginaw, Mich. Connie Burlager, Glidden, Wis. Edward Flowers, U.S. Army Terril Welty, Ashland, Wis. Lois Smith (Mrs. Charles Radtke), Marshfield, Wis. Joan Bell (Mrs. Robert Smith), Sioux Falls, S.D. Myron Smith, Washburn, Wis. Richard Cuty, Washburn, Wis. James Dibbell, Washburn, Wis. James Gierczic, Washburn, Wis. Lois Enquist (Mrs. Harold Hedenquist), Duluth, Minn. Robert Merila, U.S. Army, Okinawa Robert Sanger, Washburn, Wis. Marjorie Olsen, Rochester, Minn. Neldine Nickols (Grittner), Fond du Lac, Wis. George Roffers, Ashland, Wis. Joyce Reiten (Mrs. Jack Rooker), Manchester, Iowa Betty Haugen (Mrs. Roger Anderson), Duluth 11, Minn. Raymond Merila, Chicago, Ill. Lee Anderson, Madison, Wis. Barbara Swanson (Paulman), Bergland, Mich. Ruth Skaug (Stensvad), Bayfield, Wis. Jane Swanson (Mrs. Eugene Patzer), Ashland Wis. Jim Holman, Woonsocket, South Dakota Robert Anderson, Washburn, Wis. Ken E. Rogers, PHM. 3 U.S. Naval Hospital (Staff), Camp LeJeunne, North Carolina Pat McCoshen, Superior, Wis. Robert Malcheski, Washburn, Wis. Robert E. Dahlke, Flint, Mich. Ronald Flones, Washburn, Wis. CLASS OF 1949 Mary Kay Van Stone (Mrs. Grover Peterson), Excelsior, Minn. Dennis Raarup, c/o Blair High School, Blair, Wis. Lee Tourville, Mellen, Wis. Lora Ledin (Mrs. Albin Santala), Tomahawk, Wis. Connie Pitts (Mrs. Kermit Nesvick), Des Moines, Iowa Robert Bergman, Superior, Wis. Richard Scamfer, Washburn, Wis. Lorna Westling (Mrs. Warren Needham), Kansas City, Kansas Donald Wick, Grand Marais High School, Grand Marais, Mich. Bernard Johnson, Minneapolis, Minn. Mary Jane Rodkewich (Mrs. Roland Geisert), Cadott, Wis. Lorraine Rose (Mrs. Arnold Piirtola), Washburn, Wis. Marlys Johnson (Mrs. Arne Luoma), Superior, Wis. Charles Christiansen, Aurora, Minn. Florence Dibbell (Mrs. C.J. Hedican), Washburn, Wis. Lois Cudmore (Eckberg), Mountain Iron, Minn. Robert Etta, Beloit, Wis. Shirley Smith (Mrs. Terry Welty), Ashland, Wis. LeRoy Smith, Washburn, Wis. Arthur Utegaard, Superior, Wis. Mabel Swanson, (Mrs. Francis Bruneau), Washburn, Wis. Ernest Bellile, Washburn, Wis. Dolores Lindsey (Mrs. John Gilbert), Washburn, Wis. Paul Hofmeister, Washburn, Wis. Charles Wolfe, Benton Harbor, Mich. Shirley Peterson (Mrs. Richard L. Winter), Downers Grove, Ill. Bernice Roberts (Mrs. Gary Kelly), Frankfort, Indiana Merilyn Stone (Mrs. Delbert Dahlen), Duluth, Minn. Eugene Weber, Bayfield, Wis. Kenneth Nelson, Milwaukee, Wis. Douglas Peterson, Washburn, Wis. Stance Komborski, Washburn, Wis. Mary Komborski, Washburn, Wis. CLASS OF 1950 Ens. Thomas Anderson, USSS Hank (DD702) c/o Fleet Post Office, New York, N.Y. Arthur Nelson, Minneapolis 14, Minn. Lorraine Oberts (Mrs. Walter Beirl), Ashland, Wis. Phyllis Newman (Mrs. Bob Garland),White Pine, Mich. LaVern Ledin (Mrs. Marvin Lamerand), Washburn, Wis. A1c Denis Schindler, (16410601), 55th A. and E. sq. Forbes A.F.B., Kansas. Betty Ann Larson, Kansas City, Mo. Carole Mick (Mrs. Robert Bergman), Superior, Wis. Elaine Jackson, Milwaukee, Wis. Thomas Swanson, Minneapolis, Minn. Marlene Watts (Hutchens), c/o Harold Embertson, East Gary, Indiana Arlette Zanto, Washburn, Wis. Charlotte King (Mrs. LeRoy Johnson), Washburn, Wis.. David Peake, Washburn, Wis. Lloyd Vienneau, Washburn, Wis. John Rodkewich, Washburn, Wis. Richard Bratley, Washburn, Wis. Lorraine Williamson (Mrs. James Warren), Washburn, Wis. Donald Lindsey, Washburn, Wis. John Anderson, Washburn, Wis. Jerald Raarup, Minneapolis, Minn. Gloria Cook (Mrs. Larry Arnson), Waukesha, Wis. Ralph Baranow, Maywood, Ill. Betty Eno (Bennett), Ashland, Wis. Gerald Gierzak, Washburn, Wis. Cleone Simoneau (Mrs. Leonard Luoma), L'Anse, Mich. Margaret Dickerhoff (Mrs. Douglas Peterson), Washburn, Wis. Delores Palm (Mrs. Leo Justice), Washburn, Wis. Shirley Miller (Mrs. Ed Shephard), Opa Locka, Florida Ronald Welton, White Pine, Mich. Mary Jean Burlager (Mrs. Vern Hidding), Minneapolis, Minn. Richard Smith, Washburn, Wis. Ervin Harnois, Washburn, Wis. Wanda Zinski (Mrs. Robert W. Knappik), Chicago 8, Ill. John Lukasiewicz, Washburn, Wis. Margaret Brenning (Mrs. Donald Nyberg), Green Bay, Wis. Doris Stefinske, Washburn, Wis. Harold Iverson, Green Bay, Wis. Ruth White (Simpson), c/o Melvina White, Washburn, Wis. Robert Garland, White Pine, Mich. Donald Haugen, Washburn, Wis. Carol Hagstrom, Milwaukee, Wis. CLASS OF 1951 John Smith, Washburn, Wis. Stanely Stefinske, Washburn, Wis. Donna Peterson (Mrs. James Bauman), Marshfield, Wis. June Olson (Mrs. Raymond Eskola), Washburn, Wis. Fred Koskie, U.S. Army Ivadell Carlson (Mrs. Vern Pratt), Washburn, Wis. Palmyra Grupstra (Mrs. William Creed), State College, Pennsylvania Howard Hanson, Ashland, Wis. Ruth Summerfield, Washburn, Wis. Mary Peake (Mrs. Lewis Oakland), Minneapolis, Minn. Glenore Chappa (Mrs. Clifford Jensen), Milwaukee 7, Wis. James Warren, Washburn, Wis. Venette Holzer, Milwaukee 8, Wis. Eugene Newhouse, Milwaukee, Wis. Patricia Hebert (Mrs. Wm. Collier), Rhinelander, Wis. Carol Weber (Mrs. Wayne Bodin), Bayfield, Wis. Robert Conklin, Washburn, Wis. Richard Bellile, Washburn, Wis. David Kurschner, Washburn, Wis. Robert Burlager, A1st Class 92nd P.M.S., Box 174, Fairchild Aire Force, Wash. Gerald Swanson, Minneapolis, Minn. Jean Cordts (Mrs. Kenneth Anderson), Ashland, Wis. Patricia Rogers (Mrs. James Fleck), Port Washington, Wis. Kenneth Newman, Ashland, Wis. Ruth Swanson (Mrs. Darrell Carlson), Washburn, Wis. Bernard Roberts, A-1st Class, A.F. 16-419694, H.G. 26 Air Div. (DES) A.D.C. Rosalyn Air Force Sta., Box 10, Rosalyn, N.Y. Douglas Karker, Washburn, Wis. Betty Steen (Mrs. Donald Odegard), Milwaukee 16, Wis. Lester Lindblad Kenosha, Wis. Ralph Handberg, Washburn, Wis. Alice Odegard, Washburn, Wis. William O. Anderson, Washburn, Wis. Larry Arnson, Waukesha, Wis. Claude Ross, Washburn, Wis. CLASS OF 1952 Janet Anderson,Washburn, Wis. Jeannett Anderson, Washburn, Wis. Joanne Anderson (Mrs. Robert Johnson), Washburn, Wis. Janice Barry (Seaton), Ashland, Wis. Frank Bazant, Albuquerque, New Mexico Charlotte Bednarski (Mrs. Robert Kedrowski), Stevens Point, Wis. Phyllis Bellile (Mrs. Richard Cuty), Washburn, Wis. Wayne Bodin, Washburn, Wis. Robert Bolin, Washburn, Wis. Patricia Burlager, Minneapolis, Minn. Leonard Conklin, Washburn, Wis. Lee Cook, Waukesha, Wis. Jacqueline Cousineau (Mrs. Eugene Newhouse), Milwaukee, Wis. Ruth Garberg (Mrs. Robert Johnson), Milwaukee, Wis. Gloria Hagstrom (Mrs. Floyd Harvey), Washburn, Wis. Fay E. Harris (Mrs. William Schindler), Madison 4, Wis. Orville Henthorn, Minneapolis 6, Minn. Ruth Homan (Mrs. Arthur Utegaard), Superior, Wis. Carol Johnson (Mrs. Kenneth DeTaurville), Highwood, Ill. Felix King, Washburn, Wis. Donna Kluge (Mrs. Gordon White), St. Paul, Minn. Clary Larson, Ashland, Wis. Larry Larson, Washburn, Wis. George Ledin, Kenosha, Wis. William Niska, Ashland, Wis. Veronica Jean Nowak (Mrs. Tom Mason), Milton Junction, Wis. Glen E. Nyberg, Camp Pendleton, Calif. LaVerne Oberts, Milwaukee, Wis. Gene P. Roy, Serving in the U.S. Navy Carol Smith (Mrs. Eugene Arnett), Washburn, Wis. Kathleen Sorenson (Mrs. William Garvin), Denver, Colo. Ruth Steen (Mrs. Stanley Guth), Milwaukee 10, Wis. Leonard Swanson, Milwaukee, Wis. Thomas Utegaard, Washburn, Wis. Kenneth Welton, Madison, Wis. William Christiansen (Unknown) CLASS OF 1953 Phyllis Grage (Swanson), Madison, Wis. Ann Lunde (Gilbert), Washburn, Wis. Pearl Nordin, Washburn,Wis. Dana Sanger (Richard A. Gehrman), Ashland, Wis. Carolyn Mattson (Ray Schiltz), Washburn, Wis. Dale Nelson, Madison, Wis. Jo Anne Ross, Washburn, Wis. Tom Arnson, U.S. Army, Washburn, Wis. Marlyce Wickstrom (Olson), Washburn, Wis. Patricia Newhouse, Washburn, Wis. George Tranmal, Madison 10, Wis. A/1c Richard E. DeMars, Serving in U.S. Air Force. Lois Gierzak (Tetzner), Washburn, Wis. Ruth Palm (Nose) Minneapolis, Minn. Anders Hokanson, Washburn, Wis. William Smith, AT3 V6 Div. USS Corral Sea CVA-43, c/o New York, N.Y. Audrey Harnois (Samuelson), Washburn, Wis. Phyllis Doucette, Washburn, Wis. Phillip Doucette, Washburn, Wis. Wayne Simoneau, Washburn, Wis. PFC. George Nowak, H & S Co., 1st Motor Transport Bltn., 1st Marine Div. FVF, Camp Pendleton, Calif. George Utegaard, Washburn, Wis. Pfc. Roger Niemisto, US Serving in U.W. Army Charles Simoneau, Washburn, Wis. Donald Swanso, Route 1, Washburn, Wis. Marie Palm (Bertheaume), Ashland, Wis. Gerald Haugen, Washburn, Wis. Gloria Swanson, Washburn, Wis. Patricia Holzer Seattle 88, Wash. 2M 1/C Ronald E. Pettis, U.S. Lloyd, APO 63, c/o FPO New York, N.Y. Shirley Scholl (Haugen) Washburn, Wis. Pvt. Richard Vizanko, US. Box 107, 4th ETC, School Troops, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Md. James Roy, Jacksonville, Fla. Willard Lampella, U.E. Army Pvt. Ray L. Zanto, U.S. Army Richard Gierzak, Washburn, Wis. CLASS OF 1954 Rosalyn Johnson, South, Minneapolis, Minn. Marjorie Grage (Mrs. Robert E. Semb), Lowell, Mass. Bernadine Johnson, St. Paul, Minn. Louis Schindler, St. Paul, Minn. Cecelia King (Mrs. Roger Niemisto), Washburn, Wis. Barbara Smith (Mrs. Fred Rumschlag), Washburn, Wis. Janice Wick (Mrs. Lawrence Shovick) Washburn, Wis. Connie Corrier, Washburn, Wis. Wayne Peterson, Washburn, Wis. Margie Frechette, Washburn, Wis. Dennis Pitts, U.S. Army Thomas Bachand, Minneapolis 5, Minn. Ruth Raarup, Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, Minn. Orion Wicklund, Washburn, Wis. Marilyn Pettis, Chicago 47, Ill. Philip Holzer, Washburn, Wis. Jo Ann Garland, Washburn, Wis. Henry Frechette, Washburn, Wis. Janet Bratley, Washburn, Wis. Donald Bakkala, Chicago, Ill. Pvt. William Hagstrom, Sub Unit No. 1, General Supply Service Co., 3rd Service Regiment, 3rd Marine Division F.M.F., C/o F.P.O., San Francisco, Calif. Gail Smith (Mrs. Glen Wolanek) St. Paul 7,Minn. Olive Frechette (Mrs. Garner Harland), Bayfield, Wis. Edward Komborski, Washburn, Wis. Janet Peterson (Mrs. Walter Gierzak, Jr.), Washburn, Wis. Robert Connors, Minneapolis, Minn. Joan Thoreson, (Mrs. James Harris), Washburn, Wis. Robert Hofmeister, Washburn, Wis. Donald Bratley, Washburn, Wis. Richard Welton, M.M.F.A. M. Division, U.S.S. Tarawa, C.V.S. 40, c/o F.P.O. New York, N.Y. Luciell Gierzak, St. Paul, Minn. Kathleen Anderson, Washburn, Wis. Pfc. Roy Halverson, U.S. Army John Wrobleski, Washburn, Wis. John Edward Bednarski, B.G.E. Div., U.S.S. Mount Trail A.P.A. 213, c/o Fleet P.O., Sand Francisco, Calif. Robert DeMars, Washburn, Wis. CLASS OF 1955 Mary Jo Badura, Lansing, Mich. Evelyn Ledin, Washburn, Wis. Janet Stefinske, Washburn, Wis. Mary Ann Weber (Hirsch), Washburn, Wis. Margie Thoreson (Mrs. Frank Holzer), Washburn, Wis. Joyce Tast, Washburn, Wis. Shirley Ann Holman, Washburn, Wis. Donna Bodin (Noble), Washburn, Wis. Shirley Carlson (Bachand), Washburn, Wis. Sylvia Sheridan, Washburn, Wis. Janet Pedersen, Washburn, Wis. Joan Handberg (Brown), Washburn, Wis. Barbara Bruneau, Minneapolis, Minn. Lois Peterson, Washburn, Wis. Gloria Joanis, Washburn, Wis. William Johnson, Madison 5, Wis. Elroy Wicklund, Menomonie, Wis. Jack Granfors, Superior, Wis. Raymond Holzer, Oshkosh, Wis. Robert Mick, Washburn, Wis. Bill Benedict, Washburn, Wis. Gary Holman, Washburn, Wis. John Fortier, Washburn, Wis. Tom Hagstrom, Washburn, Wis. Tom Williamson, A.A. VX-4 Power Plants, USN AMTC, Point Mugu, Calif. A-3C David Hofmeister, U.S. Armed Forces Joseph Scholl, Washburn, Wis. Donald Bellile, Washburn, Wis. Erval Jackson, Washburn, Wis. Harlan Westling, Chicago, Ill. Gerald Karker, Washburn, Wis. Glenn Joanis, U.S. Navy William Vienneau, Washburn, Wis. CLASS OF 1956 Barbara Amrein (Deceased) Thomas H. Barry, Washburn, Wis. Elizabeth Ann Bednarski, Washburn, Wis. Donald E. Bergman, Washburn, Wis. Thomas S. Burlager, Washburn, Wis. Joseph A. DeMars, Jr., U.S. Air Force, Texas Raymond Dickerhoff, U.S. Army Dale L. Faulkner, Washburn, Wis. Janet Gierzak, Washburn, Wis. Mary Jane Grage, Washburn, Wis. Lorraine Alice Guski, Washburn, Wis. Mary Ann Guski (Deceased0 Evora June Handberg, Washburn, Wis. Bruce D. Hokanson, Washburn, Wis. Elaine Margaret Hebert, Washburn, Wis. Sharon A. McManus, Menomonie, Wis. Dennis H. Johnson, Washburn, Wis. Janet Clare McAndrews, Duluth, Minn. Nancy L. Merila (Mrs. Bill Benedict), Washburn, Wis. Annabelle Mesner, Marshfield, Wis. Anthony Paul Pikus, Washburn, Wis. Elaine Agnes Reno, Washburn, Wis. Janis D. Haugen, Stevens Point State College, Steves Point, Wis. Elizabeth Ann Rodkewich, Minnesota Business College, Minneapolis, Minn. Mary Ann Roy, Washburn, Wis. Carol Ann Steen, St. Joseph's School of Nursing, Marshfield, Wis. John H. Steen, Washburn, Wis. Jean Marie Stephenson, State College, Stevens Point, Wis. Thomas Lee Tutor, Washburn, Wis. James A. Utpadel, Washburn, Wis. Robert J. Welton, Washburn, Wis. Lawrence Allan Woiak, Jr., Washburn, Wis. Luella Stella Westling, Washburn, Wis. Theodore J. Wroblewski, Washburn, Wis. Constance Ann Zanto, Washburn, Wis. Elizabeth Jane Zanto, Washburn, Wis.