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  Blue Hills Genealogical Society- Barron County, Inc.
501 (c)(3) Organization
410 East LaSalle Avenue, Suite C
Barron, Wisconsin 54812

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Pioneer Certificate and Century Certificate Program


   The Blue Hills Genealogical Society-Barron County  sponsors a PIONEER Certificate and CENTURY Certificate program.

  The PIONEER Certificate will be awarded to any person who can provide evidence of descent from a Barron County resident who settled in in Barron County prior to January 1, 1871.

    The CENTURY Certificate will be awarded to any person who can provide evidence of descent from a Barron County resident who settled in Barron County 100 years prior to the application date.  Specific details of essential evidence of descent are set forth in the instructions on the application for the certificates.

    An  Application Form may be obtained here or by writing the Blue Hills Genealogical Society-Barron County, 410 East LaSalle Avenue, WI 54812 or at our email   Multiple applications for different pioneers may be submitted at the same time. Each applicant is for 1 ancestor and the submission fee is $10.00 each. (effective May 11, 2009).

    PIONEER Certificate applications and CENTURY Certificate applications must be received on or before September 1 to be reviewed and evaluated.  If  approved, the Certificates will be awarded and presented at the annual "Members Only" banquet, held October each year.  Membership is not mandatory; to apply for or to be awarded a PIONEER Certificate and/or CENTURY Certificate. 

    Along with the Certificate Application Form   Family Group Record and  Pedigree Chart    applicants are encouraged to include photographs, but the photographs are not a requirement.  These photographs may show their ancestors in some activity, with their family or at their homestead.

    The purpose of the Certificates program is to recognize families with Barron County roots, encourage people to undertake genealogical research, develop a database of information for researchers, and to improve the quality of genealogical research.

    "We are very excited about this program," said BHGS-Barron County Inc., past president Denise Ervasti.  "We hope many people will take the challenge.  Applicants don't have to live in Barron County.  They just need to be descendants of a pioneer who settled here either before 1871 or 100 years ago.  We are looking forward to illuminating the history of our county with this information.  We consider this an ongoing program to encourage people to research their Barron County roots."

    The  Application form    Family Group Record    Pedigree Chart  and Application Instructions for completing  these certificates can be reviewed and printed.  Click here to see the previously Awarded Pioneer & Century Certificates  of documented Ancestors of Barron County, WI.


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