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Obituary of Dominique Brunette Sr. - January 9, 1862

Green Bay Advocate.


"Old familiar faces are falling beneath the stroke of the destroyer, and now fruitful soil of Wisconsin is closing over the forms of those who trod upon it when it w as covered by an unbroken forest ______ The men who laid the foundations and hewed the solid timbers of ___this now great and prosperous state, having done their work well, are gathering their robes about them, and taking their canoes for the spirit land. The last will soon be gone. We have this week to record the death of Dominick Brunette Sen., at Duck Creek (5 miles from the city), on Sunday, Dec. 29th. Mr. B. was 83 years old. He came to Green Bay, from Montreal, in 1798 at the age of 19 years, and has resided here ever since __64 years. He was for many years an Indian Trader, but of late a farmer; and has always been a sober and industrious man.

Submitted by: Jan R Dorn