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Mount Calvary Cemetery
De Pere, Brown County, Wisconsin

Established in the early 1880’s. The following is a list of graves which are badly deteriorated which are at risk of soon becoming unreadable. The Cemetery Association would appreciate any donations to help preserve the gravestones.

Owner Burial/Date(s)

Peter Meeuwsen

Henry Vieau

Joseph Florentine

John Berken

Marshall Morisett

Emil Vercauteren

Issac/Edward Brunette

George Girard/William Rooney

William VandeWiele

Martin Thomson

Peter DeRuyter

John Kleuskens

Harold Smits 1913-1914

George VerBruggen George VerBruggen 1866-1909;

Leonard VerBruggen 1926

Eugene VerBruggen 1923

Cornelius Willems

Louis St. George

Arnold Smith Mildred Fink 1913-1930

John Gevers

Mathias Wobosel James Heeney 1866-1938

Theodore/Leonard Ambrosius

George Gossen

Peter Dupueis

Victor Kellerman

These tombstones were deteriorating and the the Cemetery Association was looking for donations to restore them.  Since it is possible that many of these tombstones may become unreadable, I wanted to get their information onto the web so that this valuable information would not be lost forever to their descendants. Those who wish to donate money can contact Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Office 920-336-4033.  I did not put this number in the file, because I don't know if the church wants their number posted on the web.