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Obituary of Casper Schaden - Jan 13, 1905

Brown County Democrat, Jauary 13, 1905.

Death came in a strange and unex- pected form Monday to Casper Schaden, 65 years old, who 1ived near Pine Grove and was well known thoughout a large part of the county. While on his way to Green Bay after having covered four miles of the distance on foot, he stopped at Eisenman’s saloon, at Forks about four miles east of Green Bay. He ordered a drink and as he was in the act of lifting the glass from the bar he suddenly threw up his hands, complaining of a sudden pain in the back of his head. As he clasped one hand to the back of his head he sank heavily to the floor. The attack seized him at 2 o’clock and after that time he failed to rally, death occurring at 9 o’clock in the evening.

Submitted by: Jeffrey W Babcock